Sunday, 29 April 2012

Deaf Note

There has been a report this week that mobile phones 'show no evidence of harm to human health' .... the report by the UK's Health Protection Agency confirmed that hundreds of studies of mobile exposure had found no conclusive links to cancer risk, brain function or infertility.

However has anyone considered the possibility of mass deafness in the coming decades, caused by generations of people playing very loud music on Walkmans, MP3 players and phones, via ill fitting earphones jammed onto their eardrums?

Old Fashioned File Sharing
There is some evidence that was published in the journal BMC Neurology, that those listening to loud music in this manner for more than an hour every day are more likely to suffer headaches than others, but no evidence gathered on the long term consequences for hearing ..... and I include the poor person sitting next to them on public transport in this thought.

Going Native

In India, its Cricket, not football that attracts the big money and the big crowds, and the real BIG MONEY is in the 20/20 form of the game (20 overs of bowling and 20 overs of batting), known as the Indian Premier League cricket. These games are played at night and are packaged for television with all the razzmatazz of the US Superbowl, and this includes Cheerleaders.

Up to now the cheerleaders have been 'western style' ..... with skimpy uniforms and raunchy routines, both considered too risky for 'good hindi' girls to perform, so they imported western women (who are considered to have less morals anyway), to dance for the titillation of the male cricket fans.

Western Women Perform For Indian Cricket Fans

But just recently it has been noted that a certain conservatism has crept in to the shows, and the cheerleaders are being dressed more conservatively, or as one administrator said .... "We ensure that their attire and choreography take the sensibilities of the Indian viewing family into account. In future we might also have local girls as cheerleaders". So the western girls are now covered up.

Not So Much Flesh For Fans

And some teams have even now gone 'native' with"local girls as cheerleaders"  ..... doing traditional dances.

Pretty Girls, But A Little Tame For Some 

But despite complaints from some fans that a certain spark is now missing from the league's proceedings, this is now the trend ..... PC politics isn't just confined to the West.  

Friday, 27 April 2012

Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Pictures sometimes tell you all you need to know about the way the wind blows in a place .....

Muslim Brotherhood Libya - First Conference

In Libya, the Muslim Brotherhood had its first political conference ever last November. It was a strict affair, Men on the front two rows, Women at the back ...... but wait, what have we here?  

If You Hide Your Face ....

A woman can join the front two rows. But only if she's prepared to cover her whole face, wear gloves, and sit with an empty seat  between her and any man (can't be too careful of those lustful glances). To be fair, the temporary Libyan authorities have banned the formation of political parties based on religious principles, ahead of elections scheduled to take place in June ... but no one expects this to last..

Lessons Of History

Spain is in full-blown economic meltdown .... a 'depression' rather than a 'recession', with the overall unemployment rate at 23.6 percent, which is comparable to the US/Europe in the depths of the Great Depression of the late 1920's and 1930's (with the youth unemployment rate over 50 percent) .....

Communist and Nazis Street Fights - Berlin

This simply can’t carry on without risking the kind of social breakdown last seen in the 1930's (Street fighting and extreme political parties on the march .... Communists and Nazis), as the rise of the Far Right and Left in France, and perhaps more worryingly the Far Right  'Chrysi Avgi' ('Golden Dawn') in Greece illustrates.

Extremist Parties Rise In Economic Crisis

This is an era that modern Europe is starting to replicate in ever more faithful detail.

Greek Political Factions Fighting Over Economic Ruins
The 30's depression only ended after countries exited from the gold standard, which is the equivalent  of an exit from the Euro today, and the restoration of national currencies .... as an alternative to carrying on imposing ever-harsher austerity on countries that were already suffering Depression levels of  unemployment. However its the course of  imposing ever-harsher austerity that the European governments and ECB have reinforced.

It's hard not to conclude that rather than admit that the policies being followed are wrong, most European leaders seem determined to drive their economies and their societies into the ground  ..... you would think the Germans and the French leaders would be worried. Certainly many others fear that the whole world may pay the price.

Sunday, 22 April 2012


There have been press reports that Sarkozy is the most 'hated' President in French history ... the suggestion is that its because he tried to break the cozy political French establishment which existed post war, in which the intellectual arguments were always on Leftwing terms ... the Right was only allowed to say that they could manage the socialist structures of France, better than the socialists could.

But then Sarkozy came along and said that the Right had valid arguments and philosophy's, and started to enact them .... cue 'hatred'. Irrational it may be, but heart felt it undoubtedly is. The film director Mathieu Kassowitz was reported as having said that if Sarkozy wasn't knocked out in the first round of the presidential elections, then it would show that France was a "neo-fascist collaborationist" country ... whatever that may mean.

Pres. Sarkozy - Hated By The French Leftwing
He may or may not win the elections, but I suspect that in the privacy of the election booths, he will have more support than the largely left wing (polls have indicated that between 80 and 95% of French journalists are on the left or far-left), French press suspect.  I seem to recall that Mrs Thatcher was (and still is) as hated by the same groups in the UK ... and look at the elections she won.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Spot The Difference

If you go far enough in the circle of politics, then you meet your enemies coming from the other side. It’s often forgotten that both the fascists and communists, considered themselves to be “Socialists” e.g. Until 1914, Benito Mussolini was the leader of the Socialist Party of Italy and Hitler said “There is more that binds us to Bolshevism than separates us from it”, he allowed converts from Communist parties to join the Nazi party because they could do so with little mental effort.

Nothing illustrates this truism more, than politics in France where in the both the far Left and far Right are attracting wow audiences and ratings .... with often very similar anti capitalist policies.

He Could Be A Far Right Or Far Left Voter.

The far right is still anti-immigrant but has tempered the language ....  They have linked concerns about French identity with the economic crisis, stating that capitalist globalisation has taken French jobs and that its the European elite and the European dream, that has turned into a nightmare and wrecked French lives. This has gained them about 17% in the polls.

The far left has also got a lot of attention and has seen their poll ratings shoot up to 14 or 15% by stating that international finance and austerity - as embraced by the European Union - is destroying the lives of ordinary people.

Neither will actually win the Presidency, which will go to the main stream right or left candidate, but its interesting that essentially the same economic message, packaged from the far left or far right gains about the same amounts of support.

Repérer la différence?

Idiot Of The Week

There can only be one winner in the idiot of the week competition .... Mohammad Ashan, Taliban and stupid.

Having seen a poster which promised $100 to anyone who gave details of his whereabouts, he promptly went up to an Afghan checkpoint and handed himself in, all the while demanding that he be given the $100 dollar reward. When asked is this you (on the poster), he answered with an incredible amount of enthusiasm, "Yes, yes, that's me! Can I get my award now?"'

Mohammad Ashan, Taliban and Stupid

He now faces a long spell in prison, albeit $100 richer. No one is quite sure why he has done this, but the best guess is that he's a few bullets short of a full Kalashnikov magazine. 'Clearly,' an official said, 'the man is an imbecile.'

Argentine Pirates Strike Spanish Maine

Ms de Kirchner is the rabble rousing President of Argentina, who has been rattling the UN with claim that 'the pirates', as she refers to the UK, have to give the Falklands back to Argentina, despite the fact that the Falklands were colonised by Britain without any Spanish ever living on the islands ..... and decades before 'Argentina' even came into existence. But the driver to all this is Oil, which has been found around the islands.

I mention this because Spain has always tacitly supported Argentina in this delusional claim (and the Argies have done the same over Gibraltar which Britain gained at the same time), backing them in the UN. But this week she arbitrarily stole from Spain, all their majority shares in YPF oil, the main oil company in Argentina.  She claimed that the expropriation was aimed at "recovering sovereignty" over natural resources.

Her Peronist party and her have also nationalised the private pension schemes,  the postal service, the railways and the water works in the last five years ..... effectively bringing the private sector back into state control ..... shades of Eva Peron.

'The Spanish, they only this big', says de Kerchner
Now suddenly the Spanish, want the EU and Britain to support them in attempting to penalise the Argentine pirates for the theft ..... funny how the world turns.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Last Feminine Frontier

Talking of 'Wimmin of the Left' and their fear of some groups. Did you know that the Saudis (along with Brunei and Qatar), are still allowed by the Olympic Committee to not send any women to the Olympics? 

When black athletes weren't allowed to represent South Africa - this racial apartheid was condemned and South Africa was expelled from the Olympics.  All with the vocal backing of the left .... roll forward 60 yrs and there is just a handful of states (all muslim) where women can't compete at the Olympics. Yet despite flouting the Olympic Charter on equality in an a flagrant manner, Saudi Arabia remains an Olympic member of good standing.

So where are the left-wing protests outside the Saudi embassy buildings?

Despite the statement by Saudi Arabia's Olympic Committee head Prince Nawaf bin Faisal that they would "not be endorsing any female participation at the moment"  ... complete silence, or rather a few comments by 'human rights watch' ... but not a word from Labours Ed Milliband, nothing from anyone on the left or prominent feminists. The International Olympic Committee is spineless when dealing with the Muslim world and has merely said that "the IOC does not give ultimatums nor deadlines but rather believes that a lot can be achieved through dialogue". But as recently as last month they ran a story on their website that predicted that Saudi Arabia would include women on their team. Oops!

Men Only In Saudi Sports

In fact the Saudis have effectively wiped out all women's sport participation inside their country (a fact which alone should exclude them from IOC). Schoolgirls PE is forbidden in state schools, and virtually all of the country's gyms for women were closed by the government two years ago. In fact, all of the country's officially licensed 153 sports clubs are closed to women, and women are prohibited from even attending any sports events.  

It seems there are two rules operating here ... weak Afghanistan can be banned under IOC rules for the same offence, Iraq can be banned because of a technical rule about the make-up of their national Olympic committee, but Oil rich Saudi Arabia (along with the two other oil states), is allowed to practise sexual apartheid against its own women and remain in the Olympics .... sheer bloody hypocrisy.

Update: They are now sending two women ....

Street Sexism

Apparently feminists in Italy, not content to try and deal with real women's issues such as forced marriages, child brides, sex trafficking, equal pay or sexual abuse, have found that actually the number one concern for 'wimmin of the left' should be street names.

Yes you guessed it, too many men's names, not enough female names.  Maria Pia Ercolini the instigator of this story (which the BBC picked up like a shot), found that 7,575 (45.7%) of the Rome city's streets were named after men and just 580 (3.5%) were named after women. "That's proof of the discrimination", she says.

But perhaps realising how this story might play, she has also conceded that  "We don't want to re-name streets - we want new streets to be named after women”.

Downing Street - To be renamed?

No doubt some lazy female politician on the Labour parties cabinet or candidate lists will shortly take up the battle in Britain, and start demanding all places be renamed .... well lets see how the 'Wimmin' deal with "*Offas Dyke" ... that should confuse them :-)

Sir George Downing, 1st Baronet

Actually, it never fails to amaze me how shallow are the waters that the feminine 'fighters' swim in ... they can attack what they see as white male dominance, but those cultures that that really suppress women are left unchallenged through a combination of fear of retaliation, and PC multiculturalism.

*The earthwork that runs between England and Wales, constructed by King Offa of Mercia to mark the boundary with Wales.  

Zionist Plots

The Iranians are, or rather were a clever peoples, but once you are told that every failure is the result of foreign devils (usually the USA and UK), or Zionists, for decade after decade, then it kinda dumbs down your society .... this applies to the Arabs, but they have had centuries of blaming someone else for their own failures.

Last week, the Iranians took their one particular brand of Islamic stupidity beyond its normal high level, to a setting that borders on lunacy ....  they have attempted to block Iranians getting access to the official website for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Apparently Iranians are instead redirected to - a site offering stories from Iran's official news agencies.

And the reason for this breaching of both the spririt and the rules of the "Olympic Family"?

Well in the Shia heartlands, ideologues have deemed that the official London games logo of 2012 actually spells the word "Zion"  (the Hebrew for Israel or Jerusalem). In Iran internet blocks can be ordered by individual judges, or by various security organisations or religious bodies ... so pointing the finger is difficult.

London Olympic Logo - Zionist Plot?

They even demanded that the logo be withdrawn and the designers "confronted" (what emotive and aggressive language they always use). Sadly they didn't promise not to attend the games, and in a follow-up letter later made clear that their athletes would still "participate and play gloriously".

Its just a pity that the Olympic committee is so spineless, because constant attack on the Olympic ideals should be punished by expulsion from the organisation.

Deification and Demigod

Its not often we see the deification of a living Demigod anymore. Time was when the world was full of living Demigods such as the Roman emperors (from the death of Augustus Caesar onwards) and no doubt the various potentates in Persia, India, China and other of the Old Empires will have had their own living gods as well.

But they have kind of died out and therefore we should be glad to have taken this last chance in maybe 50 yrs or so, to see Kim Jong-un, the latest in a line of Demigod rulers to be inaugurated in Pyongyang North Korea.

Kim Jong-un - chubby Demigod

Of course, the inauguration of a Demigod requires a lot of pageantry, but hereditary 'communist' dicatators are always big on that ......

North Korea - Big On Heroic Parades - Poor on Bread and Rice.

.... its Bread and Rice that they struggle to provide.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Morality Tales

It is a fact that under common Islamic marriage laws - taken from the hadiths (sayings attributed to the prophet), Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), tafssir (interpretation of the Koran) and of course the Quran - that while a Muslim man may take a non Muslim wife from the Christians or Jews (any children must be brought up as Muslims), no Muslim woman can marry a non Muslim man.

The reasons for this are a mixture of male chauvinism in a patriarchal Islamic society, and because a woman can't legally make such decisions under Sharia law i.e. Her male relatives father or brothers etc make the decision as to who she marries, and therefore it won't be a non Muslim. 
Why am I mentioning this is that when George Galloway (age 57) won the recent by- election in Bradford West parliamentary seat for the 'Respect party', it also came out that he had been practising some unusual marriage techniques with Muslim women. According to his public Wiki pages his matrimonial affairs run as follows:

  • From 1979 to 1999, he was married to Elaine Fyffe, with whom he has a daughter aged 29.
  • In 1994, aged 42, he married Amineh Abu-Zayyad (then 27) as a second wife in a Muslim ceremony (later after his divorce from his first wife, he and Abu-Zayyad also undertook a civil ceremony); Zayyad filed for divorce in 2005.
  • In 2005 aged 50, Galloway married as his third wife Rima Husseini aged 35, a Lebanese woman and former researcher, also in a Muslim ceremony. She gave birth to their first son in May 2007, and a second son in December 2011 .... she apparently claims they are still married in Islamic eyes.
  • In March 2012, Galloway married Putri Gayatri Pertiwi aged 27, a consultant with a Dutch research firm ..... its not known if this another 'Muslim ceremony' or is a civil marriage as well. 

    The Brides of Galloway.

    Its important to note here, that living together is recognised as a relationship under English 'Common Law' and therefore has a 'legal basis' in the UK, but its not the same as a full legal marriage and therefore doesn't break the letter of the bigamy laws. But to Muslim women these 'Muslim ceremonies' are 'legal marriages' under Sharia, and so using them without the civil ceremony has some connotations to them beyond 'living together', which is Haram under Islam. Marriages are only legal in the UK and most European countries if they are conducted by a state registered cleric (very few Imans are qualified), or followed by a registry office ceremony.

    Galloway was raised as a Roman Catholic and has never publicly renounced this faith nor converted to Islam that I am aware of .... rather he has used rather interesting terms which imply much but say little ...

    • He has stated at a Respect Party rally in 2012 that "We stand for justice and haqq" .... Haqq means truth in the literal sense but to Muslims also means Allah (Al-Haqq, the truth, is one of the names of God in the Qur'an.)
    • He also added that "A Muslim is somebody who is not afraid of earthly power but who fears only the Judgement Day. I’m ready for that, I’m working for that and it’s the only thing I fear".

    These statements do not actually say that he is a Muslim, and don't say he's not, but could be read anyway the listener wishes to do .... implying much without saying much ...... clever words when used in a constituency that is not fully literate in their native languages, let alone in English. But I do understand the English language, even so I am none the wiser as to whether he is a Muslim, and if not, why he is allowed to 'marry women' in Muslim ceremonies.

    No doubt all will be revealed in the fullness of time .....

    Thursday, 5 April 2012

    Watch This Space

    The Russian Orthodox leader Patriarch Kirill has been caught doing a 'no no' .... having his photo's airbrushed to hide the fact that he wears a $30,000 (£19,000) gold Breguet watch. Not the sort of item that a simple man of the cloth normally wears .... I doubt if the late Pope John Paul II's entire possessions throughout his entire lifetime came to much more than $30,000.

    However times have changed, and the Russian Orthodox Patriarch is part of the establishment .... so maybe a $30,000 (£19,000) gold Breguet watch is part of the kit .... or maybe not, as he (or someone) tried to hide it. They were caught out by the fact that they forgot to clear the table reflection of the watch.

    Russian Orthodox leader Patriarch Kirill - watch this space

    They have now apologised for the doctored photo and, after a bit of 'toing and froing' have restored the proper photograph to archives. All I can say is that standards are slipping since Uncle Joe's day .....people were shot for this kind of cock up ...... first you see him.

    Then you don't ....

    Now that's how you do a cover up!!

    Human Rights Euro Lottery

    The UK can't deport anyone because of their Human Rights .... take for example the radical Muslim cleric, Abu Qatada, who is wanted by Jordan, but whom the European Courts won't let us deport.
    Now compare and contrast with France, where following the realisation that they have radicalised Muslims amongst them immediately started deporting them ..... two radical Islamists have been deported already and three more are to be expelled, with more deportations to follow, officials have said.

    French Arrest and Deport Islamic Radicals
    No 'Human Rights' of the radicals, or European courts nonsense from Pres. Nicolas Sarkozy, who speaking at an election rally in the eastern city of Nancy, sent a very clear message. "All those who make remarks contrary to the values of the Republic will be instantly put outside the territory of the French Republic, there will no exception, there will be no leniency."

    Funny how these same laws can operate in France and UK with such different results, but then the French judiciary don't have a PC axe to grind or a left wing agenda to defend ..... nor do the French media automatically take the side of those who attack France e.g. Would the French main media channel always show the Argentine side of the Falklands conflict, if they were French people and islands? I doubt it .....

    Aid Money Well Spent

    India is recipient on hundreds of millions of pounds in foreign aid from the UK, despite us being broke. So most UK taxpayers will be thrilled to note that this week India took possession of a new Russian-built nuclear-powered submarine, the Chakra, into its fleet. Its also building a new class of nuclear-powered boats intended to carry nuclear-armed ballistic missiles.
    Apparently a refurbished Russian aircraft carrier with advanced Mig-29K jets will enter service next year, followed by an Indian-built aircraft carrier in due course.

    Of course the irony is that while India is busy spending billions on these weapons, and we feed their poor, our own armed forces are being cut, soldiers and sailors laid off and the Harrier jump jets and HMS Ark Royal and HMS Invincible have been scrapped. This leaves the UK with no functioning aircraft carriers, while India will have two by next year.

    UK used to be a major naval power .... now?

    If anyone except some PC bonehead can explain why we give £800 million to a self styled 'super power' which is spending billions on rockets, and aircraft carriers, while we make our armed forces redundant, and strip ourselves of the very same capabilities please get in touch.   

    Its also ironic to note that India wants a seat on the UN security council, at the UK's expense .... no doubt we will still be giving them 'aid' as they kick our lily white asses out of the doors of influence.  

    Dreaming The Dream

    I have discussed thankless jobs before on this blog so you can imagine my pleasure in finding that another of these exceptional roles is being practised at the moment. Its only a 'temporary' position that is only resurrected every couple of decades or so, but I doubt many would say its not both dangerous and thankless.

    I give you Mohammad Younas Nawandish, "The Mayor Of Kabul" in Afghanistan. I honestly had never thought that there was anyone foolhardy enough to do this job ..... when the Taliban get back in to the city (around the year 2015 I would guess), it would not be good to have been in that job. Apparently he did not even campaign for the job, because Kabul did not have the resources to hold an election, or because there was no one stupid enough to do the job, so President Karzai simply appointed him.

    Mohammad Younas Nawandish - Mayor Of Kabul - has big plans.

    No one can say he doesn't have a vision "In three years, we will have Kabul covered with trees, history shows the mountains of Kabul were green 200 years ago. We are trying to repeat history here."....he has ordered his officials to begin planting 30,000 saplings on top of and around Shirdarwaza mountain. The rest of his plans are equally optimistic, and despite accusations of failure and corruption (who isn't both in Afghanistan?), no one else is rushing to take the job from his hands.

    You gotta  hail a brave man ...... for as long as he's still here.

    Sunday, 1 April 2012

    Big Brother Is Watching You - Britain

    In George Orwell's dystopian future described in the novel "1984", the phrase "Big Brother is watching you" is constantly brought to the attention of the people, to remind them that this is the core "truth" of the security system in this state.

    Big Brother

    There were moments when it seemed to be a prophetic vision of the inevitable furure, especially in the late 1960's to the mid 1970's, when the 'Cold War' was at its height (and we seemed to be losing), with the IRA bombing campaigns in the mainland, mass industrial unrest led by big Trade Unions, and rumours of preparations of a coup against the Labour government having been planned. 

    These allegations of coups later came to light in March 1981, when the Sunday Times carried an article which suggested that there were  preparations made in 1968 for a military coup d’état in Britain against the Labour Party and Wilson government. Interestingly, in 1982 the British politician Chris Mullin published his book 'A Very British Coup' ..... in which a leftwing working class prime minister finds that the army, industrialists, press barons and MI5 plot to bring him down. Just coincidence.

    However,  I never really thought that I might see this become a reality in the Britain, well at least under a non-leftwing government, but today the Conservative Liberal Alliance government announced plans to allow the security service to real time monitor the calls, emails, texts and website visits of everyone in the UK, without a warrant from a judge. They can't see the content or actually listen to the phone calls without a warrant, but they can demand to know from suppliers (ISP's or Phone companies), who a person called, how often, for how long. Similarly, they will be able to know the email addresses that are being contacted, how often and if they reply. Finally they can request the web addresses that someone visits, and again how often.

    Is Watching You

    Now I am not a complete idiot, I can see why this information would be useful against terrorists, drug traffickers etc etc ..... but this information is currently available to the security services now, but via a warrant from a judge i.e. Only after proving that they have reasonable suspicion of a crime being planned or committed.

    What makes this legislation pernicious is that effectively it allows the state security system to mount 'data fishing' type expeditions against the citizens of the UK, simply out of curiosity ... they can build up dossiers on any and everyone, without ever needing to visit a judge to know the actual content of emails or calls.

    Now if its true that there are only six degrees of separation between anyone and someone else (not really true when you think of it, but mathematically plausible within a set group or society such as a country), then it would be comparatively easy to justify snooping on you or me, by proving a connection with a known criminal or terrorist. 

    For example, 
    1. You work with a Muslim member of staff who you are friendly with, 
    2. Who attends a certain mosque, 
    3. Where the Iman has attended same madrassa as a radical Islamic cleric,
    4. Who gives DVD/Internet lectures that radicalise UK Muslims,
    5. Where a follower of this cleric launches a terrorist attack.   

    So you are monitored with all your telephone calls, emails, texts and website visits under security services scrutiny .... and of course now that you are monitored as 'suspect', then your family should be monitored as well, and their contacts .... and so on and so on, until everyone is being monitored. And all because there is no longer a requirement to prove a criminal activity is under-way.

    We should all resist this act because its the first step towards the state Orwell was warning about. Start up or Sign a petition at HM Government e-petitions or contact your MP (or here), and get them to resist it.

    Watching You

      Big Brother Really Is Watching You! 


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