Friday, 22 September 2017

Crap Day Trips

Now most of us have been to an attraction that we have considered to be 'Merde' or 'Shite' in the common parlance. Usually its something where we have paid money to see (such as a circus sideshow), or travelled a long way to go and see such as an exhibition, and which has turned out to be deeply disappointing.

They Hoped To Merda The Opposition Attractions ...

Well now there is an attraction that would take that description as a compliment. It is called the "Museum of Shit", and is the brainchild of Italian Dairy farmer Giantonio Locatelli.

Chinese Codes

Damn clever those Chinese .....

Message To The World .....

This was created by the residents of Xilinshui village (named "the most beautiful village in Hebei" in 2015), in China, using 130,000 Chinese junipers, and it measures 227m (744ft) along each side, and the trees are between 80cm and 2.5m in height. Its intended to publicise the village to the outside world.

Yesterday's Views

It looks as though my blogs peak is now firmly in the past. Viewing figures have dropped off a cliff recently, from over 200 views per day at its peak, to barely 39 views yesterday. I am facing the faintly unappetising prospect of blogging purely for my own amusement.

The Sea Of Indifference ... Has No Life Guards.

Now I have posted before, on what a lonely and soul destroying thing it can be for many people, to launch their thoughts on a subject into the choppy waters of the Internet, only to find those waters are just a sea of indifference.

No More Surprises

What? No 'Je Suis Londres' posts this time?

Emoji's versus Bombs ... UK's Keyboard Warrior Generation Fight Fire With Facebook

No solidarity marches, with Imams claiming its nothing to do with Islam, again? .... No more of that hypocrisy?

Friday, 15 September 2017

Mysterious Codes And Events

Every now and then you come across those web sites that list bizarre photo's or lists of strange events ... in my case quite often as I keep a watch out for them. Most images portrayed are well known, and often are described on the sites as being 'mysteries', when in fact often there is a valid explanation (even if unproved, because so much time has passed since the events).

As this sort of stuff I always find interesting, if not always convincing, I have banded a few well known, and perhaps lesser well known of these 'mysteries' with a more prosaic explanation if known.


Just outside the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, you will find a statue that has coded encryptions on its surface. This very captivating sculpture was created by artist Jim Sanborn to show that everything can be resolved and decoded, with the use of patterns and clues. Of the four inscription sections that were included, only the first three have been cracked. But the fourth? Not even the brilliant minds in the CIA were able to get to the bottom of it.

Kryptos Statue ... One Code Undeciphered

Monkey Nuts

There is a famous "monkey selfie" photograph that has been published many times around the globe since it was taken by Naruto the Macaque monkey in the Indonesian jungle in 2011, and which has been re-used on countless websites. It apparently is copyrighted and makes some money for its 'photographer', David Slater from Monmouthshire in the UK.

Macaque Monkey Madness - Photograph © by David Slater (or Naruto the Monkey Photographer)

But that's where the dispute lay. After all argued Peta, the animal rights group, the photograph was actually a 'selfie' by a monkey, who therefore was the photographer, and not the owner of the camera it used who was making all the money.


Once again in the wake of disaster we see looters in America. This is the same as when there has been a civil disturbance, and in virtually every case, the looters seen, are from the black (or Hispanic) communities.

Hurricane Irma Looters - Or Just Some Early Christmas Shopping?

Now there are those who would say that the statement I have made is inherently racist, and unfairly brands one or two sections of society. That there must be the odd white looter as well .... that for some reason they just are not usually caught on film.

Into The Heart Of Madness

At one time we all expected that sub-Saharan Africa would rapidly develop and its nations would take their place at the table of forward thinking nations. After all, we had been told by the mainly white, left wing, self appointed 'intelligentsia', that the only thing holding them back was white 'imperialism' and 'colonialism'.

Colonial Map Africa 1950's

So when this ended for most African states in the 1960's, the new emergent nations had a lot of advantages. They had no external debts, resources in abundance, a young population, democracies, and the basic infrastructure of railroads, roads, airports, urban water supplies and schools. We all sat back and waited for the take-off.

Friday, 8 September 2017

The Babushkas Of Russia

When I read this story and came across the word 'Babushka', I couldn't help thinking of the 'Mamushka Dance' performed by the Adams brothers in the 1991 movie The Addams Family. Of course it was a totally erroneous connection as apart from the fact that the dance includes a bit of Russian Cossack dancing there is in fact no real connection to Russia. Still its hard to not think of it when you hear the word 'Babushka' .... grandmother

'Babushka' .... Grandmother - Tough As Old Boots.

Its a name that's almost as old as Russia itself, and in many minds is one of the enduring images of a visit to Russia, especially during the Soviet era, where these old ladies were employed as concierges, and often as KGB informants, on housing blocks and hotels. They were, and remain, a formidable force in Russian society, as the local district council for the village of Svedniy Bugalish in the Urals recently found out.

Cannibal Run

When I was a kid, tales of cannibalism seemed like the exotic stuff of King and Empire, with explorers in darkest Africa, or Borneo, or Papua New Guinea .... before these lands were incorporated into the enlightenment of the empire.

Cannibal King?

However of late, cannibalism has made something of a comeback .... firstly in places like the post colonial African states where self styled emperors such as Emperor Bokassa I of Central Africa  aka President Jean Bedel Bokassa of the Central African Republic, who was alleged to indulge in cannibalism (although 'cleared' in a later trial). Bokassa's former cook, claimed to have been ordered to prepare a human corpse stuffed with rice and flambéed in gins for his master (and presumably unsuspecting guests).

Back Scratching Your Friends

Vicky Pryce (nee Vasiliki Kourmouzi - she is Greek), along with former husband MP Chris Huhne, has previously been convicted of perverting the course of justice, and she was sentenced to eight months in prison. Currently she is reported as being personally involved with Denis MacShane (b. Josef Denis Matyjaszek), a one-time Labour Party MP (who was himself imprisoned, in December 2013, for fraudulent claiming of Parliamentary expenses), and who is suspended from the party.

Vicky Still Gets BBC Media Gigs

So you would think that she would not be the first choice of economists anyone would call upon to give opinions on the UK economy ..... but you would be wrong

New Holiday Worries

The future is looking increasingly dismal. This is because despite attempts by politicians, and certain strands of the media to down play it, the plain fact is that polls consistently show that a sizeable number of the Muslims in popular holiday destinations would happily wipe out all non Muslims tomorrow if they could.

Levels Of Terror Alert - Europe's New Future.

This number includes many living in what are currently non-Muslim lands. The current level of terror threats indicates that this is impacting our continent and our lives.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Poetic Justice

Now this blog always like evidence of poetic (or perhaps divine), justice.

Historically We Have All Liked To See Poetic Justice ......

We have posted in the past on the case of Kashmiri Islamic militants being eaten by a bear in Kulgam district, south of Srinagar in Indian Kashmir.

Fat Chic

Does Tesco sell tent dresses?

I ask because they run a series of adverts featuring Ruth Jones .... an actress who gained fame in the TV show Gavin and Stacey. She had been slim'ish in the past, when she was once a normal looking size.

Ruth Jones - She Has Seen Slimmer Days

But she wasn't exactly slim in that TV show,...... so perhaps its no surprise that she ain't slim now, as well as gaining fame, she also gained a few pounds in weight.

Acting Concerned

Once again Hollywood has found itself in a 'whitewashing' row after Deadpool star Ed Skrein has pulled out of a role in the latest comic book movie revamp of 'Hellboy'. He has done so because the part of Major Ben Daimio was drawn as a mixed Oriental Asian heritage character in the original comics.

Colonel Nick Fury Was Very White In His Back Story ....

This decision by a concerned white actor has the usual whiff of PC hypocrisy about it.

Arsenic and Old Time Religion

Apparently Pakistan has recorded some of the worlds highest levels of Arsenic in their groundwater supplies.

Arsenic Poisoning Pakistan .... Explains A Lot.

This is the main water source for up to 60 million of its citizens who live in the Indus valley (out of about 150 million people around the world who rely on groundwater which is contaminated with arsenic).

Friday, 25 August 2017

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

If you are of a certain age then you will remember the films of Bruce Lee .... Fists of Fury was one that springs to mind. If not him, then maybe you will recall the TV series Kung Fu starring David Carradine.

The Traditional View Of Kung Fu Masters In China May Be Overblown ......

These two media series did much to cement the idea in the West, that Chinese martial arts allowed practitioners to defeat anyone in single combat, defy overwhelming odds, and perform almost magical flights through the air, whilst performing various poses.

Po Faced Politics

Its no secret that I detest the modern phenomena of Political Correctness and all that it spins into ...

Ludlow Hospital League of Friends ... Money Not Wanted Anymore.

.... multiculturalism, reverse racism, hypocritical political policies, quota recruitment policies, turning a blind eye to immigrant criminality etc etc

Learning Histories Lessons

Now that many think that we are possibly watching the collapse of our own version of a Western Civilisation that is based upon a Treaty Of Rome, I am reminded of the collapse of that earlier incarnation of our civilisation, one operating under a different treaty of Rome .... the Pax Romana.

A world that collapsed just as surely as ours may do, and under much the same pressures. Then the collapse was caused by an un-assimilated mass migration of peoples into the Western Roman Empire, who didn't speak the same language, worship the same gods, or share the same history (except via earlier conflicts) .... sound familiar?

The Fall Of Rome And The Western Civilisation Didn't Happen In One Day ......

Strangely as that Roman Empire collapsed, many of its inhabitants also failed to recognise their world was finishing. Some even thought that it was being renewed by the new vigorous blood lines entering the 'Empire' (think 'migrant workers'). They were wrong of course, but they were too close to the events to realise the disaster unfolding around them.

Having A Cunning Plan

Thinking about our own mortality, and how it will end for us, is something that we all do now and again ....

Facing Our Own Mortality Is Not A Unique Thought ....

I suspect that the most common versions of this daydream, is the 'funeral' (disposal of our remains), and who would turn up (the disposal of our good name), and the immediate post funeral event (the disposal of our goods) etc.

Friday, 18 August 2017

The Jesus Proof

There are people out there who would deny evidence if it got up and slapped them in the face. The two most obvious examples of this are the Shakespeare deniers and the Jesus deniers. Now the Shakespeare deniers are so fixed in their views, that even with the evidence is handed to them on a platter, they still cling to their theories that he never existed.

The Traditional Depiction Of Jesus

However, many people also believe that the evidence for the existence of Jesus comes mainly from the accounts of his life in the Bible, many of which are second and third-hand. But in fact there is substantial archaeological and documentary proof of his existence.

Hitler Is Dead

One of the pleasures or pains of having to undergo a longish convalescence is the existence of day time TV.

Now normally at this time of year I would have been able to hope for some hot summer days, but such is the misery of the British summertime this year (its been more like autumn for most of July and August), that I have been watching TV shows that I would normally avoid like the plague.

These Sort Of Claims Are Given Plenty Of TV Time

One such show is called 'Forbidden History'. A show which claims to uncover the truth behind great myths, conspiracy theories, ancient treasures, lost civilisations and war time secrets. Actually it does nothing of the sort.

A Testament To Stupidity

As if the car wreck that is the Pakistani state doesn't have enough problems:

A Testament To One Man's Backwardness And Ignorance.

Persistent Poverty Rates

What is poverty in the first world? Is it the same as poverty in the third world or can poverty only be measured against the lifestyles of those around you?

Persistent Poverty Rates Europe ......

Well the Office for National Statistics believes that not only is poverty measurable but it can be compared with other countries. Their definition of poverty is any household that subsists on less than 60 per cent of average national disposable income, which in Britain is a figure of £12,567 or below as disposable income but obviously differs for each country.

Friday, 11 August 2017

The Apollo 16 Incident

When the Apollo 16 mission was preparing to return back from the Moon on April 27, 1972  ....

The Apollo 16 Images That Sparked The Debate ......

.... from a command/service module window they filmed about four seconds of video footage, of an object that looked like a UFO.

What World Opinion Shows US

World opinion can be a funny old thing, especially if you are President of the United States.

World Views Of Confidence In President Trump's Policies, Shows Where His Friends Are ......

Many Presidents have been more popular aboard than at home.

When Murder Stops Being Fun

Apparently in 2014, the number of murders in year in London fell to a 40 year low of just 95 victims.

World Murder Rates .... A Testament To A Civilised Society Plus Some Under Reporting In North Africa?

For comparison, in 2001 there were nearly 200 murders in London. As we often associate murders with 'black on black' crime in places like Tottenham, it might even be that these figures are an all-time 'historic low' if you discount that vibrant multicultural aspect from the figure. So perhaps a small hurrah is in order ....

Another City Shamed

What can one say? Another police operation amongst the Muslim Asian communities, another mass trial, and another mass conviction for the rape of mainly white non-Muslim, non-Asian girls.

18 Of The Convicted Scum

This time it was in Newcastle, where 26 defendants in a series of trials, were found guilty of all the charges.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Tally Ho

There are some terms and words that we hear regularly, but which we probably don't understand the origins for.

Counter Foils Appear Everywhere ....
One that crossed my mind recently was 'counter-foil' ..... why do we call it that?

Activity Inequality Gap

It appears that scientists have finally found some practical use for all those unused smart phone fitness apps. They can track worldwide activity levels.

Fitness Apps Promise Much But Are Usually Unused After A Month

They managed to get permission to anonymously track 700,000 users of the Argos activity app's built-in accelerometer.

What is an intellectual?

By that question, I don't mean is it someone who is clever, or well read, or who thinks and writes about things that others don't have time for ... No, I mean why are some people described as an 'intellectual', whilst others with similar achievements or attributes are not? Personally I don't know.

Marxists Liked To Interview Each Other ....

However the BBC seems to have definite template for those who should be described by them as being an 'intellectual' and those that aren't. From my minor research into this matter, it appears that they, along with other liberal media organisations have an identikit process to identify intellectuals.

Strange Links Forge History

I and many others have often wondered why we ever got involved in Afghanistan again.

British Imperial Troops Afghanistan 1878

Our involvement in that benighted land in the 19th century should have warned us of what was likely to happen ....

Friday, 28 July 2017

Tranny Who?

The LGBT pressure groups must be laughing their heads off, after the BBC announced the latest Dr Who was to be a woman.

Wonder Woman Was Never The Same .... Somehow.

All done in the name of 'equality' of course

Beeping Madness

The soundtrack of the NHS is beeps. Every machine has its own little bleep, plop, or alarm to indicate that a drug is not being pumped in, or that something is not being sucked out of a hole or orifice.

Bleeping Machines ..... A Modern Curse

Unfortunately it appears that most of the ward helper staff are not authorised to stop these noises when (and this is often the case), there is no one able to immediately sort out the primary issue.

Lurking Under Societies Surface

The NHS is Britain's great social melting pot. Certainly from my observations, about 40% of the staff are born overseas, and about a quarter of its recipients are seemingly also born abroad.

Five Hundred Thousand Dysfunctional Families In UK .....

But it's also the only place outside of the more fleeting brushes on public mass transport, where the social classes meet for any length of time. So for instance the UK's substantial underclass, a group who rarely get a public face, partly because of Britain's shame that 70 years of social policies to eradicate such backwardness, have palpably failed, get their voice in public medicine.

The Great Escape

Well, it was a narrow run thing, and only achieved after playing our get out of jail card judiciously (or desperately), but we are now back in the fortress of solitude, literally licking our wounds.

I'm Still Here ..... Just.

So this blogger lives to fight another day, but as the Duke of Wellington famously said after the battle of Waterloo "It has been a damned nice (close run) thing — the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life".

Friday, 14 July 2017

Profound Thoughts From The Past

I'll leave you this week with the thoughts on the importance of education, by Sergeant Major J Parkinson.

A Thin Red Line Attacks The Russians ...
He was a participant of the Battle of Alma during the Crimea War, when he served her Britannic Majesty Queen Victoria, as a soldier in the 11th Hussars cavalry unit. Part of the Light Brigade of Charge of the Light Brigade fame ... but that was later in the campaign.

No Nearer To God Is He

Nearer to god am I …. Well not quite it seems, even if you are the King of Saudi Arabia. a man who usually likes to have flunkies and flatterers around him at all times.

Saudi King Used To Flunkies

Apparently however there are limits to the flattery …. it appears that one flunky, Ramadan al-Anzi, overstepped the thin divide between Allah, and the King of Saudi Arabia, when he used the terms "Haleem" (forbearing), and "Shadeed al-Eqab", in a piece of prose in his column in the al-Jazirah newspaper

Skewed Social Values

I have fairly often commented on the skewed social values of one group in the Indian Subcontinent (and abroad), but have often ignored another, the Hindu's. However they are not immune to the social backwardness inherent in those societies .e.g human sacrifices to the gods.

Sorcerers Practise Black and White Magic In India .... Some Of It Very Black Indeed.

But in March this year there were some shocking stories. The first was when police in the south Indian state of Karnataka, arrested three people in connection with the "human sacrifice" of a 10-year-old girl. The brother and sister of a paralysed man, with the help of a 17 year accomplice, abducted and murdered the little girl. They did so on the instructions of a "sorcerer" in order to "cure" the paralysed brother. Local residents found the body of the girl inside a bag along with the materials which police believe were used to conduct "black magic" rituals.

The Undiscovered Country

This blog may be cut short from next week.Mainly as I will have to leave the tower of solitude for a very heavy duty life or death hospital operation.

The Tower Of Solitude ... No PC Views Home For Aeons.

Unfortunately this visit not only carries a not inconsiderable risk of at least one blogger visiting that undiscovered country, from whose bourn. No traveller returns, but also the more likely possibility of my not being well enough to post anything next week (Although I may advance post a few standbys just in case).

Friday, 7 July 2017

It Could Have Been Worse and Other Shorts

Trust the perfidious French to take advantage of any situation. Iran has just given out its first oil exploration contracts since sanctions were lifted under the Obama nuclear deal.

China And France Share The Spoils Of Obama's Diplomacy ....

So of course, the French, who have once again kept a low profile whenever we clash with the nuclear ambitions of rogue states, gets awarded the £3.9bn deal (alongside a Chinese company). What strange bedfellows these arrangements throw up. France, China and Iran marching boldly, arm in arm towards the future.

Dirty Arab War Hots Up

The fierce social media war between Qatar and Saudi Arabia has intensified, with residents of each state attacking each other over the internet... and competing for ways to show loyalty to their own state. Baby naming is one such way e.g. a Saudi national has named his new baby girl 'Al-Saudia' in response to a Kuwaiti father who last week announced that his daughter would be known as 'Qatar.' (noticeably its only girls who can be given stupid names, whereas boys remain as Mohammed's).

But it seems to have gone extra dirty, when this picture started trending around the Arab world ....

Plane At Ben Gurion Airport ....
..... What? You cant see what's so offensive or dirty about this picture?

Days Of The Jackals

In a strange twist on the famous thriller book (and subsequent movie) Day Of The Jackal, a suspected far-right extremist has been charged with plotting to kill French President Emmanuel Macron at the Bastille Day parade later this month.

Day Of The Jackal .... Not Impossible Scenario.

In fact it turns out that this date - which is of course Bastille Day parade and commemorates the start of the French Revolution, and takes place on the Champs-Elysées avenue in Paris on the 14th of each July - is popular for assassination attacks.

Our Friends In The Middle East

The news that Saudi Arabia is alleged to be the biggest exporter of illiberal and bigoted ideologies in to Britain is hardly news at all. In fact it's better described as "olds".

Saudi Influence Is Via Money And Hard-line Ideology.

This is because it's been known for at least a decade (and in all likelihood several decades), that they have been exporting Wahhabi ideology to the rest of the world.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Devilgate Drive

A road in Denham Springs, Louisiana, USA, was the location of a macabre event in August 2016, when a local flood hit the area.

Floaters ..... Of The Worst Kind

17 inches of rain hit the area in just 24 hours, killing four people and causing over 7,000 people to be evacuated in the Baton Rouge area of the state, where a state of emergency was declared.

Religion Rules ... Okay

There are only two countries in the world that actually ban the teaching of the theory of evolution to children  ..... until recently there was only one, Saudi Arabia, where its totally banned and only one Saudi 12th-grade textbook mentions evolution by name. It claims that Charles Darwin has "...denied Allah's creation of humanity" .....

RIP Evolutionary Theory In Turkey And Saudi Arabia ......

.... but now, the increasingly Islamic state of Turkey, has joined it in banning the theory being taught in schools.

Silly Sausages, Road Hogs and Other Shorts

Melania Trump has had a pork sausage created, and named in her honour in her native Slovakia .... nothing more to be said really.

A truck crashed, bursting into flames.outside Dallas on Thursday the 29th of July. Fortunately its cargo, consisting of nearly 200 pigs, took their chances and ran out onto the highway, and thus avoided becoming bacon. It took the highway maintenance workers several hours to round them all up .... they had to then spray them with a water hose to keep them cool until they could be persuaded to get on another transporter.

Road Hogs Cause May-Ham Across The Globe .....

The Texas rush-hour was reduced to total chaos but hog lives were saved .... strangely I recall that something similar to this road hog activity, happened in Hampshire in England in June this year, when Traffic on the M27 motorway in Hampshire, was brought into to a standstill by two runaway pigs from a local farm, causing may-ham to the rush hour traffic.

The World of PC Madness

The world of PC madness has seemingly no bounds for its scope .... take the latest craze of various 'black' pressure groups being formed e.g. Black Lives Matter (UK) .... many of which seem to be the idea of a bunch of rather pampered left wing students, even if they have attracted some less well off black activists.

BLM Thugs Dressed For Aggro ..... Why They Are Not Arrested Is Beyond Me.

Their only aim is seemingly to pick up on supposed issues, and then demand that black people be given more help to be equal in those areas .... this despite the fact that many things are now geared in their favour on the jobs front. But still they feel the need to demand that society bends over even more for them.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Unlucky For Some

A group of Russians from Saint Petersburg, must have thought their luck was in when they found around a billion roubles in an abandoned mine ..... but sadly for the group it was completely worthless, because it was all in old Soviet money.

One Billion Soviet Roubles .... Worthless Now

The group publish a blog on abandoned sites across Russia, came across the money in an old missile silo near Moscow, buried in Russia's Vladimir region, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

One Is A Lonely Number

I was looking around the pub last weekend and suddenly realised that I was stood alone, and that this had become my normal state of socialising for some considerable time.

One Is A Lonely Number .... But More Common These Days?

It was a bit of a shock to realise that I had slowly become a bit of a 'Billy'  (aka 'Billy No Mates'), over the years, and now I had effectively become isolated from my friends and distant family.


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