Friday, 27 November 2015

In For The Long Haul

And you thought that the commuter traffic was bad around your journey? Well think again.

The drivers on the East African highway between Mombasa and Nairobi, have recently been experiencing a traffic jam reportedly stretching for 50km (30 miles) following heavy rains which washed the road away. The road, which is very heavily used, is the main transit for passengers and goods from and to the port of Mombasa (East Africa's main port for the regions economies such as Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, South Sudan and Rwanda).

East African Highway ... Barely More Than A Tarmac Track

Stupidest Story Of The Week

A DNA study finds that London was ethnically diverse from start .... Wow .... Fecking Hell .... who woulda thunk it!.

Romans Too White For Some Modern Tastes .....

The Truth Will Out

I see that an opinion poll in the UK has apparently confirmed once again, that about 25% of the 18 - 35 year old Muslims questioned in a poll (following the attack on Paris), have indicated sympathy for the actions of those who go to fight for IS in Syria.

Controversial Opinion Poll .....

Labours Wets

No one can ever claim that the (far?) left would be shy about their triumph in reclaiming the Labour Party leadership again, after decades in the political wilderness.

Of course, they have apparently learnt little in the years since Michael Foot led the party into the wilderness. So rather than recalling the lessons of their own party history, and not repeating those mistakes, they seem hell bent on the idea that they are picking up the tattered red flag of socialism, found lying stricken on a battlefield, and waving it from the ramparts again (no doubt with the sound track of the "The Red Flag" in the background).

The Peoples Flag Is Deepest Red ....

Friday, 20 November 2015

Who Wants To Be A Kardashian?

There is an Internet phenomena of which most of us have little exposure (including me) ..... its self-filming or video blogging via YouTube. This is where families or groups of people, detail their lives in a reality TV style, but on the Internet.

Some of these shows apparently have many followers, but the majority less so. Many in the US exhibit or promote particular lifestyle choices, such as a deep Christianity, but others have more mundane concerns, such as promoting both themselves and certain products (which are either sponsored or the show makers want to get paid to sponsor).

The Waltons - Role Models For YouTube Families

Fatboy Not Slim

The US obesity epidemic is still getting worse. Despite some quite serious efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle (not least by the Obama's who are models of fitness), the fact is that the land of 'free top ups', 'quarts of coke', 'double quarter pounders', and dinner plates you could run a car on, is seeing the rates of obesity rise relentlessly.

Fit First Family ... Not Role Models

The Real Refugees

On the very day that the French were in a state of national shock over the murder of of over 125 people (with hundreds more wounded) by Islamic terrorists, the BBC was running another of its interminable pro-refugee stories.

This one, was illustrated by an image of what Scotland was about to receive on its first 'refugee charter flight' .... Take a good look at the picture.

The Real Faces Of The 'Refugee' Crisis?

Last Word Until Next Time

In the wake of yet another Islamic terrorist outrage in Europe, we are being spoon fed a plateful of platitudes, by politicians and broadcasters who don't realise how hollow their words are increasingly sounding ... these are mixed up with yet another round of 'solidarity' displays, some soul searching about why Muslims keep doing this, and public anger that we have to tolerate it. For instance:

Politicians Platitudes

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Liberté Egalité Fraternité

Liberté Egalité Fraternité

Liberté Egalité Fraternité ..... words meant to promote freedom of conscience, equality and brotherhood for all citizens .... sadly meaningless to some.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Gun Toting Granny

It must be tough, and getting tougher in the Midlands of England these days.

How else can you explain the news that when a 95 year old potential grandmother, nay potential great grandmother, went to Walsall Manor Hospital, she decided that as a "safety precaution", she would tuck an antique pistol in to her handbag.

Gun Toting Granny

An Easy Enough Mistake

It was an easy enough mistake to make with modern art. The cleaner came into the gallery and saw a mess, a real mess all over the floor. She no doubt sighed at the injustice of her low pay, and the obvious wealth of the patrons who had been drinking vast numbers of bottles of expensive wines and champagne.

But she was a professional and wanted to keep her job, so she rolled up her mental sleeves and set to work. She gathered all the bottles together and put them in the appropriate recycling bags, and then she swept all the confetti and cigarette butts (this was Italy after all, and cigarette bans were little observed), and binned them.

Finished, she probably took a last look round at the empty room, nodded to herself, in a small measure of satisfaction at a job well done, and then moved on to the next gallery.

I Think I Prefer The Empty Room As A Comment On Modern Art

The Secret Life Of Your House

I recently had cause to be at home for 2 days doing an on-line training course. As discussed before on this blog 'working from home' is not a regular occurrence for me, but as the course was from a third party provider, there was more sense in doing it from home (rather than at my work desk) to cut down interruptions. So with TV and radios firmly switched off (I don't fool myself on my powers of concentration if there are distractions about), I started work at 08:30am on the first day.

Working From Home - Victorian Style

UK Uninsured And Unqualified

There was a strange crime story reported on Friday the seventh of August 2015 in the national press. In upper class Notting hill, London. A 23 year old gardener was killed in a hit and run accident, when he alighted from his van and was struck by a £120,000 super-car, a Silver Continental GT Bentley (which is a very high end vehicle indeed). This happened around midnight and witnesses reported that 'Two topless men had fled the scene' .... police later arrested one man ( I presumed it was the owner of the car).

And that is all that was in the report .....

However this leaves the reader with a myriad of questions .... some of which I am even unsure how to record. But the topless bit at least raises a few eyebrows. A we talking 'doing a Gillian Taylforth?' ....

Romanian Muscle Man .....

Friday, 6 November 2015

Chundering Airways

Never mind 'snakes on planes', surely the worst flight you could have been on was that which took place on a US Airways flight on the 6th December 2014, between Israel’s Ben Gurion airport and Philadelphia USA.

Having A Bad Flight Day?

Best Friends Forever?

What’s that old saying, 'keep your friends close, and your enemies closer' ... well apparently we British take that very much to heart. A recent survey found that the average Brit claims to have 15 friends, but only trusts 4 of them.

Keep Your Enemies Closer ..... Or I Will Send Round The Boys.

What Does it Take These Days?

What does it take these days to actually get a serious prison sentence? I ask this, bearing in mind that there is 50% remission before you even serve a day of the pitifully small sentences, and usually concurrent sentences we give out.

I was prompted to ask because a monster called James Canning, who lived in the Doncaster area, was recently convicted of the following crimes: Along with his 'friends' Jay Blade and Amy Gaines, he tortured a girl with metal chain whippings and beatings, until she fainted and feared for her life. She was a friend of Jay Blade's. They all filmed the event as a birthday present to Canning.

Canning And His Accomplices

The Envy Of The World?

There are those in the UK who still believe that the NHS is 'the envy of the world' ... which world they refer to I am not too sure, because its certainly not the envy of the first world. Now don't get me wrong, the concept of some sort of 'universal, free at the point of delivery' health service is a noble one, and indeed I probably wouldn't be here now but for that idea being adopted in Britain.

However the fact is, that what was envisaged by its creators in the 1940's, was always a flawed concept. Having to bribe the doctors to join it, and it seems to stay in it just to keep it running (or is that limping) along ever since, was a flaw that has only been exacerbated by each British Medical Association (BMA) contract renewal since, as the present talks with the BMA are proving.

Once The Envy Of The World.


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