Sunday, 31 October 2010

A Leap Too Far

Sapolai Yao, the Steeplechase champion of  Papua New Guinea was disqualified from this years Commonwealth Games Steeplechase race ..... he was caught by 50,000 spectators, and a world wide TV audiance, using the nearest pot plant to get over the steeplechase barriers.

First you climb ....

Then  you leap .....
He was just knackered, and frankly I don't remember anything from the rules as they were explained to me at school sports days that specifically prohibited climbing the hurdles .... and in fact the athlete, who stands a little under 4 feet 10 inches tall (1.52metres), somehow, still managed to finish 9th of the 13 runners. This begs the question, 'where were the other four runners while he was erecting the scaffolds?' 

I would give him a medal for ingenuity ....

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Two Faced Hypocrite

Harriet Harman is in my opinion the most detestable woman in British politics .... she was a key player in many of the New Labour Party's most divisive policies, from open Non EU immigration, to unequal 'Equality' measures, but always claimed that her anti-white, anti-male (white) laws were because she was fighting "Racism and Inequality" ..... even if it was all in her left wing PC head.

So she talked the 'equalities talk', and walked the 'equalities' walk while she was in in power ..... she even brought in "Quota" lists for the shadow cabinet .... only gender and skin colour, not abilities will count for the selection of the next possible Labour Government ministers ...

But now, after forcing us to use PC new-speak (under threat of criminal action or sacking if we spoke our minds), she suddenly calls a Scottish Liberal Coalition Minister and MP, Danny Alexander a "Ginger Rodent " ....

Now that's not only an nasty little insult, but an ethnic slur on rodents ...... but of course we can only hold her to a different set of values than she would apply to me or you, or Tory MP's. Of course she later apologised ..... later being the operative word, but then the mud has stuck by then.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

How The Benefit Trap Works ....

Amongst all the rows over who has been most affected by the public sector cuts introduced by this Government there was a couple of nuggets that simply had to be rehashed and mulled over. These were the impact that capping at state benefits at £26,000 (net!) may have on those on long-term welfare claimants.

Now lets start with a few points .... most unemployed benefit claimants don't get much more than the basic benefits, plus housing benefits .... so a man, wife and two children, living in a local authority rented accommodation, in the North West of England, might be on £100.95 (Couple Allowance) + £17.40 (Family Premium) + £115.14 (£57.57 per child) ..... a grand total of £233.49 pw or £12,141.48 pa in benefits plus an average of £84.24 per week in housing benefits paid direct to the landlords. This represents a net income of £16,521.96 pa (the housing benefit element will differ in areas, but the main benefit income will not).

Now in order to 'earn' that amount net, a 'worker' would have to be on a salary of £21,291 pa ..... i.e. a starting salary that is higher than that offered on many non skilled jobs ..... and this is where the 'benefit trap' starts, because in reality no one is going to get up every day, pay for transport etc without being a lot better off, so a salary of at least £500 pw (£26,000 pa) is the realistic figure that would get this particular claimant back to work (but note: If they are in expensive accommodation they may never want to come off welfare benefit payments, which is why housing benefits will be capped at at £400 a week).

For single people the incentive to work is greater as they are on either (£51.85 and £65.45 pw ... under or over age 25).

You, like me, may think that these levels of benefits for people with kids, represent a quite high hurdle against finding work, when they are set above the lower levels of wages currently paid in the UK, so imagine what happens when they have large numbers of children or like Kellie-Ann Cottam, who apparently suffers from a painful disability called Ehlers Danlos syndrome, and needs help to care for her four children (to three different fathers) ..... to maintain the same lifestyle, she said she would need to earn £60,000 (£41,710.40 net) a year to meet her family's needs.

Now let us be honest, she is basically unemployable, she has no skills (psychology graduates litter the lower levels of many offices .... salary around £18k, so no good to her), that could ever give her a career that would give her the £60,000 a year, which she considers to be the reasonable equivalent to living off the back of those of us who have to get to work everyday for a lot less than that.

Through the government's motability scheme she has also been given a specially adapted people carrier for herself and her children, who are aged between seven months and 14 years of age, oh, and she also gets free prescriptions, school meals for the children and free trips to the dentist and the optician .... she has been on the Benefit System for ten years, so she has managed to have relationships that produced at least two children, but somehow not ever managed to come off welfare payments.

She in fact epitomises all that's wrong with the benefits system .... "I am so grateful for the benefits system, I don't have a husband, I don't have a breadwinner - the state is my breadwinner," she said. Well I didn't get asked if I wanted to be her and her broods 'breadwinner', and nor did anyone else ..... still in all fairness this lady has admitted that the 'Benefit Trap' exists for her and that shes in it, and she has tried to launch a self help scheme called “Challenge Britain” to try to end people’s reliance on handouts ...... presumably not for herself though.

Final word on this benefit system to a woman from Grimsby ... A pub regular called Amanda said: "Don't cut the benefits for the people who are really, really struggling. I don't think it's fair - we are struggling enough as it is. I live on £174 a fortnight and it's not fair." ....... the keys to this statement is that the interview was 'lunchtime' in the pub where 'Amanda' was 'a pub regular' ..... and she thinks she is 'really struggling'.

She should read the diary of an unemployed family from living in York in 1910, where a Mr Nevinson was having a very hard time..... if he didn't find a job, he and his family didn't eat. From his diary its apparent that the family were only eating about a third of the calories they needed.

"Up at five, walked round and round the town until 12. Nothing doing anywhere, so I was fairly sick of walking about. No breakfast, no tea and no supper. Went to bed around 7.30."

The Watsons - Victorian Poor
The diaries reveal that in one week the family had just tea and bread for most meals. Occasionally they could afford margarine or jam as well. Sundays seemed plentiful in comparison.

  • Breakfast - Tea, bread and margarine
  • Dinner - Tea, bread and margarine
  • Supper - Tea, bread
  • Breakfast -Tea, bread and jam
  • Dinner - Tea, 3 stale buns
  • Supper - Tea, bread
  • Breakfast - Tea, kippers, bread
  • Dinner - three pennyworth of meat pieces boiled with potatoes
  • Tea - bread and margarine, onions

PS: If you agree with me that the "Benefit Trap" has to be addressed, before Britain can ever tackle the welfare culture, then email this article or a link to your MP or your representative in Congress (the problem is the same in much of the US) .... China, India and Brazil don't have this problem, and people work.  

True Democracy

US dollar notes to be phased out? In vaults across the country, the US government is building a stockpile of $1 coins. The hoard has topped $1.1bn an amount that if stacked would reach almost seven times higher than the International Space Station, and the piles have grown so large the US Federal Reserve is running out of storage space. The reason for this is that use of the $1 coin instead of a note could save the US $700m per year ..... however this plan to replace the dollar note has met opposition .... the people, who when allowed a choice do not readily surrender the tried and trusted.

The US public just keep using the notes and ignoring the new dollar coins, but then the US is a nearly true democracy, in that the federal goverment can rarely just force laws on people. So just like the Greeks, who were nearly 80% against joining the Euro currency (maybe they sensed the disaster that this would allow), but were forced without a vote to do so, so the US public keeps using dollar bills instead of the unwanted coins ..... there's a lesson for governments of all persuasions here ... let us vote properly on all these issues .... immigration, law and order, and any other of the issues that have been hijacked by narrow interest pressure groups, and which are causing massive discontent in the majority, whose opinions are just ignored.

Democracy is meant to be the will of the majority, not the tail wagging the dog, which is what we get in Europe these days.

Another Day, Another Dollar ....... Stolen

Corruption is the biggest handicap to development in the third world  ...... the scale of it is mind blowing, and I have touched on it before, but occasionally I am still reminded of how massive it can be.

Equatorial Guinea President, Teodor Obiang Nguema is as bad as any dictator on the continent .... in fact he may well be the most corrupt of them all, and that's some claim considering the opposition. Equatorial Guinea's vast earnings from oil and gas should give its population of 600,000 people a theoretical income of $37,000 a year each ..... but most Equatorial Guineans live in absolute poverty, even after 15 years of plentiful oil production. Billions, and Billions of dollars have simply been appropriated by the President and his cronies.

In 2004, a US Senate investigation discovered that Mr Obiang, and members of his family, were the signatories to accounts at Riggs Bank in the US which had received millions of dollars in revenues from the central African country's oil wells.

The Face of Corruption

Of course he likes to keep it in the family ...... Obiang Mangue, often called 'Teodorin', is his son and potential successor to the dictator. An investigation, led by the Justice Department and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), identified a list of Teodorin's American assets. They include an estate in Malibu , which sits on sixteen acres of land and boasts a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a four-hole golf course. Teodorin paid $35 million in cash for the property three years ago. He also owns a $33.8 million Gulf Stream V private jet, millions of dollars worth of sports cars, and at least two luxury boats, and has used money laundered through shell corporations to finance his American shopping sprees, according to the documents.

'Teodorin' shows off what corruption buys an ugly man.

A Justice Department memorandum from September of 2007 noted that Teodorin's salary as Minister of the Agriculture and Forestry paid only $5,000 per month. “It is suspected that a large portion of Teodoro Nguema OBIANG's assets have originated from extortion, theft of public funds, or other corrupt conduct,” said the document, which also detailed how between 2005 and 2007 Teodorin had funneled into the United States at least $75 million — nearly twice the amount allocated by Equatorial Guinea for its yearly national education budget.

Oddly his jaunts across the US (and France) are unaffected by the 2004, George W. Bush Presidential Proclamation 7750, which barred corrupt foreign officials from entering the United States and ordered the State Department to compile a list of banned individuals. Three years later Congress approved a complementary measure that said the State Department should take special heed to bar officials when there was “credible evidence” to believe they were involved the theft of natural resources revenues.

Its not as though he is sneaking about .... and he has been investigated and the London-based Global Witness  organisation has shown that an extensive federal investigation of Obiang Mangue was underway few years ago. Global Witness's report on the U.S. investigation into Obiang Mangue is available here .

France has occasionally shown some interest in prosecuting the numerous dictators who own chalets etc inside its borders, but the process has been at best stuttering, and at worst, suggestive that corruption isn't just an issue in Africa ..... If we aid the corrupt in moving billions of stolen dollars out of Africa and Asia, then we are as guilty as they are, and have no room to wag fingers at them for allowing it to flourish.

Update 26/10/2011: The US and France are taking action against Mr Obiang, and members of his family ... read more here

Monday, 18 October 2010

Nigerians Do What They Are World Beaters At .....

By some strange quirk of fate, immediately after I blogged on the countries 50yrs of achievements, Nigerians excelled in their national pastimes of corruption, cheating, and drug dealing ..... and all in connection to sports events.

At the Commonwealth Games, three Nigerian 'athletes' failed drug tests ..... To lose one athlete to a drugs test, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two looks like carelessness, but three 'smack's of an epidemic of drug taking in the camp.

And in the bidding of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, a Nigerian FIFA executive committee member, and President of the West African Football Union, Amos Adamu, said he wanted $800,000 (£500,000) to build four artificial football pitches ..... maybe a bit unorthodox maybe, but laudable aims eh?..... however he said it was a 'private' project and he wanted the cash paid 'directly' to him ..... Hmm.

Would You Buy A World Cup from This Man?

If corruption, incompetence and criminality were Olympic events, Nigeria would be hard to beat ....

Monday, 11 October 2010

Civil Service Cuts - Your Joking .....

In October a 'Public Spending Review' is meant to 'slash wasteful expenditure' in the Civil Service etc especially on the IT projects, which are very expensive in the 'Public Sector'.... it's not going to work, and I will illustrate why.

A mole in the local civil service I.T. development centre, informs me of all the waste and scams (which often leave them open mouthed) they come across, and its on the other side of 'a joke'. I was aware of these scenarios myself, as I had left the public sector over a decade ago, but theirs is a more recent account.

Before I can start exposing the lengths they go to to avoid reform or work, I need to first give a few brief technical terms of explanation:
  • BA - Business Analyst - A specialist business user, who analyses, defines, documents, and propose solutions for large and/or complex business areas and prepares functional specifications of what the business want from an application or piece of software to be developed.
  • PM - Project Manager - A manager, usually but not always from the business who co-ordinates all the work activities required to produce and deliver the required application or piece of software to be developed.
  • Other - System Testers, System Analysts, Programmers / Developers, Project Office Management (POM) - other roles - some of which would normally come from within the business, but may come from contract workers e.g. System Analysts,and Programmers / Developers would be contracted in if there were not enough within the business - however the lead in each role should be business provided.
Now we come to the Civil Service I.T. sector .... my mole works on a high profile government project, for one of the major government departments .... as a contractor of course.

The mole reports that :-
  • In the face of the department facing 20% to 25% budget cuts it has been busy extending all the contracts until next year, AND recruiting more contractors - apparently this so that they can then 'sack' all these additional contractors, and thus tell the government minister that they have made 20% to 25% budget cuts without actually cutting anything.
  • On most of the projects, the Civil service is, through lack of anyone capable, unable to provide even BA's .... so the departments application requirements and development decisions are created by private contractors, who are not specialists of that departments needs.
  • This complete lack of Civil Service talents or skills, even extends to not being able to staff the POM - a series of roles which are simply handling paperwork sign off, library functions, time-sheets etc .... very basic administration skills.
  • When they tried to use Civil Servants on project tasks, the project immediately fell into arrears and chaos because they were totally incapable of performing any of the tasks - they were replaced with contractors, at four times the costs.
  • The contractors are all provided by just one supplier, so its more expensive than the going rate for the same roles in private industry .... also its effectively a closed list of the same faces moving around the sites.
  • The mole reports that you can usually spot the Civil Servant desks on site because there are rows of empty desks come 3 pm - they are also the ones who organise round after round of 'meetings' which perform no function other than to stop the civil servant organiser from actually having to do any work. 
Finally the mole told me a story which sums up why the Civil Service is never going to be reformed - recently, in anticipation of the 'cuts' the contractors have been shadowed by a Civil Servant who is to take over from them ..... what a laugh.

The 'shadow' assigned to the 'mole', came in on the Monday and was unhappy with their desk location (it was in the centre where the computer screen could be seen by everyone - so misuse i.e. cruising the Internet all day would be spotted) and went off sick for three days.  When the 'shadow' turned up again at 09:30am on the Thursday, they refused to listen to what the 'mole' was trying to tell them, and kept trying to query old 'signed off' work, instead off dealing with current matters, then they went home at 3pm .... on the Friday they sat with the 'mole' until 11:20am when they announced they were going on an early lunch.  'Mole' asked if they would be back at 12:20pm and was told not until 2pm - the 'mole' finally reported that the 'shadow' failed to turn up at 2pm and had gone home - they had said that they had 'done their weekly hours and had taken 'flexi time' for the afternoon.

And this shambles is why the Civil Service can't run or deliver any I.T. projects - they have lost any skill base for even the most basic of the functions required to run or deliver a body of I.T. work (the destruction of ITSA, its own IT department was the initial cause of this).

But more pertinently, they have in many project areas, largely lost any culture of work ethic or responsibility, and that's the most damaging loss of them all .....    

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Dancing Cabin Crew

A well publicised story, but still funny ..... the Philippine budget airline Cebu has introduced dancing air stewardesses to give the safety demonstrations.

This is to make them 'interesting' ........ But in these PC times we live in, it meant that they had to make the 'Boys' do it as well ........ Hmm!

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Now I am collector (or 'hoarder' as one ex girlfriend said) .... I like old coins, because when you handle them, you know that they were handled by human beings when they were minted until they were lost.  I have coins (in reasonable condition) going back the the Pre-Roman, Greek Empire and Macedonian conquest  periods ..... running through Roman, Medieval, English Civil war and up to late British Empire dates.  It's a cheapish way of owning a bit of history ......

Anyway, imagine my envy at the find by a metal detectorist in the UK of this ....

A Roman Cavalryman's ceremonial helmet ..... worn as an award for skill or bravery and possibly silvered (although that's gone if it ever existed)

It sold after an anonymous phone bidder bought it for £2m...... which I hope is still in the UK (I certainly would block its export if I was the secretary of state involved).

I heard a radio presenter query why anyone would want to buy this outside of a Museum ...... he has no collectors soul. If I had won the Euro lottery £112m (its not been claimed yet, and I haven't checked my ticket yet LOL), I would buy this and not even blink, its beautiful!

Ah well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I find it hard to imagine how anyone can't see the magic in this mask!

Complete Silence .... How Strange.

When an American pastor threatened to burn a copy of the Quran, all of the Muslim world went loco (as usual), with protests and mobs, and burnings .... and also as usual in a 'peaceful Muslim protest', a few protesters died.

Another Peaceful Protest - five died

On the 8th October a Mosque was blown up in Afghanistan in another one of the never ending series of suicide bomber attacks that Muslim do to each other (to prove how superior their civilisation is over the rest of us who don't murder and maim to promote our 'religion of peace'). 

Mosque Bombed - Quran's destroyed 

Now correct me if I am wrong, but every time a Mosque is bombed .... and there have been literally thousands upon thousands of Islamic religious terrorist attacks since "9/11" alone, then are not copies of the Quran blown up, burnt, covered in Human remains and generally 'disrespected'?

Another Mosque destroyed by Muslims

But not one word of protest about all those Qurans being disrespected from Iran, or those Imams who led mobs on to the street of Pakistan ..... I don't understand, are Muslims only bothered if Non-Muslims damage Qurans, but don't care when other Muslims cover them in blood?

Mosque Bombed - many killed and injured - Qurans despoiled

Could there be double standards here? I hope not, because our dumbass politicians don't seem to get it .... they never ask Muslims why they say nothing about Mosque bombings by Muslim?

I  just thought I would ask ....

A Real Hero .....

Staff Sergeant Salvatore "Sal" Giunta is a brave man ..... he's the first living recipient of the Medal of Honor (The US's highest military award), since the Vietnam war. He is cited for saving members of his squad in October 2007 while fighting in the war in Afghanistan.

In October 2007, Giunta's eight-man squad was moving along a wooded ridge-line in the Korangal valley  when at least a dozen Taliban fighters mounted an ambush that was coordinated from three sides at such close range that close air support could not be provided to Giunta's unit. Sergeant Josh Brennan, who was walking point, suffered at least 6 gunshot wounds. Giunta, then a specialist, was the fourth soldier back and was shot in the chest but was saved by his ballistic vest.

Another bullet destroyed a weapon slung over his back. Moving, firing and throwing hand grenades, Giunta advanced up the trail to assist Staff Sergeant Erick Gallardo and, later, Specialist Franklin Eckrode, whose M249 machine gun had jammed and who was badly wounded. Continuing up the trail, Giunta saw two Taliban fighters, one of whom was Mohammad Tali (considered a high-value target), dragging Brennan down the hillside and towards the forest. Giunta attacked the insurgents with his M4 carbine, killing Tali, and ran to Brennan to provide cover and comfort until relief arrived.

"I ran through fire to see what was going on with him and maybe we could hide behind the same rock and shoot together ... He was still conscious. He was breathing. He was asking for morphine. I said, "You'll get out and tell your hero stories," and he was like, "I will, I will." ..... sadly Brennan died receiving medical treatment. But according to his father, Michael Brennan, "not only did [Giunta] save [my son] Josh ... He really saved half of the platoon."

Why we are fighting in Afghanistan with one hand behind our back is because the 'human rights lawyers' have set the rules of engagement  in order to get brave men killed, and give the scum 'human rights' if they are captured...... they wouldn't last 30 seconds out there where the bullets fly.

We should salute those brave men and women who risk everything on behalf of the desk warriors of the left who do everything to make sure that they fail.  Yesterday another brave soul was killed after being taken hostage by the Taliban, she was called Linda Norgrove and was an aid worker. She had been taken 'hostage' by people she had been helping, and when US forces were close to rescuing  her, she was killed in the fighting (possibly by a grenade thrown by the allies, although reports are somewhat confused).
Linda Norgrove - aid worker
Meanwhile in Iraq, the murderers of five british military policeman have been freed by an Iraqi court because of 'lack of evidence', its believed that two accused are politically 'connected' to a local warlord/politician and are effectively untouchable in the legal system we have installed in 'democratic' Iraq.

Murdered Military Policemen
If we capture any of them, and then try to prosecute them over here, they have been briefed to claim mistreatment, torture, rant in court and generally play to the world Muslim population, who all too readily believe any shit put in front of them, as long as it includes the idea that they are under attack. There are lawyers in the West falling over themselves to prosecute soldiers like "Sal" Giunta for 'human rights abuses'.... we are the authors of our own downfall.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The House That Money Built

Princes and Princesses of the Royal House of Saud have long had a reputation for violence towards us 'mere mortals', as well as hypocrisy over their 'religiousness'. For the record there are about *22,000 royals in Saudi Arabia, with about 7,000 classed as Princes — making the ratio of about 1 royal per 1,000 non-royals, and with total control over the media, this means what happens abroad stays abroad.

But as they don't yet control the western press, we can still follow their global indiscretions with some glee:

A Saudi Prince, Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud, is currently on trial at a court in Oxford for the murder and homosexual sexual molestation of his servant Bandar Abdulaziz, in the Landmark Hotel, central London, on 15 February.

Of course Homosexuality is 'Haram' in Islam, so the fact that he's been accused of doing this is probably considered far worse than merely murdering a servant, which as I will illustrate below is hardly that unusual for members of the House of Saud, or indeed for the other 'Princes' and 'Princesses' of that region.

Of course they are only two or three generations away from being the desert scavengers and brigands that Lawrence of Arabia incited to fight the Turks in the First World War, but even so you might expect that unlimited amounts of money might have civilised them.

But no, they continue to act like their ancestors ..... with a litany of crimes around the world, and here's just the 'Princesses' to start with:

  • In 1995, a Saudi princess, Princess Maha al-Sudairi, wife of the heir to the throne, was accused of beating a servant in Orange County whom she suspected of stealing $200,000 from her.
  • Princess Buniah al-Saud, a 41-year-old niece of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd, was charged with beating a maid in Florida in December 2001.
Notice that princess Maha al-Sudairi on the right doesn't
cover her face outside of Saudi Arabia.

  • In February 2001, another Saudi royal, Princess Hind al-Fassi, was found guilty in absentia by an Egyptian court of not paying for more than $1m worth of jewellery from a Cairo jewellery shop.

  • Again, none of that face covering nonsense ....

  • US congressional reports suggested that two of the hijackers involved in the 11 September attacks on the United States received $3,500 a month from two students in the United States via an account in the name of Princess Haifa al-Faisal, the Saudi ambassador's wife..... denied by Nail al-Jubeir, an aide to Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler Crown Prince Abdullah who said "the money did not come directly from the princess" ..... hmm, hardly ringing eh, just 'not directly' from her account?
  • Maha al-Sudairi, the wife of the Saudi interior minister was forced to pay more than $120,000 (85,700 euros; £72,800) to one store, according to its lawyer. It came after a court order was issued allowing the seizure of her belongings, following her refusal to pay the clothing chain, Key Largo for goods she had taken away. The shop's lawyer, Jacky Benazerah, said repeated demands for payment had been ignored and described the settlement as a relief.
  • A Saudi Arabian princess who had an illegitimate child with a British man has been granted asylum in the UK because she would be stoned to death if she went home. She met her English boyfriend - who is not a Muslim - during a visit to London. British diplomats believe that to openly acknowledge the secret asylum case would in effect be to highlight the persecution of women in Saudi Arabia.
And some of the Princes are just as bad ....
  • In 2002 Prince Nayef Bin Sultan Bin Fawwaz Al-Shaalan, was wanted by US drug enforcement agents on charges of smuggling cocaine from Venezuela to France.
  • A  United States judge ordered the Saudi Arabian royal family to pay $216m to the estranged wife of a dead man related to them by marriage. They had just ignored the courts earlier decisions.
  • Prince Sultan bin Turki bin Abdel-Aziz has accused his government of kidnapping him in Switzerland after he spoke out in favour of reform in Saudi Arabia.
  • Arab prince, Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al-Nahyan - cleared of torturing and beating a businessman with assistance from his employees by a Saudi 'Court', this despite the whole episode being filmed and released onto the Internet.

As I have mentioned already, money doesn't buy class, and in the Saudis case, not even much honesty it seems.


Since I wrote this post, Princess Maha al-Sudairi has been a very naughty girl, again, and again and well, again ..... In June 2009, she claimed diplomatic immunity in France after amassing £15 million in unpaid shopping bills, including £60,000 on designer lingerie alone. In 2010 she was once again bailed out by her oil-rich government after she ordered £18,000 worth of glassware and silverware from a Paris store. In 2012, Paris’s Key Largo leisure wear store, said the princess and her relatives had more than £100,000 worth of their stock which hadn't been paid for (although some reports suggested that she had settled with the store after bailiffs turned up at her hotel).

French newspapers report up to 30 of Paris’s most exclusive retailers have fallen foul of her bouncing credit notes in the last few years. Her latest wheeze is that she and her 60 strong retinue tried to dodge paying a hotel bill of £5million, by doing a moonlight flit in a fleet of limousines from the exclusive Shangri-La hotel in Paris. Naturally she was caught, but once again claimed diplomatic immunity to avoid the consequences.

The truth is that she is an inveterate fraudster, and the European and US authorities should ban her and her retinue from entering our borders, as being an undesirable alien. She is a criminal, not a 'diplomat' and the Saudis should have it made very clear to them that this litany of crime is not acceptable, and that her diplomatic credentials will no longer be accepted.

The Emir of Qatar has put her and her vast retinue of servants up in the equally exclusive Royal Monceau hotel, while this latest 'misunderstanding' is settled. You do have to wonder though why, with this record of fraud, she is still granted goods and services without payment in France ... greedy retailers has to be a factor.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the gay Saudi Prince, Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud (from the top of the story), was jailed for life (with a minimum term of 20 years) at the Old Bailey for the beating, biting, strangulation and murder of his African boyfriend / servant. They had been drinking champagne and 'sex on the beach' cocktails.

Even more disgustingly, he will be eligible to seek asylum in the UK upon release, because homosexuality is punishable by death in his home country .... they are beyond help as a religion and civilisation.

A Few More:

  • In Dec 2013 Princess Meshael Alayban was arrested and faced 12 years in prison on human-trafficking charges, before posting bail fit for a princess of $5 million. She is one of the six wives of Saudi Prince Abdulrahman bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz al Saud, a grandson of King Abdullah. She lives in Saudi Arabia but keeps a vacation home in Irvine Florida. Outcome not known.
  • In September 2012 Princess Sara bint Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, also known as the 'Barbie' princess because of her privileged upbringing, said she faced persecution by some family members and some of Saudi Arabia's authorities, and applied for political asylum in the UK. Outcome not known. 

  • In March 2012 it was reported that Princess Salwa Bint Nassir Bin Abdulrahman Al Thnayan, Princes Fahad Bin Khaled Al-Saud, Faysal Bin Khaled Al-Saud and Mohammed Bin Khaled Bin Faisal Al- Saud, and Princess Sara Bint Khaled Al-Saud were all trying to sue hotel group Wyndham Worldwide Corp for jewellery and cash worth a total of 10.2 million pounds ($16 million) that they alleged was stolen during a 2010 visit to London. They used a room safe to store this (rather than the hotel safety deposit boxes), and they didn't bother to take out any insurance because she 'relied on the hotel’s five-star status to ensure safety' .... the party had the hotel issue 144 new or duplicate keys during their stay because they lost so many keys (and so much for security) .... outcome not known. 
  • On King Abdullah himself was involved in the misbehaviour. According to the televised testimony of princess Anoud al Fayez, one of the 89-year-old-monarch’s 20-odd ex-wives, the couple’s four daughters (now in their 30s and 40s), have spent the past 13 years locked under virtual house arrest in the royal palace compound in Jeddah.
  • Saudi newspapers in December 2013 announced that another unnamed prince would be executed, following the rejection of an offer of blood money from the family of a man he had killed.
  •  Other strange affairs include the mysterious death of one royal prince in Miami in 1959 (following a rumoured sex-change operation), and the assassination of King Faisal in 1975 by his own nephew.

Another Two or Three:

  • Prince Turki II bin Abdulaziz Al Saud experienced controversy surrounding the death of his wife Hind al Fassi in August 2010. Her brother Allal al Fassi accused his brother-in-law, Prince Turki as well as his nephew and niece of killing his sister with a drug overdose. He submitted a report to the general attorney and then, disappeared for 24 hours and reappeared after the medical report proved that there was nothing wrong in her system, leading to the withdrawal of all his accusations to his brother in law.
  •  Prince Turki's son, Abdul Rahman, sued his uncle Allal al Fassi claiming that he beat him and his father in the hospital where his mother died.
  • Sheik Walid Juffali, a 60 year old Saudi billionaire worth around £4 billion, is reported to have divorced his wife, ex-model Christina Estrada, who is aged 53, in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately he forgot to mention it to her, and although he claims that he is paying £70,700 pcm 'maintenance' and expenses for their daughters upbringing, it isnt deemed enough. However she wasn't a happy bunny and filed for more money in the London High court. She claimed that she can get no justice in Saudi Arabia ... he has claimed 'Diplomatic immunity' against her claim .... the case was settled in 2016 with a £75 million award to his ex-wife. He died a month later.    

... And More:

  • In October 2015, Saudi prince Abdel Mohsen Bin Walid Bin Abdulaziz and four associates were caught at the Beirut airport attempting to carry “two tons of Captagon pills” into Saudi Arabia, as well as a quantity of cocaine. Captagon is the brand name for fenethylline, a combination of the stimulants amphetamine and theophylline. Sources in the Middle East say Captagon is fuelling fighters on both sides of Syria’s bloody civil war.
  • Monsour Alshammari (who is related to Saudi royalty), was apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border attempting to flee the country to escape prosecution on rape charges in Utah.
  • Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, a son of the late King Abdullah faced claims and lawsuits following a series of parties he held in a rented Beverly Hills Mansion between September 21 and September 22 in 2015. Its claimed that cocaine was used, alcohol was consumed and female escorts were brought in for the prince. Three women employees claim to have seen the royal having his penis 'stroked' by a male aide and that they were forced to stay in the room until it finished. Prince Majed was arrested and accused of forced oral copulation of an adult after neighbors spotted crying and bleeding woman but felony charges against Al Saud (left) were dropped by the Los Angeles District Attorney. However prosecutors can now bring misdemeanour charges against him, and lawsuits by 3 women were started ... he was allowed to leave LAPD custody after posting a $300,000 bond. Its believed he then left the USA. He apparently summed up the whole families view of the world, when he shouted at an American woman employee ...'You're not a woman, you are a nobody! I'm a prince and I will do what I want and nobody will do anything to me!'

Latest Naughty Girl:

  • September 26th - Paris France. An interior decorator calls by appointment to a posh apartment in Avenue Foch near the Arc De Triomphe. He is expecting to be asked to do some remodelling work and so after being let in he starts taking photographs for the work. However after he taken some shots the apartment owner Princess Hassa - the daughter of King Salman of Saudi Arabia - arrives, and takes offence at his taking photographs. She apparently suspected the 52 year old man wanted to sell them to the media. 
The decorator claims that she then ordered her bodyguard to kill him, saying that "You have to kill this dog, he doesn't deserve to live". Perhaps wisely, given subsequent events the bodyguard chooses not to kill the decorator, but instead beats him up, binds his feet and hands, and then forced him to kiss her feet as an apology. He is only released after 4 hours, and told never to return ... he goes to the police who try to arrest the 'princess'. 
 She invokes 'diplomatic immunity' and flees back to Saudi Arabia, leaving behind her aide/bodyguard, who being afforded no such protection is arrested, and put under investigation for firearm offences and kidnapping.  Ninety years ago she would have been trekking from waterhole to waterhole carrying a tent .... they haven't changed much at all.   

October 2016:
  • SAUDI prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir has been executed after he was found guilty of shooting dead a man he had just been involved in a punch-up with. Apparently, after the fist fight he and his followers had gone and got guns, and he blasted Adel al-Mohaimeed to death in the subsequent firefight back in 2012. It is one of the few times a ruling family member has been executed in Saudi Arabia, after it was believed that the family of the dead man refused the offer of blood money compensation to spare the princes life and drop the charges.
  • It was a busy month in Arabia, as yet another Saudi Prince was been in trouble with the law. He was allegedly flogged over an undisclosed crime,according to the daily newspaper Okaz. It reported that the prince was flogged in a prison in the Red Sea city of Jeddah on Monday the 31st of October. It did not elaborate on the crime, nor did it name the royal from the kingdom’s Al Saud family. As expected, Saudi state media did not report anything on the alleged flogging.
  • 2017: In the last two years, its been reported by the BBC that three Saudi princes living in Europe, all critical of the Saudi government have disappeared. Its believed that all were abducted and flown back to Saudi Arabia … where nothing further has been heard from them.
  • 2017: Lots of Princes arrested in anti-corruption crackdown .... most were released after paying 'fines' aka ransom money to the government.
  • 2017: The Dhaka Tribune reported that Saudi Princess Amira Bint Aidan Bin Nayef (the very pretty one on this link), gave an interview to French newspaper Le Monde. In it she stated that slavery is still being practised in the Kingdom by members of the Royal Family. That the practice of buying and renting the children, especially the orphans, from countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Djibouti, Somalia, Nigeria, Romania and Bulgaria for sex slaves was permitted. The city of Jeddah held a slave market with the children becoming the property of those who buy them and are not allowed to leave without permission .... Trafficking of white women and exploiting them for sexual practices is also relatively common.
January - March 2018
  • Saudi authorities have arrested 11 princes for holding a protest at a royal palace in the capital Riyadh. They were apparently angered by the government's decision to stop paying the water and energy bills of royals. They also demanded compensation after one of their cousins was handed the death sentence for an unspecified crime. As usual those involved have not been named.
  • Princess, Hassa bint Salman, is the daughter of King Salman, the Saudi monarch, and the half sister of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ~ A French judge ordered her arrest in December 2017 (but it was only disclosed to the press in March 2018), related to allegations that she ordered her bodyguard to hit a plumber working in her Paris apartment. The incident detailed in the warrant occurred almost 18 months ago in Princess Hassa’s Paris apartment. The plumber said he had taken a photograph or photographs with his cellphone so he could place the furniture back where it had been before he began his work.
More Here:

Naughty Saudi Royals


Just for information on whippings - In Saudi Arabia whippings are undertaken using many devices, including wooden lathes and metal cables (to increase the agony of the recipient). Traditionally the maximum lashes that could be prescribed was 100 and without the full force of the arm, which couldn't be extended above their waists. All this for only for 3 specific crimes (Adultery, Libel, and Drinking Alcohol). However in recent times under Wahhabi influence, these traditional restrictions are now ignored, with whipping sentences for many many offences, and the lashes in some cases ordered in the thousands (4,750 in the case of a Jeddah man accused of sexual relations with his sister-in-law in 2002).

* Figures vary on Royal Family membership: The Economist puts the figures as 15,000 living highnesses and royal highnesses, but others suggest a higher figure. These figures all include members of cadet branches i.e. those who can't inherit the title. The vast royal welfare program has cost the country a fortune - the last known figures are for November 1996 where it was reported that, ignoring the money gained via illegal land confiscations, and not paying loans taken from Saudi banks (all practises that many princes have reportedly used to supplement their state pensions), the state princes pension system was costing the Saudi's from about $800 a month for “the lowliest member of the most remote branch of the family” to $200,000-$270,000 a month for one of the surviving sons of Abdul-Aziz Ibn Saud. Grandchildren received around $27,000 a month, and Great-grandchildren received about $13,000, and great-great- grandchildren $8,000 a month - with 15,000 living highnesses and royal highnesses that's money on a scale no other country would tolerate. With bonus payments available for marriage and palace building, its estimated that the whole system cost the country some $2 billion a year, which had an annual budget of $40 billion back in 1996. Twenty years later the costs must be considerably more.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Fifty Years Of Independance?

Apparently, its fifty years since the independence of Nigeria. According to some, its been a very good thing, and Nigeria has boomed in those fifty years.

  • Average life expectancy up a whopping 10 years from 38 to 48 ...(wow! .... I'd be dead in Nigeria).
  • Infant Mortality down from 165 to 98 per 1000 births.
  • Average births per female down from 6, to 5.
  • Number of doctors per 1,000 up from  0.017148 to 0.40.

However looked at another way, Nigeria remains one of the worst performing countries in the world even on these measures of 'success'. I might add that outside of these official measures of success, Nigeria is also renowned for its total corruption, Internet scams, and racial and religious genocides (Remember Biafra?).

I blame us British for some of this failure. We should have split Nigeria into two countries for independence: A Muslim Northern state (which could retreated into ignorance and backwardness by itself - widespread suspicions over Western morals in schools, mean that girls in northern Nigeria rarely go to school), and a Christian / Animist Southern one, which might have made some progress.

Instead, we hitched separate tribes, languages, and religions together, and hoped to 'make a country'  out of this hodgepodge. Instead we got, well a mess. But there our blame ends, the incompetence and corruption they created all for themselves ....  It's estimated that in Nigeria, more than $400 billion was stolen from the state treasury by Nigeria's leaders between 1960 and 1999.

It is interesting to note that Indonesia is also celebrating fifty years of independence ..... they started from around the same base level of measurements, but look at the figures now.

Nigeria and Indonesia compared:

Life expectancy
  • Nigeria: Men, 47. Women, 48
  • Indonesia: Men, 69. Women, 73

Gross national income, per capita
  • Nigeria: $1,160
  • Indonesia: $2,010

Gross domestic product
  • Nigeria: $207.12 billion (mostly oil revenue)
  • Indonesia: $510.73 billion

Population below poverty line
  • Nigeria: 70%
  • Indonesia: 17.8% 
Tells you everything about both Africa and Africans ......    


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