Friday, 30 May 2014

Glorious Bullshine

On one glorious day in Madrid, in the Las Ventas stadium in Madrid, three men were downed by their opponents. The men were David Mora, Antonio Nazare, and Saul Jimenez Fortes, none of whom were killed but all were hospitalised.

So what was special about this .... well it wasn't a boxing match, nor in fact any one on one Man versus Man contest ..... no, it was the usually very one sided Man versus Bull, known as a 'bullfight'.

For the First Time In 35 Years At The Las Ventas Stadium - The Fights Ended Early

Sadly of course, despite the bulls shining in this hat trick, they are always slaughtered during the or after the battles .... but for one brief hour, they got their revenge. Its pity we don't know their names.

Mad Hatters Party

I have something of a soft spot for men in costume stories ... usually I pick up on Superheroes patrolling our streets. But sometimes the story is just too funny to resist, even when there are no 'super heroes' involved.

So here's the story .... there's a fancy dress party in Plymouth, a naval town in the UK. As is rather sadly the norm in Britain these days, the house party soon degenerated into drunken violence (it all seemed rather different when I was a teen ..... vomiting was the biggest danger of a house party). Of course as they were mostly in fancy dress, the police reports made for some amusement in both the local, and the national press.

The host was dressed as the 'Mad Hatter', and so when he fell out with a guest in a 'Tiger' 'onesie', the resulting trouble involved the tiger suited antagonist hitting the Mad Hatter over the head with a bottle .... he then turned his attention to the Mad Hatter's father, who was dressed as a 'Bottle of Beer', shoving him to the ground and breaking his wrist. He also assaulted the hosts mother, who was dressed as 'Nessa' a character from a television sitcom .... needless to say he apparently wasn't actually an invited guest .... just the 'friend' of a family friend who had been invited.

The Mad Hatter Wasn't Amused By Tiggers Party Antics

The Tiger man, has claimed in Crown Court that actually it was all three members of the family who assaulted him, after he and another friend had gone upstairs (and 'out of bounds' to party guests), and that he was defending himself .... the family said that they had discovered that someone had been smoking upstairs, and had been through the drawers in a bedroom, and had asked the two men to leave.

The case was ongoing when I wrote the story .... I don't know the result. I guess that there is a moral to the story, which I am not sure about. Maybe it's that 'Fancy Dress, doesn't mean fancy manners'. In any event I just thought it was vaguely funny.

John Bull's Peoples Army

Do you remember those days, not so long ago, when we were told by the Liberal Party that if only we had proportional representation, then they would be the third force and hold the whip hand in any government forming. And that like in Germany, the Liberals would then prevent the worse excesses of one of the big parties running a country on its own. Oh and incidentally the Liberals would always be in power themselves .... not that they had ever apparently noticed this fact.

Council Results Were Poor:

The Liberals Did Badly In Council Elections in 2014

Well for decades, the two main parties ignored this demand for PR, and then circumstance gave the Liberal Party its chance to show the UK what they had been banging on about. The 2010 election threw up a hung result, with the Conservatives just failing to get enough seats to rule without a coalition, an event that had only occurred in recent times in the mid 1970's. On that occasion the Liberals had resisted a coalition with Thatchers Conservatives in 1977, but opted for what was then called the 'Lib/Lab Pact' with Jim Callaghan's Labour Party. It was however not a coalition, and only amounted to not voting the minority Labour Party out of governance.

Murder Is Murder And Is Not An 'Honour'

A young woman who marries for love, and not to the ubiquitous 'First Cousin' that all Asians seem to marry by arrangement (I don't know enough about genetics, but surely that must end up being dangerous after a few generations, with everyone related directly to each other, even when they are 'First Cousins'?), is murdered by her father and male relatives. Sadly not actually a rare event, with several thousand young women killed for the sake of 'family honour' in Pakistan alone, and many many more across the sub continent.

Dis Honour Killings aka Bloody Murder

What made it news worthy amongst the non Urdu news outlets in Pakistan, was that it took place on the court steps in Lahore, and apparently in front of the police, who then stood by and did nothing while the young woman was brutally murdered over period of about 10 minutes. They only arrested the father well after the event and the other relatives who helped killed the woman, 'escaped' capture.

In a strange twist, the man the victim had married, Muhummad Iqbal, has now confessed that he also murdered his first wife by strangling her .... and escaped being imprisoned for this murder because he also used Islamic provisions of Pakistan's legal system to get her family to forgive him (usually for small amount of money), which is precisely the same laws as the father of his wife has claimed legalise the murder of Farzana Parveen.

As usual, belatedly, when film of the killing entered the Internet the Pakistani authorities suddenly acted, and now the President has ordered arrests be made .... although one suspects it doesn't matter too much who is arrested (a bit like the rapes in India .... of which there has been yet another horrific example this week) .... however what struck me most about this whole sad tale was the reporting by the BBC.

I don't understand why in the name of political correctness, the BBC insists on saying that these people are just 'very conservative'?

A religious 'conservative' is a shire Anglican going to Sunday worship ... not misogynist monsters, who think nothing of killing their own daughters for disobeying them, often under the guise of a justified murder aka Karo Kari. These same murders now happen in the UK as well, and from the same religious group, but we don't suddenly call them 'conservatives'.

The BBC should stand for some Western values in this matter, and call it for what it is, and not hide behind its PC skirts and try to bury the horror of the crimes in subliminally neutral language, that vaguely suggests no connection between the Sharia laws, or extreme misogynist cultures, the religions or the caste system, that are used to justify the killing of females.
Its not as though the BBC isn't quick to help attack those that it considers to be 'white' male misogynists in places like the English Premier League (where by the way, only feelings were hurt), by holding talk shows on Radio 4 and 5 on the subject, or even having a female BBC News Editor caught interfering in elections, to oppose "white middle class, middle aged men with sexist/racist views" ... but oddly, hardly anything on any of its channels (except maybe the website), about women being routinely gang raped or murdered in south Asian countries as punishment for 'honour crimes'.

Oh and just in case you have forgotten already, a Christian woman is to be murdered by the state in Sudan for marrying a Christian man ... is that not another form of state sponsored religious 'honour killing'?

One has to assume that its the colour of the skin that influences the BBC's responses. If "white middle class, middle aged men with sexist/racist views"  do something reprehensible, like making poor taste jokes  .... then one set of standards are applied and condemnatory coverage is wall to wall, but if brown, poor, and ill educated men rape, murder, and torture women, then the other set of standards are applied, and a muted 'news only' .... no comment kind of coverage is applied.

Quite shocking really, but sadly not really surprising  ... The truth, and fairness, are always the victim when political correctness influences the editorial decisions of the media .... the BBC's non stop quest to pretend that the south Asian cultures imported into the UK, are not a threat to the women of the UK and the world, means that they now operate double reporting and commentating standards, depending upon the culture being reported on.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Cheesy Chalkboards

Following on from a funny food chalkboard I spotted in Edinburgh at the festival ...

"Its only Pork and Roll, but I like It" .......

Its only Pork and Roll .... but I like It

.... there have been a spate of these humorous comments from around the UK and elsewhere, publicised on the web.

Perhaps my favourites are, the very witty  "Sweet Dreams are made of cheese, who am I to dis a brie?"

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Dis ...

Followed by "When Miley Cyrue gets naked and licks a sledgehammer, its art, and music, but when I do the same its called 'wasted' and I "have to leave Homebase".

Miley Gets Better Treatment .......

Honourable mention to .... "We have beer as cold as you ex-girlfriends heart!"

Cold As Your Ex-Girlfriends Heart

..... been there, still got the scars myself!

Bad To The Bone

Sirgiorgiro Clardy was a pimp, and in fact, in a 'profession' where nastiness is a job requirement, he was one known as one of the most violent in Oregon.

Bad Ass Pimp

So its perhaps no surprise that he's currently serving a 100 year sentence (which sadly we don't have in the UK), after he was arrested for stamping on a man’s face so hard that his victim needed stitches and nose surgery .... an offence which by the way, you can see being attempted most Saturday nights in many British city and town centres.

Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting

Such was Mr Clardy's antisocial bent, that even in court a bag had to be placed over his head, just to stop him spitting on others, and in scene reminiscent of movie comedies his own lawyer was desperate to quit because they felt it was unsafe to sit next to him .... shades indeed of 'Cape Fear'.

He was given the incredibly lengthy by UK standards prison term of 100 years, after being described as an anti-social psychopath who was 100 per cent likely to commit violent crime again .... I also suspect that everyone from the judge to his lawyer, recognised that if he ever gets out, he will be carrying a grudge, so a life sentence was safest for everyone.

One court psychologist said: "People like him are born bad. It’s not something we can fix, that’s why we have prisons." ... again a concept we could do with here.

So why am I writing about this petty scum-bag?

Well he has raised himself above the ordinary by showing a brass neck of extraordinary length. Seven months after his sentencing, Mr Clardy filed a lawsuit against Nike for £60million because it failed to warn him that shoes could be used as a dangerous weapon.

He had been wearing 'Air Jordan' trainers (obviously the footwear of choice for the Oregon pimp .... whatever happened to the Mack Daddy code?), when he stomped on the man’s face.  He insists that this could have been prevented if a warning label had been on his shoes.

Dangerous Trainers When Worn By Mr Clardy

Mr Clardy claims Nike neglected its duty of care as its ‘potentially dangerous’ products could be used to inflict serious injury or death. He also suggests he has sued because Nike’s lack of ‘an adequate warning or instruction has caused personal injury in the likes of mental suffering’.

We live in a world gone mad ....

Little Brother Is Watching You

In all the companies I have worked for, the CEO's Personal Assistant was a position of great trust and responsibility. The PA was expected to keep company secrets absolutely, and ensure that minor indiscretions were not broadcast to the world.

Certainly they were not supposed to read their employers emails, and then form 'moral' (over content that’s not criminal, just bad taste), judgements on whether to sell, or pass them to the press. Breach of such trust was not only a sackable offence, but potentially a criminal offence, that could also leave the PA facing legal damage over copyright and ownership. If I was Mr Scudamore, and the Premier League, I would be at the lawyers right now, to see if I could launch actions against both the PA, Rani Abraham's, and The Sunday Mirror. After all, essentially if the emails are on Premier League addresses, then both the newspaper and the PA knew who the owners were and that they were not being sent for publication.

Apparently the whistle blowing PA, didn't release these emails until several months after she had received or come into possession of them. In fact only after she found work elsewhere ….. this despite her apparently feeing “humiliated, belittled and disgusted” and that she had a “duty to speak out” or “somehow be condoning his behaviour.”

We Could All Be Taking Precautions Against Work Colleagues ....

In the witch hunting culture of the ism's, in which we now live, a man’s private life and thoughts are apparently open to being spied on, weighed against the moral standards of whomever is doing the spying, and then like Richard Scudamore and Brendan Eich, be 'outed' to a media outlet that’s sympathetic to those 'moral' standards, and will use its moral outrage to bring that man down .... even if no law has been broken, no illegal activity undertaken or plotted .... just for example having a dubious taste in jokes about women, or supporting a different political opinion.

Little Brother Is Watching You

The climate of fear that this brings about, is very like the denunciations and show trials under Stalin, and the Great Leap Forward under Mao, or even the witch hunts in the USA called 'McCarthyism', and is what these self righteous campaigners want, and it paralyses the West at a time when it faces great danger from external groups who want to bring the whole liberal democratic system crashing down.

Ironically of course, the culture of the ism's, would also be brought down as well .... which may be the only way we can stop its dead hand stifling everything.

Captain Hooky - Tarmac Road Warrior

Born Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, Abu Hamza al-Masri came to Britain from Egypt in 1979, where he drank alcohol, worked at a strip club in London's Soho (under our usual no borders immigration policy, we must have been short of London bouncers, which is the only reason I can think why he was given leave to stay), and had relationships with whatever stupid western women would tolerate a hypocrite like him.

He then later styled himself 'sheikh' (a name Muslims give for a 'learned cleric' ... and an oxymoron in this case if ever there was one), and started 'preaching' in a London mosque at Finsbury park .... surrounded by the idiots who follow these people, such is the British way, these fine days. 

Abu Hamza al-Masri - Tarmac Road Warrior, Not Holy Warrior

His conviction in the US marks exactly how low UK justice has sunk. All the same evidence was available on his active involvement in terrorism activities that led to the deaths of British and Commonwealth citizens, but the UK we couldn't risk a trial, because in the current climate in the UK it was likely to fail, probably on some technicality, or maybe a European Human Rights violation in the process  ...who knows. Certainly the Home Office didn't. Apparently even Her Majesty the Queen was totally confused by the fact that man was free to walk London preaching hate without the Police or Courts able to act.

He was eventually jailed for seven years for inciting murder and racial hatred in his preaching. A sentence so small that he was soon back on the streets spouting, hatred - he even publicly advocated Muslims taking Western women and young girls as captives (aka sex slaves), without being touched by the law ... anyone trying to say the same thing about Muslims in the UK would be hounded and probably murdered.

So despite the overwhelming evidence of his involvement in extremist Islamic crimes, to whit:
  1. He sent a Satellite phone directly to the leader of a very violent Jihadist group in Yemen
  2. The Jihadist group then took 16 western hostages in Yemen in 1998 ... Three Britons and an Australian died when Yemeni forces rescued the hostages.
  3. His Son and Stepson had been arrested in Yemen for terrorism offences including the Yemen attack.
  4. The fact that he had been trying to swap the western hostages for his children.

He remained free to cause untold damage in the UK and elsewhere, before the US stepped in. The only US citizen in the Yemen outrage was wounded, but that was enough for the US authorities to start gathering evidence ... and even then it took 16 - yes really, 16 years before our legal process could be forced to extradite him to the US ... shameful on our whole country.

During his US trial, about the only truth he told was when he admitted that he never lost his hands and eye fighting in the Soviets in Afghanistan, but in a road building accident in Pakistan when he was a manual labourer there (he couldn't pass himself off as a Sheikh in Pakistan), and some road explosives went off in his hands .... that's about as near as he got to 'Jihad' ... but I guess that makes him a tarmac road warrior.

So, No holy warrior, No trained cleric. Just a semi-literate road labourer and ex night club bouncer who had never fought the Soviets, or risked his neck in Islamic Jihad.

But somehow he had tied the entire UK legal system in knots for 16 years (with the connivance of the UK's legal aid system and anti-US human rights lawyers). We are a laughing stock in the Western world ....imagine this in France? Don't bother, as we have seen they deport first and then consider human rights issues afterwards. 

We face another 'Abu Hamza' its just one legal aid funded challenge away ..... Joke.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Shit Happens

In the film Back To The Future, the character Biff and his cronies get covered in manure in a car accident ....

Biff and Cronies Covered In Manure ....

In fact its a recurring theme in that film series, and in many other movies, that loads of manure are regularly transported about towns, and that they can just pour into your car almost any time. But of course it never happens in real life, does it ......

In Traunstein, Bavaria, Germany, a woman was driving her open top Mercedes convertible sports car through the countryside ... she had just had her hair done, and was wearing designer clothes .... when she was held up behind a muck spreader. No doubt she was annoyed about this, but not half as much as when, like something from a horror movie, the muck spreaders container of liquid manure suddenly burst open, and flooded her open top sports car, deluging her in a veritable torrent of liquid filth ....

Apparently there had been a build up of methane gas, which had then caused the explosion ... she wasn't physically hurt by the event, but as the German Police spokesman said, "Litres of it flooded out of her car when she opened the door and stepped out. The trail of filth stretched almost a kilometre. The lady concerned was very unhappy" ..... I'll bet she was.

Prussian Pirhanas

You can always tell when we are approaching the 'Silly Season' (a term by the way, that the German Press have adopted as 'Sommerloch' literally 'silly summer'), because you get the sort of stories that just maybe wouldn't make the main news normally

In Germany, the stories follow much the same style as those in the UK. In 1994, there was 'Sammy the Cayman', a small crocodile who escaped from its owner and made it in to a quarry in the Lower Rhine near Dormagen. he remained 'on the run' for several days, but was eventually was recovered from the lake. He was then presented to the local zoo when no one claimed him.

But the 'silly season' stories are an all year phenomenon, but of course we don't always hear of them .... so for example in March this year, there was a tale of the Piranhas in the lakes ..... well one lake. According to the tales circulating on both the web and local German press, a  local 'hobby breeder' is said to have been breeding 'black piranhas' as pets, but then the numbers of the Amazonian biting fish got too large for her tanks. So she took a large number of the fish to the nearby 'Phoenix Lake', and surreptitiously deposited her excess piranhas (said to number sixty fish).

Black Piranhas Are Big Fish
All might have been well, but she was spotted by a casual acquaintance, and the man reported the matter to the police who investigated .... however the figure of '60 fish' is not so easy to find, when you consider that the lake is around1.2-kilometer-long, and was formed in 2011 in the Ruhr area, on the fallow site of a former steelworks. So perhaps unsurprisingly they have not spotted any piranha in the lake. And with the lake water temperature at a chilly ten degrees centigrade, the local water works manager said that they "do not see an acute danger" of the fish surviving. 

So now there are either 60 piranhas swimming around in Phoenix Lake .... or 60 dead piranhas.  'The truth is still unclear', local police have said, while others say that 'The Truth is Out There'.

Boko Haram and Forced Conversions

With the release of a video apparently showing about 130 of the more than 200 girls kidnapped from a school in northern Nigeria on 14 April by Boko Haram, its focused the world on the events once again ..... Infamously their Muslim abductors led by Abubakar Shekau have threatened to sell them as 'slaves' and 'booty of war' ....

Of course what's not been so highly mentioned in the UK press until this week (presumably for fear of upsetting some groups in the UK), is that the majority of the abducted girls are Christians, so are considered fair game for abduction, rape and forced conversion or 'marriage' (which is a bit like being a slave in many respects), by Islamic extremists  .... Boko Haram for instance, thinks that the girls should not have been at school, and should be converted to Islam and married instead, and have also threatened in the past to kidnap Christian women, in retaliation for the arrest of their members' wives by the Nigerian security services.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the stark choices, at least 2 of the girls say they were Christian and have now 'converted to Islam' (and probably all the rest have as well) ... what sort of religion uses the threat of the sword or slavery to get and keep converts? For make no mistake, the girls will not be able to renounce their forced conversions and will face more death threats if they later try and renounce Islam. You only have to look at the death sentence passed on a pregnant Christian woman in the ever backward Sudan (for bravely not renouncing her Christianity), to see that this idea of forced conversion of Christians is popular in Islamic countries ....

Boko Haram
Boko Haram's leadership also have a practical reason for taking slaves; insurgents on the move need camp followers and servants. Women who have escaped from them in the past have said the group forcibly married captive women to favoured commanders as a reward, or used women as sex slaves for their troops. By 'converting', the girls at least are less likely to be raped by all the men.

The Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau has now said that the children would be held until all imprisoned militants had been freed .... but that in the meantime that "These girls, these girls you occupy yourselves with... we have indeed liberated them. These girls have become Muslims."

Violent Extremists

Of course we have seen something of these attitudes towards non Muslim women before .... is not what has been happening in many of our cities such as Derby, Rotherham, Rochdale, Peterborough, and other towns and cities so very different? It certainly displays much the same mindset as Boko Haram towards Non-Muslim women.

In the meantime, the strangely lazy Nigerian Government has done little to get the girls back and the Interior Minister Abba Moro has merely rejected 'the deal', telling the press that it was "absurd" for a "terrorist group" to try to set conditions.

The Invisible Web Man

The new EU law on Internet search results ...... the right to be forgotten or opt out of the Internet search results, is yet another in a long line of stupid decisions by a European Court that is almost semi-literate about the real world, and how the Internet works.

The Web Invisible Man Of Europe

I can maybe understand the right to have web sites take down incorrect information, or even spent criminal charges, that no one has the right to see elsewhere. But search engines are not where this information resides, its merely the road map to the content of the Internet .... its sites like this one that hold the information.

Obviously the idiots who came up with this law, chose to attack the search result provider because they can do it easily, rather than individual sites around the world. However how Google and the others such as Bing (other search providers are available), are supposed to police this arrant nonsense is not explained by the court. Probably because they haven't the slightest clue how it should work. On the face of it, Google and the others will be forced to just censor every requested result, or risk European courts fining them.

So just one day later, guess who are the first through the gate requesting 'web invisibility' .... a bad politician (who wants details of his bad behaviour struck from web records), an incompetent doctor with bad patients reviews, and a paedophile, convicted of downloading child pornography ... that about sums it up.

Another bit of clear thinking by the EU courts .... we now have lost the right to 'know' inside the EU. Apparently the court believes that what the individuals wants, outweighs any society gains .... a blow for big brother everywhere. I wonder if we can sue the EU when the first person who would have been protected by open knowledge, is hurt when that the information was not available because of this law. e.g If said paedophile is now hidden from view again, how can the Sarah's Law or Megans Law still work?

It would serve Europe right if all the major search engines abandoned Europe, and left us to the tender mercies of the only search engine that really knows how to censor results ..... Baidu in China.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Whale Meat Again

A while ago, I discussed the fact that some farmers were blowing up dead cows, before they rotted in the fields after they had frozen to death in the Colorado mountains ... well as we have also discussed, nature sometimes bites back.

In a small town called Trout River on Canada's Newfoundland coast, a dead Blue Whale has washed up .... and rotted, and rotted, and rotted. A Blue Whale's body can hold a very very large amount of methane as its body bloats. Obviously at some point the body will rupture open, either as long split, or what they all fear, in an almighty explosion of blubber that will  coat the small hamlet of just 600 souls.

It isn't just the fear of it blowing up that worries the inhabitants, as in any event it will soon stink like only 82 feet (25m) of rotting whale meat can ..... regardless of whether it violently explodes or not. And in case you think this is a fanciful thought, last year a large sperm whale carcass washed up on the Faroe Islands, and it exploded as a biologist attempted to dissect it.

Exploding Whales, More Of A Hazard Than You Think.

Crossroads Of Civilisation

If anything proves that the cockpit of civilisation was the Middle East, its the latest archaeological finds from the region .... apart from the amazing discovery of massive pre-civilisation carved stone megaliths, about 11,000 years old, at a location called 'Gobekli Tepe' just outside the ancient city of Urfa in south-eastern modern Turkey, there are the new finds from Jerusalem.

The latest of these are the spectacular 9,000-year-old stone masks that are thought to have been made to resemble the spirits of dead ancestors, and come from a critical turning point in humanity's growth that saw the birth of agriculture and the abandonment of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

Pre-Pottery Neolithic Stone Masks

They hadn't even learnt how to make pottery when these masks were carved. The masks are all from within about a 20-mile (32km) radius from Jerusalem, where the Judean hills meet the Judean desert .... truly a crossroads of civilisation.

Cracking Skulls Together

If anything illustrates why 'liberals' should have nothing to do with the justice system ........ its the story of Michael Wheatley, a habitual criminal, who uses extreme violence to commit his crimes .... he was on parole from a 27-year sentence for other robberies, when he went on another crime spree .... raiding 13 building societies and banks over a 10-month period in 2001 and 2002. During this spree he used gratuitous violence, often pistol-whipping victims (including a 73-year-old woman) over the head, thus earning his nick name 'Skull Cracker".

So after a 27 year sentence, from which he absconded, you would think that the courts might decide enough was enough (after all he still had the remainder of his 27 yr sentence to serve, plus more crimes to be sentenced for) ... but no. liberal leaning sentencing prevailed yet again .... his previous uncompleted 27 year sentence was just ignored, and new sentences imposed.

Except they were more meaningless than the original sentence, because they were the laughable UK 'life' sentence which replaced hanging.

So in 2002 Wheatley received 13 life concurrent sentences for armed robbery, and 13 concurrent five-year sentences for possessing an imitation firearm at the Old Bailey - strangely, nothing was added for the physical assaults he administered during the raids. So 13 life sentences were the same as just one, and the five year gun sentences were also the same as one, and were just subsumed into the less than life sentence.

Michael "Skull Cracker" Wheatley Recaptured ... Again

Roll on 12 years and "Skull Cracker" Wheatley was back in an open prison awaiting parole again .... prisoners should only be moved to an open prison - also known as category D jails - if the parole board finds they are not a danger to the public or other inmates, or likely to abscond - so apparently the life sentences, and the 27 years for armed robberies, were all forgotten as a bunch of social workers / parole officers and a judge, once again assume that they know better than anyone else about who is fit to be released in to society.

But "Skull Cracker" Wheatley obviously wasn't prepared to await the shilly shallying of a bunch of naive do gooders, and just walked out of the prison, and was free for several days, a menace to anyone who got in his way, until he was caught in London, after carrying out another armed raid on at the Chelsea Building Society branch in Sunbury-on-Thames ..... he remains a major risk to the public. A fact that should have kept him out of consideration for open prison, and parole in the first place.

Prisons minister Jeremy Wright, said there would be a full review after Wheatley failed to return to prison .... too late. We need someone to crack skulls together in Parliament, The Home Office, The Judiciary, and the Probation Services and start giving us a justice system that's fit for purposes.

The whole system of life sentences, concurrent sentences, and parole needs reviewing before the British public conclude that the only justice they will see is that which they administer themselves .... in other words back to the hue and cry and lynching's of an era when the courts also couldn't be relied upon.

Tax Evasion Taliban Style

Britain currently pays £446 million to Pakistan in 'Foreign Aid money.

What annoys me about this fact is that, aside from the fact that Pakistan has spent millions developing nuclear weapons (and the missile delivery systems) soley to threaten India with, or the fact that most of Britain's militant Islamic threats comes from or are taught by, Pakistan based clerics. Or even the fact that Pakistan has supported the Taliban in Afghanistan to kill our soldiers .... all of which seem very good reasons to stop any aid to Pakistan or even breaking all relations .....

No, the fact that pisses me off the most about this 'Aid Money' is that fact that in this corrupt, nasty little nation, many MP's barely bother to pay any taxes, even though their salaries are a matter of 'public record'. An independent research group revealed that nearly half of the MP's paid no taxes whatsoever, but this is an improvement on earlier years such as 2011, when nearly 70 percent of Pakistani lawmakers did not file any taxes.

Tax Evasion Endemic In Pakistan
In fact in Pakistan generally, fewer than one percent of the citizens file any tax returns at all, and fewer end up paying any taxes ...... Even officially, only around one in 200 citizens files income tax returns. The state is left begging foreign donors to help fund crumbling public schools and hospitals. All this corruption fuels support for the Taliban.

In a nation, with some very wealthy families, all of whom are evading taxes, no one has been jailed for income tax evasion for more than 25 years. Even when they publish databases of tax defaulters (Cracking down on tax evasion was a key condition of the latest $6.7 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund), most still evade .... the authorities also have a much bigger database of 2.3 million wealthy tax defaulters that details cars, foreign travel, mansions and bank accounts, that has not been published, but they continue to omit many judges, generals and legislators from the databases, just proving how corrupt the whole system is.

Nothing will stop this country eventually breaking up .... its a busted flush ... and certainly not UK taxpayers money.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

William H Bonney - Billy The Kid Studies

I occasionally have a play with a Photo Shop or Paint Shop Pro type of application .... sometimes the results are worth sharing (well in my modest opinion) ....

So here without further ado, here are my studies of William H Bonney, aka 'Billy The Kid'.

In Black and White:

William H Bonney - 'Billy The Kid' bw study

In Colour:

William H Bonney - 'Billy The Kid' colour study

I like to see the past brought to life like this .... I know I may be alone in this, but there you are. These are all my takes from the original tin plate photograph that was sold last year, with the first B&W one a clean up of original plate, and then each succeeding picture is an enhancement on the one before .....

Another More Doubtful Attribution:

William H. Bonney ... born Henry McCarty (aka Billy the Kid) .... Possibly

Update: The crotchet player has now been confirmed as being Mr Bonney as well and been valued at around $5m.

Knee Jerk Reaction

Now you might think that being rich and wealthy, Mrs David Beckham, or 'Victoria Beckham' if you prefer, with a bit of effort would be able to ensure a perfect body, for pretty much long as she cares to. After all, cosmetic surgery is advancing all the time, and anti-ageing processes are being worked on feverishly as I write.

But in fact, I was told once by a surgeon I was at a party with, that there were two areas of the body that he thought would remain beyond cosmetic surgery ..... and they are the elbows and the knees. Apparently, if they tried to 'tighten them up', it would either cause them to split, or they would just sag again (I can't remember which .... split I think) ... of course he may have been pulling my leg, but it seems right.

So why am I mentioning this? Well I saw this picture ....

Kneed Some Plastic Surgery .....
..... and it made me consider that with all her money, Vickie Beckham, will still have to live with saggy knees in the future.

Even the wealthy and powerful are limited to some mortality, like the rest of us.

State Within A State

I have always suspected that the BBC long ago gave up having programme making or impartial news coverage as its primary reason for existence, and now thinks of itself as an alternative government, elected by the licence fee ..... and Jeremy Clarkson has just confirmed my suspicions.

Notwithstanding his latest 'N' word problems (another bit of PC self censorship nonsense, considering its usage by other groups) .... He has a column in the Sun Newspaper and in one of the filler paragraphs he published what he claimed were the courses coming up in a week at the BBC, this after Lord Grade declared the BBC to be to be too big, and in need of slimming .....

Listed are just some of the 'Staff Courses" being run in the BBC - and at vast expense I might add (These alone will total £10,000 to run).

  • Changing The Face Of TV - an exploration of how we can better achieve authentic and accurate portrayal of under represented audiences across broadcast media. 
  •  The Road To 50% Women In Leadership - self explanatory feminist course.

  • Managing Your Career at The BBC - a discussion about the experience of disabled staff and their managers.

  • Abnormally Funny People - Can disability be discussed in a comedic way.

  • Open Discussion - A discussion about the business case for diversity and why it matters to the future of the BBC.

  • Mental Health Briefing - another discussion about the treatment of mental health issues by the media

and finally
  • Class Workshop - A workshop on the class system in Britain.

Remarkably, nothing on making better programs, or funny comedies, or spotting new talent ..... just 'minority' courses (if women make up 50% of the population, how are they a minority?). Its also probably the last place outside of the offices of the Socialist Worker, where the 'Class System' of Britain is still discussed as being remotely relevant.

The BBC long Ago Succumbed To A Feminist Agenda

Of course Mr Clarkson could have been making these courses up .... but why would he bother? They have the terribly earnest look of being true, and smack of the sort of thing that 'Human Resources' like to spend money on. There is no need to make them up. 
Remember this is the BBC, operating on a tax on virtually every household in the country, and while there is a lot to admire about some of their services, when they close down stations like BBC3, but carry on running course after course like these Politically Correct, Lefty Feminist Multi-Culturalist nonsense, the case against radical reform and overhaul of their whole structure seems unarguable.

The BBC was never intended to be a state within a state. It has just developed like this because its been largely independent of political supervision, and now has its own 'culture' that is as foreign to the majority of us as the internal politics of the Labour Party are to the 2/3rds of us who don't vote for them.

In other words, the BBC has abandoned impartiality, it now has a 'stance' on subjects, which are by their nature 'political', but which then makes it an anathema to large parts of the nation its supposed to represent.  

Drowned World

Years ago there was a Sci-Fi book called 'The Drowned World' by JG Ballard (recently re-issued I understand), which I read .... written in 1962, it details the world after a catastrophic burst of solar radiation has caused the polar ice-caps to melt and worldwide temperature to soar, leaving the cities of northern Europe and America submerged in beautiful and haunting tropical lagoons.

Now obviously, way back in 1962 the idea that we ourselves might cause the same outcome via global warming was so preposterous that a Sci-Fi writer chose 'Solar radiation' as the cause of the disaster, but nonetheless it was a prophetic tale, in which the 'hero' enjoys the outcome of this catastrophe.

Sadly, if such an event were to come to pass then, the outcome may not be as clean cut as the novel, and certainly for the seas to reach their full rise extent would take up to 5,000 years, as there are more than five million cubic miles of ice. However if we continue adding carbon to the atmosphere, by burning up all the Earth's supply of coal, oil, and gas, and thus adding some five trillion more tons of carbon to the atmosphere, we'll very likely eventually create an ice-free planet for the first time in more than 30 million years, with an average temperature of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit instead of the current 58F ...

But at first, the risen seas are likely to be colder than the 'instant tropical conditions' envisaged in the novel, even if the ice somehow all melted in a decade or so .... but otherwise the effects of such a meltdown were well described in the story, except maybe the fact that large parts of what land is left might become too hot for humans.

Recently a magazine decided to use the latest technology to show what would happen if a full polar ice meltdown occurred .... its fairly dramatic, with the sea level rising 216 feet and creating entirely new shorelines for our continents and new vast inland seas.

 North America In A Drowned World

In North America - the entire current Atlantic seaboard would vanish, along with Florida and the Gulf Coast. In California, San Francisco's hills would become a cluster of islands and the Central Valley a giant bay and San Diego would be gone. But not too dramatic.

South America In A Drowned World

In South America - both the Amazon Basin in the north, and the Paraguay River Basin in the south, there would be Atlantic inlets, wiping out Buenos Aires, coastal Uruguay, and most of Paraguay.

Europe In A Drowned World

In Europe - Half of England and all the Netherlands will have been surrendered to the sea, and most of Denmark will be gone too. Meanwhile, in the Mediterranean, expanding waters will also have swelled the Black and Caspian Seas.

Africa In A Drowned World

Africa - North Africa, well Egypt mainly, finds Alexandria and Cairo swamped by the intruding Mediterranean, but the Earth's rising heat might make much of it an uninhabitable desert.

Asia In A Drowned World

In Asia - A vast swathe of Chinas best land would be flooded, as would all of Bangladesh, and much of coastal India. The inundation of the Mekong Delta would leave Cambodia's Cardamom Mountains stranded as an island.

Australasia In A Drowned World

In Australasia - A big chunk of what is largely desert would gain a new inland sea and also much of the current narrow habitable coastal strip would be lost. However the new sea will provide a new coastal strip to compensate and may even produce new rainfall patterns inland.

Antarctica In A Drowned World

In Antarctica - The continent becomes a series of large islands.

So there you are, the world in 5,000 years, if we don't stop global warming ..... a very different one from the one we see now.


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