Saturday, 5 January 2013

Having A Gay Old Time

Ah well, back in the saddle of the blogging lark, and the first thing that comes to my attention is that the ongoing suicide of the Church of England is still progress ...... they have decided today that that they are going to allow gay men in civil partnerships to become bishops, but they must promise to be celibate. In other words they can be 'married' to another man (although not yet in the eyes of the church), and certainly not in a church, but they must not practise sodomy or any other sexual practises that could be construed as not being celibate.

What a laugh, first of all they tried this when they introduced 'gay clergy' .... I can't recall the exact terminology used, but something about not being 'openly practising homosexuals', or some such words, which was very quickly abandoned, as at its best it was a form of words designed to fool no one, and at worst, it was an open lie by the homosexual church wing, who used this pledge, just to start getting their members in to the clergy (so to speak). In any event it soon became a broken pledge as openly practising homosexual clerics were soon entering into the church.

Victorian High Clergy Liked to dress the part ....

These sort of pledges always reminds me of President Bill Clinton's quote on Marijuana usage ..... "didn't like it -- and didn't inhale, and never tried inhaling again" ...... So the Gay Bishops pledge will be that although they are in a civil partnership they "will no longer practise it, won't practise it, and will never try practising again" ..... yeah right!


  1. You can see from those pictures why a certain type of 'happy fellow' was and is attracted to the Church.

    All those frills and flounces, just like dressing up in moms clothes again.

    1. There has to be a suspicion that its the dressing up which is one of the attractions for the homosexual community (access to choirboys not withstanding ... those old jokes, weren't without some foundations ).


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