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The Most Popular Boys Name In The UK Is ..........

2010 was the year that the boys name 'Mohammed, Muhammed or other of the 12 different spellings of the name' was reported as the most popular in the UK in 2009 (the last full year the office of national statistics reported on) ......

Anthony O'Brien
Anthony O'Brien is a 69 yr old RAF veteran who lives in Manchester .......... he was attacked by what the police described as "Asian or mixed race" teenagers, for this description read "Pakistani descent", simply for wearing a poppy and a RAF blazer.

"They were shouting, 'Fucking shoot all you bastards and blow your soldiers up. Death to all soldiers.' I was scared. I was wearing my RAF blazer and poppy - I wear it regularly because it's smart and I'm proud of it. I thought they were drunk or something. I told them to leave me alone but the little fella hit me on the side of my head. Then the other fella head-butted me. Then they ran away."

I put the two stories together because, whilst you and I probably can see a connection, our politicians apparently can't ...... the BBC can't bring themselves to report this story on their web sites, and don't discuss the nationality of the attackers on the local radio reports of the crime.

PC crap drives the left's agenda, and the BBC thinks its the natural champion of this credo.

Compare And Contrast

Yesterday the ex-President of Israel (he resigned from the largely ceremonial post of head of state in 2007), Moshe Katsav, was convicted of rape by a jury in open court in Tel Aviv. He was found guilty of raping an employee in the 1990s, when he was tourism minister and of later sexual offences while he was President. The judges said they believed the evidence of the woman whose testimony had led to two charges of rape.

Ex- President ......
In Israel's neighbours the courts, or elections have little to do with the removal of leaders .... in fact its only happened once in recent times when Saddam Hussein was tried and convicted (and that took hundreds of thousands of Western troops to ensure it happened) .... assassination on the other hand is a frequent method of 'democratic' change. Of course it takes the 'good' as often as it takes the 'bad' such as King Abdullah of Jordan, or Anwar Sadat of Egypt ..... but its often hard to tell the difference in the Arab World.

Just for interest I have compiled a list of the Arab / Muslim 'democratic changes' of the post 1945 period. These are those who died with their boots on ......


  • Mohamed Boudiaf (June 29, 1992), Head of State of Algeria, shot at Annaba

Sadat Assasinated


Rafik Hariri killed ..... nothing left

Saudi Arabia



However, even Israel has had its moments:


Monday, 27 December 2010

Beggars Banquet

Haiti dropped off the worlds news map very quickly after last years disaster ...... the reasons are the usual ones for this benighted country ..... violence, and corruption, and lets face it, ignorance. Since the UN 'peacekeepers' moved in to quell violence while aid and reconstruction was under way, the Haitians have displayed all the national flaws that they have shown ever since independence.

  • They first blamed Nepalese peacekeepers for the arrival of cholera following the earthquake .... possibly with good cause if some reports are to be believed. They then rioted and looted the aid warehouses (destroying 500 tonnes of food aid), which of course stopped the aid, but when that didn't actually produce enough corpses, the
  • Mobs then started lynching 'Voodoo priests', who they blame for spreading cholera, with at least 45 people have been lynched in recent weeks. "The victims... were stoned or hacked with machetes before being burned in the streets," communications ministry official Moise Fritz Evens said.

However today the Prime Minister of Haiti complained that the international community has not allowed his country to 'play a bigger role in its own reconstruction' following last January's earthquake. Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive is specifically that most aid money was channelled through outside agencies. "It's very difficult for me to give explanation for the use of money that I never receive," he said.

Latest Haitian leader

What he neglects to mention is that the NGO's are the only organisations that foreign governments will allow to have the money, because Haitian governments have a long track record of corruption and theft of all the funds that pass through their hands - from the Duvalier family (and before) .... to the present day.

Papa Doc ....

History suggests that Haiti will probably never be much more than a backward nation, but they could help themselves and start advancing, if only they could tackle the public corruption and lack of education .....  according to many web reports some of the current aid is being stolen.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Spam, Spam, Spam ... Eggs, And Spam

Spam, Spam, Spam ..... the bane of the email users life, is a common enough problem for most of us that we usually think of this context when the word comes up .... but of course originally it was the commercial name of a salted pork meat product.

Spam the product was already popular in the United States in the 1930s - one of the first radio jingles in the world (1937) was in fact, a kind of ode to Spam set to the tune of 'My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean' .... but during the Second World War Spam became international as US soldiers took it (and often exchanged it for ladies negotiable affections), around the world.

Now of course, although its influence in Europe is somewhat lessened, it still is bought and consumed everywhere from the Philippines to Vladivostok ..... there is even a Museum of Spam. Its funny to think that 'US imperialism' may ultimately have been built on salted meat products ....

Of course while fighting in the Muslim world, its not much use as a nation-building tool in America's modern wars in (pork, remember), but these are tough times in America and apparently domestic sales are going rather well.

Spam trivia
  • The US supplied huge amounts of Spam to the USSR in WWII
  • Its original name was Hormel Spiced Ham - the name Spam was chosen in a competition.
  • Production in the UK (in Liverpool) ceased in 1998.
  • Hormel Foods sued Jim Henson in 1995, after an "evil" boar called Spa'am featured in a Muppet's movie.
  • Spam email is said to have been named after the Monty Python sketch, where the word takes over the dialogue. 
  • A web archive of haiku about spam (or "spam-ku") contains 19,000 poems about the ubiquitous spam.
  • The term 'Spam' for unsolicited email come from the Monty Python comedy sketch, where every meal comes with unwanted 'Spam'.

Message In A Bottle

On the 4th of  July 1863 a soldier wrote a coded message and placed it in a bottle ..... the intended recipient was Gen John Pemberton, the officer in charge of the defences at Vicksberg, which was under siege from the Unionist forces.

The message was never delivered because that same day the Unionists marched into Vickberg and the fate of the 'Confederacy' probably assured .... they lost the Civil War two years later.

However the message was presented to the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia, by a former Confederate soldier in 1896. It lay un-deciphered for over 100 yrs until this year when it was finally examined.

And in one of the "No Shit, Sherlock!" moments from history it said "You can expect no help from this side of the river"

The full text was:

"Gen'l Pemberton:

You can expect no help from this side of the river. Let Gen'l Johnston know, if possible, when you can attack the same point on the enemy's lines. Inform me also and I will endeavor to make a diversion. I have sent some caps (explosive devices). I subjoin a despatch from General Johnston."

Ah well, better late than never, eh?

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Tall Romans, Old Romans, and Healthy Romans

And in another bit of research, its been shown that the Romans of Pompeii were as tall as we are, and ate a far better diet than the average Victorian. We are often told that that the Romans, or anyone in the past for that matter, were all much shorter than we are. Well, not so these people, and in fact on average, these Romans were seemingly taller than the population of modern Naples.

Tall and Healthy Romans

For some reason we are also always told that the average Roman died in their early thirties (as did everyone else before the modern era, allegedly), even when even a casual look at the historical records showed that if a child survived past age ten, they could live very similar life lengths to us. This research has once again shown this to be just another myth. The Pompeii skeletons show that there are plenty of middle-aged to elderly people among them, and distributed in proportions similar to a random collection of people now.

This is probably because they had a great diet ... the archaeology of the town of Pompeii and the surrounding area gives us an idea what life was like for rich and poor. One conclusion, if you exclude the absolutely destitute who had no support networks at all, is that both rich and poor in Pompeii had a decent diet. True, the rich may have had more elaborate dining rooms, but the poor ate decently too.

They discovered this by examining the contents of a cesspit which collected the waste from the lavatories of a block of modest flats in Herculaneum - the next-door town to Pompeii - and which showed that the ordinary people in this block were eating a marvellous diet, from sea urchins to nuts and figs, eggs and chicken.

I posted a story on this idea, back in 2007 .... its always nice to be vindicated .... Historical myths continue to be exploded .....

The Long Road To Wealth Creation

In one in the eye for the welfare state ethos of 'welfare benefits' for life (which has made sections us the poorest and fattest society in Western Europe), it was revealed this week that peasants living in medieval England, were better off under the feudal system, than the poor in many African countries today!

I had heard this idea of English peasants lives before (notably on Terry Jones history show about peasants that showed that with all the religious holidays and other holidays, they actually worked less than most of us today ..... they averaged three days a week off), but this latest study suggests that economically, they were doing OK as well. This despite the fact that the period was a particularly violent with warfare and plagues a regular set of events.

Rich Peasants?

The report shows that the average income per head was $1,000 (around £638 in 1990 terms), and living standards were higher then, than in countries such as Zaire (now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo), with an average income of $249, and Burundi ($479), in 1990. Even on the eve of the eruption of the Black Death, which first struck in 1348-49, peasant per capita incomes were more than £510, the report "British Economic Growth 1270-1870" has disclosed.

This means that people could afford a much more varied diet rather than the one based on grains and oatmeal, which is normally described in books, according to Prof Stephen Broadberry from the University of Warwick. He based his research upon a wide variety of records that have survived since the Norman conquest, which produced the most literate and numerate society (judging from the court records from the time, in which peasants were forever in court suing for their 'rights'), in Europe, and possibly in the world at this time.
  • Zaire ($249)
  • Burundi ($479)
  • Niger ($514)
  • Central African Republic ($536)
  • Comora Islands ($606)
  • Togo ($617)
  • Guinea Bissau ($628)
  • Sierre Leone ($686)
  • Haiti ($686)
  • Chad ($706)
  • England in the late Middle Ages ($1,000) 

African Peasants

The path to the Industrial Revolution began far earlier than commonly has been understood,’ said Prof Broadberry ...... According to the World Bank, countries which had a per capita income of less than $1,000 last year (2009) included Ghana ($700), Cambodia ($650), Tanzania ($500), Ethiopia ($300) and Burundi ($150), while in India, one of the BRIC emerging economies, the gross income per capita stands only just above European medieval levels at a mere $1,180.

NB: The other episodes from Terry Jones series on the middle ages are here:

The Monk
The Damsel
The King
The Minstrel
The Knight
The Philosopher

New Politics, Same Broken Britain

We may have a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives forming what the government but two stories last week illustrated that Political Correctness still holds sway over the Law and other agents of power.

A Child Killer
Firstly, an illegal Iraqi Kurd immigrant, Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, who has fathered two children while here, killed a 12 yr old girl with his car (which he was driving illegally in any case), and two 'Senior Immigration' judges declared that it would contravene this mans "right to life and to "a family life" under the "Human Rights Act" to deport him .... the right to life of the little girl he killed was apparently of no consequence to the decision.

Her father said what most of us are thinking "What are the judges saying here? They are saying it doesn't matter what you do when you come here, who you kill, what laws you break, as long as you have children you can stay here? He's not a life saving surgeon or a Nobel Prze winner. he was a criminal before, a crimminal now, ands he will continue being a criminal".

And Secondly: There was the tale of a killer, Roger Kearney, who is suing the Post office for wrongful  dismissal because they sacked him for 'gross misconduct' six months before he was sentenced to "Life" or whatever passes for a life sentence in the UK, for the murder of his girlfriend . He says that he should have been paid while on bail and therefore is owed £8,225 .... his statement said that because he was “innocent until found guilty” and says his "human rights" were breached.
I feel that, if the Royal Mail could not trust me, they must have believed that the allegations against me were true and after 34 years of loyal service, a clear conduct record and no affect on my ability to perform my duties is a clear breach of my human rights.’ .... which ignores the fact that both the court and the jury also believed the allegations, which is why he is in Prison.

The "Human Rights Act" has been nothing but a millstone around our necks ever since the Blair government foisted it on the UK without the slightest hesitation. This liberal interpretation of the act, seems to be a peculiarly British thing, and now features in criminal stories on a regular basis.
The UK truly is an lunatic asylum run by the inmates ....

Sunday, 12 December 2010

"Jaws" .... Not Radio Controlled?

Finally, this week .... there has been a series of Shark attacks in Egypt at the Sharm el-Sheikh which the Egyptians with their typical efficiency have completely failed to get control of. First they killed a couple of the wrong type of shark, and then in a scene reminiscent of the movie "Jaws" declared the beaches open again, only for another fatal attack to take place.

Mossad Agent

So what do you do in a Muslim country when you have a failure?

Why blame your failure on Israel and its intelligence service Mossad, the US and its intelligence service CIA, or even the near toothless UK and its intelligence service MI5 ..... normally this apparently satisfies the Islamic masses who seem unable to notice that its a stupid idea, and merely fuels their belief that they would shine, if only they didn't have so many powerful enemies.

But, surely a shark attack can't be someone else's fault?

That's no problem if you are a Governor of an Egyptian province and South Sinai governor, Mohamed Abdul Fadil Shousha, who was reported on an official Egyptian news site as saying that "What is being said about the Mossad throwing the deadly shark [in to the sea] to hit tourism in Egypt is not out of the question, but it needs time to confirm".

Utterly imbecilic ..... needless to say Israel dismissed the idea .... with Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Igal Palmor telling the BBC: "The man must have seen Jaws one time too many, and confuses fact and fiction." .... not just the man, but the whole culture which could even allow such an idea to circulate.

Nobel Prize, Ignoble Politics

China's behaviour over the award of the Noble Peace prize to Liu Xiaobo one of their own citizens, but one who is in prison for protesting for human rights, has been nothing less than shameful

..... but the behaviour of some of their 'friends' around the world has been equally disgraceful.

A total of 17 countries, plus China, have said they will not be going to the ceremony: I have listed these countries, just so I am reminded of why the world is such a hell hole for so many of its inhabitants,

  • Russia - Ex-Communist Russia has stoked up cold war rhetoric as well reverting to authoritarian mode. 
  • Kazakhstan - Ex-Communist  state where China is one of the main investors in oil-rich Kazakhstan. 
  • Algeria - Muslim state, but Algeria and China have an increasingly close economic relationship. 
  • Tunisia - Muslim state, the country does not approve of a dissident being awarded the prize.
  • Saudi Arabia - Hard line Muslim state, supposedly our 'friend', China is also now a major trading partner.
  • Pakistan - another recipient of western money, but Pakistan sees China as its most important ally. 
  • Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka has growing economic ties with China.
  • Iraq - Muslim state, supposedly our 'friend', but China is an active investor in Iraqi oilfields.
  • Iran - Muslim Theocracy, relies on China to block tighter sanctions against it over its nuclear activities.
  • Vietnam - Communist State, but its not clear why they have taken China's side as they are not allies.
  • Afghanistan - Muslim state, supposedly our 'friend' but China is a source of development aid.  
  • Venezuela - 'Socialist' State, which has supported the Cuban position on the award.
  • Egypt - Muslim state, dissident factor is important for a government that still cracks down on the opposition.
  • Sudan - Hard line Muslim State, but Sudan has strong economic ties with China.  
  • Cuba - Mr Castro means the committee is making a political point, to which he objects, and
  • Morocco - Muslim state which has concerns over the principle that dissidents be awarded the Peace Prize.
Serbia had originally opted to boycott the ceremony but changed its mind and will now send its ombudsman because its applying to join the EU.

What a shameful list of nations .... barely a democracy between the lot of them.

Corruption Not Terrorism Threatens Most People

Sweden is possibly one of the most highly developed societies on Earth and regularly tops leagues for ethical societies ....... so imagine the shock to their self psyche when a story suggested all was not as squeaky clean as they believed ...... shock horror! The Swedish news headlines are dominated by a scandal in Gothenburg, with police investigating allegations that local government officials had accepted bribes from a major construction company.

Stockholm, Sweden

Now by most countries standards this would hardly be headline news, or certainly not for more than one day, but in Sweden, this is a shocking revelation ..... when you consider that outside of the first world economies (and there is a tie in with this fact), most countries are corrupt, with the very poorest societies also the most corrupt, then the Swedish problem is minuscule.

In fact some 56% of people interviewed by Transparency International said their country had become more corrupt in the last few years, which is a sad indictment on the state of the world. What makes this even more depressing is that most bribes are paid to the Police.

In Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq and India more than 50% of people said they had paid a bribe in the past year - many of them paying off the police. Bur even so they are not considered the most corrupt institution .... Political Parties were regarded as the most corrupt institutions with 80% of people regarding them as corrupt. Political parties also topped the list in Transparency's 2004 barometer, with 71%.

Religious bodies experienced a sharp rise in people regarding them as corrupt - 28% in 2004 increased to 53% by 2010. And with one in four of those polled saying they had paid a bribe in the past year, its not hard to make the correlation between corruption and poverty around the world.

  • In sub-Saharan Africa, 67% of bribes were to avoid trouble with the authorities.
  • In the Arab world and Latin America most bribes were paid to speed things up.
  • In Asia-Pacific, 35% of people bribed to get a service they were entitled to.
  • In North America and the EU, most bribe payers said they could not remember why they had paid (about 5% of those polled said they had paid a bribe).
(90,000 polled over 86 countries for the results)

NB: Sadly this morning the Swedish are discovering once again that being a civilised country only  makes  you apparently a target for the new barbarians with two apparent 'jihadist suicide' bombers attaking them ..... but they are not alone in this regard, and even so, I would argue that more people are affected by Corruption, than by Terrorism. 

Monday, 6 December 2010

Global Warming .... British Ice Age!!

Every year is record warmest year according to Meteorologists, and yet Britain has harder and harder winters ......  If Britain has much more "Global Warming" like this 'autumn' .....

 then I will freeze to death!

"Honey Traps" And Other Cold War Strategies

A British MP has had his Russian 'Parliamentary Aide', Katia Zatuliveter, age 25, arrested over claims she is a Russian spy. Of course he says she isn't a spy, but as the KGB (FSB, or whatever they call themselves these days), have used Russian ingenue's, to beguile older western males into loosening their tongues (if nothing else), over sensitive information for decades, so its rather odd that she should gravitate towards an old minor leftie MP just 'for love', and for no other reason. Must be his good looks ...... err, or something.

The MP concerned, Lib Dem Mike Hancock has an 'interesting' CV according to the Wiki page entries for him.

He has been a member of both the defence select committee's of the British Parliament and he is the vice chairman of the all party groups on Russia and Croatia ....... but perhaps more 'interesting' is that according to the same wiki pages "Hancock has said that he will act to defend the government of Azerbaijan in the British Parliament. He says that he disapproves of criticism of President Ilham Aliyev's regime, and has stated that, in particular, he disapproves of the democratic opposition movement within Azerbaijan"  ....  a country whose last elections (which his mate won with 76% of the vote), "fell short of international standards and were accompanied by voter intimidation, unequal campaign opportunities for the candidates, and widespread violations of the electoral laws and process." so a real supporter of democracy world wide then?    

He is also a 'Armenia holocaust denier, "Hancock has stated that he does not believe the Armenian Genocide actually happened, describing it as a "so-called genocide" based on "dubious historical" claims; in March 2010, he said: "Armenia is like a headless chicken that runs around in circles. They really do not know where to run." ...... maybe one or two million Christians murdered by Turks is only a dubious historical claim to him, even though its accepted by many civilised countries.

Hamid Massacre 1894-6
Finally, "On 12 October 2010 Hancock was arrested on suspicion of indecent assault and released on police bail until January 2011. The case relates to allegations that he made sexual advances to a vulnerable constituent after she had contacted him seeking assistance with noisy neighbour."

I don't know what his constituents think of all this, but I know he would be joining the dole queues come the next elections if he was my MP ..... not that he would care what I thought.

Update: As we all suspected she has now admitted having sex with this MP in a four-year relationship ..... and Jonathan Glasson, lawyer for the home secretary said that 'Mr Hancock was known to have had extra-marital affairs' ..... Back in the day, an MP would have stood down for either of those statements, but nowadays such is the low morality and high arrogance of our political 'ruling elites', that he's actually trying to stop his spy mistress from being deported.

No doubt her 'Human Rights' would be impacted if her spying caused her to suffer any penalties, much less be deported.

2nd Update: As I guessed she won her right to remain here .... a lot of old men on a tribunal thought it wasn't slightly odd that a 20 something yr old blonde Russian girl would 'fall in love' with a 60+ yr old British MP ... happens all the time!

Malware and Other Ills

This weekend I picked up a virus ..... no not the 'woman flu', or 'heavy cold' that is going around frozen Britain, no I mean one of those horrors that beset the Internet, the Trojan/virus call it what you will.

The one I got was the "Google Redirect" .... this is caused by something called the 'TDL3 Rootkit' which causes the Google redirect virus infection. A person who is using Google as a home page or search engine is redirected to visiting unwanted websites ..... and its a real bugger to get rid of!!

Eventually after much searching (hampered greatly by the fact that I was being redirected) I found a site that didn't just spout nonsense ....  "How to Remove the Google Redirect Virus", which apart from being full of generally good advice, has a specific link to the the utility 'TDSSKiller.exe' which is by Kaspersky, and killed the problem in a few moments ...... so a full cheer from a grateful web user for these companies who offer free cures for very nasty little problems.

Oddly, I still have no idea where I picked this problem up from because I most definitely did not give any administrator permissions to a download ..... ah well, at least its apparently fixed for now. 



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