Saturday, 15 December 2012

One Is A Lonely Number

Talking about hope springing eternal in the hearts of men, if 'Three' is a magic number then 'One' definitely isn't.

You have to laugh at the news story of the lone Udinese football fan, a Mr Brovedani, who drove the 4 hours to Genoa on business, decided to go to watch his team play the local team Sampdoria .... as he said "I like the stadium there, it's very similar to English stadiums, I always take my flag and scarf around - they're always in the car with me." ..... only to find that he was the only away supporter.

Mr Brovedani - Lonely Udinese Fan

Not one other Udinese supporter turned out on what was a meaningless match on a cold Monday night (apparently Udinese never attracts more than 50 or 60 away fans on a good day) ..... still they missed a treat, as surprisingly Udinese won 2 - 0 away from home, and then dedicated the victory to Mr Brovedani.

However the bit that made me laugh was that when he walked on to the terraces the Sampdoria fans booed him just as if he was the whole Udinese fan base ..... he said afterwards that when the "local fans booed me, I felt a bit offended".

They apparently gave him an ovation at the end for sticking it out .... "they clapped and invited me for coffee and a meal, and the club managers gave me a shirt. They wished me a merry Christmas."

Which is exactly what I am going to wish all my visitors .... no more posts until the New Year as I have other fish to fry .... well Turkeys to baste. So with the sad news that 'The Dandy' comic has stopped printing hard copies .... here's a Christmas copy of the last surviving comic from my childhood .... 'The Beano' from December 1966.

Happy Christmas and New Year !!

The Xmas Beano Comic 1966


  1. Sadly I am old enough to also remember owning that edition of the Beano. What amazes me is the fact that I can remember the cover so distinctly .... I was just nine years old! I have trouble remembering things from last month. LOL


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