Friday, 5 February 2016

The DNA of Justice

There are those who argue that the police should not be able to store DNA from historic crime scenes. The argument seems to be that this practice is somehow damaging to people's human rights.

Whereas there are others who say we should hold the DNA profile of every man woman and child in the country (including visitors and tourists), to discourage illegal migration and aid in crime detection.

DNA Collection Is Vital For Justice

Personally I ere towards the latter view, but I am willing to consider some human rights factors if a good case can be shown. However I totally reject the idea that DNA not be held for all crime scenes for decades.

I cite as a reason cases like that of the rape of a prostitute that took place at gun point in a Leicester car park in 1994. At the time the police were unable to track the rapist down but crucially they kept DNA evidence from the scene and victim.

That DNA was finally used in court this year when John Townsend of Wigston in Leicestershire was tried for the violent rape, after the DNA identified him as the prime suspect. He was found guilty and sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

Justice Finally Served On This Beast ....

Justice in the UK can be something of lottery, especially when it comes to sentencing, but occasionally we get it right (even if it takes a while) .... this was one of those times.


  1. By a strange coincidence a London tube driver who raped a woman 20 years ago was convicted yesterday because police kept the DNA evidence.

    He attacked a woman in 1994 and tried to rape another womann unsuccessfully two days later. Russell Chandler got a meagre 13 years which is better than nothing.

    1. Justice in the UK, as I have pointed out before, can be something of lottery, especially when it comes to sentencing.


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