Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Anti Israeli Academics

Just when you would have thought that the traditional UK left wing Marxist University Lecturer had died out, bowed down by the weight of historical evidence of how wrong they were in their political decision making, they re-emerge as pro Islamic, and possibly anti-semites of the worst kind.

First, the lecturers represented by the University and College Lecturers decided that they would not co-operate with the security forces, by reporting any signs of Islamic Fundamentalism on campuses. This, despite the fact that
  1. nearly every one of the arrested or dead terrorists in the UK so far, has been to college, and appears to have picked up their first strands of their fundamentalism, whilst at these educational establishments.
  2. The infiltration of colleges and prisons by Islamic extremists has been well documented, by both the television, and the written press, but apparently the cowardly ostriches of the UCL have decided that the evidence of this, and their own eyes (if they ever look up out of the public funded pig trough), is not enough.

Possibly for fear of possible Muslim threats, they have decided to put their morals, if they ever had any, to one side and just go into denial mode. Ironically the Jews in Germany kept denying the evidence of their own eyes, until they were in the death camps. “Mein Kampf” was written in the 1920’s but academics refused to believe its sentiments. Radical Islam is being driven by an even older creed.

The UK university lecturers are a group who, in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, were still sending messages of praise for “Soviet science” until they had their noses rubbed into the truth about the Gulags, by Sakharov and others. They also were the recruiting sergeants for most of the soviet spies in the UK, men who were responsible for thousands of deaths over the decades.

This alone you would have thought, would have made them wary of entering political opinions, but no, they decided to follow this first anti security motion up, with another announcing the boycotting of all Israeli academics (in a manner similar to the “*sports boycott of South Africa”).

So lets review the afternoons work by the “brothers and sisters” of academia. These classroom warriors have decided to
  • Not report any signs of the 'Radicalisation' of students on the campuses, despite the evidence that there are problems.
  • Boycott Jewish academics and establishments (despite the fact that these are the organisations most like themselves in both moral and political stances). In fairness, I should point out that this motion has to go to the general membership, and is likely to be defeated.

The proposer of the motion to boycott Jewish academia, philosophy lecturer at Brighton University, Tom Hickey, described the Israeli occupation as “Barbaric”. He seems to have missed the fact that Gaza is not "occupied" or the seizure of a BBC journalist in Gaza, or the civil war between Fatah and Hamas gunmen in Gaza, or the rockets being fired daily from Gaza into Israel, or, well do I need to go on? These apparently are not the acts of a “barbaric” society, only Israel is described as “barbaric”.... about what you might expect from a "philosophy teacher".

Maybe the lecturers who voted for this motion should reflect that in Iran, secular or non radical academics are being expelled from universities by a theocratic regime. Do they think that Palestinian Hamas is a freedom loving, educated, democratic organisation? Maybe they missed the reports that these are a bunch of bearded murderers, who rape, behead, and torture their kidnap victims?

And just in case you think this is an isolated example of Anti-Israeli sentiments holding sway in our lecturers. A couple of years ago the Association of University Teachers voted to boycott Israeli colleges, this was overturned by the full membership, but what a sign of the manner in which anti Israeli, and possibly Anti-Semitism have entered the main stream of the union “activists” of academia.

So, what does this show us about the fall into moral turpitude of the UK left wing academics?

Well obviously there is an element of anti Israeli sentiment that still runs through UK academia (this was a well known Anti-Semite sentiment in earlier times, before the Second World War … see film, Chariots of Fire, for illustration of attitudes).

The left wing has always been ambivalent towards Judaism and Israel, on one hand most early left wing intellectuals were Jewish (both in communism and socialism) and indeed the founders of Israel were European socialists of the old school. Kibbutzim is a sort of ideal of pure communism which never got off the ground elsewhere, but, and there is always ‘a but’, the idea of an Israeli state has always been a “problem” for the left.

For a brief period in the “swinging 60’s” support for the Jewish state was common amongst intellectuals, but then they did something stupid, they refused to be annihilated by Arab armies in 1967, and again in 1973, and that seemed to changed left wing academic opinion. All those soviet backed Arab states, humiliated by one small Jewish state seemed to change moral stances and since then, attacking Israel and Jewish opinions was suddenly OK.

No doubt the latest decision will be over turned by the main membership of the UCL, but the fact that so many delegates got an intellectual "stiffy” over backing the motion(s), is a sign of how low the moral climate has sunk in what passes for academia these days.

Minor update: Yesterday I heard Mike Leigh describe Israel "as a pretty scary state" and comparable in this regard to Iran, which coming from a director with jewish antecedents, is a pretty dismal statement. It confirms that there is a trend of anti zionism on the far left that nothing, not even birth links can break.
* London School of Economics delegate Mike Cushman said: "Universities are to Israel what the Springboks were to South Africa - a symbol of their national identity."

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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Giving up the evil weed

I am in day 4 of my attempts to give up cigarettes, after 30 yrs (stunted growth man and boy), happily inhaling tobacco with only an occasional cough. I know all about the health risks etc, but the truth is that I enjoyed a cigarette with a cup of coffee, or with a beer, or watching sport on TV in a bar, or while reading a book, and I am sorry that the PC brigade have taken this pleasure away from the working man.

I decided to do so, in advance of the ban in the UK which kicks in on the 1st of July, because I am damned if I am going to pay taxes to be treated worse than a dog, by this or any other government. So I formulated the idea that if I, and every other smoker / drinker just gave up one or both of these little pleasures on the 1st July, then those left wing "PC fascists" would have the smiles wiped from their faces as "King" Gordon would have to authorise massive tax hikes to make up the revenue shortfalls.

Stopping Smoking ... Easier Said Than Done

It would also close thousands of pubs (as it has done in Eire, but that's being kept quiet under the guise of "selling because property values are so high"), and lay off thousands of part time workers, who the Unions said were "at risk of passive smoke" (despite the fact that they were mostly smokers) ... in fact it would wipe the smiles off the faces of every anti libertarian who decided that the state can make criminals out of 7 million adults in England.

As for the health implications? For me, presumably better, but a considerable pleasure, "a cig and a pint" removed from my life by a few MP's and campaigners. For the population in general well, and here's the rub, in Scotland and Eire cigarette sales have increased after initial dips since the pub bans which makes a mockery of the whole thing. There are now more smokers (presumably stood on street corners, or at home) than there were before the bans ... yep, they have reversed the trends of the last 40 yrs which had seen cigarette sales fall year on year.

If Parliaments were democratic in Eire and Scotland, then they would rescind the pub bans on cigarettes to see if tobacco sales started dropping again ..... fat chance, the PC brigade would wet themselves if democracy was ever allowed to intrude onto policies concerning "peoples freedoms".

How am I getting on?

Well I decided to just go 'cold turkey', none of that 'Smokers Gum, Patches or Hypno-crap' for me. I truly believe that 90% of addiction is simply weak willed people, the physical addictions are minimal, just some minor discomforts, it's the mental habits (oral and hand activity) that are the hard parts. Once you break those cycles, its simply a matter of choice, either you don't want to smoke anymore, or not.

So far so good, there is some physical cravings, but its less and less frequent, and should be gone in a couple of days or so. My metabolism will be clean (apparently) in about three weeks, and that will technically mean I have "quit". The "mental" side I suspect, will be with me (possibly forever), but I am working on the theory that, apart from outside, the temptations will be non existent, because there will be no facilities available in any building in three weeks time.

I am also trying to keep my hands occupied (by typing blogs for example), until they no longer feel like they are empty, and should have something in them .... mind you, I can see why people put on weight so I have restricted myself to three meals a day and no snacks apart from apples to try and ensure that I don't balloon out because I am eating nuts and crisps etc.`

Mind you, if I won the lottery, I would be out of here and living in sunny climes so fast you wouldn't believe it, and the Cigs would be back just as fast LOL ..... outside bars only of course, but then who sits inside in Greece or the South of France?

I will be honest, and if I fail I will add a post script to this blog (of course if I win the lottery I will add that note as well, and be blogging from my bar in the South Mediterranean) Ha Ha.

But as I say, even if I fail now, it's likely that I will 'have' to succeed in a few weeks time because I just won't be able to smoke anywhere, and they are now pushing to stop smoking in your own car .....

Update: It's now 5 months and I haven't broken ..... yet.

Next Update, still hanging in their at 7 months, but worryingly I dreamt I was smoking last night! Just a mental blip I hope.

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Malaya and Turkey (two of a kind)

The world’s a little bit more depressing today. I have been watching the news recently (as always), and have found it had to work up the energy to blog about any of it. Light relief is in short supply at the moment, and even distractions are of a sombre kind.

Iraq is lost to civil war (despite WW’s state of denial), the Palestinians are proving once again that they are dumb, even by Muslim standards, by killing each other over who controls the shit heap that is Gaza and the West Bank. The Lebanese are at it again, with Palestinians (yes them again) fighting the Lebanese army.

Democracy is never going to take hold in the Muslim world, and before anyone points at Malaya and Turkey as examples of democratic Islam, well lets just take a quick .

In Turkey, the Army has just threatened a coup to defend ‘secularism’ …. Hardly the actions of a democratic state that wishes to become “European” (What a laugh, they don’t even realise that if they were “European” they wouldn’t have to ask to become one). They also fail to see that if the army has to guarantee “secularism” by upending the elected government, then they fail to be European on at least two counts!

  1. By voting for a non secular government, and
  2. By having a democratic government over turned by the army.

In Malaya in 2003, the Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said that “The Muslims will forever be oppressed and dominated by the Europeans and the Jews. It cannot be that there is no other way. 1.3 billion Muslims cannot be defeated by a few million Jews. There must be a way. We are actually very strong. 1.3 billion people, cannot be simply wiped out. The Europeans killed 6 million Jews out of 12 million. But today the Jews rule this world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them. They survived 2000 years of pogroms not by hitting back, but by thinking. They invented and successfully promoted Socialism, Communism, human rights and democracy so that persecuting them would appear to be wrong, so they may enjoy equal rights with others. With these they have now gained control of the most powerful countries and they, this tiny community, have become a world power. Of late because of their power and their apparent success they have become arrogant. And arrogant people, like angry people will make mistakes, will forget to think.” He has other thoughts along thse lines on the link below.

Hardly the benign speech of a secular minded leader of a Muslim democracy, well it gets better (despite Tony ‘Dhimmi’ Blair, trying to tell us all that Islam is a peaceful religion, and that Turkey should be in the EU, or that Malaya is a free and democratic state).

Malayan backed jihadists are trying to seperate two states in neighbouring Thailand by killing Thai teachers, nurses, civil servants etc. The idea is to drive out the native Thais, and claim that these two states are actually Muslim Malay, and always have been. The west, led by Blair are sitting by and saying nothing while this goes on.

Finally to top it off …. The Malayan government has moved motorway routes etc so as not to knock down derelict mosques, but has never diverted a single road if it ran over a Church, Hindu or Buddhist temple, whether derelict or not, these have all been knocked down despite objections.

In Malaya Converts from Islam to Christianity, or other religions, have to keep it secret, for fear of being stoned to death (as in rural Turkey) and live in fear of their lives, and the state refuses to recognise the conversion, in other words the same terrible treatment that non muslims can expect where ever islam holds away.

… Hmm, a democratic state if you are a Muslim, but not if you are a Jew, Christian, Hindu or Atheist. Keep showing the good judgement Tony by recommending Gordon as the royal successor…. Oh, you have already done that …. Like I said a really good couple of weeks!

Malayas Prime Ministers speech in full.
Christian loses final appeal in Malaya

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Thursday, 3 May 2007

Orthodox Jewish and Islamic Treatment of Women

Its noticeable how much Jewish Orthodoxy and Islam have in common ...

I mean, we generally consider Israel to be a modern secular democratic state, that acts much like any European or North American state. This maybe because the Jewish majority in the West are what’s referred to as “Reform” Jews, who are more like Catholics, if you pardon the analogy.

However there are also sizeable Hasidic and Orthodox sects in some areas of London and New York, and other cities (those guys with the Homburgs and side dreadlocks), but we mostly have little contact with them, so don’t consider what they mean in today’s world. However, these groups wield great power in the Israeli state, and therefore on the future of the Middle East.

With only 1.5% of the vote giving you one seat, small orthodox parties can wield great power in the ever shifting politics of Israeli coalitions – the National Religious Party or Agudat Israel (Hasidic) parties normally both hold some ministries in any government. This gives them power far in excess of their numbers in both internal and external affairs.

Some Orthodox Groups Actually Don’t Approve Of The State Of Israel ...

It should be noted that some Orthodox groups actually don’t approve of the state of Israel, because of religious issues which are too arcane to go into, and that some Orthodox Jewish groups were actually guests of Iran in their “Holocaust” denial conference last year.

My attention was drawn to these Orthodox Jews, when a series of news stories about Modesty Buses started appearing on the web. Women who get on these public buses are harassed and threatened if they attempt to sit on the front seats of them. This is the same whether they are orthodox or non orthodox, Jew or non Jew. The similarities between this, and the Iranian, Saudi or Taliban attitudes towards women’s rights, was striking enough for me to consider how much power these groups hold within Israel (due to the extreme form of proportional representation that Israel follows).

What got me even more curious was the fact that the main Orthodox groups hold many practises and social attitudes, which are in common with Islam theocratic regimes or groups. E.g. The Haridimn
  • Obviously the dietary (Kosher) and Muslim (Halal) are almost identical, particularly the killing of animals.
  • The segregation of women in the Synagogue, or the Mosque.
  • A strict male dress code often involving beards
  • Women being considered secondary to men in religious law.
  • Women who are menstruating being considered ‘unclean’, and in need of ritual cleansing.
  • Practitioners should wash or immerse themselves daily, or before prayer.
  • Extreme modesty of dress is a requirement, enforced by berating those who are considered immodest (See Iran link above for Muslim version).
  • The use of Hebrew for Synagogue prayer (Yiddish for daily use) is not dissimilar from Arabic in Mosques and local language for daily use in non Arab Muslim countries.
  • Many social attitudes e.g. towards divorce, are similar.

Now none of this is new, and in fact obviously Mohammed was influenced by the fact that many of the Arab tribes in his lifetime were in fact Jewish when he set up Islam. Desert dwellers would have had certain practises driven by conditions around them, and it’s interesting that Christianity spread mainly in the non desert areas of the Roman Empire during the early centuries after its foundation.

Whereas the other two religions founded in the area, remained in the hot desert areas for centuries. Christianity has moved towards equality of treatment of women, as has the 'westernised' Reform Jews, but Islam and Orthodox Jewish sects have not.

In fact with so much in common it’s hard sometimes to see why they and Islam are at each others throats, but they are. We all fear militant Islam and its actions, but what
  • Would happen to Israeli support if 'Militant Jewry’ was in power in Israel?
  • How would we differentiate them from Islamic states, apart from the fact that Jewish orthodoxy is not a proselytising faith?
  • In fact, would we be criticising Orthodox Jewish attitudes, in the same way that we criticize similar Islamic practices?

It’s ironic that one of the main western criticisms of Islamic states, is their treatment of and attitude towards women, but we say little about the fact that many of these values are apparently shared by an orthodox Jewry that holds great power in the Israeli state.

'Fundamentalists' are 'Fundamentalists', whatever the religion, and just because they are our "political friends" that doesn't change ..... we also support the Saudi regime, but that's the main exporter of Radical Islam (how dumb is that?).

Fortunately Israel is not a fundamentalist state, but democracy is a funny thing and throws up some odd results. The 'old guard' parties, who have held secular power in Israel since its foundation, are increasingly discredited (corruption is apparently endemic), so who's to say what the future may hold?

Some other links:

Jewish Religious Students spit on Christians
The Rise of the Haredim - Israels hidden problem

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