Monday, 31 May 2010

Terrorist Blockade Runners OR Peace Convoy?

Israel has clashed violently in International Waters, with a Turkish led convoy of "Peace Campaigners" who were taking aid into Gaza, thus breaking the Israeli blockade of the area.

There are a number of dead, and claim and counter claim over the events.

The Peace Activists say that their 'peace convoy', packed only with food, cement and 'unarmed civilians' was in international waters when it was subject to an unprovoked and illegal attack and boarding by Israeli commandos, and that the troops entered the biggest vessel firing and killing ten people.
  • A question the Peace activists may wish to explain is why on this vessel alone there were allegedly more than 500 mostly Turkish people on board, and using a Turkish government linked ship? The Mavi Marmara is one of three ships provided by Insani Yardim Vakfi (IHH), a Turkish aid organisation with links to the Turkish government ....sort of looks like a troop movement, rather than a peace convoy?
The Israeli militaries version of the events are that this was an "armada of hate and violence in support of Hamas terror organisation, and was a premeditated and outrageous provocation. The organisers are well known for their ties with global jihad, al-Qaeda and Hamas. They have a history of arms smuggling and deadly terror. On board the ship, we found weapons prepared in advance and used against our forces. The organisers intent was violent, their method was violent and the results were unfortunately violent. Israel regrets any loss of life and did everything to avoid this outcome."
  • The questions the Israelis may wish to answer is why they feel able to use international waters in which to conduct military activities? Do they respect any international laws?
The repercussions of all this will almost certainly be more anti-israeli propaganda, but I think there is more to this Turkish led convoy of ships than meets the eye ..... however the damage from the Israeli point of view has been done, and what ever subsequent enquiries determine about the real purpose of the convoy and its organisers, Israel will have lost the propaganda battle.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Price Of Love

Just 18 days into the 'New Politics' of a Coalition Government in the UK, a good old fashioned, sex and money scandal, right out of the 'Old Politics' has taken its first victim.

The Liberal Democrat Secretary to the Treasury, David Laws was caught with yet another of these tedious 'expenses scandals' that wore out the last of the life in the last parliament. However added into this was a homosexual affair, which somewhat oddly, considering the Liberal Democrats views on Homosexuality, Mr Laws was trying to keep totally 'private'.

Essentially for those of you who can't be bothered reading the press stories, Mr Laws moved into 'rooms' owned by a Mr James Lundie in 2001 (after meeting a couple of years earlier), and claimed rent expenses from the public purse for this rent amount. Mr Lundie was a Liberal Democrat Press officer and now allegedly works for a lobbyist firm (which raises other possible issues). At sometime after their meeting they became 'lovers', and entered into a 'long term' relationship.

However, in 2006, Parliamentary rules have banned MPs from “leasing accommodation from...a partner" but Mr Laws carried on claiming money for accommodation owned by Mr Lundie. His stated reasons for doing so are that “Although we were living together we did not treat each other as spouses. At no point did I consider myself to be in breach of the rules which in 2009 defined partner as ‘one of a couple who although not married to each-other or civil partners are living together and treat each-other as spouses’. My motivation throughout has not been to maximise profit but to simply protect our privacy and my wish not to reveal my sexuality. "

Now, I might not be the intellectual giant that many are portraying Mr Laws as, but we all understand what the term 'partner' means in the context of love, relationships and sexual mores, and living with someone inside a sexual relationship for several years or more, normally classes each of them as sexual partners.

I therefore find Mr Laws retreat behind the strictly legal definition of the Parliamentary rules somewhat disingenuous at the very least, and dishonourable in the worst. Does this mean that in order to curb MP's from more abuse of the public purse, we have to explicitly add extracts to the rules to cover every possible 'interpretation' of what constitutes 'a partner'? Are they all such crooks?

And surely the simplest and easiest way to avoid public scrutiny about your sexuality would have been to not claim back 'rent' paid to your boyfriend, whether you consider him your partner or not?

A lot of parliamentary figures have defended Mr Laws and suggested that he can return to power quickly after the dust has settled ...... it's this casual approach to what was essentially a fraud of public funds that most of us find so disgusting. When a single parent lives with her boyfriend but continues to claim welfare benefits she's no longer entitled to, she is dragged through the courts, and faces prison, and fines.

The least we can do to MP's is drag them through the court of public opinion, and stop them entering offices of power again ........... let's not have another Mandelson.

Below are some links to men and women classed as benefit cheats by the press ....

  • A fraudster mum-of-seven who claimed £68,000 pounds in benefits by saying she was a single mum was caught out after being snapped with her partner in a bonny baby competition.
  • A mother-of-one escaped jail when she appeared at Manchester Crown Court,where she admitted falsely claiming more than £15,000 in income support.
  • A Birmingham postman was convicted of benefit fraud for claiming disability allowances worth £8,000 on the basis that he was unable to work, and had no other source of income.
  • Millionaire benefit cheat jailed for claiming more than £108,000 in benefits to which he wasn't entitled.
I fail to spot the fundamental difference between these (and the thousands like them), and the MP's of the UK .... of yes, these others aren't MP's.

Blondes Have More Fun!

In a totally non PC event, that would no doubt be banned in Britain by the 'Wimmin of the Left', the women of Latvia (well the blonde ones anyway) have held their second annual 'Blonde Parade'.

The original aim of this parade was to raise a smile in recession weary Latvia and boost morale in the male and general population.

What was originally a 'one off' last year, returned by popular demand, and was bigger and better, with more blondes (in pink) than you could shake a pointy stick at. The rest of the country held street parties and Marilyn Monroe lookalike competitions in an orgy of fun nationwide.

Next year, the girls, led by Marika Gederte, President of the Latvian Association of Blondes (what a title!), want to hold a blonde carnival - just like the Rio carnival, just a lot 'blonder'.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Israel And The Bomb

Mordechai Vanunu, the technician who revealed to the world that Israel had a nuclear program and weapons made at Dimona, has begun another spell in prison (a three-month jail term) for violating the terms of his release in 2004 by allegedly meeting 'foreigners' ..... his girlfriend is Norwegian!

He had been drugged and kidnapped off the streets of Rome in 1986 by Mossad, and taken back to Israel (much like North Koreas kidnap activities abroad), for a 'secret trial' .... not the first or last time that Israel has abused its 'friends' hospitality to commit state sanctioned crimes in the West.

Mr Vanunu is still banned from from speaking to the foreign media and travelling abroad.

In other words he is in the same position as Aung San Suu Kyi the leader of the Burmese opposition who is under arrest, banned from speaking to the foreign media and travelling abroad.

All this after serving 18 yrs in an Israeli prison (mostly in solitary confinement) for telling the world that Israel had a secret nuclear program and had made bombs ........ Iran anyone?

Why is this important? Well because we and the rest of the Western world, generally support Israel, partly because it has not only the only democracy in the region, but that it respects the general principles of treatment for its citizens (including the Israeli Arabs, in the main), that we do.

However their treatment of Vannu has been an international disgrace, with punishment after punishment heaped on this man. His treatment has been so harsh, that it reminds one of the 'politicals' in the USSR, and considering the fact that they were often Jews, you would think that Israel would never have repeated that experiment.

The fact that its also been alleged this week (and denied by Israel), that in a move reminiscent of the Pakistan scientists selling nuclear technology to Iran, Israel was offering to sell nuclear technology (aka Nuclear Bombs) to Apartheid South Africa in the 1970's, shows that full scrutiny of Israel's nuclear capabilities is a necessity .

Hamas Hypocrites

With the usual hypocrisy that only Arabs can muster, the Hamas ruling party in Gaza knocked down dozens of Arab homes that they claimed were built illegally on 'Government lands'. Of course there is not a murmur from any of the surrounding states nor the Arab press ..... however when its Israel knocking down houses for the same reasons, well that's another story!

I and a lot of others might have some sympathy with the Arabs if they weren't so obviously anti anyone non Muslim, while so disregarding of Muslim failures.

If an Israel bomb kills a Muslim (terrorist or not) they are irresponsible murderers and the victims 'martyrs', while Hamas rockets into Israel are applauded and the victims 'legitimate war targets'.

If a Mosque is hit by a US/Israeli/UK bullet, then its an attack against Allah and worthy of violent suicide attacks, but when the same mosque is blown shitless by another brand of Islam (they are all violent to some degree or other), then hardly a murmur.

When a Non Muslim enters a mosque they must show total deference or else its like the world has ended and the infidel must die - but Christian churches can be defamed by any Muslim Arab gunmen and there is not a murmur by any Muslim.

It's this sheer bigotry, hypocrisy and intolerance that makes me oppose everything about their cult.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Honest Aussie Politician

An honest Aussie politician admitted that occasionally he 'lies'. Now there's something you don't see everyday!

Tony Abbott told ABC News that his off-the-cuff policy comments cannot always be taken as "gospel truth", but that his carefully scripted remarks can.

Oddly this bout of 'honesty', is being used as ammunition against him rather than as praiseworthy thing to admit.

We live in a funny world where a poltician is better off 'lying' by saying that they always 'tell the truth'.

More Superheroes - Ninjas Attack Muggers

Following our recent run of stories about 'Super Heroes' saving the day, comes this epic tale of 'derring do' with trainee Ninja's saving a German tourist being mugged in an alleyway.

One of the would be muggers is still on the loose, but the other two were caught ......

We could do with more of these stories!

Labour Leadership Attracts Strange Bedfellows

Diane Abbott wants to be Labour Leader - I guess she considers that she has all the required attributes:
  • Hypocrisy: She's sent her son went to a *private school with mainly white teachers and pupils, while she tried to stop anyone else aka white middle-class parents doing the same.
  • Media Friendly - she appears on a late night politics show with an ex-Tory MP and ex- Sunday Times editor, mostly having a pop at the then Labour Government.
  • Left Whinger - A member of the Socialist Campaign Group. She espouses all the 'right on' policies of the left (but see Hypocrite).
  • Absolute Party Loyalty - she has made personal attacks on a number of Labour Ministers and has seemingly not signed up to the idea of collective party/government responsibility.
  • Strong Union Base - she was an Cambridge graduate, who has never worked with any mainstream unions .... a 'high flyer' in the Civil service, Race Relations Officer at the National Council for Civil Liberties from 1978 to 1980 (Amongst her colleagues at NCCL were Harriet Harman, Patricia Hewitt and Paul Boateng, all later becoming Labour Cabinet Ministers...... which tells you a lot about that organisation) and MP and the 'media' (ah hem).
  • Economic Competence - Like all of the 'Left' she advocates spending everyone's money, even after its all gone (ala Gordon Brown), and of course
  • No chance of ever winning a national election unless it was held solely in Peckham, Cheetham Hill, Moss Side and of course Hackney North and Stoke Newington ......
*Her decision to send her son to the private £10,000 a year City of London School, which she herself described as "indefensible" and "intellectually incoherent", caused controversy and was seen by many as hypocritical not least because she had previously criticised Tony Blair and Harriet Harman for sending their children to selective state schools.

It later emerged that Abbott had in fact applied to a total of three separate private schools for her son, and thus apparently had no intention of ever sending him to a state school. Fellow Hackney Labour MP Brian Sedgemore condemned Abbott for the "hurt and harm she had caused to local people in Hackney" who didn't have the means to make a similar choice, suggesting that Abbott would "never be taken seriously again".

Well we shall see .......

The other candidates are ......

  • Andy Burnham
  • David Miliband
  • Ed Miliband
  • Ed Balls
  • John McDonnell

Terrorists Evade Eviction From UK

What causes a society to be unable to defend itself or its native citizens against those who would harm it?

I ask because once again terrorists have managed to evade eviction from this country, despite the special immigration court acknowledging that they were 'Al Queda operatives' who were here to kill people. How? well because their 'human rights' might be impaired by being sent home, and if the local law enforcement operatives arrested them.

How utterly mad is this, that we have lost even the simple right to expel criminals or terrorists because some poor legislation, that was never thought through, has to be enforced?

The people this legislation protects are not you or me, in fact we are left in more danger and taxed even more, simply because these people remain in this country, unemployed and having to be watched 24 hours a day, no it protects those who don't believe in human rights of any kind.

The Tories said that this sort of nonsense would end once they got into power, but no, they are just as tied to PC legal opinion as ever the nut case Labour party was.......

Eventually we will actually get a government in power who will simply cancel the HR act, and tell the EU we will no longer accept their courts rulings over UK security and border matters. It can only be simply a matter of time before we will have bodies lying on a street that can be directly attributed to one of these undesirables, and then who will say they are 'disappointed' ....

What was even more bizarre about this latest court ruling was that after Mr Justice Mitting said it was impossible to return the men to Pakistan because in his opinion "There is a long and well-documented history of disappearances, illegal detention and of the torture and ill-treatment of those detained, usually to produce information, a confession or compliance," he then turned to the matter of the three accused students who had already left the UK to return to Pakistan, never once commenting on the oddity that although at least two of them were committed Islamists (i.e. they were also Al Queda), they apparently had no concerns over 'disappearances, illegal detention and of the torture and ill-treatment', and had gone back to Pakistan of their own volition.

You just can't make this madness up ....... we are really doomed as a nation when we just refuse to tackle the biggest single security risk to this country, the rise of militant Islam in our cities.

The first casualty of the Liberal Conservative faustian pact is the security of the country ....

Monday, 17 May 2010

Episcopalian 'Gay' Bishops Spell End Of Communion

The longest suicide note in history continues with the 'ordination' of practising 'lesbian' bishops in the United States by the Episcopalian branch of the Church Of England ............ they seem to have completely lost their minds, and are now just a rump of a church, dominated by a vociferous and divisory sexual minority, who care only about advancing the cause of a sexually minuscule group, rather than in representing any majority religious congregation.

Where this leaves the UK's general C of E members its hard to say, because make no mistake, the same group that have seized control of the Episcopalian Church, are also operating in the C of E, so the likelihood is that they are following the same agenda as their US sisters ...

When you consider that they face the very eradication of their faith in the UK by the militant spread of its enemy, you would think that they would have their eyes on the probable future, not on catering to a hijacking minority.

Gene Robinson and Traditionalist Protester

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Switzerlands Banks, Africa's Stolen Wealth

The practise of rulers like Mugabe stealing everything from their country in Africa was illustrated sharply this week when the son of one of these criminals, challenged attempts to repatriate some of the money to the country it was stolen from.

Yes, one of the sons of Nigeria's ex-ruler Sani Abacha has tried to stop $350m (£236m) in illegally gained assets being returned by a Swiss court. The son, Abba Abacha was also convicted of being a member of a criminal organisation, and given a suspended custodial sentence, A sentence which left him free to try and stop the money being returned (ironically from Nigeria, where he lives), .... $700m has already been returned to Nigeria (and no doubt stolen again).

General Sani Abacha may have stolen more than $2.2bn when in office in Nigeria, and he is only one of the hundreds of African rulers who have stolen from that continent .... the total amount now in foreign banks (and incidentally allowing the children of these criminals to swan around Europe as though they are royalty, rather than thieves), is reckoned in the billions or trillions of US dollars.

It's estimated that in Nigeria alone more than $400 billion was stolen from the treasury by Nigeria's leaders between 1960 and 1999 ..... in all, the money stolen, if returned, could wipe out all of Africa's debts, or build the infrastructure that the continent needs.

Pakistani Terrorism Threatens US

Are they just simpletons or do they think we are all as stupid as the UK politicians, who will not admit that we have a massive problem and act accordingly?

When arrested by the Chilean Police for having traces of explosives on his hands, phone and belongings, the suspected Pakistani bomber Mohammed Saif Ur Rehman Khan said "I have nothing to do with bombs. I have nothing to do with terrorists. I don't have a beard. They just want to cover up their shame and guilt for what they have done or are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan." .... he was then led smirking away.

Idiot ..... shaving or not shaving doesn't make you a terrorist, but traces of explosive and sentiments like that probably do! He has been placed on bail while the police make further enquiries.

Below is a how you are supposed to spot a real terrorist ...

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Voters Being Stitched Up

Is it just me or are we about to be stitched up by a 'deal done behind closed doors' between the minority and losing 'Liberal' party and either the Tories, or the defeated Labour party?

So much for a 'New Politics', we now have a form of kerb crawling from the Tories and Labour leaders ...... rolling down their windscreens, banging on the car doors, shouting out words of encouragement "Hey Niki baby. Come over here darlin, get into into the back seat you strumpet, Daddies got an electoral mandate for you play with!"

What's so disheartening about this is that a very small party is demonstrating exactly why the Proportional Representation system that the Liberals are so desperate for is such a disaster..... because this is exactly what would happen after every election for ever once they get their PR in place.

Except that we know that it would be a permanent 'anti Tory' (aka anti right wing, 'conservative') alliance of Labour and its Liberal Party jockey for eternity ..... how is that more 'democratic'?

Come Monday we face financial meltdown, but no deal if the Liberals will only horse trade the destruction of all right wing parties as the cost of stability...... if the Liberals are prepared to act responsibly and cooperate on other areas where we need strong government, then they would be acting as they said PR would work and advance their cause, but blackmailing us into making them the permanent power brokers of the UK just shows why so many of us fear PR.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Spider Man Again (Daily Bugle)

"Once again, the so called 'webbed wonder' (although as we have stated before, we prefer masked menace), has been creating mayhem, this time in the environs of one of our allies cities, Adelaide in Australia.

He arrested an (Ed: obviously innocent) shopping browser, assisted by his dangerous friends, a group of 'Jedi Knights', who blocked the door to prevent the thief (aka 'shopper') from escaping, as 'The Flash' looked on.

The thief 'didn't have much of a choice but to hand the X-Men Omnibus back after a little bit of a scuffle,' Mr Baulderstone told the Adelaide Advertiser. 'I've had a look at the security footage and it shows Spiderman running down the corridor of the shop, grabbing this guy, hauling him off,' said the 45-year-old. 'It was a bit serious at the time, but now we're looking back laughing at what greeted police when they arrived.'

Will no one join the Daily Bugles campaign to rid the streets of this public menace?

Byline: Jonah Jameson Daily Bugle New York"

Or so the story should have read in a more marvelous world.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Greeks Beware Germans Baring Teeth

There was an old Roman saying stating that we should "Beware Greeks bearing gifts". Well from the Greek perspective that saying has been reversed, and its they who have cause to beware friends offering help.

The EU and IMF have finally come up with a rescue package for the Greek economy, which finally collapsed, after a decade of spending money it doesn't have. However the price of this money isn't cheap, and the Greeks will be expected to make major austerity cuts.

According to the various reports the Greeks:
  • Are tax dodging on a massive scale and estimated as about €22bn pa (about half of the annual deficit).
  • Retiring at 53
  • Getting 'allowances' which include simply being an unmarried daughter of deceased parents, in the public sector - estimated annual costs €550 Million for this alone.

In the public sector pay allowances are given for - knowing how to operate a computer - knowing a foreign language - punctuality - working on the open air for the working in the forestry workers .... you get the idea.

Now in all fairness, no Greek likes the system of low pay topped up by 'allowances', which were brought in to give pay rises without adding to the pension bill, which was already blown. However if they are cut, forget it, you will have almost all the civil servants unable to live and simply ceasing to turn into work, as these 'allowances' can make up as much as 70% of total pay in some cases. So whether the Greeks can actually impose these cuts is extremely doubtful.

When I was in Italy a couple of years ago there was a mention of the fact that the EU had given Italy billions to rehouse people after an earthquake, but a decade later they were still in 'temporary' housing and the billions had simply disappeared. There must be great fears the this money loaned to the Greeks will simply 'disappear' in much the same manner as the Italian funds.

As an example of the scale of the problems in Greece. In the wealthy suburbs of Athens only 324 tax returns show ownership of a pool, satellite photos show 16,974 pools, one of many indicators of tax evasion.

In the UK we actually face very similar problems, but not one of the parties is prepared to spell out the bill we face, so just hold your breath until Thursday, when we will find out how much pain the Labour Party has gathered for us all in the last 13 yrs.

As Margaret Thatcher said "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money".

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Fat Swedes Demolish Meeting Room

This is an old story but so irresistably funny that I am posting it anyway. The floor of a Weight Watchers clinic in Växjö in south central Sweden collapsed on a Wednesday night in January, when a group of about 20 participants in a programme had gathered together to see how much weight they had lost.

As it turned out, however, people’s weight was not the only thing to fall.“We suddenly heard a huge thud; we almost thought it was an earthquake and everything flew up in the air. The floor collapsed in one corner of the room and along the walls,” one of the participants told the local newspaper (probably to much laughter).

Then floor then started to give way in other parts of the room. Shortly thereafter, the smell of sewage began to waft up into the room!

"We're going to have to find a replacement premises," Weight Watchers consultant Therese Levin told the newspaper.

No one was injured in the incident, the cause of which is still under investigation.

No need to investigate, the floor simply wasn't designed to carry twenty fatboys and girls on one spot ......

Even the pavements struggle with some of these western blobs .......

Cane Toad Burgers

Cane toads - I thought this story was finished with my last post on the subject, when it looked as though they were going to be sold to China ......

However those darn cane toads are still proving a problem and now its proposed to make "Caneburgers" for the local wild life, in order to 'teach them' that they are poisonous with out killing them off.

One suspects that this is not the last we will hear of these pesky toads ....

Cane Toads - Burgers

Lost At Sea

"Lost at sea" .... No I'm not talking about Gordon Brown's election campaign. And when I say that 'some people shouldn't really be allowed out on their own', I am still not referring to Mr Browns 'meet the people' jaunts.

No, I am in fact referring to the tale of the unnamed naval 'explorer', who armed only with a 'Krusty Burger' location map (ala Homer Simpson ....), and keeping land firmly to his right hand side, managed to keep sailing around the small island of Sheppy off the Kent coast until he ran out of fuel.

Apparently believing all the while that he was sailing around Britain on his way to Southampton. Despite being 'rescued by the 'lifeguard' he is believed to have refuelled and set off again, no more the sailor than before, and probably none the wiser either.

'TinTin' To Be Banned

'TinTin' banned .......

Ah, a sign of the 'PC' times, where revisionism is the 'new reality'.

Yes a Congolese man, Mr Mbutu, who 'moved' to Belgium, is trying to get a Tintin book banned in the cartoon star's home country of Belgium. The ginger sleuth's "little (black) helper" in Tintin in the Congo is seen as "stupid and without qualities", Mr Mbutu is quoted as saying. "It makes people think that blacks have not evolved"............ Hmm, why did Mr Mbutu move from the Africa, oh yes because Africans are so 'evolved'.

This idea that you can ban or rewrite documents from one period, to fit the new PC reality, is both dangerous and stupid.

Dangerous, because once you rewrite events you are following in the path of regimes like Stalin's, writing people out of the picture ....... literally.

Stupid, because as we have seen with 'Mein Kampf', these banned items continue to circulate and are given new leases of life.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Labour Despise Working Class

Gordon Brown is fighting for his political legacy as well as his political life. He faces being a "no win" PM, a fate that he has feared, and is usually judged a failure by history, something that has paralysed his political thinking since he was gifted his job by Blair. He bottled calling the election then, when he most certainly would have won (albeit with a smaller majority), and has slowly lost chances ever since.

We have discussed the fact that he had been expected to lose the general election, but also that polls had suggested that he may have just squeezed past the post but then came the gaffe.

While 'meeting the public' in a safe labour seat, he bumped into a elderly woman who suggested that immigration was an issue along, with the students fees, and the economy. Brown appeared to answer the questions including stressing that he did understand voters' concerns about immigration. He always 'understands' their concerns but ignores them (I understand the aims of Islam but I don't support them).

Anyway as he walked away from the encounter, he was heard on microphone to call the woman a 'bigot' .... she was white, working class, and had always voted labour. In fact the core of what Labour should be fighting for, but she was dismissed as 'bigoted'.

Brown has since 'apologised', and grovelled that "I am a penitent sinner", and later just spun the event "I thought she was talking about expelling all university students from here who were foreigners. I misunderstood it."

There is nothing he can say or do to hide the fact that under current Labour ideology these days, white elderly and working class, is to be 'bigoted'. This why the BNP are predicted to make headway in Labour heartlands such as Barking and Dagenham.

Brown will not be the Prime Minister after this election ........ as the Conservative leader said of the row, 'Gordon Brown's "bigoted woman" comment speaks for itself'.

Illegal Immigrants Work For New Labour

Question: Why did New Labour allow illegal immigration to run out of control?

The answer could be because for PC ideological reasons they wanted to destroy the concept of a 'white' (therefore wrong) Britain.

Possibly it's a quick way too buy votes with visa's, even when those votes are still living in Pakistan? This report shows that widespread fraud is being undertaken in the Asian community, with proxy votes being openly abused in Pakistan, to be used in the UK elections. Comment from the Government on this scandal? None, but then they have known of this type of fraud for years.

Or maybe it was because they make such cheap servants and helpers? Once again Hazel Blears appears on our radars when she is found to have an illegal immigrant on her election team .... Nigerian national Rhoda Sulaimon was due for deportation after the general election, having overstayed her visa.

It appears that the 'wimmin of the left' have a problem obeying the employment laws of this country, but to be fair envelope stuffers is probably not directly under Ms Blears control. The same may not be said in every case, such as the employment of an illegal immigrant by Baroness Scotland.


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