Saturday, 15 December 2012

One Is A Lonely Number

Talking about hope springing eternal in the hearts of men, if 'Three' is a magic number then 'One' definitely isn't.

You have to laugh at the news story of the lone Udinese football fan, a Mr Brovedani, who drove the 4 hours to Genoa on business, decided to go to watch his team play the local team Sampdoria .... as he said "I like the stadium there, it's very similar to English stadiums, I always take my flag and scarf around - they're always in the car with me." ..... only to find that he was the only away supporter.

Mr Brovedani - Lonely Udinese Fan

Not one other Udinese supporter turned out on what was a meaningless match on a cold Monday night (apparently Udinese never attracts more than 50 or 60 away fans on a good day) ..... still they missed a treat, as surprisingly Udinese won 2 - 0 away from home, and then dedicated the victory to Mr Brovedani.

However the bit that made me laugh was that when he walked on to the terraces the Sampdoria fans booed him just as if he was the whole Udinese fan base ..... he said afterwards that when the "local fans booed me, I felt a bit offended".

They apparently gave him an ovation at the end for sticking it out .... "they clapped and invited me for coffee and a meal, and the club managers gave me a shirt. They wished me a merry Christmas."

Which is exactly what I am going to wish all my visitors .... no more posts until the New Year as I have other fish to fry .... well Turkeys to baste. So with the sad news that 'The Dandy' comic has stopped printing hard copies .... here's a Christmas copy of the last surviving comic from my childhood .... 'The Beano' from December 1966.

Happy Christmas and New Year !!

The Xmas Beano Comic 1966

Buzz Off

Hope springs eternal in the hearts of men, and having been occasionally plagued by mozzies on holidays (notably in Corfu and also once in Turkey), I read the following story with some anticipation ..... News agencies reported that a radio station broadcast ultrasound along with its programmes to repel mosquitoes .... great! Radio listeners in Brazil were told that listening station 'Band FM' was all you need to do to beat mosquitoes .... just have the radio stuck close by (probably their ears).

Mosquito Beat Radio - Beat to the DEET

In fact so attractive was this tale, that apparently one of the world's top advertising awards went this year to the accompanying ad campaign .....But Oh No! scientists say its not true .... bummer! Apparently, it was all based on the idea that dragonflies have a wing beat frequency that repels mozzies which are its prey, and that mozzies avoid that beat frequency.

Oops, the radio station actually broadcast at 15kHz, and dragonflies have a wing beat frequency of between 20 and 170Hz ... but even if the radio station used this much lower frequency, they have tested, and it still doesn't work.

Ah well back to the DEET instead of the BEAT.

Whistle For Your Money

In the London Underground, licensed buskers are allowed to perform and can earn good money ..... so much so that a few years ago, a blind man who was something of a whistler, found that for just standing and whistling 'tunes', after just 90 minutes he had earned £36.80 .... and after three and a half hours he got £90. His weekly benefit giro cheque at the time was around £38.

Now he's a professional whistling busker and the BBC ran a story on him ..... "All you need to know is that I live in Wolverhampton, travel down to London four days a week, employ a helper and I make a good living." ........ all for a 4 day week.

So its safe to assume that he's doing at least 7 hours and that he gets more than £250+ per day. A minimum of £1,000pw or (allowing for holidays) it could easily be £48,000 pa .....

Admittedly, he suggests in the story that as he's really blind (as opposed to some who may not be disabled at all .... despite the glasses), he gets more than the average busker, and presumably there's time slots i.e. He can't keep the pitch all day (but that's not actually explicit in the story) ... . even so, probably about £30,000 pa is achievable.

Who says it doesn't pay not to work? ...... we have fostered a very strange culture in the UK.

In fact intrigued by the notion that you can  make a very "good living" for doing very little in the UK, I researched 'Begging' and what can be earned for doing nothing at all .... just hanging a card around your neck with the words "hungry and homeless" and sticking a container in front of you. I was genuinely shocked with the results.

In 2007, the London council of 'Westminster' council revealed that beggars in London could earn up to £300 a day at the time. In 2009, Leicestershire Police and council started an investigation and found no beggars who were arrested to be homeless. In fact most had council accommodation, welfare benefit cheques, with some beggars earning up to £200 on a Friday or Saturday night, which if done regularly would be equal to be about £21,000 a year on top of their normal incomes.

I say 'incomes' because what was most shocking was the fact that the investigations uncovered the fact that a number of the weekend beggars were actually office workers with homes, who were topping up their salaries ....  'We have intelligence-there is a woman who is begging because she wants a new kitchen for her flat,' said a police Sergeant Underwood in one of the reports. In London their are now vast numbers of Eastern European organised begging gangs ... children and adults. Whole villages of villas are going up in Romania and Albania financed out of organised crime in the UK including professional beggars.

The answer to this is simple, make street begging totally illegal, with prison sentences (and deportation where appropriate), large fines, loss of housing benefits and council tenancies all part of the punishments ..... but also make it illegal to give to beggars, with the same punishments meted out to offenders.

Begging in our society, which hands out so much in welfare largesses, is virtually unneeded .... it appears to be nothing more than a fraud of welfare benefits, or taxes, or a means of financing drug taking habits. It should be stamped out now, (along with benefit abuses), before it gets much much worse when millions of Balkan Europeans are no longer stopped from arriving on our shores next year.

'Liberal' Politicians who make these decisions (such as decriminalising begging), never seem to consider the likely long-term consequences and we always end up paying a very heavy price for their lack of foresight. I personally would make every act of legislation have a built in 'Sunset clause' after a decade .... meaning that it would expire after 10 years unless renewed by parliament (no further need after that). The idea being that if a law has worked as expected and with no unforeseen consequences, then it would be nodded through before expiry, but otherwise it could be replaced or allowed to expire.

This would stop bad laws or ill considered laws becoming permanent millstones round our societal necks .... 

NB: There has been something of a tradition of 'whistlers' in the UK .... the folk singer Roger Whittaker made something of a trademark by breaking into whistling in songs .... but who remembers 'Whistling Jack Smith' anymore?

Here's a reminder ....

Friday, 7 December 2012

Naked Protests

In antics that aren't dissimilar to those adopted by burn your bra and hippie campaigners in the 1960's, the female activists of the Ukraine are tackling what they consider to be a three pronged attack on women's rights, they are in their words ".. fighting against patriarchy, in its three manifestations: sexual exploitation of women, dictatorship and religion", by walking round topless, while cutting things down with chainsaws .... hmm.

As you might imagine, this attracts the worlds press like honey bees to flowers, especially from those more prurient sections of the world, where men are likely to be over excited by bare boobs ..... but the locals are less impressed. A common reaction, when they are mentioned, is to raise eyebrows (presumably from chest level), or snort with derision, seeing them as self publicists.

Femen Protesters - Echo Hippies Of the Make Love Not War 1960's

However the Femen group claims to have about 40 topless activists in the Ukraine, and another 100 who have joined their protests abroad .... plus the support of the rest of the worlds press 😏  .... feminists in the West are a little mixed in their reactions to using nakedness as a demonstration tool (possibly as these young Ukrainian women are generally very attractive ... I can't say that can I?), but at least some consider this to be a valid form of protest, and that their sisters in this endeavour are the women who march on 'Slutwalks', and the Russian punk protesters 'Pussy Riot'.

Personally, I suspect that the group is a mixture of bravado and exhibitionism ...they have bravely (or stupidly) tried to take the 'mickey' out of the last dictator in Europe, Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus and some have been threatened with rape, burning and knives by his 'KGB'. But generally they have stuck to the (slightly) safer ground of the Ukraine .... although as most of Eastern European countries (Russia in particular) have been hijacked by organised criminals and ex secret service thugs, its only a relatively safer protest ground.

I can't imagine that this form of protest will catch on in the more socially conservative areas of the world .... South America or any of the Islamic theocracies for example (see previous post on Saudi Women's lack of rights) but it may catch on in more liberal zones, if they can actually find anything to complain about, or the gumption to stand up to the adoption of sharia practices in immigrant areas.

Dark Side Of The Earth

Anyone who visits this hidden corner of the web more than occasionally, will know that we love space stories, and that our biggest regret is that the race to space stopped with the moon landings. Even so, amazing images are beamed to us almost very day.

This one .....

Dark-Side Of The Earth - Taken By The Suomi Satellite

...... is the night side of the Earth, as taken on a series of cloudless nights ..... its fantastic.

Strangely (or perhaps not, if you live in this weather benighted country), you will notice that the only landmass where they couldn't get a cloudless night this year, is Britain and Eire, where band of cloud runs from Brittany in France, across the UK and into the North Sea ..... they had to publish a second, separate picture for this  northern rain centre.

Where Women Are

What's the most popular song in Saudi Arabia (in those areas where Western style music is allowed)?

"Stand by your man" (or at least very near him).

It has to be that song because the Saudis, those fun loving libertarians, who most definitely didn't have anything to do with '9/11' ... No Siree! ..... it was just a coincidence that all the plotters funders and executioners of the attack were Saudi (.... so the US and its Western allies invaded Afghanistan?), have just found a novel use for new technology ....trackin wimmin.

Yes Siree, in Allah's kingdom, all women's phones are potentially tagged and an SMS alert is triggered to her male 'owners' phone if she crosses the border and leaves the paradise on earth that is Saudi Arabia ... Some Saudi Tweeters have mockingly suggested that it would be easier if the Mullahs just had all women micro-chipped, or forced to wear radio ankle bracelets (like western criminals), to make tracking Saudi women's more accurate ....

Saudi Women's Movements Are Tracked

Although how far most of them could ever get given that they can't even leave the house without a male escort, makes it a moot point -- its often forgotten that despite 'reforms', Saudi women are denied the right to travel without their 'male guardian's consent' and are also banned from driving. I am posting this story as yet another warning to the western sisterhoods and 'wimmin of the left' of the threat their liberties face.

You are sleep walking into servitude when you turn your PC driven 'blind eye' to the 'Islamic cultural practises' being practised under the guise of multiculturalism ..... they are already at a mosque near you now, and when numbers suffice (see election of the 'Respect' party MP's), will be coming to a council near you as well.

Small Nations, Small Triumphs

You know what they say ....... 'the smaller the nation the bigger the flag'.

So in that spirit I had to laugh when Pakistanis turned out in their thousands ... well 24,000 actually, in order to create the worlds largest living human national flag. They got together in Lahore's hockey stadium, in what was described as an "amazing display of unity" ..... which makes a change from the activities they normally get in the news for.

Largest Human Flag - A Pakistani Triumph

Of course what makes it funny is that Pakistan is a nation with a population exceeding 180 million people (they don't actually know the numbers), while Hong Kong, who held the previous record, set five years ago by 21,726 people, is a small nation of just 7.03 million.

Source - World Bank - 2011 data.
  • GDP of 180 million Pakistanis = $211.09 Billion US dollars at current prices.
  • GDP of 7.03 million Hong Kong residents = $243.67 Billion US dollars at current prices.

Like I said 'the smaller the nation the bigger the flag' ...... point made.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Crawling Out From Under A Rock

There is a term in the English language about what 'crawls out from under a rock' when you turn it over.

The police investigation into the sex crimes alleged to have been committed by the late, and not so great Sir James Saville  OBE, KCSG, was the turning over of a very large rock, and some very big insects have been crawling from under it .....

The Police operation has three strands.
  • One is looking specifically at the actions of Jimmy Savile, and 
  • The second strand concerns allegations against "Savile and others". 
  • The separate third strand relates to alleged complaints against other people unconnected to the Jimmy Savile investigations.

So far, as a direct result of the investigation, and its related enquiries, five people have been arrested:  Max Clifford (publicist), Freddie Starr (comedian), Gary Glitter (ex pop star and convicted child sex offender), Wilfred De'Ath (a retired BBC producer), and Dave Lee Travis (ex DJ and radio broadcaster). Police have also questioned under caution a man in his 80's (who we can't name, but whom its speculated is a very well known TV presenter).

Arrested or 'Interviewed under caution' - More expected.

The publicity has also rattled old skeletons up and down the country ..... with the well known TV presenter Stuart Hall OBE arrested for unrelated sexual allegations ..... it should be pointed out that not all of the arrests (details on their web links), relate to the sexual abuse of children, some of those arrested have been charged with sexual offences related to adults. Not that this excuses them of any crime, if they are firstly ever brought to trials, and then secondly found guilty of the crimes which they are accused of.

What we can comment on is the general age of those so far arrested or interviewed under caution .... all of them are well over fifty years of age, with the youngest being the 59 year old Clifford. This suggests a 'culture' of some kind existed in the 'celebrity circuit' of a generation or so ago .... its very strange.

Justice Is Blind - For Rich and Poor

However they have not been found guilty of anything to-date and therefore are all presumed innocent until proven guilty, despite all the speculation on some sites. Its possible that the claims are entirely fictitious in some cases - sadly we live in a society where some people would try to make money out of falsely accusing an individual of the most hideous of crimes. Justice in these high profile cases must not only be carried out blindly, but it Must Be Seen to Be Done, or it isn't justice.

NB: Please don't speculate about identities of people not named by the police .... its illegal, often wrong, and brings down the wrath of lawyers ..... and I will delete the comments.    

Friday, 30 November 2012

Web Spread Lies and Myths

We have talked before about 'urban myths' and the power of the web to disseminate them ..... this is as nasty an example as you could wish for .....

There is a story doing the rounds amongst right wing conspiracists and anti-muslim groups on the web, that the late US ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, wasn't just murdered in the attack on his embassy building, but that he was either sexually raped or raped with an instrument before he died. Searching the web for this story "Ambassador Christopher Stevens raped" produces 1,820,000 results, mostly repeating the story ..... there was also allegedly video of some of the story.

The top hits from this results are dominated by conspiracy web sites promoting the idea .... in fact all the evidence is that its totally false. The story was started by a Lebanese 'News' site (of doubtful political leanings) that reproduced what it purported to be a AFP (Agence France Presse), report .... this was later denied by AFP as ever being run. They also contacted the Lebanese 'Tayyar news' agency, who immediately pulled the report ..... but the damage was done.

Rescuers Pull A Man From The Libyan Embassy Attack

By now, in many American eyes, the report has become the 'unvarnished truth',  and passed almost verbatim from site to site as uncontested 'fact'. However the reality is that Ambassador Stevens was dragged from the ruins 'alive' but very badly injured from extreme smoke inhalation, and that frantic efforts were made to revive him both at the scene and on the journey, and then at the hospital. Sadly he died, and the Libyan doctor who led the efforts to revive him said that he died of 'severe asphyxiation', and 'internal stomach bleeding', caused by smoke inhalation, despite their best efforts. He added that there was no other injuries to the man who died.

The video, actually shows the locals trying to rescue people from the burning building ..... perhaps the most telling part is that voices can be heard in Arabic, yelling that he was still breathing, and that "We need .... to take him to the hospital" .... which is where the US officials later found his body.

It should also be noted that the Libyans who pulled the ambassador from the compound, didn't know who he was ... this only came to light after he had died ...... the web is a very dangerous tool in the hands of extremists of any culture or religion.

Dalit Goddess 'Hinglish'

'Hinglish', that peculiarly Indian language construct, much beloved by call centre managers everywhere, and as equally loathed by the misbegotten western callers to those same centres (See Dell Hell post for example), has its own goddess. Yes the pantheon of Hindi gods and goddesses has gained a new goddess 'Hinglish', with her own sādhu or 'saint' in the form of the high Victorian politician 'Thomas Babington Macaulay', who introduced the idea of teaching and governance in English to the different races of India (incidentally cementing the possibility of a united independent India).

The new goddess is named 'Dalit Goddess English' and even has her own prayers "Oh Devi Ma, please let us learn English! Even the dogs understand English", and "Jai Angrezi Devi Maiyaa Ki" ('Long Live the Mother Goddess of English') ...... however whilst this new goddess may be welcomed by the Dalit (aka 'Untouchables') of India, who have found expertise in "English" has freed them (well loosened the social constraints), from the oppression of the all pervasive caste system, others are not so pleased.

Dalit Goddess English

Indian nationalist Hindu politicians have always scorned the 'Anglos' (Indians of mixed British and Indian backgrounds) who traditionally held the middle civil service ranks in the 'Raj', as "Macaulay's Children" a pejorative label for 'anglicised' Indians .... but with only 40% of the country speaking a regionalised form of colloquial Hindustani (that used in Bollywood films and aimed at the "cow belt" farmers of northern India), and rest speaking many dozens of languages, in fact the future could belong to "Macaulay's Grand Children".

However, as with all things Indian, there's a fly in the ointment - while Hindu nationalists consider 'English' the 'Trojan horse' of globalisation, the teaching of the 'English' in the medium level schools of India (those where shopkeepers and maids send their children for an 'English' language education), is so poor, that its almost incomprehensible to either the native, or better taught Indian 'English speakers'. This has raised the spectre of India finding itself with yet another minority language .... 'Babu English' - the language of clerks. This new language, 'Hinglish', that is coming out of the private medium level schools of India, may actually set India back in the global race, as other countries such as China, Vietnam and Eastern Europe, take 'English' as a second language, but teach it correctly.

Its a funny thought that, Indian politicians will send their own children to proper 'English' language schools, knowing that India's future lies in the global economy, while using 'Hindu Nationalism' to prevent this same advantage being given or taught to the children of the poor ... strangely, there is some evidence that those Indian state schools which do teach 'English' as a second language, are actually turning out better English speakers, than those private establishments that profess to teach only in 'English'.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Race Not An Issue?

Here's where PC nonsense is really shown at its best .... a 16 yr girl is attacked by a complete stranger .... the police appeal for witnesses and give a description, which the BBC give out as 'a muscular man, aged between 25 and 30, and about 6ft tall. He was wearing a black baseball jacket and jeans' ...... yeah, that'll do in PC multicultural 'la la land'.

Of course knowing the race/ethnicity of the attacker would aid identification and the chances of his capture by another 100%+, but its far better that he get away, rather than offend PC campaigners by using the 'B' word. The Victims ethnicity is also not mentioned, although she appears to be white ....

Of course this violent monster is not white, and that's why the BBC struggles with its PC rules, but fortunately there's a photo of this coward .....

Male Attacker - Race Not Known?

And the BBC worries about why its losing public trust ...... utterly pathetic ...

The Endless Wars

Although I am heartily sick of the region and its war like inhabitants, one has to accept that the recent fighting between Hamas and the IDF in the Gaza strip is worth a post. Basically for reasons that any intelligent peoples might consider stupid, the terrorist Hamas group, and rulers of the Gaza strip have been lobbing missiles into Israel, but apparently expected no response (image if they did this to Turkey or Egypt ....).

The Israeli's then retaliated with airship attacks, and then last week with a full scale bombing assault. In the meantime the Hamas rockets continued to be fired. This isn't the first time these events have occurred .... in fact every couple of years or so there are pretty much the same action - reaction.

Turkish Troops Attack Kurdistan

My question is why the apologists for the Hamas terrorists seem to think that firing missiles into Israel everyday is totally acceptable,  and that no one should ever expect any sort of response back?

As an example of this, in a war that's been going on for as long as the Israeli Arab conflict, when the Kurds attack Turkish troops across the Iraq border, the Turks bomb and strafe whole Kurdish villages in the border regions, and also send troops in to 'clean up' the area in retaliation .... but there is almost complete silence from the Islam apologists. No one complains, and the Turks belligerently shout about Turkish pride etc.

However when the same situation occurs in the Gaza strip, the Israeli's either have to take it or get flak from every 'pro-Palestinian' group in the West ... I fail to see the difference in activities, provocations and responses, except that one is Jews retaliating to Arab attacks, and the other is Muslim Turks retaliating to Muslim Arab attacks ..... obviously in Left Wing politics, that makes a difference, somehow.

No More Heroes

The world is running out of 'Brave Democrats' ..... they fall too easily to the forces of evil. Take as an example, the very brave ex mayor of Tiquicheo in central Mexico, who had held office between 2008 and 2011. During her reign, Mrs Maria Santos Gorrostieta had twice been attacked with guns by the local drug cartel warlords. In the first attack, her husband was killed and after the second attempt to kill her she was scarred by wounds, which she bravely displayed on TV and to the press.

Although it was obviously a drug related issue, she had professed ignorance as to why the attackers were so relentless in their efforts to kill her "I have a clear conscience, I have never had any issues of any kind, be it money, family or crime related, and I have never had any fights with any neighbours or residents of my town, or any other town" .... but she continued to stand "true to my ideals and my convictions, convinced that the truth will make us free", even after the two attempts to murder her.

Mrs Maria Santos Gorrostieta - A Very Brave Democrat.

Sadly, the attackers were very determined that she should die, and so last week, three days after her family had reported her missing, the body of Mrs Gorrostieta, was found in a ditch, killed by a blow to the head. Her death brings the total of democratic leaders killed by the cartels to an even two dozen.

We are losing the drug wars ..... and finally, this fact seems to be getting through to some in the US, where some states are voting to legalise some drugs such as Marijuana ... its a small step, but like many people, I believe that we have to try and take the criminal out of drug use, and some steps towards, taxing and controlling many low level drugs in a manner like tobacco and alcohol. This may be the only way to stop states like Mexico, Columbia, and Afghanistan (where heroin production is up 61% in the last 12 months), from becoming official instead of defacto 'Narco States'.

Commuting - The Curse Of Working

How long do you commute each day?

I guess that it depends on whether you are prepared to live near where you work, and move houses when you change jobs. If like most people, you don't want (or can't) to just keep moving home every few years, then over a period of time your daily commute may vary, but the OECD average is reported as 40 minutes per day, which strikes me as rather low.

Commuting - A world wide curse.

I work in a big city centre office, where even the 'locals' spend about 30 minutes each way to get door to door, thus making the lowest commute I could find at around 50 minutes a day, and the average about an hour and 10 minutes (but with many more facing something over an hour and a half a day). This begs the question of how they obtained the figure of 40 minutes which as you can see, is the total average commute time for the UK (just 20 minutes, door to door each way).

Me? Well I am an extreme commuter, I face a daily trek, door to door, of 1hr 35 minutes each way (made possible by train station just 10 minutes drive from my house, and an office just 10 minutes walk from the train station), which I may add I share with around twenty other daily commuters from my small town rail station.

So why do I do it? Well the pay I get in the city office is about 25 - 30% higher for full time employment than in the local employers who might want me, but I don't want to move back to the city .... quality of life reasons. I also have to be honest and admit that as long as the train isn't delayed more than 10 minutes, I have got used to the journey and barely notice it - just read a book or a paper and your nearly there.

Still, when I looked at these figures I was made to realise that I am spending a lot of time (and money), on travelling costs, just to get the money to afford to be able to commute, and whether that's sufficient justification for the loss of life time .... maybe I have let the work/life balance tilter too much in one direction?

Blog or Micro-Blog

As we approach the end of the year, as with many other bloggers who have lasted more than a couple of years (this blog started in 2007, and as we shall see, that is actually quite ancient as these things go), we at PC Towers wonder whether our meagre offerings are really worth keeping going. Particularly as we have an interest in another subject that we would like to blog on, but which we currently can't find the time for.

Several studies have indicated that most blogs are abandoned soon after their creation (with between 60% and 80% abandoned within one month, depending on which of these studies you choose to believe), and that few are regularly updated. One study found that 66.0% of the surveyed blogs had not been updated in two months, "representing 2.72 million blogs that have been either permanently or temporarily abandoned". Of the blogs that survived the first few days or weeks (and that's only 40% of those started), the average duration before abandonment was 126 days ..... with the oldest abandoned blog in one of the surveys, maintained for 923 days before abandonment. The figures from 'Technorati’s Top 100 blogs' were analysed by '', and showed that even these top 100 'popular' Blogs, had an average (mean) length of blogging of 33.8 months before abandonment, and that the median figure was 28 months i.e. half the blogs have been going for longer than 28 months and half shorter than 28 months.

So we feel quite virtuous having lasted well in excess of 1,500 days ..... but there's a nagging doubt about the blogs and bloggings sustainability. For example we don't really have any regular followers or contributors, and although we have had over 150,000 viewers (with a current average on 200+ visits per day), this is we assume, a tiny fraction of more successful blogs. So in an age where celebrity (and other) idiots pass themselves off as intellectual giants to their 'followers' (people with the attention span of seconds), by using micro blogging tools (twitter et al), to pronounce their opinions on every event in less than 140 characters, what's the point of blogging actual content?

Apparently, the average stay on a blog site is 96 seconds, so any content that takes more than that length of time to digest, is doomed. we reduced this blog sizes down over a period of time, and with just 4 updates a week, probably its relative 'success' in keeping going for a 'Nano-audience' of about 200+ blog readers a day', is actually exceeding what we might extrapolate as expected from the blogging figures (We should clarify that the individual posts usually get something close to a dozen visits - although a few have been visited thousands of times - but the blog total for the day is approx 200).

The maths suggests most blogs aren't even that lucky:
  • If we assume that on any one day, 100 million people regularly read a blog or blogs, and that they each read 10 other peoples' blogs. That translates into 1 billion subscriptions (10 X 100 million).
  • Now assume on that same day there are 20 million active bloggers. That translates into 50 readers per blog (1 billion / 20 million) - these are nano audiences by any standard of communication.
And this is just an estimated average - in practice probably many blogs have no more than two dozen readers in all, and many will plough a very lonely field, with few visitors, and no comments or feedback.

Samuel Pepys was a Blogger!

So you can see the attraction of micro blogging - just one inane comment of 140 characters or less .... no explanation required and basically just an SMS text, and certainly rarely an insightful addition to the worlds thinking.

A blog on the other hand has no size limits, and can display thoughtful content (as well as not), while also allowing the building of an argued point. It also allows for criticism via the comment box, although rarely do these 'debates' last more than one or two posts.

But saying all that, its easy to see why so many blogs are abandoned .... posting your life observations to complete silence is an experience that can easily be described as unnerving. It certainly takes some self certainty and the absolute dedication of a more traditional diarist of earlier times - after all they were posting their thoughts into their diaries each night, with no real expectation that anyone would ever see them .... and look what happened to Mr Pepys!

So, for all of you who are thinking of blogging, or perhaps more importantly thinking of stopping blogging, remember that a blog with regular content does build up a nano audience, and that in this endeavour, staying power is definitely a virtue,

Friday, 16 November 2012

A Man Of The People

A man I could vote for (and a man of the people) is Jose Mujica, El Presidenti of Uruguay, and sometimes known as 'The world's 'poorest' president'.

 Jose Mujica - Man Of The People

He gives away most of his salary and lives on the average salary of a Uruguayan at about $775 (£485) a month, and lives in a run down old farm with his flower growing wife, where there is no running water. He is really an ex left wing revolutionary who really did believe in the socialist ideals that he fought (and was shot 14 times) for. This is very unusual, as we have seen in North Korea and China, where communist politicians live a life of wealth and privilege (and think nothing odd about it).

I also suspect that the Castro brothers have never lived in this kind of poverty, well not since 'La Revolución', and certainly the Russian leadership never pretended to live like this.

Margaret Moran - Guilty as Charged?

This contrasts with most politicians, including those in the UK such as socialist and ex Luton South MP Margaret Moran, who has just been found to have committed one of the the biggest thefts of public expenses (£53,000) so far, in the pig trough free for all that passed for MP's expenses 'self restraint' (needless to say she's pulled the old 'too ill to plead' caper and has walked away scot free ... its not even clear if she has repaid the money, or lost her pension) .... oddly the 'ill health' that she convinced a judge was enough to stop her standing trial (the politicians and judges really are hand in hand with each other), didn't stop her being secretly filmed, offering her lobbying services for money, while being 'too ill' to speak on behalf of her constituents - she later said that she only meant after she left parliament.

You may not agree with his philosophy and politics (although he seems to be correct about world consumption levels), but one can't help admiring Jose Mujica the man, his bravery and his commitment to his beliefs. If all politicians were like him in this regard, the world would be a far better place.

What Men Want

Most men and school boys like 'lists, maps' and 'worlds greatest' (including biggest, loudest, worst etc),  and its fair to say that men and boys also like Wars, Soldiers, and Empires .... I know ladies, but we aren't women.

Its no good trying to make us like fake life TV (soaps, non -'reality shows', and all the other stuff that you appear to enjoy). When you talk about these, we nod, say 'yes' or 'really' now and again, but our head is full of other stuff, like drill bits, or whether we would go and watch women's topless football. We don't even 'gossip' properly, about 10 minutes, and we are totally bored with the conversation about who is going out with who.

So here, just for men, are a few links to the Worlds Largest Empires, and the .... Worlds longest lasting empires. Some come with maps just add to the fun. I enjoyed a good 20 - 30 minutes poring over the lists and then looking at the maps .... good clean fun, and I thought why not share it for the few visitors to this site. There are even web sites, enticingly listing the Ten Greatest Empires, and the same here

British Empire - Biggest Ever

Sort of like 'Top Trumps' for Empires ..... and talking of 'Trumps' ... here's a link to a site that every man in my office laughed out loud at (or sniggered over) when it was passed round the office ... I don't think any women were passed the link because of fear of complaint (no nudity or pictures - but) ... What Men Laugh At.

Reverse Racism

With calls for a Black Footballers Association apparently being shelved for the moment (but watch this space), 'Googling' the term 'Black Associations' produces - page after page of useful results - try doing the same for 'White Associations' and you get just one .... a Wiki page entry for 'National Association for the Advancement of White People' - which is a racial supremacist group ..... after that, all the results are people with the surname 'White'.

So for example in the UK:
  • MOBO, but not MOWO 
  • Society of Black Lawyers, but not Society of White Lawyers.
  • National Black Police Association, but not National White Police Association.
  • Association for Black Engineers UK, but not Association for White Engineers UK.
  • The National Black Boys Can Association, but not The National White Boys Can Association.

There are also over a hundred black and minority ethnic housing organisations, associations, and co-operatives, based mainly in London and the major conurbations .....

NBPA but not NWPA
Whilst similarly in the US, there are dozens and dozens of these associations, who define their interests and membership by colour or non white ethnicity, such as the
  • Coalition of Black Trade Unionists.
  • National Black Republican Association.
  • Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers.
  • Association Black American Racers Association, and 
  • National Afro-American Council.

All without its White counterpart ...... because to put the word 'White' into the name is 'Racist', apparently, whereas to put the word 'Black' into the title is not racist, apparently.

It beggars belief that we have been so indoctrinated with the PC nonsense, and the left-wing intellectual tripe, that underpins this garbage, that we have accepted that 'Black' groups, organised around the skin colour of its members (even if they don't stop non Blacks from joining, they don't encourage it by using a specific ethnicity or colour in their titles), is perfectly OK ..... but any White groups organised in such a way, are 'Racist'.

They are all the same, whichever colour is used in the name title  .....  so they are either all racist, or they are all perfectly acceptable, but not just one.

Secession States 'Dis' United States of America

Sometimes you just have to laugh smugly .... I predicted a few weeks ago that many Americans would increasingly consider themselves disenfranchised if the US continued the pattern of the coasts voting Democrat and the central landmass voting Republican. Admittedly New Mexico and Colorado break up the map, but in general this has been the voting pattern for the last three or four elections.

Final US Election Results

Well it appears that more than 100,000 Americans have petitioned the White House to allow their states to secede from the US, after President Barack Obama's re-election. The Whitehouse is forced to answer if any one question gets more than 25,000 supporters (ours is 100,000).

Now technically The US constitution contains no clause allowing states to leave the union, and indeed that fought a war about this (and not by the way to free the slaves as many people think). But most of the petitions are quoting the opening line of America's 'Declaration of Independence' from Britain, in which America's founders stated their right to "dissolve the political bands" and form a new nation ....

 "When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."

....... which is about as strong an argument as the gun lobby uses to support the right to carry weapons about. The phrase "right of the people to keep and bear arms", is actually not quite the same when read in the full "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" .... which implies another thing altogether.

So oddly, while the US courts (District of Colombia decision) backs the gun lobby, by taking the context of a few words out of a larger sentence, it will most certainly not apply that very same 'logic' to another part of a sentence, from another part of the same document ...... its an odd old world.

African Aid Model

As is usual, the sub Saharan states of Africa are debating what having a black American as US president has meant .... and the conclusion seems to be .. not a lot. They seem to have been expecting either a lot of US attention in the form of money or possibly in political settlements .... in fact they got much the same as under a white US president. Total Indifference.

Obama Not A Saviour For Africa

The question as to whether China is a better bedfellow and aid model to the Africans, is the one currently being asked ..... I would argue yes.

The western model of cash, for lecturing and hectoring, has only resulted in a swathe of NGO's, promoting the unsustainable birth rates via food and medicines, while doing nothing to provide jobs, or a sustainable economic model. We haven't even been able to promote good governance, because we actually have covered up the thefts by the 'big man' and his cronies, by providing those services that the state should provide, for free.

I believe that in fact the West needs to adopt a far more pragmatic approach to Africa.

No more 'free aid' anymore. Infrastructure projects should be undertaken in return for resources, and all managed via western managers. In other words the 'Chinese' aid model, which may be tough, but it puts money into the bottom end of African society via jobs, and produces buildings and roads the people can use.

The Western Aid model has only produced rampant corruption and the 'African Big Man'.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Jeb Bush - President 2016

So a nation has spoken and President Obama will serve a second term in office.

Possibly he will be able to push through some meaningful policies, but with only the congress as Democrat controlled, and the Senate in the hands of the Republican, its more likely that the US voters have simply just opted to 'kick the can of worms, further down the street'.

Thankfully, the result of the popular vote (50.4% to 48% with Florida shamefully still to declare) was also reflected the electoral college in outcome - although not is spirit, where the college has given Obama a lead of about 100 votes, which shows how disproportional it can be.

As usual there are some interesting snippets thrown up, perhaps the oddest of which is the fact that:
Republicans Need A Bush Or Nixon On  The Presidential Ticket

The Republican ticket of 1928, is the last one to capture the White House without a Bush or a Nixon on it - that's both weird and worrying in equal measure ....

Herbert Hoover 1928 Presidential Ticket
Nixon Eisenhower - Inauguration of an era

........... So Jeb Bush for President 2016 anyone?.

Predicting The Next Presidential Race

The other interesting story from the US Presidential Elections are the pollsters demographics of the vote splits ..... The chart below shows the breakdown of the voting for Romney and Bush.

Demographics 2012 US Presidential Election

As you can see they make interesting reading ....
  • The economic Middle Classes voted for Romney - but they are predominantly White.
  • Blacks almost entirely voted for Obama.
  • The majority of Whites voted for Romney but only in a 6 to 4 ratio.
  • The Republicans appeal to only about a quarter of Hispanic and Asian voters.
  • More younger people vote Democrat. 
  • More older people vote Republican.
  • More Men Vote Republican.
  • More Women Vote Democrat.

Many a pollster will be poring over these results, trying to glean the possible results of the 2016 Presidential race .... for instance will the general ageing of the white population, give the Republican enough of an edge to overcome the growth of the ethnic minorities. Its upon such questions as this, that the outcome of the next Presidential race will already be determined. 

Rip Off Britain

Many in Britain believe that we get ripped off by almost all the major world players .... Computers, iPads, Cars, Rail fares .... you name it, and for some reason they cost more here than in the US or Europe. Recently the suspicion has risen that our energy costs (much of which seems to be owned by foreign companies), are being manipulated. As someone said to me, 'they always go up, never go down, and always just before the winter'.

This seems to be confirmed when these figures were published ...

Energy Rip Off Britain

I think the one that shocks me is the first one ..... the average energy bill in the UK has increased 155% since 2004, while average incomes have risen just 20%. Its quite obvious that, along with similar rises in Gas and Transport costs, this is just unsustainable, and represents an all out assault on average living standards in the UK, that must be ended before we are driven into Greek style poverty.

Basically, it's just a plain old fashioned rip off of Britain. 

NB: If you are struggling, try a comparison site to try and get your bill's down, there are many around.

Broken Britain - Multiculturalism Fails

As we approach remembrance day its hard to ignore the most socially divisive group of immigrants in the UK history. Not only do they insist on being treated as special, but they insult our culture, way of life and tolerance. The very attributes that allowed them in to our country without mass protests, they throw back in our faces, in a manner more like conquerors, not immigrants.

Two stories serve to illustrate the pointlessness of ever expecting them to 'assimilate' to the British people's, no matter how many times our Dhimmi politicians kiss their arse's.

The first involves a British soldier stabbed and killed in a bar in Ayia Napia in Cyprus. The three men charged are all 'Muslims' from the UK who have tried to claim 'self defence' ..... They were carrying switch-blades, and a police search found eleven more of these weapons and two brass knuckle dusters in their rooms. Why they had bought them, and what they were for (dare I suggest they were to be smuggled in to the UK?), are questions they haven't answered. Also, why good 'Muslim' boys are drinking in a nightclub is also a question that they no doubt can dismiss, with the usual hypocritical bullshit that they employ in their cult.

The second tale is rather sadder. It was reported that in Bradford the teen poppy collectors had to be given ex servicemen as guards, following incidents last year in which Muslim males had 'spat' on the poppies, and verbally abused, and even physically attacked the young volunteers. The scum who did this were not caught (no surprise) ...

Muslims Against Crusades - Poppy Burning 2010

This is what passes as 'multiculturalism' in these PC times. However on a positive note, this year some Muslims from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association started a poppy appeal .... the London-based association has sold poppies in the capital before, but this year its campaign is being rolled out nationwide.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association Poppy Appeal 2012

Its members are posting more than 100 volunteers at Tube stations and rail stations across the UK to try to surpass the £20,000 they raised in their 2011 appeal ... however all is not as it seems, as they face opposition from other 'Muslim Groups' who are anti-British, and also anti-Ahmadi. It turns out that the the Ahmadi community is not actually considered to be Muslim by 'Muslim scholars', and that in fact they are persecuted as heretics in many Sunni Muslim countries, including Pakistan. In 1974 the Pakistani government declared the sect non-Muslim because of its theological differences with 'mainstream' Islam ..... so they are more despised than the rest of us by these 'Jihadi' groups in the UK.

It makes you wonder where this is all going to end .... 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Tax Dodging UK

"We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes." .... said US billionairess Leona Helmsley in 1983. Although originally sentenced to 16 years, she later spent 18 months in prison (the wealthy even evade the 'justice' meted out to 'little people'), for dodging her taxes.

Lets not fool ourselves, the UK tax system favours the rich (and big Companies such as Starbucks and Amazon), just as much as the US model, but also the loop holes and lack of join up allow the lesser earners to run a 'cart and horse' through the idea of us all paying our fair dues. In fact, as I will illustrate below, only those on P.A.Y.E (Pay As You Earn), i.e. directly employed by someone else, actually cop for 'paying our fair dues'.

UK's Most Wanted Tax Dodgers

Here's an illustration of how bizarre and unjust the UK's tax regime has become:

An I.T. Contractor, using a one man limited company as his employment vehicle (he and his wife are co directors, and he is the 'employee'), earns around £72k pa and decides to try and get round the provisions of Inland Revenue regulation 35, about what is 'self employed' in I.T. So with the aid of his wife, a qualified accountant, he says that he is compliant with this regulation, and can claim to be fully self employed, even though he is actually directed in his work by the companies he works for, and is not self employed in the same sense as say, a *plumber.

So in fact his contract doesn't get a round this IR 35 rule, and he most likely wouldn't be excluded from high rates of tax, should he ever be investigated by HMRC, but never mind, he decides to make hay while the sun shines, and declares his income as below the tax threshold and the vast majority of his income as 'dividends' i.e. Subject to tax at only 20% instead of the higher or standard rates, saving himself anything between £15 and £25k pa in taxes.

Now, being a bright and creative soul, he then hits upon another wheeze, and to reinforce his claim to be 'below the poverty line' .... he claims for Family Tax Credits. So now this genius is not only doing the tax payer out of £15k to £25k of tax revenue, but is also claiming free school meals and a tax credit for one year under Gordon Browns ill thought out scheme .... although presumably he will have to declare the 'dividends' as income at the end of one year and lose his Family Tax Credits for the following year.

He is also looking to see if he can try to dodge the change in rules on Child Benefit, that say families with an earner getting £50k plus can't get it, by using the same financial devices as he has used to avoid taxes.

If anything illustrates exactly why the tax burden is so high for the many, while being so low for the fortunate few, then this does. I know its a true scenario because the contractor was actually so proud of all his clever schemes that he boasted of them to a group of mere employees .... only prudence prevents me from naming him on this page.

Now before we all turn on the IT contractor, consider this:

(A) This is all 'legal' (apart from the IR35 part, which its very dubious that they would qualify to comply with if investigated), and is not breaking any laws except the moral standards we might hope for (and with an accountant as a partner, you would expect few of those).
(B) In fact most of the 'entertainers' on TV etc, and even those 'presenter names' at the BBC - "stars" in fact, employ exactly the same 'tax management' schemes via limited companies.

So when you are watching or listening to some liberal presenter, or a left wing comedians diatribe about 'the rich Tories', and or a liberal radio presenter on a day time phone in, 'tut tutting' at some wealthy persons money being 'off shore' .... just remember that they are all using the same tax avoidance schemes as each other. Jimmy Carr was just the more extreme edge of a thin wedge. To reinforce this view about who gets done, the HMRC has just announced that it won't prosecute those people with secret Swiss HSBC bank accounts (passed over by the French government), who admit tax avoidance.

'Pinsent Masons' director Ray McCann told The Times: “It is those at the lower end of the social scale who go to prison. There is no immunity offer for benefit cheats. The Revenue made a policy decision … Where there was an HSBC account, they would automatically go to contractual disclosure facility. This means immunity from prosecution is guaranteed if you own up to tax evasion, whether it be a small amount or billions.

Unfortunately the Companies house check service doesn't allow for a check of directors, or we could put in names, and find what each of these high wealth hypocrites actually declares as earnings, because from the humble freelance IT programmer, to the winner of a Sony award for radio, they all think that, to quote US Billionairess Leona Helmsley again, "We don't pay taxes .... Only the little people pay taxes..."

* Neither are the BBC employees who claim similar status for much the same tax avoidance reasons, but that's another story.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Romney v Burns

The US Presidential election is throwing up some interesting attempts to influence the voter ..... who would have thought MAD Magazine was still going? I assumed it had died decades ago, but no, its still out there, and peddling its 60's brand of 'liberalism', and humour.

60's brand of liberalism?

I haven't actually seen a copy in decades, but I presume that it supports Pres. Obama's re-election campaign, else how can you explain the pull-out below?

Romney v Burns

Mind you, I think its fair to say that Mitt Romney probably wouldn't ever have been able to get far enough to be a candidate for the leadership in many democracies outside of the USA ..... even Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London looks more in touch with the common man than Mr Romney.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Bumble Was A Beadle

I was much surprised to discover that Britain still has some remnants of the 'private police forces' that were set up just prior to the formation of the first London and national police forces in the Victorian era ... there are actually several of these forces of which perhaps the most famous are the 'Burlington Arcade Beadles' who still patrol this exclusive shopping mall in their traditional uniforms including top hats and frock-coats.

Founded in 1819 by Lord Cavendish from his family regiment the 10th Hussars, they pre-date the Metropolitan Police Force by some 10 years, and are believed to be the worlds smallest private police force in existence. Their original aim was to enforce Lord Cavendish's code of behaviour in the shopping mall,and to keep the 'Hoi Polloi and general Riff Raff' out of the place, while assisting the 'gentry' in shopping safely.

Burlington Arcade Beadles

The 18th Century livery in dark blue, claret and silver, is a reflection of Lord George Cavendish's regiment uniforms, and is still provided by the livery tailor's at Henry Poole, which was founded in 1806 ... tradition within history.

History's a funny old thing, sometimes its hard to eradicate its footprints, and echoes of a different age can still be heard if only we stop and listen.

The Shadow Man

The shape of what is considered the male 'body beautiful' in normal societies has changed over the years .... but in general its been the Greek Olympian ideals as symbolised by the figure of Michaelangelo's 'David' (even with the prudishly little weiner). Of course that has been debased occasionally, notably by the 'heroic' sculptures of the Nazi / Communist groups ..... and the occasional African dictator,

Portly Epitomes of North Korean Manhood

..... but where it reached its zenith in human physical terms, was the late Victorian era in Europe, and again in Nazi Germany in the late 1930's - where physical perfection for either the ruling caste (in the case of the Victorian public schools system), and the master races mass physical exercises (see the movies of Leni Riefenstahl such as 'Triumph des Willens' and 'Olympia').

However, in the Victorian UK and US, the fad for the male body beautiful, as well as a certain type of voyeurism for men with an interest in that sort of thing, and women generally (as they couldn't normally see or touch semi clad males), led to the rise to the stardom of one 'Eugen Sandow' - a man whose physique was considered to be the epitome of male perfection in the late Victorian era. Although not tall at five foot nine, (certainly by modern standards), his rippling musculature was exhibited on stage to mass adulation.

Eugen Sandow - Victorian Body Beautiful

His vital statistics were much admired ....
  • Height 5ft 9in 
  • Waist 29in 
  • Chest 48in (62in when flexed) 
  • Neck 18in 
  • Biceps 19.5in 
  • Forearms 16.25in 
  • Thighs 27in - same as Chris Hoy
  • Calves 18in 

'Ladies', and some 'Gentlemen', would pay a surcharge to attend private viewings backstage, where they were encouraged to fondle his muscles, and squeeze the object of their desire, and although this led to some dark hints as to sexual misconduct by a some men with Mr Sandow for money, there is no evidence of any immodesty taking place, and he was happily married (These hints may be more homoerotic wishful thinking than anything else).

Daniel Craig aka 'James Bond'

Nowadays, Daniel Craig aka 'James Bond' is probably the current ideal body shape for a western white male, for non whites, the role model may vary, but essentially, its also a taller, more lean model that is the ideal .... Mr Sandow has been relegated to a historical footnote, but for one brief moment in time he was the male ideal.

Big Tex Is A Gonna

Big Tex was a an icon of the Texan west (the part that's still not part of greater Mexico (texicana) .... at 52ft (16m) tall, this cowboy had stood overlooking the State fair grounds for 60 yrs, like a Midwestern 'Statue Of Liberty' .... "bring me your hot dogs, bring me your poor bored children, bring me your carnie folk!"

Big Tex at Texas State Fair

Sadly, like the white middle America of the 1940's and 1950's that he represented, he is no more, burnt down in an unexplained fire whose cause has not been determined. There are plans to rebuild him "bigger and better for the 21st Century" but one can't help feeling that it will be neither.

The days of a confident white America are seemingly gone ... enclaves and 'white flight' into gated ghettos (fleeing from their 'fellow Americans' who are seemingly not interested in the Protestant work ethic), are the long term future.

In the meantime, as it looks around it at the world, the country faces a less confident future than those oil cowboys of the 1950's. Its the end of an era the like of which we may never see again.

Darth Disney

The news that the Disney Corporation have taken over the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas, has prompted many photo-shop wags to spoof up their pictorial representation of the series (I have linked to a few of them via this article here ) ...

Mr Disney

But given the accusations of O'l Walts reputation for right-wing views, through his association with the 'Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals', which was both an anti-Communist and an anti-Semitic organization, whose views chimed closely with those espoused by Herr Hitler and gang at the time ..... accusations that he never completely dispelled,  maybe it would be more realistic for something like this

Darth Disney

To be the next unveiling of a Disney, 'Darth'

Friday, 26 October 2012

Broken Arrows

I guess its surprising how many things, which aren't conspiracies, are still secrets. The reason, the narrative of our lives moves on, the press lose interest, and the story dies. So it only rang a vague bell when I read a story about 4 nuclear weapon carrying war-planes colliding over Spain in the 1960's.

Broken Arrows - Palomares 1966

By some miracle only 7 US airman were killed, and the nuclear bombs didn't explode (they weren't armed) ....... but the 'nuclear' wreckage was scattered wide and far, with three of the bomber's H-bombs landing in or around Palomares, the fourth landed about five miles offshore in the Mediterranean ... a reporting ban was assisted by the fact that Spain was so poor in 1966, that there was only one telephone in Palomares in 1966, and no running water, so a recovery operation remained secret.

The weapon from the sea bed was recovered. One of the other three was undamaged (its safety parachute had opened as designed) but two more fell 31,000 ft to the earth and split open, scattering waste in the form of radioactive dust over a largish area.

"What they decided to do was remove the contaminated dirt from the most contaminated areas," says science writer Barbara Moran, author of 'The Day We Lost the H-Bomb'. They literally scraped up the first three inches of topsoil, sealed it in barrels, and shipped it to a storage facility back in the US .... but they missed bits. And although there has been no evidence that the food or water supplies were ever contaminated (checks are made very year), the locals want the US to come back and do a proper job of finishing the clean up.

No one really knows how much plutonium was unrecoverable, as the US never admitted how much was lost, but there is still some out there, and locals want rid of it. A local barman summed it up, "Every time the story hits the media, it hurts tourism," he said. "A lot of people don't want to come here because they think the quality of life must be low, that cancer rates are higher, when that's not the case at all." ... discussions are apparently under way to get the final clean up completed.

Clark Kent - Super Blogger

This week its reported that Clark Kent (Superman's alter ego), is giving up his once-promising career in journalism. Apparently he will walk out in protest that hard news has given way to too many "soft" entertainment stories .... we know how he feels, ironically the BBC are running this story!

George Reeve - Clark Kent and Superman

Perhaps he could just transfer to the 'Daily Bugle' .... they have an ace photographer named Peter Parker, and a non nonsense editor / proprietor in J. Jonah Jameson .... or maybe he's just gone to the Fox Network?


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