Friday, 26 February 2016

Fed Up With Everything

These are a few shorts ... linked by themes to earlier posts.

American Thunderbirds

A while ago I wrote about American Thunderbirds (amongst other creatures), being apparently killed and photographed during the US Civil War. I duly posted some pictures (which I had cleaned a little bit), but remarked that one was an admitted fake, while another was very similar and that was obviously a fake, and finally one that, if not a fake, was just a trick of the light and backdrop causing it to look like something other than what is was, which was a vulture.

Another Thunderbird Picture ....

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Some social scientists working for the think tank ResPublica, are suggesting that unless you have a household income of £41,000pa, you can't enjoy or access beauty. That those in social housing, are somehow unable to see a tree, visit a museum, walk to a park, or get a bus to a beauty spot .... in fact, that they are unable to appreciate beauty through lak of money ..... I have never read such claptrap in my entire life.

When I was young, we were not well off, but I could get on my bike and ride out of the estate and into rural, or even just semi-rural countryside, and appreciate what I was looking at. I could look at our encyclopaedia of art and appreciate the images I saw.

This was because my parents were ambitious to move onwards, own a house, work, educate their children .... they were 'working class', voted Labour, and believed in inner and outer achievement, like millions of others in a still united Britain.

From Bury to Brighton, Cycling Clubs Took The Working Class Into The Countryside ...

Talking Turkey

Turkey is a land where one man, one vote, and one law prevails, and that one man is President Recep Tayyip Erdogan .... increasingly looking like a despot in any language.

I say this following the news that twelve academics in Turkey have been arrested for denouncing military operations against Kurdish rebels in the south-east, with police still processing paperwork against nine other academics who also face arrest. The academics are being charged with violating the controversial Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code, Hurriyet newspaper reported, by which it is illegal to insult the institutions of the Turkish nation.

Talking Turkey .... Its All The Rage

Writing Wrongs

This week I have felt the need to write to my local MP (member of parliament), over my concerns regarding the local rail transport system (again). I did so despite knowing that our views differ greatly on this subject, as this is not the first time I have contacted my MP on the matter, nor will it be the last time I suspect.

Keep Your Representative On Their Toes ....

Friday, 19 February 2016

Any Excuse Will Do

So having difficulties with reading, writing and telling the time is now an acceptable reason to win an employment 'disability discrimination' case in the UK. A claim to be, or have 'Dsylesxia', 'Dyslexia', a condition which frankly is often an excuse for an awful lot of stupidity, has now been accepted as a good reason for making mistakes and not being down graded at work.

'Dsylesxia', 'Dyslexia'' ... Just An Excuse?

Ghosts Everywhere You Look

The google earth views are a constant source of wonder. Take this street view ....

Taken from the search link ...... nothing too odd. But look a little closer.

In The Court of King Corbyn

One of the noticeable aspects of the Jeremy Corbyn leadership of the UK's Labour Party, has been the abrupt rise of Diane Abbott to a greater influence than she has ever held before after seemingly being on the political slide. I have touched briefly on her new role as 'Queen Bee' in the court of King Corbyn, but never explained the background to the affair.

The Court Of King Corbyn .... Contains Many Characters.

When Cowards Attack Us

So once again the feckless and liberal courts of the UK have let down the man in the street, by striking down the only protection from gang attack we still had. This was the law which has allowed people to be convicted of murder, even if they did not inflict the fatal blow i.e. We didn't need to prove which of the several blows raining down on the victim from the group of attackers was the fatal blow.

This joint enterprise law was brought in to mainstream after the (then usually black London) teen gangs took to mass attacks (usually on lone victims), either for the purposes of robbery, to teach them 'respect', or in revenge for something. Its use allowed those defendants who "could" have foreseen that violent acts by their associates which were likely to take place, to be charged with the end results of those violent acts.

35 Thugs in a Gang in Baildon - West Yorkshire, This Year.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Nessie News

Just to balance things out on the Sir Peter Scott Nessie is a hoax story from a couple of weeks ago. I had come across another story on the subject a while ago, and which I just rediscovered .... basically its another of those satellite earth photos stories, in which enthusiasts pore over them looking for the unusual or anomalous.

However this is not a Google earth snap (where Nessie has been Spotted before), but its arch rival Apple, who way back in 2014 were allowing their satellite map app to tap into a satellite high in the atmosphere, to access views of images of earth. Someone was poring over pictures from Loch Ness, Scotland, and spotted something in the water.

Eagle Eyed Apple Map App User Spotted Something In Loch Ness.

Copy Cats

India achieved its Independence in 1948. Since then it has eschewed its Imperial Raj past. In fact so much so, that many fine Victorian buildings have been allowed to fall into decay as 'imperialist relics' across the country.

However it appears that some 'modern' Indian companies have forgotten that they are meant to be ignoring their ignoble past under the British, and even the Muslim Mughals, and follow Hindu classical building styles.

The Infosys Campus Mysore .... Looks Familiar?

Old Revolutionaries, New Criminals

Whatever happens to old revolutionaries?

Well they can of course become el Presidente if they win (See Cuba). Or they can become el Presidente if they join the democratic side (See Uruguay).

But in the case of the old Red Army Faction (aka the Baader-Meinhof gang) of West Germany you can simply become armed robbers. With the "urban guerilla project" declared as ended in 1998 (they had lost their struggle in the 80's), they apparently 'retired'. Uncaught, but no longer active and that was assumed to be that ....

Red Army Faction Being Hunted Anew

Free Speech For Emperor Erdogan

You can't keep a good man down. Once again a foreign trip by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan results in chaos and controversy ..... this time it was in Ecuador, when as the New Sultan prepared to hold a news conference at the National Higher Studies Institute in Quito, some protesters in the hall, demonstrated against the recent operations by Turkish armed forces against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) group .... military operations by the way, that they refuse to take against the I.S. Jihadists who operate on Turkeys borders, whilst complaining about Russia favouring the regime.

Not content with respecting the rights of the people in Ecuador to express themselves through noisy, but peaceful protests - something they (especially women), wouldn't be allowed to do in the increasingly authoritarian and Islamist Turkey - the elected president for life's (he thinks), security team, took it upon themselves to act as the venues 'bouncers', and ejected the three young women.

Erdogans 'Dogs' Unleashed On Women ...Witnessed By Press.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Mark Of Plumbing Excellence

They say that all publicity, is good publicity, but in Texas that's apparently not the case .... well unless you count one million dollars, as good.

In a story that shows how the USA can differ from Europe more than many people realise, a  lawyer representing a plumber from Texas, says his client has faced death threats after his old truck, which he sold in Houston Texas, apparently went on to a car auction site, before finally (we hope ... its not called Christine after all), turning up on the front-line in Syria's civil war, as a fighting vehicle for jihadists.

They Say That All Publicity Is Good Publicity .... But Apparently Not In Texas.

Fish Out Of Water

There have been a number of sperm whale deaths around the North Sea this month (including one that died yesterday at Hunstanton beach in Norfolk). This phenomena used to be a mystery when it occurred.

Sperm Whales Washed Up On The Lincolnshire Coast, And All Around The North Sea.

The DNA of Justice

There are those who argue that the police should not be able to store DNA from historic crime scenes. The argument seems to be that this practice is somehow damaging to people's human rights.

Whereas there are others who say we should hold the DNA profile of every man woman and child in the country (including visitors and tourists), to discourage illegal migration and aid in crime detection.

DNA Collection Is Vital For Justice

Iowa Has Spoken First

Well the (potential ~ many who vote in caucuses and primaries don’t actually bother to vote in the actual Presidential vote), electorate of Iowa have spoken .. or perhaps muttered is the correct term.

In the Democratic Party race, they seemingly couldn’t decide between Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, with the votes reported as being around:

Democratic Vote:
  • Hillary Clinton: 50%, with 22 delegates
  • Bernie Sanders 50%, with 21 delegates

…. Strangely, in five of the precincts, the vote was reported as being decided by the toss of a coin - all of which were won by Ms Clinton, so very lucky.

While in the Republican Party race, despite the BBC claiming that Trump had been ‘dealt a blow’, it was much the same kind of result …. with three of the candidates looking forward to still being in the race, all with eight or seven delegates each.

Republican Voters:
  • Ted Cruz: 28%, eight delegates
  • Donald Trump: 24%, seven delegates
  • Marco Rubio: 23%, seven delegates
  • Ben Carson: 9%, three delegates 

Not Every Elector Is Totally Trustworthy ....


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