Friday, 30 May 2014

Mad Hatters Party

I have something of a soft spot for men in costume stories ... usually I pick up on Superheroes patrolling our streets. But sometimes the story is just too funny to resist, even when there are no 'super heroes' involved.

So here's the story .... there's a fancy dress party in Plymouth, a naval town in the UK. As is rather sadly the norm in Britain these days, the house party soon degenerated into drunken violence (it all seemed rather different when I was a teen ..... vomiting was the biggest danger of a house party). Of course as they were mostly in fancy dress, the police reports made for some amusement in both the local, and the national press.

The host was dressed as the 'Mad Hatter', and so when he fell out with a guest in a 'Tiger' 'onesie', the resulting trouble involved the tiger suited antagonist hitting the Mad Hatter over the head with a bottle .... he then turned his attention to the Mad Hatter's father, who was dressed as a 'Bottle of Beer', shoving him to the ground and breaking his wrist. He also assaulted the hosts mother, who was dressed as 'Nessa' a character from a television sitcom .... needless to say he apparently wasn't actually an invited guest .... just the 'friend' of a family friend who had been invited.

The Mad Hatter Wasn't Amused By Tiggers Party Antics

The Tiger man, has claimed in Crown Court that actually it was all three members of the family who assaulted him, after he and another friend had gone upstairs (and 'out of bounds' to party guests), and that he was defending himself .... the family said that they had discovered that someone had been smoking upstairs, and had been through the drawers in a bedroom, and had asked the two men to leave.

The case was ongoing when I wrote the story .... I don't know the result. I guess that there is a moral to the story, which I am not sure about. Maybe it's that 'Fancy Dress, doesn't mean fancy manners'. In any event I just thought it was vaguely funny.


  1. I never did like Tigger, a noisy, over-bearing, work-shy narcisist with bouncing tendancies. Those who shout the loudest know the least. The cartoon annoys me too when it parades misspellings in front of young minds, I do like Eeyore though. I can't stand Alice in Wonderland characters either; fatuous inventions parading as deep, meaningful metaphors. Too serious for a fun story? Agreed.

    1. What a Grimm childhood you must be hiding Vroomfondel ... LOL. An entire library of literary characters facing the book fires!! To be honest I have never read or watched any Harry Potter stuff .... as soon as adults started reading them as literature, I snorted in derision at how shallow they were to treat children's books as great works. Prejudice? you betcha!

      Personally I liked 'The Mad Hatter', but I also liked Eeyore.

    2. Not at all, I just never believed in father christmas, but that didn't stop me enjoying the presents.

      Did you hear about the dyslexic devil worshipper who sold his soul to santa ?

    3. well I heard it was Ant ass ... but you made me laugh .


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