Friday, 14 July 2017

Profound Thoughts From The Past

I'll leave you this week with the thoughts on the importance of education, by Sergeant Major J Parkinson.

A Thin Red Line Attacks The Russians ...
He was a participant of the Battle of Alma during the Crimea War, when he served her Britannic Majesty Queen Victoria, as a soldier in the 11th Hussars cavalry unit. Part of the Light Brigade of Charge of the Light Brigade fame ... but that was later in the campaign.

No Nearer To God Is He

Nearer to god am I …. Well not quite it seems, even if you are the King of Saudi Arabia. a man who usually likes to have flunkies and flatterers around him at all times.

Saudi King Used To Flunkies

Apparently however there are limits to the flattery …. it appears that one flunky, Ramadan al-Anzi, overstepped the thin divide between Allah, and the King of Saudi Arabia, when he used the terms "Haleem" (forbearing), and "Shadeed al-Eqab", in a piece of prose in his column in the al-Jazirah newspaper

Skewed Social Values

I have fairly often commented on the skewed social values of one group in the Indian Subcontinent (and abroad), but have often ignored another, the Hindu's. However they are not immune to the social backwardness inherent in those societies .e.g human sacrifices to the gods.

Sorcerers Practise Black and White Magic In India .... Some Of It Very Black Indeed.

But in March this year there were some shocking stories. The first was when police in the south Indian state of Karnataka, arrested three people in connection with the "human sacrifice" of a 10-year-old girl. The brother and sister of a paralysed man, with the help of a 17 year accomplice, abducted and murdered the little girl. They did so on the instructions of a "sorcerer" in order to "cure" the paralysed brother. Local residents found the body of the girl inside a bag along with the materials which police believe were used to conduct "black magic" rituals.

The Undiscovered Country

This blog may be cut short from next week.Mainly as I will have to leave the tower of solitude for a very heavy duty life or death hospital operation.

The Tower Of Solitude ... No PC Views Home For Aeons.

Unfortunately this visit not only carries a not inconsiderable risk of at least one blogger visiting that undiscovered country, from whose bourn. No traveller returns, but also the more likely possibility of my not being well enough to post anything next week (Although I may advance post a few standbys just in case).

Friday, 7 July 2017

It Could Have Been Worse and Other Shorts

Trust the perfidious French to take advantage of any situation. Iran has just given out its first oil exploration contracts since sanctions were lifted under the Obama nuclear deal.

China And France Share The Spoils Of Obama's Diplomacy ....

So of course, the French, who have once again kept a low profile whenever we clash with the nuclear ambitions of rogue states, gets awarded the £3.9bn deal (alongside a Chinese company). What strange bedfellows these arrangements throw up. France, China and Iran marching boldly, arm in arm towards the future.

Dirty Arab War Hots Up

The fierce social media war between Qatar and Saudi Arabia has intensified, with residents of each state attacking each other over the internet... and competing for ways to show loyalty to their own state. Baby naming is one such way e.g. a Saudi national has named his new baby girl 'Al-Saudia' in response to a Kuwaiti father who last week announced that his daughter would be known as 'Qatar.' (noticeably its only girls who can be given stupid names, whereas boys remain as Mohammed's).

But it seems to have gone extra dirty, when this picture started trending around the Arab world ....

Plane At Ben Gurion Airport ....
..... What? You cant see what's so offensive or dirty about this picture?

Days Of The Jackals

In a strange twist on the famous thriller book (and subsequent movie) Day Of The Jackal, a suspected far-right extremist has been charged with plotting to kill French President Emmanuel Macron at the Bastille Day parade later this month.

Day Of The Jackal .... Not Impossible Scenario.

In fact it turns out that this date - which is of course Bastille Day parade and commemorates the start of the French Revolution, and takes place on the Champs-Elysées avenue in Paris on the 14th of each July - is popular for assassination attacks.

Our Friends In The Middle East

The news that Saudi Arabia is alleged to be the biggest exporter of illiberal and bigoted ideologies in to Britain is hardly news at all. In fact it's better described as "olds".

Saudi Influence Is Via Money And Hard-line Ideology.

This is because it's been known for at least a decade (and in all likelihood several decades), that they have been exporting Wahhabi ideology to the rest of the world.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Devilgate Drive

A road in Denham Springs, Louisiana, USA, was the location of a macabre event in August 2016, when a local flood hit the area.

Floaters ..... Of The Worst Kind

17 inches of rain hit the area in just 24 hours, killing four people and causing over 7,000 people to be evacuated in the Baton Rouge area of the state, where a state of emergency was declared.

Religion Rules ... Okay

There are only two countries in the world that actually ban the teaching of the theory of evolution to children  ..... until recently there was only one, Saudi Arabia, where its totally banned and only one Saudi 12th-grade textbook mentions evolution by name. It claims that Charles Darwin has "...denied Allah's creation of humanity" .....

RIP Evolutionary Theory In Turkey And Saudi Arabia ......

.... but now, the increasingly Islamic state of Turkey, has joined it in banning the theory being taught in schools.

Silly Sausages, Road Hogs and Other Shorts

Melania Trump has had a pork sausage created, and named in her honour in her native Slovakia .... nothing more to be said really.

A truck crashed, bursting into flames.outside Dallas on Thursday the 29th of July. Fortunately its cargo, consisting of nearly 200 pigs, took their chances and ran out onto the highway, and thus avoided becoming bacon. It took the highway maintenance workers several hours to round them all up .... they had to then spray them with a water hose to keep them cool until they could be persuaded to get on another transporter.

Road Hogs Cause May-Ham Across The Globe .....

The Texas rush-hour was reduced to total chaos but hog lives were saved .... strangely I recall that something similar to this road hog activity, happened in Hampshire in England in June this year, when Traffic on the M27 motorway in Hampshire, was brought into to a standstill by two runaway pigs from a local farm, causing may-ham to the rush hour traffic.

The World of PC Madness

The world of PC madness has seemingly no bounds for its scope .... take the latest craze of various 'black' pressure groups being formed e.g. Black Lives Matter (UK) .... many of which seem to be the idea of a bunch of rather pampered left wing students, even if they have attracted some less well off black activists.

BLM Thugs Dressed For Aggro ..... Why They Are Not Arrested Is Beyond Me.

Their only aim is seemingly to pick up on supposed issues, and then demand that black people be given more help to be equal in those areas .... this despite the fact that many things are now geared in their favour on the jobs front. But still they feel the need to demand that society bends over even more for them.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Unlucky For Some

A group of Russians from Saint Petersburg, must have thought their luck was in when they found around a billion roubles in an abandoned mine ..... but sadly for the group it was completely worthless, because it was all in old Soviet money.

One Billion Soviet Roubles .... Worthless Now

The group publish a blog on abandoned sites across Russia, came across the money in an old missile silo near Moscow, buried in Russia's Vladimir region, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

One Is A Lonely Number

I was looking around the pub last weekend and suddenly realised that I was stood alone, and that this had become my normal state of socialising for some considerable time.

One Is A Lonely Number .... But More Common These Days?

It was a bit of a shock to realise that I had slowly become a bit of a 'Billy'  (aka 'Billy No Mates'), over the years, and now I had effectively become isolated from my friends and distant family.

Seditious Sedition

India generally gets better press in the West and better treatment from this blog, than its mad dog neighbour Pakistan.

India's Sedition Laws Are Misused Again ....

But there are times when it proves to be just as ridiculous as its erstwhile competitor ... Pakistan has long since ceased to compete with India, except it seems in stupidity.

The Right To Live Anywhere?

After the fire at Grefnell Tower a lot of us quite rightly felt sympathy for the survivors.

Grefnell Tower Disaster ....

However it appears that many of the residents were in fact people who had chosen the most expensive and desirable post code in the UK, in which to declare themselves 'homeless' in the first place. They were not native born and bred in the borough, so therefore had deliberately chosen their place of homelessness.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Destroyed By Hollywood

While half watching a very bad movie on the Horror Channel in which Las vegas took a beating from some mystical sword or something .....

The White House Regularly Gets It In The neck ....

This prompted me to think about how Hollywood has destroyed many a city and many of them many times.

Black Magic Muti

Bald men in Mozambique appear to be the targets of ritual attacks, following the recent killing of three bald men for what is thought to be their body parts.

All Bald African Men At Risk ......

Two suspects have been arrested in the central district of Milange, where the killings occurred. Police have said that the risk continues. "The belief is that the head of a bald man contains gold," said a police commander in Mozambique's central Zambezia province.

Kentucky Fried Kapitalism

When Karl Marx talked about the "contradictions of capitalism", which he felt would one day bring the whole rotten system down in favour of a communist system; He believed that this 'economic truth', was also a historical imperative, which couldn't be denied. He no doubt died believing that, but as many others thought at the time, and has been proved right since, it’s the adaptability of capitalism and capitalists, that has proved the stronger of the two systems.

Capitalism after all, is the system of commerce that the human race has naturally adopted, whether it be the early forms of barter and trade, where supply and demand set the values of exchanges e.g. 4 duck eggs for one deer antler etc, right through to the current more sophisticated models, with stocks and shares.

Kentucky Fried Kapitalism Comes To China

In reality, communism was nothing more than an intellectual exercise (like any other socialist 'utopian' systems), that should never have left academia. The millions who have died or suffered under its tyranny are proof of that .... it’s a system that simply has no root in reality, its 'laws' are unreal, based as they are, on a supposition of the human race sharing common aims and goals, when in reality 'greed' and 'sloth' (to over simplify it a lot), are major factors in all human intercourse and endeavour.

No Oil On Troubled Waters

I don't care about Qatar's spat with its neighbours about who supports terrorists. They are all doing it. Saudi Arabia, the chief complainant about Qatar, has long supported the Taliban and other hard-line Salafists and Wahabi radical groups.

Hunting With Falcons A Long Tradition ....
After all, the 9/11 attackers were Saudis, and so was the planner ..... a fact which has been down played far too often.

Friday, 9 June 2017

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

This image from the Canadian NATO representatives (without the flags which I added for clarity), appeared on Social Media, after Russian involvement in the 'civil war' in the Ukraine was confirmed.

Lost In The Ukraine .... Russian Soldiers Need Help.

Apparently there is a new phenomena of social media 'trolling' between nation states embassies, and even via non government websites such as newspapers  ....

Court In A Dilemma

Someone called Sam Stosur (who I have never heard of before), says that some female players may refuse to play on the Margaret Court Arena at next year's Australian female tennis Open.

An Arena Named After Aussie Great Margaret Court

The reason for this is that it's named after a great Australian female tennis champion called Margaret Court (who I had heard of), who has upset the LGBT community. Court won 24 Grand Slam singles tennis championships.

Skid Row LA

The term Skid Row (or Skid Road), originally referred to the path along which timber workers skidded logs, and dates back to the 17th century. When a logger was fired he was "sent down the skid road," and its in the timber region of the pacific Northwest USA that the term also took on its current meaning of the domain of the 'down and outs'.

Shanty Town LA

Los Angeles County (pop 9,818,605 2016), incorporates the city of Los Angeles, and is home to more than one-quarter of California residents. Los Angeles was recently declared 'a city of shanties', when figures showed that there were 44,359 homeless people in Los Angeles County, and 25,686 in the city itself. Some estimates say that more than two-thirds of homeless people are on the streets with no shelter at all, because the weather / climate allows this.

Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough .... Or so the UK Prime Minister has said. But what is enough? Instead of bemoaning the collapse of our will to really address the Islam issues, what could we do?

What's Not To Like About A Religion That Respects Our Values .....

Well lets see:

1. Make terrorism convictions a minimum of 20 years, even if it just 'supporting' terrorism. What is the point of a five year sentence for planning an attack but not succeeding? They are back out on our streets 4 years later, planning again. We have to take them out of the game for a generation.

Vox Populi

Well the people have spoken, and once again plunged the UK into a political crisis. Thus proving again the old Churchill political adage that 'democracy is the worst of all governments except for all the others.' It also shows what divided country we are these days, Brexit, Devolution, Left and Right ... everywhere you look we are a nation divided.

Vox Populi or The Start Of A Revolution In Our System?

Our system of first past the post relies on there being a clear winner, and so to be facing a second coalition or a minority government inside 2 years from the formation of the last one, is something of a shock to our way of getting governments.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Dino Dreams Shattered

There can hardly be one of us (well from the male half of the population), who don't harbour a secret dream about the Jurassic park being true ... that mosquito's trapped in amber will allow us to reconstitute DNA strands of the mighty beasts of yesteryear ... whether that's the Woolly Mammoth or the Tyrannosaurus Rex .... but so far its not happened.

Mammoth Reconstruction Is Still A Dream

Lardy World

2014 was a world fat point ....

.... It was the moment when the number of fat arses in the world reached a new high was reported that global obesity rates among men went up from 3.2% in 1975 to 10.8%, while among women they rose from 6.4 % to 14.9% over that same period.

Fatty World Leaders Are Not Uncommon These Days
..... the number of obese people worldwide had risen from 105 million in 1975 to 641 million in 2014.

Playing The Race Card Too Often

If there is one thing guaranteed to raise the hackles of non-black people, it’s whenever a brown or black person raises the 'race card', at any setback in their lives. It always signifies the appearance of their hands out asking for something, and that other people will have to pay that something to stop the bleating.

So whenever the odd black person gets sacked from work (and that happens far more rarely than it might be appropriate), its often not the legitimate reasons given by employers that's accepted. Such as maybe if the employer is citing their laziness, criminality, inability to do the job, or poor attitude to authority that’s a problem (just as it would be for many others including white people), it’s often claimed by them that's its in fact purely because of the colour of their skin, rather than any failings on their part that they are being sacked.

Playing The Race Card Is Now A Well Practised Tactic ...

Blackwashing History

Writing whites from their own history seems to be a full time profession at some centres of education. For instance Harvard University's "presidential task force on inclusion and belonging" has decreed that part of the lyrics of the 1830's university song "Fair Harvard" are racist, well if nor actually racist, then inappropriate for these PC times. So to that end, the task force, led by black academic Danielle Allen, has launched a competition to find a replacement for the song's ending, which praises the university's puritan heritage: "Be the herald of Light, and the bearer of Love, Till the stock of the Puritans die."

Harvard's Presidential Task Force On Inclusion And Belonging ....

Her justification is the usual crappola that the symbols and mottos of the university had to be appropriate for everyone "regardless of background, identity, religious affiliation or viewpoint". Therefore in her eyes the idea that "the commitment to truth, and to being the bearer of its light, is the special province of those of puritan stock. This is false". Of course this wasn't the first PC nibble at the song, which was changed in 1998, with a reference to "sons" being changed to something more gender neutral ... perhaps 'transgender neutral'?

Friday, 26 May 2017

Sign From Above?

In what many if his supporters would have taken as a divine sign from above if it had happened to a Clinton, a sink hole has opened directly up in front of President Trumps Mar-a-Lago retreat.

Mar-a-Lago Sink Hole - Sign From Above?

As his presidency lurches from one chaotic tweet to another, one has to wonder if this really is an indication of the direction things are going to take.

Oil On Troubled Water

There was a strange story that played out within the backdrop of the 2010 BP oil spillage (and subsequent pillage of that company by the US legal system) ..... it was much reported on outside of the USA. But its leading characters are well known around the western world (in many senses). Steven Baldwin, and Kevin Costner were the two most famous of the characters involved in the tale.

For those of you who have forgotten, the 'Deepwater Horizon' oil spillage of 2010 was an ecological disaster, which has cost the BP oil company nearly $54 billion to-date to settle clean up costs, plus all federal and state claims against it. I am not even sure that this huge amount even stops all the "fictitious" and "absurd" private claims for damages, that have been made in the US courts ....

BP Oil Spill 2010 From Air

While We Looked The Other Way

…… the BBC and other liberal media were much taken by the post murder whitewash of Islam that occurs after each atrocity. You know the drill 'it isn't Muslims .... they have hijacked the religion' .... 'This was not in my name ... I'm the real Muslim'.

The Media's Picture Of The Week ... For Some Reason.

The picture that encapsulated this clean up job was the odd photo of a Muslim man praying with a Jewish woman. How he knew she was Jewish wasn't explained, especially as we are told that we cant racially profile Muslims at airports, security etc.

The Day The Music Died ... Again

Here we go again. Another terrorist attack, and terrible number of deaths. Once again it's a soft target .... children, and once again it's a music venue.

Salman Abedi - Ungrateful Murdering Turd.

This time the children targeted were in the West - but the first time was Christian children in Pakistan (but the Western press have already forgotten that attack).

Friday, 19 May 2017

End Of Civilisation As We Know It

In what must surely herald the end of western civilisation as we know it, a man in Texas is suing a woman he asked out for a date, because she ruined the experience for him. This after he had lashed out a whole £13.30 ($17.31) on two tickets to watch the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 with her.

Bad Cinema Manners

The reason why he alleges that the date had gone wrong, was that she had started texting her friends after the movie started.

Double The Fun

I have long been an advocate of the UK but England in particular, adopting double summer time aka Single/Double Summer Time (SDST).

Even Les Miserable Scots .... Accept That The Sun Is Better Than The Darkness ....

This would mean that instead of the majority of us only seeing daylight from an office window during the week, it would in fact only be on or around the winter solstice that the sun would disappear at 17:30pm.

Dead Standards

The standard of what is acceptable behaviour in the UK has fallen dramatically over the last few decades ... we accept street language which includes the 'F Word' and the 'C Word' on public transport and other shared public events with little or no intervention.

Courtroom Behaviour Is Declining .....Not Just In USA.

But it’s perhaps in the courts where the degrade in behaviour is the most evident.

Suited And Booted Thugs

Once again Turkish government thugs have been caught abusing the hospitality of a foreign country, by beating up peaceful and legal protesters.

Suited And Booted

Last time it was in a public speech forum in the little South American country of Ecuador. This time the shocking scenes of violence were in the United States of America. Its supposed ally ....

Friday, 12 May 2017

Abnormally Normal

Didcot in Oxfordshire England, is not normally a place that makes the news, or that we talk about .....

Didcot - Boring or Normal?

..... and it turns out there is good reason

Urban Uber Myths

The story of Rudolph Fentz is a really great example of urban legends at work. I came across it being perpetuated on a website as recently 23/07/2015, and being attributed as sourced from: However I could find nothing for the story. In fact all they seemed worried about was whether The X Files was islamophobic and transphobic ..... which is about par for the course, for that particular neo-liberal news organ.

Source Of the Urban Legend ...

The basic story, although there are versions that differ slightly, is that in 1950 in Times Square, New York, a man dressed in Victoria-era clothes and with mutton-chop sideburns, suddenly appears out of nowhere. Before he can speak to anybody he is hit by a car and instantly killed. The police search his pockets, and find various antique objects. Some mint condition currency from the 1870s (or old banknotes - depending which version you read), a business card for an address on Fifth Avenue, a copper beer token, and a letter dated June 1876 from Philadelphia. All the documents looked fresh and un-aged, and showed his name was Rudolph Fentz.

Old History Is Old News

We have discussed the phenomena of the world not being as obsessed with the Second World War as the western world would like. In particular the Nazi Party is not the bogeyman that would be the case in Europe and the USA.

Gamba Osaka Fined For Their Fans Flags ...

Further illustrations of this were exhibited this week:

The Sins Of The Father

In a recent study it seems that Arab men are just as religiously 'conservative' as their fathers ... literally.

Gender Inequality - Everyone Agrees Where It Occurs ... Well, Perhaps Not Everyone.

The study by The International Men and Gender Equality in the Middle East and North Africa (IMAGES MENA), found that where their father had been a misogynist, patriarchal pig, then the son also adopted the same views as well. The interviews were undertaken in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and the Palestinian territories (only one of which, Morocco, is comparatively 'liberal') - Lebanon of course has a Shia Muslim population in the South, but Christian North, and this will have impacted its responses. However that said, the study covered 10,000 people, including women.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Woman Bites Dog

In May 2015 a lady from Madison West Virginia USA, named as Audrey Ranch, and apparently a very tough 62 year old, had a fight with her sons American Pitbull named 'Pedro', and not a dog breed you would mess with lightly.

Pitbull Or Mrs Ranch - Which Is More Fearsome?

The fight was over some meat which apparently both her and her son wished to eat and she had told him to leave alone ..... 

Appreciating Cloud Watching

The Scream was painted by Edvard Munch in 1892. There are four versions of the picture, which is Munch's most famous painting but they all share the same psychedelic sky.

Mother of Pearl Clouds ...

Up until now most people thought that this was in the style of Vincent van Gogh's and other post impressionist artists skies, possibly because of the volcanic effects on European weather after the eruption of Krakatoa 1883 produced spectacular red and pink sunsets throughout the world for many months.

How To Bring Up Baby

'A Sisters Role In Jihad' ..... Snappy little blog title isn't it, and sadly one I can't claim credit for. It’s a hand book, or perhaps wartime pamphlet is a better name (given after all the constant fighting of its authors), issued by our friends in the caliphate.

A Sisters Role In Jihad ....

It was issued to all mothers and pregnant women in the Iraqi and Syrian areas controlled by IS, it gives handy tips on the bringing up of future Jihadi warriors and future wives and then mothers of those jihadi warriors.

Hard Left On The Rise

When the BBC discuss politics they always refer to any group not centre right as 'Far-right' e.g. French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, whereas the far left is rarely if ever described that way.

For instance the UK Labour Party is effectively being hijacked by hard left entryism via the Momentum group, but they don't call them 'far left'. Why not?

Momentum's Friendly Public Face ... But Behind The Scenes.

When Militant Tendency tried to take over the Labour Party in the 1980's for the far left, we made no pretence what it might mean. But now the 'Momentum' movement, which is openly a vessel of the far left is doing much the same, the BBC refuses to use the term far left. This despite the fact that Momentum is heavily influenced by members of the Trotskyist group the Alliance for Worker's Liberty ... a far left organisation.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Mysterious Explanations

There are lots of 'mystery' websites on the web, which I find highly entertaining. These usually try to pass certain well known stories or images off as being 'unexplained mysteries', or in some cases proof positive of Aliens / NASA Cover ups / Bigfoot / Conspiracy theories of all sorts etc etc etc.

1964 - Templeton Spaceman Solway Firth UK

They often give you some sort of 'facts' relating to the image or story, which will give you enough to ensure that a cursory investigation appears to prove that this is all a genuine mystery. However, dig a little deeper and the 'mystery' often rapidly disappears. 
Perhaps one of the oldest out there, and therefore most often used, is the so called Solway Spaceman ...

Nothing New Under The Sun

We think of satire as a Western thing .... and certainly not an Islamic idea. However, surprisingly not only has Islam had occasional outbursts of satire, but it was last seen just over a hundred years ago. How different the world was then, especially the Islamic world, which was in the grip of empires. The Russian, British, French and Ottoman Empires controlled the Islamic world, and this allowed some openness of thought by the secularists in the region.

Azerbaijan for example was controlled by Russia from the mid 19th century, and after a brief flourishing of independence after the first world war, was reoccupied by the Communist Russians until the final collapse of the Soviet empire in the 1990's. This spell of control by a non Islamic power gave this crossroads state access to ideas from East and West (and all points in between).

Comparing The Benefits Of Religious versus Secular Education 

Gender Neutral

Recently I was about to use the term 'cheeky monkeys' to describe two workers in the office who regularly take other teams treats without asking. By treats I mean team cakes or sweets etc.

'Cheeky Monkey' No Longer Innocent Expression?

However I had to check my mouth because the workers concerned were Indians. I could therefore be pulled up for using a racial insult, because they are brown skinned ... (actually I would be suspended for then telling someone to f*ck off when they tried to pull me up about 'cheeky monkeys') ... so I said something more 'racially neutral' ... I can't recall what .... probably 'thieving t*ats' ... 😈

Afghani Fun And Games - Swedish Style

I don't know what Julian Assange is worried about. It appears that rape in Sweden is little more serious than a driving offence. This particularly true if you are a foreigner where it's almost a right of passage for Swedish citizenship.

Why do I say all this?

Afghan Fun - Swedish Style - Gang Rape.

Well in yet another example of Western Liberalism gone very very wrong, a Swedish judge had handed out trivial sentences to three rapists.

Friday, 21 April 2017

The Frozen Mr Fox

Following on from the two moose frozen in combat ....This from Germany.

Frozen Fox
The poor creature was pulled from the Danube river in south-western Germany after it fell through thin ice in January 2017 being discovered by a hunter.


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