Sunday, 25 May 2008

A Deafening Silence from the Liberals on SA Ethnic Cleansing

Do you remember 1994 and the "Rainbow Nation"?

The days when Mandela walks to freedom and into power and the chattering classes of Notting Hill were able to nod sagely, and bask in the fact that they had been part of "the struggle" and "went to all the 'free Mandela concerts".

This was going to be the Black African (well ignoring 5 million whites who had built the country) nation that showed that it was ready to rule itself .... Kenya had sort of worked (if you call a one party rule and rampant corruption 'worked'), but has recently reverted to tribalism and superstition with old ladies burnt as witches ... then Rhodesia, sorry "Zimbabwe"had spectacularly collapsed into a bankrupt economy, and a vicious dictatorship and the worst run country on a continent that had failed on every occasion.

So there we were, the whites swept from power, but leaving a first world infrastructure, a strong economy (especially raw materials), with 'guest workers' living in harmony with the hosts and a functioning parliamentary democracy. Most importantly the whites couldn't do a 'colonial' i.e. ship all their goods 'home', so everything was set fair for the Rainbow nation to lead Black Africa into the golden future.

That was the 1990's and now we roll forward to 2008.

Unemployment amongst SA Blacks is still 40% as it has been since the end of white rule, Crime is rampant (especially rape and crimes of extreme violence), guest worker figures have been swollen by 3 million Zimbabweans fleeing from Mugabe's henchmen (although SA carries on supporting his dictatorship so it doesn't class them as 'refugees') as well as countless others from across the African continent...... and out breaks tribalism, killings, 'necklacing', murder and every other ill that Africa can offer.

Troops are out on the streets as the murders spread nationwide and thousands flee SA to save their lives and the international response? Well by the politicians, deafening ...... silence! Yes that's right, not a word of condemnation at racial attacks, just silence.

When Kenya went through a bout of tribal violence and ethnic cleansing, the PC western politicians were leading the chorus of comment, and similarly when it happened in Darfur or the Balkans, but when its the "Great Black Hope" of South Africa, the "Rainbow Nation" not a word.

Is it because the politicians are embarrassed that this last hope to prove Africans aren't just incapable of good governance, (there are after all no more 'colonial' governments in Africa to 'free'), has started to fail just as surely as all of the others?

Probably not, after a suitable pause there will be lots of theories from the left that place the blame on the remaining whites somehow, or the fallout from apartheid (even though the killers were all so young that they were born after 1994) and of course Sepp Blatter, the FIFA president is still happy to be sending half a million tourists into the war zone that is South Africa's crime wave as he approves the hand over of the World Cup to South Africa this week, so that's alright then!

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Squeaky Bums have stopped squeaking!

I reported on the final stages of the English as Scottish football seasons, and for completeness feel that I should report on how it all ended.

European Cup Final (Moscow)

Chelsea v Man Utd (1:1 after extra time - Man Utd win 6-5 on penalties)

English Premier League


1 Man Utd 38 58 87
----------------------- Champions
2 Chelsea 38 39 85


15 Sunderland 38 -23 39
16 Bolton 38 -18 37
17 Fulham 38 -22 36
----------------------------------- Relegation Point
18 Reading 38 -25 36
19 Birmingham 38 -13 31
20 Derby 38 -69 11

An amazing escape for Fulham …. For the second season running.

And winning the fight to get into the Premier.

1 West Brom 46 33 81 (Champions)
2 Stoke 46 14 79
------------------------------- Promotion Point
3 Hull 46 18 75 (Playoff winner – promoted)

And finally the Scottish Premier League, where my mate Kevin's team, Glasgow Rangers, were unfortunately beaten in the race on the final day after it looking like a walk over a few weeks ago.

UEFA Cup Final (Manchester)

Glasgow Rangers v Zenit St Petersburg (0:2)

Scottish Premier League

1 Celtic 38 58 77
----------------------- Champions

2 Rangers 38 51 86

Rangers just tired, especially after they lost the UEFA cup final.

They ended up with the CIS League Cup and the Scottish FA Cup which they won this afternoon. Still an amazing season that closely mirrored their great rivals Celtics season of a few years ago, when they also made it to and lost the UEFA cup final.

I had thought Man Utd would lose out to Chelsea on both fronts and they won both. Unfortunately I was right about Rangers

Mr Broon takes a kicking

Just to round off the latest batch of posts, I feel that I should report that Gordon Brown, the (much loved, hah ha ha ) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, took another beating in the polls last week, when for the first time in twenty five years the Conservative Party won a parliamentary by-election.

This feat was all the remarkable in that the seat they won, Crewe and Nantwich, had been a loyal Labour seat for decades. The swing was over 18% to the Conservatives, and if replicated in a national election, would effectively wipe the Labour Party out in England, and risk its position as a major national party.

Now of course that sort of swing would not occur in a general election, but even a swing of 9 - 10% would see labour out of power.

Judging from the man in the public house, Labour are "toast" whatever they do, but for the record the main issues which have alienated them from their 'natural supporters' are

  • Mass Immigration, the subject that cannot speak its name. Rightly or wrongly Labour is seen as encouraging non european and muslim immigration to boost its votes, and making the 'natural Englishman' pay for housing and welfare benefits for a peoples who are then attacking us.
  • The Economy, where labour has lost its prudence and competence tag. It's now seen as just a tax and spend party again, as it was in the 1970's when they squeezed the (rich) tax payers 'until the pips squeaked'. Well the 'pips' of even the working poor are 'squeaking', and petrol prices (most of which are tax) are now hurting people who vote. Only those on welfare (who often don't vote) are seen to be thriving.
  • Law and Order, belief in which has simply collapsed, with courts and lawyers seen as acting only to ensure that the guilty are either set free or given laughable sentences. Legal aid is now so abused that its not seen as being good for the poor anymore.
  • PC Issues, are seen as being the promotion of minority interests over the wishes and belief values of the 'silent majority' - this ranges from real anger when councils stop Xmas 'nativity plays' but support Muslim values. Change nursery rymes such as the "three little pigs" or even place the 'Koran' in a 'place of honour' (It must never rest beneath other books, but always on top of them) whilst treating bibles as just another book. All these news stories (whether true or not) just add fuel to the belief that the PC brigade are trying to destroy the countries values and traditions in favour of 'Sharia' or minority sexual interest groups.
  • Multiculturalism, is simply seen as the 'theological arm' of the self elected PC brigade. Devised to attack western values and promote 'multicultural' i.e. Non European values as 'equal' in validity to our own. This is seen as being basically a betrayal of the English who seem to bear the brunt of the 'compromises' that have to be made.
  • Broken Promises, the promise of a referendum on the European Treaty was broken, and that was the point when Brown personally was seen as a liar. He was also seen as arrogant in his belief that he could 'lie' to the voters and get away with it.
Just a few pointers as to where the Labour party could rescue itself but won't. Its too tied to special (i.e. minority) interests, and will not do what the majority want.
So to misquote another scotsman "Your all doomed, doomed I tell ya!"

Monday, 19 May 2008

Small expectations of UK Justice

A news story today, one that seems to illustrate what a collapse we have had in the expectations of the law in the UK.

An unemployed eighteen year old man was found guilty of arson in his own family home, the fire killed his two sisters (burns and smoke inhalation) and left his 'father' with 42% burns. The motive for this attack wasn't entirely clear, although he had had a row with the mother of his one year child, and the jury cleared him (or were directed by the judge) of the attempted murder of his parents, but found him guilty of manslaughter.

His punishment for causing the death of two members of his family by setting fire to the house, a paltry minimum of six years imprisonment. How this can be classed as manslaughter, only the UK criminal system can ever know .... surely the deliberate setting fire to a house with people in it must carry the risk of death, and therefore not be accidental death?

And his fathers reaction to this ..... he claims that claims his son has been "set up" by the police, and he has offered a £25,000 reward for the capture of the "real killer". How this mystery killer managed to get into his house, start a fire and then leave no evidence is not explained, nor is the reason why the police would 'set up' his son.

So there you are, the police catch a killer, the courts decide that somehow, deliberately setting fire to a house with your family in it is 'accidental', the judges decide that the tariff on two deaths in New Labours Britain is about six years, and his father decides that the police set up his son as the killer ..... And in seven years he could be out again, living in a street near you!

And no one comments on any of it. If this hadn't been in some poverty stricken area such as Tyneside, but in some leafy borough of Surrey, would the tariff been only six years, or even only manslaughter?

This whole sad story about sums up why the UK is in such decline.

The Life and Death of the Working Class

Politicians often say things like "Things can only get better". Usually they are referring to society or the economy when this nonsense is being spouted, but after forty years of Neo-Marxist social policies, they usually keep their mouths shut about the relentless rise of the underclass.

The welfare state was intended to help people get back to work, attain universal education and promote 'equality' of opportunity for the citizens of this "New Jerusalem" after the war. Well maybe for a brief period in the 1950's and early 1960's this looked attainable but by the end of the 1960's this dream had turned sour. Mass non European immigration was on the start of its relentless rise, promoted by the left, against the interests of the white working class whom the left secretly despised for their conservatism and innate lack of internationalism.

The first of the welfare families were developing, for whom not working and living off the back of others was a lifestyle choice and hardcore unemployment was developing for the first time in the UK. By the 1980's any hope of the 'New Jerusalem' in a socialist paradise were all but dead. However all the socialist theorists that further education produced in the 1970's were now driving social policies in the UK so the experiment carried on.

Immigration couldn't be tackled because these failed socialists became the instigators of political correctness and cried "Racist" at anyone objecting to two million Pakistanis arriving on these shores, demanding houses and welfare benefits.

The single parent explosion in the UK was so great, that we now have more bastards (Children born out of wedlock) than at any other time in our history, and the rise is similar in other European countries. In Europe, figures range from 3% in Cyprus to 55% in Estonia. In Britain the rate is 42% (2004). The European average of 31.6% but historically in the 20th century the UK illegitimacy rate has risen from 4.0% (one in every 20 births) to over 40% (one in every 2.5 births) today

This fulfilled the anti marriage agenda of some on the left, who had been much influenced by the 'free love' movement, which saw marriage as bondage for women (men usually say that when trying for free sex).

And linked to all of this is the rise of the "underclass". A feckless, uneducated, anti immigrant, anti culture, criminally inclined, mass of white lumpen proletariat, who represent what's left of the traditional 'working class' that socialists thought could be led into a socialist paradise (with suitable leaders of course!).

We now live with the consequences of this social experiment .... drunken city centres and streets, gangs of feral boys who hunt in packs, TV shows obsessed with the lowest common denominator and instant talentless 'celebrity', whole council estates where no one works, fourth generation single parents with great grandmothers aged little more than fifty (no grand fathers of course as this is a matriarchal society).

Wherever we are heading, it looks as though the Marxists managed to bring down our society in the end by promoting social policies that destroyed the social cohesion of the UK, and left the very idea of a working class as laughable, being maintained only by rich socialists such as Billy Bragg .... who usually live as far away from the "working class" as they can manage (e.g a village in Dorset), whilst singing anthems to working class solidarity.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

A Venetian Voyeur

And the last of the trilogy of funny tales in the news was of a Venetian with decidedly interesting photographic tastes.

An unnamed Venetian man was arrested for photographing women's bottoms .... now as there are entire web sites with "Voyeur content such as 'Upskirts', it seems mildly odd that the police should be particularly interested in him, until you read on and discover that he had photographed over 3,000 different ladies bottoms.

Police said he was filming through a small hole in the side of his black holdall whenever women stopped or bent down to pick something up, he was seen trying to angle the bag behind them to get 'Upskirt' shots.

He has been charged with infringement of privacy. It is a crime which could earn this 38-year-old Italian from six months to four years in jail, but in fact he will likely be fined, although whether his wife is quite as understanding is another matter!

What struck me as funny about this story, was that men have been photographing women's backsides in Italy for a hundred years, without it ever being a crime ..... Ah well, the worlds a funny old place these days.

Australian Drongo's alive and well

Continuing the funny news, the BBC had the tale of a "Typical Aussie" .... well at least living up to the stereotype.

There was a beer advert some years ago in which two 'drongo's' are buying beer in the outback. They load the pickup van with crate after crate of the beer (Fosters or FourXXXX?) and finally one of them comes out with one bottle of sherry with the words "Something for the ladies" ... he then places that on the pickup which promptly breaks its axles. The moral being that if only they had stuck to the beer ....

Anyway, this week an Australian man was prosecuted and fined for strapping down his beer, rather than his young child. The police said the 30-can pack of beer was strapped down between two adults in the back of the car, with the five-year-old child unrestrained on the floor ... well they may have been shocked by this, but lets be honest, are you?

Apart from the fact that I should imagine traffic is light in the northern territories so the chance of an accident remote, I can't say that I am as shocked as the police ..... Barry McKenzie lives on!

On a Lighter Note, the Welsh Darth Vader

The BBC occasionally seem to have a spate of odd or funny stories ..... last week was obviously one of those weeks.

Last week we had reports the Welsh Darth Vader. He goes by the name of Arwel Wynn Hughes, from Holyhead, Anglesey, Wales. Although I shouldn't laugh because he actually used a metal crutch to assault two "Trekkies" (Star Wars fans) who had set up a "Jedi Temple" which caters for around 30 local members in the Holyhead area, I still thought the story funny.

The two cousins were prancing about dressed as Jedi knights with fake light sabres when Mr Hughes spotted them. He was drunk and managed to find a black plastic bag to put on his head, and with a metal crutch proceeded to give the two 'Jedi Knights' a walloping with it whilst shouting "Darth Vader". He then laughed, said he was joking and ran off.

The police and the courts didn't think it was as absurd as either Mr Hughes or I and gave him two months, suspended for 12 months, plus ordering him to pay money to his 'victims'.

Oddly the whole event was 'filmed' and viewable on the first link above.

The Mass Extinction of World Wild Life

The news that between a quarter and a third of the world's wildlife has been lost since 1970, is maybe not a surprise, but it still highlights the fact that the Human Race is responsible for one of the fastest ever, mass extinction of species events in the worlds long history.

Contrary to popular myth, the dinosaurs didn't just disappear in 24 hrs, whatever the cause (changing world conditions, a meteor, or a combination of both these events), Dinosaurs actually took a couple of hundred years to finally become extinct. The decades of cold and damp weather, followed by decades of searing droughts after the meteor strike, are what finished them off. The last were likely the large sea dinosuars, and small scavenger dinosuars but its impossible to prove this.

So the fact that the Human Race has managed in thirty years to wipe out a third of the worlds wild life, is shocking evidence of what our over breeding is doing to our surroundings, and ultimately to our own futures.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

UK's Best Legislation ever ..... NOT

And the winner is ..... The "Human Rights Act 1998!"

If ever there was a lawyers charter, designed apparently solely to destroy western civilisation by making it incapable of active defense, and ensure that society holds the law in total contempt it must be this act.

Tony Blair (Prime Minister and trained lawyer), incorporated the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law, through the Human Rights Act 1998. Ever since, the lawyers and judiciary have had fun, using it to give money to criminals, protect land seizures by Irish welfare travellers, punish victims, defend illegal immigrants, allow a million law suits to be fired off and protect terrorists ... for Joe public, sod all has been added to his rights.

To be fair, its possible that, as usual, New Labour had not thought it through, and realised that the UK Judiciary, renowned for their belief that it's they and not Parliament who determine the policies in the UK, would use this act to undermine UK legislation for eternity. Judges back this legislation to the hilt, because it allows them to circumnavigate any UK legislation they don't like, by the manner in which they interpret it.

It's noticeable that other European countries have no such problems with this convention, but then then their judiciary doesn't have quite the absolute freedom to determine case law as in the UK and guess what, civilisation has not collapsed in France, Germany or Italy!!

Still, even they should have guessed that it would lead to cases like that of Islamic preacher Abu Qatada, who far from being deported to Jordan as the Government promised, has now been granted bail with a 22-hour curfew by the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC). This is because we can't deport him for fear of breaching his "Human Rights".

Or the fact that the Northern Rock share holders suing the government for not giving them fistfuls of dollars for their broken company under the "Human Rights Act" ....

Michael Howard, also a lawyer and ex leader of the Conservative party, has said that under this legislation, absurdities abound and the rule of law is eroded. He has given examples such as "the schoolboy arsonist allowed back into the classroom because enforcing discipline apparently denied his right to education; the convicted rapist given £4000 compensation because his second appeal was delayed; the burglar given taxpayers' money to sue the man whose house he broke into; travellers who thumb their nose at the law allowed to stay on green belt sites they have occupied in defiance of planning laws".

And even senior Labour Politicians have criticised the willingness of the UK Judiciary to rule against the wishes of both the government and Parliament. Former Home Secretary John Ried has stated that the Human Rights Act is hampering the fight against global terrorism in regard to imposing control orders: "There is a very serious threat - and I am the first to admit that the means we have of fighting it are so inadequate that we are fighting with one arm tied behind our backs. So I hope when we bring forward proposals in the next few weeks that we will have a little less party politics and a little more support for national security,"

And yet despite failure after failure to get legislation to stick in the courts because of this pernicious act, which added nothing to my rights, but a battery of new rights for the criminals, illegal asylum seekers or illegal immigrants, and terrorists, this lack lustre Government just stays mute or witters on along the lines of "I am extremely disappointed that the courts have granted Abu Qatada bail, albeit with very strict conditions. Public safety is our main priority and we will take all steps necessary to protect the public. I am already seeking to appeal the Court of Appeal's decision that it is not safe to deport Qatada (Because of his Human Rights) and we will continue with deportation action with this and the other Jordanian cases." and this despite the usual spin about doing something only a year ago.

In the meantime cases like those of Anthony Rice's murder of Naomi Bryant in Winchester, in which a report said that probation officials released him, because they had considered his human rights above their duties to protect the public, will continue to happen.

We could of course have introduced this legislation within a supremacy of Parliament Act, that put the provisions of UK national security and public safety (including limiting its provisions in prisons or too criminals to prevent abuses such as suing their victims) above the act, and ensuring that it was interpreted as it is elsewhere in Europe, with the intention of parliament to the fore, but that's not the New Labour way and definitely not the lawyers way.

But guess who has done well out of this act .... the lawyers.

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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Computers for Cuba

As the changes of style since the retirement of Castro takes place, and Cubans are rushing to join the 'consumer' culture as fast as poverty (average earnings are only US $20 pm) allows them, it begs the question "will they be happier?"

I ask because when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, many East Europeans and East Germans, thought that wealth would pour through like a veritable Cornucopia, only to find that Capitalism was a harsh mistress (even in the 'welfare state' form that was in vogue in West Europe).

It wasn't long before many East German residents started remembering wistfully the simple pleasures of the old DDR, which fed them, gave 100% employment and had largely eradicated crime (in the western sense). Even if there was little by way of consumer goods, they had a very high intellectual culture, undeadened by endless soap opera TV.

Now the old East German areas of Germany are abandoned by the young (who still seek jobs in the western areas (or Berlin), and are now the happy hunting grounds for Neo-Nazi gangs, and comprise a lot of run down welfare housing. Re-Development has been slow and patchy, and it may be another 30 yrs before the last traces of the division of Germany are eradicated.

If this is what happened in East Germany, which was the most advanced of the communist regimes (Russians thought it was paradise!), and who had billions of dollars pumped in by the West German government, then what chance the others?

For Poland, the Czechs, Slovaks etc the path was slower, but again the EU helped and some were able to bypass the post heavy industry era that plagued the old East Germany or Slovak states, and move into high skilled light industry and I.T. e.g. The Czech republic which caught up inside a decade. Others such as the Poles exported their highly intelligent youth into the UK to help develop their country, but all have large pockets of old style 'communist' poverty that may take decades to remove.

The Cubans though, are poor (although reasonably educated), but have no 'sugar daddy' such as West Germany or the EU to help them. For all its other virtues, US capital is not altruistic, and the exile Cubans are the old 'landowners' who expect to reclaim 'their property and lands' as soon as the communists 'fall'. There will be a heavy price demanded for any US or expat Cuban help.

The biggest shock to the East Germans was that they had nothing that the West wanted, their goods (which were the best in the East), were shoddy, old fashioned and expensive to make. They had been led to believe that they had a comparable lifestyle to "Westerners" and despite the evidence of TV every night (they all got West German TV) they still believed this to be true.

With unification, entire industrial sectors in the old East German collapsed overnight. I suspect that the Cubans (who also get US TV) also still believe that their industries would survive capitalism, despite all the evidence that their goods and services would collapse overnight, when they tried to compete with western goods and services.

I am therefore not convinced that the Cubans face the 'happy consumer future', that some what luckily has fallen to the East Europeans, and in fact, I fear Cuba being very much exploited as a cheap educated labour pool for US companies, with the worst of the South American 'sweat shops' creeping in, when the current Cuban regime collapses.

I may be proved wrong, but I suspect that "Computers for Cuba" may just fuel false expectations in the Cubans about what capitalism brings, in particular the idea that 'the house, the car, and the bling' just fall off trees in a capitalist state, without any additional work and at no social price.

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New Labour struggles

One of the minor pleasures of politics, is the chance to watch a human being crumble under the pressure of power, its a guilty, secret sort of pleasure, a "Schadenfreude" as the Germans put it.

UK Premier Gordon Brown, spent over a decade 'waiting' for his destiny, he didn't have the courage to 'seize' it, he just waited to be handed it, pretty much as he done since his school days, when he he was made a 'Prefect' or something by the Headmaster.

He has held this overwhelming belief that he was 'destined' for greatness, but this belief is based upon little practical evidence that he has any ability above average. He didn't make millions like Michael Heseltine (his nearest modern Tory political equivalent), and he has never held any position of power in industry, in fact he has done nothing to show he has the spark of greatness, he was even handed the premiership unopposed by Tony Blair.

So it is with some pleasure that we can watch the modern usage of the term 'Hubris' (described as one who demonstrates exaggerated 'self pride, arrogance, or self-confidence' (overbearing pride), often resulting in a fatal retribution) in action on Mr Brown.

  • Firstly, he has visibly aged about a decade in the last few months, and
  • Secondly the British public soundly dislike him, and are taking great pleasure in kicking his premiership and government of pygmies to death, at every opportunity.
The latest humiliation heaped upon him was in the local and the London Mayoral elections, where as I suggested an earlier post, his party was drubbed in both.

Firstly, "Boris Johnson" won the London mayoral elections quite easily ....
Secondly, despite a low starting base (since their last drubbing under Brown), they managed to contrive the worst local election results for over forty years. Brown is now trying his fourth "relaunch or re-brand" of the year.

Once again he is in "listening mode", of course he does this every time, and then ignores what he hears. He really thinks we are all idiots when he says this ...

He has listened then ignored the UK on
  • The EU treaty, where over 80% wanted a referendum - Gordon said no we couldn't.
  • Immigration, where most non ethnics want Non EU immigration halted completely - Gordon says 'It's great to have millions of illiterates from the third world to do our office cleaning'
  • Taxes - after a decade of stealth taxes, the UK has reached an end of its willingness to fund Gordon's pet projects (The NHS and Tax Credits) both of which have bled billions of pounds for little gain - Gordon says lets pump in another few billion by cancelling tax breaks for the poor! (They can claim welfare benefits instead - New Labour apparently prefers welfare clients to the working poor as they are more malleable).
  • The economy, where Gordon claimed to be a financially prudent Chancellor, but under whom Pension funds collapsed, Taxes have reached a record high (since the last Labour government), Public debt is monumental (and still largely hidden under PFI arrangements), and where we are now in a slow down with no reserves (compared with Europe where they saved, not spent, money during the decade of good times)
  • Finally Gordon blames the 'bad world conditions' for our current economic woes, but claimed credit for the economy he inherited and the decade of "benign world economic conditions".
So if you are listening Gordon .... "RESIGN!"

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Global Warming takes a backward step?

I have blogged on "Global Warming" for a while ..... basically I accept that temperature changes are occurring, I am just not convinced that its human driven changes, nor that its as clear cut as stated.

Recently as an update on earlier posts, I mentioned that there had actually not been a temperature increase for over a decade, and now comes the latest "prediction" ..... Yes, that's right, its now expected that there won't be a temperature rise for another ten years either, (that's about as far in the future as they can currently predict!).

Well correct me if my maths is wrong, but isn't that twenty continuous years without any temperature rise?

What exactly is this compelling evidence that the world is about to go mad?

When the 'greens' hit upon the human led global warming theory, they based it upon a decade of slightly warmer temperatures (less than a degree worldwide) and after decades of saying we are heading for a new 'Ice Age' (we are in an 'Interglacial' period in epoch terms).

And yet twenty years of stable temperature, which don't support their theory, and threaten their funding, apparently don't prove 'the reverse"

Funny that .....

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Thursday, 1 May 2008

Knowing Your friends

It always makes me laugh when Israel describe themselves as "Friends of the West".... they are friends of themselves first and last.

They have a long a dishonourable record of criminal activities in Europe, including Kidnap, Spying and its rumoured state sponsored murder, but largely they have behaved with the US, as they are their ultimate guarantor of security.

Even Hilary Clinton has confirmed this in a stark warning to Iran this week, which maybe goes beyond the velvet glove and into a naked threat to another state. Asked how she would respond if Iran launched a nuclear attack on Israel, she replied with a stark warning. "If I'm the president, we will attack Iran... we would be able to totally obliterate them," she told TV network ABC.

Hmm, the US Israeli Lobby is still as important as ever then .... so imagine my glee when this little news gem came to light.

A US military engineer, Ben-Ami Kadish is alleged to have given secrets involving information about nuclear weapons, fighter jets and missiles to Israel in the 1980s. He would "Borrow" secret documents and hand over the documents at his home to the Israeli consular official, who would photograph them in the basement.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you .... spying on the US.

What is the world coming to when you can't even know who your friends are, even when you pay billions for them to be your Buddy!

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Turkey in the News again

For some reason the Turks have been making news in the last week.

First they have amended law 301, which made it a crime to "Insult Turkishness" and under which, they have imprisoned or prosecuted over 2000 people in the last couple of years ..... guess what this great 'liberal democratic European Swedish style nation' have done?

Why, they have amended it to make it a criminal offence to "Insult the Turkish Nation" ..... gosh what a much needed reform!

How those Turkish Islamists must laugh when the EU fall for these semantics.

And then just to prove what a piss take they are having, they have enacted regulations that close all non Muslim style farmers, butchers, and abattoirs i.e. anyone dealing with Pork products.

Now when you consider how few non Muslims live in Turkey, and how relatively few people may claim not to be Muslim (even amongst Secularists), then attacking such a minor industry shows that there is indeed an Islamist agenda going on.

How can a nation that insists that Muslim butchers, Muslim food etc, should be freely available across Europe "Because they have human rights", then practise covert efforts to restrict non Muslims across Turkey?

Only when they are not Europeans at all, except for an accident of history, that left them with a couple of hundred square miles on the European mainland.

I have visited Turkey many times, and they are about as European as the Iranians, and possibly less so, as Iranians are often less religious.

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