Sunday, 31 August 2008

Real Madrid - Spanish Hypocrite's

Just a little blog on Real Madrid CF who every year set out to unsettle any player at any other football club who they want to get on the cheap. This is blatantly illegal, but for some reason the world bodies FIFA and UEFA refuse to take any action against this public 'tapping up', which happens every year (and FC Barcelona do it as well, when it suits their club politics).

Now every club practises these dark arts to some extent, but never quite to the level that Real Madrid practise - this year they have spent three months trying to force Manchester United to 'let Cristiano Ronaldo follow his dream and come the Real Madrid (on the cheap)' .... this interest only petered out a week or so ago, but has now so unsettled the player and the Manchester United board, that he is likely to leave next summer, despite being under contract until 2012.

Its not as though Real Madrid are the only suitor for Ronaldo, Italian giants Lazio for example would be keen, and it would be a sellers market if Man Utd decided to cash in.

Ramon Calderon the Real President has been talking about all of his clubs dealings, and now claims it was all a misunderstanding - however that's not why I am writing this article. Its the funny sight of Real Madrid, finding that the boot is very uncomfortable when its on the other foot!!

One of their stars, Robinho, has been approached by mega rich Chelsea FC, and despite Real saying he is staying, the player has publicly called a press conference today and told them that he wants to go to Chelsea and not stay at Real Madrid .... and of course Real Madrid are furious with official club site denouncements of both the player and Chelsea.

Heres the statement in full (in case the link dies):

"Real Madrid believes all its attention should be paid exclusively to tonight's important official match. This criteria has been completely ignored by the player Robinho with the announcements he made just hours prior to the game.

Concerning Robinho's comments, the Club once again stresses the contents of a previous official announcement, in which it said it would have no other choice but to accept a unilateral resolution of the player's contract if he willed it so.

Real Madrid CF deeply regrets the behaviour of Chelsea FC Board Members who, despite knowing Real Madrid's negative to transfer the player, have continued to make gestures and announcements that reached their peak with the selling of Robinho Chelsea shirts through the club's official website. All this has complicated the situation further and confused the public."

Funny how its wrong when a club do it to Real Madrid, but OK for them to do it to Manchester United or any club they feel able to destabilise..... of course Chelsea are a richer club and can offer more salaries so Real feel intimidated when Chelsea come a calling.

I don't know what the Spanish word is for Hypocrites (it may even be the same word), but Calderon should look it up.

Australia's "Big Dry"

Most people will be aware that Australia is prone to Wets and Drys i.e. a cycle of rain and droughts, that usually balances out over a long enough period.

Always something of a joke, Australians have often played on the 'parched' thirst jokes e.g.

Its so dry in Australia that .....

  • If the England cricket team wasn't touring we'd never see ducks.
  • The Red Cross has launched a wet blanket appeal.
  • We're actually drinking the new Vanilla Coke
  • You're only permitted to eat watermelon between 8pm and 8am.
  • The Government has introduced a water pistol buyback scheme.
  • Thieves are siphoning off radiators instead of petrol tanks.
  • I'm encouraging the kids to wee in the pool.
  • Jesus has turned the wine into water
  • We are having to hand feed the rocking horse.
  • Everyone is now an expert - because you can't find anyone who is wet behind the ears.
  • All the bottom of the harbour tax schemes are re-surfacing.
  • I saw two trees fighting over a dog.
  • All the Baptists have become Anglicans.
  • When my daughter fainted it took three buckets of sand to bring her around.
  • All the dogs are marking their territory with chalk.
  • Some of the 4 wheel drives in Toorak have actually got dust on them.
    • and many books have parodied the lack of rainfall e.g The Lost Continent by Terry Pratchett.

      However for the last decade, Australia has been living through the "Big Dry" - the most severe drought in a century. This has reached the point where the very ecosystem is in danger of collapse across large areas of Australia and is having far reaching social consequences.

      Maybe the most surprising, is that despite their reputation for water shortages, Australia has so far refused to recycle water for drinking i.e. they only use recycled water for agriculture, and not for drinking.

      Well guess what, they are going to have to use water properly, like the rest of the world - drinking water shortages are the biggest threat to humanity and for one continent to act as though it isn't affected, is plainly daft.

      Recycled effluent water is not straight from the sewers, and then back into the drinking supply .... its a process like this...

      1. Waste water is pumped into a clarifier
      2. After passing through filters it is then disinfected with UV light
      3. The water is then pumped into rivers or lakes, to be taken back into the water supply later as part of the natural cycle.

      Aussies, remember that your river water has

      • Dead fish,
      • Dead animals
      • Animal and fish faeces,
      • Industrial waste, and
      • Pesticides

      in it, before you treat it and drink it ..... how can human waste make that worse?

      Saturday, 30 August 2008

      Cane Toads Australian Invasions Halted?

      A while back I blogged on the rise and conquest of the Cane Toad in Australia.

      At the time it looked as though nothing could stop them, and I even entered into correspondence with scientists in Australia who were trying to control them .... I was interested in the story and their plans.

      Anyway, this week came some good news, some parts of Australia maybe 'too cold' or 'too dry' for the Cane Toads to advance into these areas. This story on the BBC, offers hope that some areas may survive the Cane Toad invasion and allow scientists a chance to develop control methods.

      However a note of warning, the toads have proved very adaptable so far, and may yet find away around difficulties e.g. accidental introductions bypassing natural barriers or even local wet periods, or warm spells temporarily removing the obstacles.

      The danger still remains that they will get into the major river systems in the south of the continent, or the permanent water sources like those in the West MacDonnell Ranges and the Pilbara in the interior and adapt to local colder water conditions (after all, turtles manage to do this in the UK and are now thriving).

      But its still some good news for the local wildlife and may yet prove to be a temporary answer for some areas, but somehow I suspect this adaptable invader may yet find a way past this obstacle.

      Thursday, 28 August 2008

      Compulsory Black Slavery Classes in UK

      This Government is just taking PC politics to the most pathetic extremes to win a few ethnic votes ..... the latest is that we will be compulsorily teaching about the role of Slavery in the rise of the British Empire.

      "It is hoped that this will give pupils an understanding of the make-up of the UK today and put immigration, the Commonwealth and the legacy of the British empire into a clear historical context." Hmmm ... Well for those who interested in historical facts, and not a PC driven farrago of lies and half truths (including the fact that most black slaves were taken by African or Arab slavers not white Europeans), here's the slavery lessons they won't be teaching in our PC paradise ....

      The slavery issue prompts more revisionism than any other part of history, mainly because the "facts" keep getting in the way of the Myth.
      • Inconveniently it's a fact that the earliest written records such as the Code of Hammurabi (circa 1760 BC) show slavery was well established without a black person in sight.
      • The Romans had far more White European and Asiatic slaves, than they ever had Black.
      • The Anglo Saxons had white British slaves (recorded in the Doomsday property records).
      • There were Black tribes with Black slaves, long before the whites ever got there.
      • It was Black slavers who provided most of the Black slaves sold to the Europeans, and Arabs who slaved for the Arabian slave markets (even today).
      • Black 'Moors' (The "Blackamoors" of Shakespearean terminology) from North Africa, regularly slave raided Europe as far as Cornwall (England) as late as the **17th century. In 1627 AD Moors kidnapped 400 men and women from Iceland. Dorset historian David Burnett reports that in 1638 AD, the corsairs even pillaged Poole and the last raid was 1720 AD. Today there are still slaves in the Muslim black states of Northern Africa e.g. Mali.

      Making this a purely Afro American and White slavers affair is nonsense (and an insult to all those around the world who suffered slavery) when faced with these "Facts", but it won't stop the PC revisionists from trying. And now they have succeeded because lazy politicians like Kevin Brennan will not trouble to dispute this nonsense as being the only "Facts".

      Google searches will find the other well documented history re-writes.

      *Not all black historians or commentators have fallen into this dead end intellectual trap.

      "Blacks were not enslaved because they were black but because they were available. Slavery has existed in the world for thousands of years. Whites enslaved other whites in Europe for centuries before the first black was brought to the Western hemisphere. Asians enslaved Europeans. Asians enslaved other Asians. Africans enslaved other Africans, and indeed even today in North Africa, blacks continue to enslave blacks".- Thomas Sowell, a black sociologist, author and columnist

      **White Slaves were imported from Western Europe to North Africa in the 15th and 16th Centuries. In all about 1.5 million Europeans were transported to the Barbary Coast. It was a period when Europe was preoccupied by sectarian wars and north-western European navies were depleted.

      The trade was run by the Moors and the expeditions were captained by Europeans (Converted to Islam to escape being slaves themselves) with North African crews. They would raid coastal areas and carry away sometimes whole villages to the Moorish slave markets. It appears that women often fared better, as brides, than men. The true record of this history has not yet been fully researched (and never will be in the UK).

      Wednesday, 27 August 2008

      Georgia actions linked to Kosovo

      I blogged recently that South Ossetia is Kosovo's bastard child and yesterday Russian Nationalist MP's confirmed it, by stating that "South Ossetia and Abkhazia had more rights to become recognised nations than Kosovo", which declared independence from Serbia earlier this year with support from the US and much of the European Union.

      And in fact the link had been made in the Caucuses last January, when the Kososvo decision was being considered by the EU and US. Russia repeated this warning in February, and so we should not be surprised by what has now happened, certainly this blogger isn't - see our discussion of December 2007 .

      The die has been cast for another round of wars in both the Balkans and the Caucuses, by these Russian declarations of support for separatist ethnic movements, just when these two benighted regions, looked to have a good democratic future in the EU.

      PC politics by Western politicians will never replace "Realpolitik" in the world.

      Tuesday, 26 August 2008

      Edinburgh Festival a Photo Montage

      The Edinburgh Fringe is a celebration of the brilliant, the vapid and the just plain stupid ..... this selection of photos from the High St (outside St Giles) and the surrounding areas illustrates the methods used to either gain money, or publicise shows.

      This man is trying to hawk tickets .....

      As is "Slim" Elvis

      This 'Trad Jazz' band were self publicising their own "tribute to George Melly"

      Whilst "Indiana Jones" was 'passing the hat'.....

      Older attractions such as the statute of 'Greyfriars Bobby' remain eternally available...

      .... but back to the Fringe

      A Japanese mime artist

      And a street ticket promoter getting no interest goes 'extreme' ...

      While others just get ahead ...

      and even Shakespeare needs a hand

      However off the main street, its often the venues that are of interest .....
      such as the UdderBelly
      This venue tours the country for festivals such as Brighton but is a star of Edinburgh Fringe as well.

      Thursday, 21 August 2008

      Just another war criminal

      Last year I blogged on the subject of the value, of continuing the hunting of 'ex nazi's', who were now largely aged 80 or above, and who often had little or no evidence against them, except old allegations.

      The blog attracted a "friend" of one of the men on the Simon Wiesenthal Centre list of 'most wanted Nazi's' .... he was Harry Mannil, who this anonymous commenter said, was being falsely accused and hounded by being included on this centre's list.

      However another member of the list was not disputed by anyone:

      Number [9] Karoly (Charles) Zentai (Age 85) Location: Australia Zentai participated in manhunts, persecution, and murder of Jews in Budapest in 1944. Status: discovered in 2004, Hungary has issued an international arrest warrant against him and has asked for his extradition from Australia, Zentai is currently appealing.

      Well today came the news that he is to be extradited from Australia, and it will be interesting to see what standard of evidence can be brought to court after all this time. As I have said, I am not happy that fair trials are guaranteed after this length of time, or even that 'functionaries' such as Mr Mannil is alleged to be, should be prosecuted as 'war criminals'.

      Still my opinion counts for nothing, as illustrated above, in the meantime the hunt goes on for others on the list, such as SS doctor Aribert Heim.

      Wednesday, 20 August 2008

      Edinburgh Comedy Fringe

      I have been up to Edinburgh, for both a social visit, and too see some shows at the "fringe", and unusually I took a camera ..... I usually forget! I have lived in Edinburgh for over five years in the past, and still consider it to be the most beautiful and friendly large city in the UK and Europe.

      I have good friends there, and any visits is both an excuse to see these friends, and visit a city I love. I saw a number of shows which I list in no order "1.Sammy J in the Forest of Dreams", 2."Ha Ha Hamlet!", 3."Umbrage Swain & The Magical Diamond of Ramtutiti", 4."The Golden Age of Magic", 5."The Axis of Awesome Comeback Spectacular", and 6."The Return of the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre" .... the best of these were easily 1, 3, 5 and 6 and my personal favorite was .... well 3 and 6.

      If forced into a corner, despite strong competition from the "Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre", the fact is that I was kissed by the incredibly beautiful and talented Millie Reeves from the cast of "Umbrage Swain & The Magical Diamond of Ramtutiti", which means that its a show I will remember for a LONG TIME ! I got the kiss, and free tickets for her show, for offering her a chair whilst I was in a "Don Quixote" mode in the Underbelly bar, which only shows that being nice has its own rewards!

      I will blog on Edinburgh later (with Pictures!!!), but I will leave the last word in support of Umbrage Swain & The Magical Diamond of Ramtutiti, which is a hidden gem of a show, well acted and written, and with two talented and beautiful girls, ably supported by three funny guys ..... my surprise hit for Edfringe 2008

      Tuesday, 19 August 2008

      UK Railways After Deregulation

      Lately I have been using what is laughably called the 'public transport system' to go to work. By luck, the rolling stock on the company I mainly use (Trans Pennine Express), is reasonably new, and therefore, ignoring the cancellations, lateness, and other ills that plague the journey to Manchester and back again, I am at least largely spared the horrors of the state of the 'cattle trucks' that other companies pass off as passenger carriages.

      However on Saturday whilst travelling to Edinburgh (Scotland), I was forced to use a Northern Rail train for part of the journey. Now I have been forced to get on their mix'n'match old rolling stock before, and suffered along with all the others in being squashed in to seats with inadequate leg room, and dirty surroundings. But this train on Saturday was a new low even for this particular service.

      It was partially vandalised, and there was chewing gum on the seat covers, the internal doors were all jammed open, and the windows were either jammed open, or jammed closed. I was so taken aback, that I took some pictures, just from the one seat, I was faced with dirt, breakages and vandalism.

      We are in the 21st century, but in the UK the public transport system is like some post apocalyptic nightmare, with stock that is up to forty years old, and broken. Its a national disgrace that we can pump 9.8 billion pounds into Olympics, or countless billions propping up a bank, but can't sort out and modernise our railway system .....

      Here as illustration that every word is true are a few pictures ...... they speak far more eloquently than anything I can say ......

      Vandalised Seats and broken storage racks .........

      Dirty walls and chewing gum on the seats

      Thursday, 14 August 2008

      USA...... Habla usted español Signor?

      Well something of a Bombshell on the demographic front today ............. White America is being replaced as the dominant group in the US, by a combination of Hispanics, Asians and Blacks!

      This isn't going to go down well in certain quarters, and Barak Obama could have done without this news methinks. Of course there are many a 'slip between cup and lip' in the prediction by the US Census Bureau, that by 2042 (yes a mere 34 yrs) the White Europeans will be a minority in their own country.

      We had something similar here last year, but it assumes no change in current trends, and in a blog last year, in which I predicted this very news, I included the latest censuses from the UK and US and elsewhere, and which illustrate that the UK for example, is preponderantly white, despite our politicians best attempts to change this.

      Of course, if you class all Hispanics as not of "White European" descent, then this US prediction may be true, but we don't class the Spanish as 'non white' in Europe, and many US 'Hispanics' are ethnically 'white' by any definition e.g. the actor Martin Sheen (born Ramón Gerardo Antonio Estévez) who plays Pres. Bartlett in The West Wing and who is also 'Hispanic', as are his kids Emilio, Ramón, Carlos (better known as Charlie Sheen) and Renée. No one would call them 'non white' if that was a concern, but they illustrate that the US definition of 'Hispanic' is a very wide one.

      Of course, in the longer term, the US will become a majority Spanish speaking country, probably by the end of the century, but how much that changes the US is debatable, as second generation Hispanics often become main stream in the US, as the Estévez family amply demonstrate. The same applies to 'Asians' (which again in US definitions, includes, Orientals, and those from the Indian sub continent, or those from the Middle East), and who outside of the Muslims, largely assimilate into the US way within a generation or two.

      Even in Europe, the rise of Islam is much debated, but Europe will be White dominated for at least another century or so, and despite the 'radicals', many 'Muslims' who are better educated, have turned their backs on that sort of Islam and are integrated into the cultures of their adopted homelands. Radicals always make more news than moderates, and thats what makes the 'threat' seem greater than it is, not that its not there, but it's not as great as portrayed on US web sites of a certain type.

      Still this news will be food for thought in the US and elsewhere, partly because its 50 yrs earlier than previous predictions of US demographic changes and also because of its possible impacts on US policies in the future, as well as voting patterns in the US - the Democrats appear to have a strong future.

      Wednesday, 13 August 2008

      Olympic non events

      Today came the shock news that a swimmer, Michael Phelps, has won every, I repeat every race they have entered, and mostly in new world records to boot, and now has an all time record 'zillion' gold medals, making him/her the greatest Olympian in all time ..... well since the last Olympics swimming.

      It appears that every few years there is a Mark Spitz or Ian Thorpe or .... well the list goes on, and it occurs to me that the reason for this, is because there is no longer any difference between the 50 metre freestyle, and the 1500 metre freestyle, so the guy who is fast at one, can be fast at them all, which is why one good swimmer can win everything they enter.

      Maybe its time to really cut back on the distances on offer e.g. 100m, 400m and 1500m only?

      There is one other area of the Olympics where golds are like confetti, and that is Gymnastics, where every thing from prancing about with a stick and ribbon, to crashing headlong into a wooden 'horse', qualifies as an Olympic sport. The worst of this is that its "judged" subjectively i.e. the 'judges' vote for the Russian, or the US etc etc based upon who knows what criteria, with no way for the layman to know who is really the best.

      The only way to sort out the Gymnastics, is to only have one Gold medal awarded after all the little events (that currently get a gold), and then give the Gold to the Gymnast who has the best aggregate points. At least that removes the fluke element that one event can currently have, and if you stopped the five leading nations from the last Olympics having a judge at the current Olympics, a lot of the politics is removed as well.

      The whole Olympic list of events is littered with Gold Medals that are not true sporting tests, and often favour feats of winning multiple medals that are not feasible in proper events.

      I cite as examples of this

      Funny Sports

      Real Sports

      Redgrave and Oerter both were true Olympians, competing in true and fair competion, for the only Gold available to the best in the world, not for multiple golds in the same events.

      Saturday, 9 August 2008

      When Non Democrats show their colours

      Two sets of stories, one theme, struck me this week.

      In South Africa supporters of Jacob Zuma have threatened unrest if he is jailed for corruption ... they are not prepared to accept the law when they don't like it, nor to accept democratic norms as binding on them if they don't fit their agenda. Similarly President Mbeki has been accused of corruption as well ..... and no one expects the 'rule of law' to cause him any real problems.

      Compare and contrast with Israel where Prime Minister Olmert is actively investigated by the Police and this is how the only true democracy in the Middle East or Africa behaves.

      And back home in the UK, the followers of the 'Green' movement said that they would 'break the law' to stop a legally approved power station being built. In fact weapon stashes have been found by the police deposited in the nearby woods. The Greens and others deny any connection with them (of course).... but if you get in bed with the devil, your can't complain about the company!

      The connection between these two sets of events, is that in both cases, the democratic "Rule of Law" is just ignored by groups who feel that their opinion is the only one that 'is above the law'.

      It comes as no real surprise that supporters of an arrogant African politician, are proved to be 'anti-democrats' and prepared to ignore the 'rule of law', but for a main stream political party, such as the 'Greens', to be exposed as supporting actions, yet again, where illegal activities are used as 'legitimate tactics', is a disgrace.

      Where are the rights of the policemen and women who are scarred and maimed by medieval throwing weapons in this green agenda, or is it like all those little 'trots' in the 1980's, open season on violence against any one who is not 'one of them'?

      The 'Greens' are far too often caught in the company of 'Animal liberation Front' supporters, and the rent a mob of unemployed, 'New Age' thugs who accompany all the violence at 'Green' rallies, to be able to continually say 'its not us' or 'its a set up' ........

      The fact is that the 'Greens' are the 'moderate middle class' face of a movement, that's basically violence based, with no respect for the 'rule of law' (where it doesn't involve the welfare benefit payments, which many of them require from our 'legally obtained' taxes), and certainly not in 'democratically obtained permissions' such as 'planning permission', which all buildings in the UK require.

      This power station will have taken years to get permission, and the 'Greens' will have used the 'legal process' to oppose or slow the permission process down, but when the decision goes against them, they ignore all this process, and proceed to use a mob to try and stop the building, despite the fact that real locals depend upon it for jobs and survival.

      Of course plunging Britain into darkness to support green fascism is all part of the plan for many of them, and to make people unemployed is no issue, they can just live on 'welfare' like many of the green mob do.

      I repeat again ..... "When you get in bed with the devil, your can't complain about the company!"

      I am no longer willing to listen to the Greens, or their supporters, until they totally repudiate all violence (like Gandhi), and accept that if the "Rule of Law" isn't upheld, than only the "law of the jungle" is left.

      South Ossetia, Kosovos bastard child

      The news of fighting between, Georgia, Russia and Ossetian nationalists has broken very quickly this week, and most of the world seems surprised .... but in fact British Intelligence apparently predicted the likelihood of a "European" war in the Caucuses this year.

      For those who follow the Byzantine politics of this region its not really a surprise. Russia under Putin had a very large thumb in the Caucasian pie as it sees the region as solely its sphere of influence and the recent setting up of US army bases in the region has caused much consternation.

      Also, the EU and US handed Russia the chance to play the 'hypocrisy' card, by backing the breakaway of Kosovo, which Russia bitterly opposed, so allowing it now to back the breakaway South Ossetian's and saying the 'principle is the same'..... which of course it is.

      This Blog suggested at the time, that we were wrong to start backing break ups of states on the basis of religious or ethnic minorities demands, because it opens up most of Europe to the same claims e.g. Muslims in the UK demanding (which some already do) Sharia law, or Basques breaking away from Spain etc etc etc

      Well, this seems to the first of many possible such conflicts triggered by the Kosovo decision....

      They say that you 'reap what you sow', and we are sowing the seeds of future conflicts with a grim disregard for the likely results.

      Thursday, 7 August 2008

      MP3 players - Bane of Western Life

      I have just got off a train, where my ear drums were assaulted by a bunch of half wits who appear to believe that

      1. Their choice in music is so sublime. that we all want to hear the bits that spill out from their empty heads, so put they the volume on full.
      2. That empty vessels do need filling, so put they the volume on full to wipe out any thoughts that they made have had when their two brain cells accidentally bumped into each other.
      3. That the consideration of other people is for others to show them not for them to show to others.

      Just another example of the destruction of civil (in all senses of the word), society in the UK, and maybe beyond.

      We are now seeing the flowering of the full bloom of New Labours youths .... those who have grown up solely under the new labour education system and society.

      • They have never been told "No",
      • Have never been given corporal punishment, and
      • display no respect for anyone or anything apart from "My Human Rights" .... a mantra they squeal whenever anyone occasionally challenges their aberrant behaviour

      It maybe that this decline is across the whole Anglo-Saxon world, which is uniquely infected by PC lawyers and politicians but I can only comment on the UK, which is full of feral thugs spilling out of the 'sinkhole estates' and into the wider society.

      The casual violence, Chav TV stars, drunken assaults on foreign country's and general 'dumbing down' of the last 15 or so years, has resulted in the UK being the least civilised and worst educated country in Europe .... or maybe I should says 'remaining' the least civilised and worst educated country in Europe.

      Sunday, 3 August 2008

      Energy blackouts for the UK?

      This incompetent government continues to stumble from disaster to disaster with the news that its 'energy policy' (if selling everything to foreign governments is a 'policy') is in chaos and that by 2013 the UK could be up to 40% deficient on the energy it needs.

      Our Nuclear sites need replacing, and most of our coal /gas burning generators are coming to the end of their natural life and need replacing with more efficient models. However we sold our last nuclear power plant builders to the Japanese for a knockdown £2.8 billion (to fill a little gap in the NHS finances) and only the French can bail us out, but they don't want to without a massive bribe.

      When those first power cuts hit the UK, and we are paying vast amounts for whatever dribbles of gas and oil that our EU 'partners' will allow us, then the Labour government will have completed its destruction of the UK ...... no mean trick inside 14 years .... from fourth best world economy, to the same energy problems as an African state.

      Lazy Bastards Drug

      Yep, for millions of fat gits out there, scientists have developed a new 'fitness pill' whereby watching TV whilst stuffing your faces will still give the benefits of exercise.
      The Anti Fat Pill Had Just One BIG Problem 
      Obviously this pill will not only benefit the totally lazy, it will make 'Olympic' athletes gain up to 40% from any training they can perform. This could well mean that endurance events are transformed e.g. marathons and we have to wonder if these pills will be 'banned', although how they could enforce a ban is open to some doubt.

      It's a shame that having to work hard to keep fit is likely to be a thing of the past and all those 'exercise freaks' will have wasted all that time running about to achieve what a pill can perform.

      As one who has to watch the calories, I personally look forward to replacing the weights with a tablet.

      Stalking as a Defence Plea

      A man convicted of murder 8 years ago has been freed because he "Couldn't have killed the woman he was accused of killing because he was too busy stalking another victim"

      Only in the brave new world of the PC driven west, can a defence be that the accused was too busy harassing another woman, to have taken the time to killed the one he was accused of murdering. As usual in these cases, you find on closer examination that a piece of forensic evidence (in this case gun shot residue on his clothes) was ruled as inadmissable at the retrial, so the verdict alters ..... the police won't be looking for anyone else, which about sums up what's happened.

      This man will get 'compensation' despite being a known and persistent 'stalker', whilst the family of the victim will never get closure on the terrible event. You can hardly make these stories up.

      The Voice of the Taliban

      There have been more reports this weekend that the voices of the Taliban heard in radio transmissions in Afghanistan (and presumably Iraq) are often with Birmingham and Yorkshire accents.

      This is not new news as the reports were originally written in February but I was struck on how quiet our Dhimmi government is on the fact that British passport holders are travelling abroad to kill British (non Muslim) soldiers.

      I tried to think how we would have reacted in less PC driven times ... Churchill put all those of German or Italian descent in the UK, into camps for the duration of the war, and whilst I think that would be a step too far, it surely isn't unreasonable to promise to hang (as traitors) any UK Muslim captured in Afghanistan and Iraq, regardless of the excuses.

      Furthermore I would strip their families of their UK passports and deport them all to the country where their son was captured and hung..... they want a Muslim paradise, let them live in one.

      A real threat to themselves and the benefit (welfare) cheque lifestyle of their families, might just make these little fucks think twice.


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