Monday, 28 June 2010

When 'Arabic' Isn't A Language Anymore

It shows how discontented the young people are with the state, when they prefer to speak a foreign tongue, and I don't mean immigrant kids who may do so for all sorts of reasons, including alienation, I mean the educated young (the future leaders in normal societies, but not in many Arab lands, where criminals or religious thugs are the rulers).

The reasons why mainstream Arabic is spoken less amongst the younger educated of many in the Arab world is two fold.
  1. There are no jobs (outside of corrupt state patronage) in the Arabic world, and English is the worlds lingua franca
  2. The state education system is at best 'basic to non existent', with 'religious education' the only option for many i.e. reciting from the Koran, and only with 'lessons' that don't contradict its teachings e.g. any history or philosophy which is pre Islam.
So it's no wonder that despite the mullahs and the mosque mobs who often fuel the worlds perception of Arabs, and who are the foot soldiers of any Islamist revolutions (or counter revolutions), the educated middle classes are trying to teach their kids to live with Western languages .....

A fact which makes it all the more of a condemnation of the educated Western based Muslims, who recite and recycle the fundamentalist Islamist ideals, and who take no heed of what's really the opinion of many in the Arab world ..... i.e. they fail to learn from those who are forced to live in the Arab Muslim world, and would do just about anything to leave it ...."Allah Akbar" is not the answer to a failure to develop.

Ironically, the English speakers often have very strange ideas of what the West would want from would be Muslim immigrants ..... the girl Parvaneh, a student, living in Qom and Tehran in Iran on this BBC interview thinks that her husband being a Muslim religious student in one of the most fundamentalist states in the world  i.e. a would be Muslim Shiite cleric, would guarantee them the right to emigrate to the US.

"We moved to Qom because my husband is studying Islam here ...... when my husband's course is finished, we will emigrate to the US."

It's this idea, that being taught the Koran (often by rote in a non critical manner), somehow makes you a 'scholar' in anyway like the Jewish or Christian tradition, and therefore useful in some way in the West, is why the education system in the Arab world lets so many down.

Bionic Cat ....

A cat called Oscar has had bionic paws fitted to his back legs ......

He is one cat who has used up all his nine lives and taken a lease on another set.

The World Cup and Englands Dreaming

The South African World Cup is progressing and as expected "Ingerlund!" are out, thrashed rather soundly by "The Germ Mans" .... "C'est la vie", as the equally pissed off French will no doubt be saying ...... or perhaps not.

On a more positive note, unless there has been a major cover up, there has not been any major crime incident and despite my fears the World Cup is passing off peacefully.

So well done South Africa ....... now see if you can keep the crime down after the World Cup as well.

As for England, the belief in the holy grail of a trophy is fast diminishing with each successive set of flops who leave these shores .... we are second rate and likely to slip ever lower until we address the fundamental lack of skills taught to our school kids, who are brought up on running and physical strength, rather than skill and guile.  

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Blondes Have More Fun! Part 2

More than 30 women were ejected from the Johannesburg stadium on Monday during the match between Denmark and the Netherlands. They were accused by Fifa of breaking strict rules on World Cup marketing.

They had all been wearing identical mini-dresses in Dutch orange, sold as part of a gift pack by a Dutch brewery. ..... they were all very blonde!!

Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen called the criminal charges "disproportionate".... "It is outrageous that the two women have a jail term hanging over their heads for wearing orange dresses in a football stadium," he said in a statement.

"If South Africa or Fifa wants to take a company to task for an illegal marketing action, they should start judicial procedures against the company and not against ordinary citizens walking around in orange dresses."

"Honour Killing" ..... Still A Fact In Asian Communities

This story of a young girl and her boyfriend tortured to death while the neighbours did nothing, is nothing new in South Asia, but the attitudes expressed by the killers family and the others involved should concern us, because these same attitudes are imported into the UK, by the never ending stream of immigrants from the Indian subcontinent.

Umesh Kumar and his wife Satvati Devi said "She was crying loudly. She was pleading, 'Kill me, but please don't hurt him.' She loved him and they wanted to get married"

This was after teenage lovers Asha and Yogesh were brutally killed because they were from different castes in Swaroop Nagar colony, on the north-western outskirts of the Indian capital, Delhi. Mr Kumar tried to intervene. "When I went in, Yogesh was tied up in ropes. He had bruises all over him. And they were beating Asha" (Note the fact that people are being tortured and no one calls the police).

Asha's uncle Omprakash Saini, her father Suraj Saini, their wives and her cousin were the torturers and they pushed him around so he left ... "I tried to save the girl, but they pushed me around. They broke my spectacles. They told me not to interfere since it was an internal family matter." They told him to not call the police..... so he didn't.

"I don't have a phone, the pay phone booths are closed at night, and the other neighbours were too scared to get involved."

Asha's uncle and father were arrested but the two men have shown no remorse. "I'm not sorry," a defiant Omprakash Saini told reporters after his arrest. "I would punish them again if given a chance."

There are no statistics on the number of "Honour Killings" in India, but Assistant commissioner of police Pankaj Kumar Singh says for every case that gets recorded, several others go unreported......

So deep-set is the ignorant and racist belief system that drives "Caste", that the boys relatives and friends could say that "We are very angry. We want justice. If they wanted to kill their daughter, that's okay. But they shouldn't have killed our boy." ..... its okay to kill their daughter!!

The girls relatives were happy that justice had been done .... "What will any parent do if they see their daughter in a compromising position with a man? What would you do if you were in the same situation?" one asked angrily. "That's why my uncles killed them."

Another of Asha's uncles, Titoo Saini, is convinced "the killings were justified. We did it for our honour. Honour in our community and society is paramount to us," he says..... Look closely at these men they could be living near you in a street in the UK...... cos its already here.

No Peace In Middle East

As mad as any mob led by a Mullah, this band of religious zealots and nutters, are the reason, along with the rent a mob of the Arab world, why there will never be peace in the Middle East .... the Hassidic Jews are as strict as any Muslim and in much the same ways .... in fact its surprising how much they share in common and yet can't stand each other (much like Communists and Fascists).

They appear to be led by those Jews who wear strange Middle European clothes i.e. Wide brimmed hats, dreadlocks and white shirts.

Their current demand is for their children to be educated separately from other Israelis i.e. 'seculars' and those deemed 'less religious', which in this case includes those who allow TV's in their houses. 

This reminds me of another group in the West, who increasingly demand special conditions and recognition for their religion ..... 

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Labour's Phoney Debate

The Labour Party Leadership fight was given an artificial 'boost' when Dianne Abbot surprisingly got past the thirty supporters mark that was needed to get to the next stage of the contest ...... then came the revelations.

The main candidates are Andy Burnham, David Miliband, Ed Miliband and  Ed Balls (after left winger John McDonnell pulled out). However Ms Abbot had not picked up enough votes, and looked to be out of the contest until fellow candidate David Miliband then said he would give her his support (he already had all he needed), and encouraged others to do so - so in stepped acting party leader Harriet Harman, who said she wanted to see a woman in the contest.   

Ms Abbot, doesn't consider it in the least demeaning that the only way she could get to be the token women / ethnic candidate was by the artificial process of vote stuffing, and the support of a white middle class male. But then as we know she has that facility of saying one thing and doing another (aka hypocrisy), so she can apparently genuinely believe that this shows she has a body of support in the Parliamentary Labour Party.

"There's been a huge surge of letters and emails from party members saying that they wanted a diverse group of people running in this leadership contest and I think David Miliband and others responded to the feelings of the membership."

"There is nothing artificial about the party's and public's interest in my candidacy," she told the BBC News channel, adding that she expected to win backing "from across the party" once the contest got under way for real.....

Still she won't have to worry in the future as Ms Harman has also confirmed that from now on the Labour Party cabinet posts will be determined by gender quotas (that give women 50% of the seats even though they only make up 25% of the MPs), so it's only a matter of time before its 'ethnic quotas' as well, so she will probably become leader without the need to ever be voted in, when Labour next get a chance to make race quotas the law next time they are in power.

What a nasty prospective future they are leading us all towards...... it will come though. As a white male, I may as well emigrate now, because "there's no future. In Labour's dreaming," (with apologies to the Sex Pistols)       


Pakistan Supports Taliban To Kill British Troops

As this blog has discussed before, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is actually working to undermine the democratic Pakistani regime in its fight with the Taliban, by secretly funding and supporting the Afghanistan version of that Islamist organisation, in its attacks on Western soldiers. This support for the Taliban started under General Zia Ul Haq (the General who Islamicized the Pakistanis constitution to its eternal harm), in the 1980's and has been going on ever since.

It's supporting attacks on the US and UK (its nominal allies), in the paranoiac belief that this counters some imagined Indian influence in Afghanistan (they are not actually able to articulate circumstances in which Hindu India has any sway over the Islamic madmen of the Taliban, but hey why take that risk, and anyway killing 'infidel' soldiers via the proxies of the Taliban is OK, because the West is too stupid to do anything about this).

This ISI inspired paranoia over India's 'influence' is so prevalent in Pakistani military and 'Intelligence' circles, that they will not release the required number of troops to actually defeat the Taliban inside Pakistan .... which just further serves the aims of the Islamist's inside and outside Pakistan.

Once again this ISI support has been publicised, but nothing will be done to stop Pakistan (and our so called Middle Eastern allies), from funding the Taliban, in its attacks on Western troops.

Can anyone explain why we support a regime that actively murders our soldiers, or what we ever hope to achieve in Afghanistan, when Muslim states are actively ensuring that we will fail, and that Afghanistan will immediately revert back to a failed despotic state after we leave?

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Peace Protesters Are Shown To Be Merely Thugs

Finally, here's film of the boarding of the "Peace Flotilla" ship which very clearly shows the "Peace Protesters" using violence to attack Israeli soldiers.

Whether the violence of the attacks on them justifies the killings, is probably a matter only the soldiers being attacked can be sure of, but I won't listen to Western "Peace Protesters" saying that it was the Israeli's who started the violence, when clearly it was the Islamist's on the ship who did so.

Violence begets violence and the protestors should have remained 'peaceful' protestors ......

Harridan Harman Rides Again

Harridan Harman has been left in charge of the Labour Party after their recent electoral defeat ..... however far from leaving well alone, she has decided to introduce yet more "Equality" into the party by eliminating any free choice in the selection of Labour Party Parliamentary Cabinet posts. She is now proposing. nay insisting, that regardless of who is elected party leader they must ensure that fifty percent of all Cabinet Posts must be all female.

I would normally assume the others would be 'all male' but this is New Labour, so probably the other fifty percent of the posts will be 'open' selection posts i.e. open to the Party leader to select purely on ability, either women or men (after all it would probably be 'illegal' to prevent women standing for those seats as well).

This policy appears to be contrary to EU law which suggests that discrimination on any grounds is illegal, but hey, we only obey these laws when they don't impact the 'Left's' pet projects. So we will have a situation where the Labour Leader and the electorate will be forced to take whatever "Wimmin" the party has as cabinet candidates, and men (especially 'White' males), will be severely restricted in their chances of a political career. Currently only about a quarter of Labour MP's are women, so they will have twice the chance of holding office than the men.

Of course, the rump from Browns Cabinet are willing to back this idea, simply to try and garner a few "wimmin" votes from the hard left of the party. She is just as dangerous out of office as in, with her constant harrying on about issues that only she and a few of the "Wimmin of the Left" are worried about. What I find ironic is what she is really suggesting is that given a straight contest women can't or won't be selected to shadow cabinet posts, as obviously Labour Prime Ministers are sexist and racist pigs and therefore we have to make laws, party or otherwise, to force them do what Harriet wants.  

Ms Harman has also said that Labour's opponents would try to "denigrate" the party's record in government, but "we will not let them.
  • For every child who, instead of being cooped up in a flat, is playing in a brand new children's centre, that is our legacy.
  • For every patient who instead of waiting in pain is cared for by doctors and nurses in a brand new hospital, that is our legacy.
  • For every villager in Africa whose life has been transformed by cancelling third world debt, that is our legacy."
She really is dangerous to her 'Party' if she truly believes that the population will not think that the real legacy of the last Labour Government isn't:
  • The massive public debt which means we have to cut spending across many sectors before we end up with the IMF again. 
  • Pension funds bled dry by repeated raids that will leave the UK a poorer place.
  • PFI debt which means that those 'brand new hospitals' and 'brand new children's centres' were built on the 'Never never' with the actual bills to be paid for by those kids when they grow up.
  • As for Africa, well I haven't noticed one African country that's measurably better governed by cancelling the debts ...... maybe she would like to point one out? 

Catholic Bishop Murdered In Turkey

In another of what seems to be a regular series of attacks and murders of Christians in Turkey in the name of Allah, the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Vicariate of Anatolia in Turkey, Monseigneur Luigi Padovese was murdered by a Muslim employee on the Thursday the 3rd of June this year.

Naturally this terrible crime was not reported as a main story in the Western Press (imagine if it had been a Mullah in the UK, what sort of coverage would the BBC have given it?), so it was only a mention in another story that I was made aware of it. As usual in these stories the attacker said that he was doing so following a personal message from Allah, stating that the Bishop was "the false messiah" (Masih ad-Dajjal) . He was heard to chant "Allāhu Akbar" (God Is Great) as repeatedly stabbed the defenceless Bishop.

Whilst the Pope has publicly raised the matter publicly, not one Western Politician has said a word about the matter. Compare and contrast the response of these same politicians to the deaths of Islamic "Protesters" on a Boat. There are simply two sets of rules applied, if Muslims are killed by Non Muslims, then the western politicians have to make lots of noises about 'toleration for Islam', while when Christians or Jews are casually slaughtered in Muslim lands, they say nothing. 

This is not the first time Christians have been killed in Turkey, which has a long tradition of killing non Muslims stretching back through the pogroms in Ottoman times, then in the post Ottoman period, right through attacks in Constantinople, to the attack on the Pope, and to attacks in the last few years, where other Christian priests have been killed, and even threats to the current Pope.

Always its blamed on individuals who have 'psychological' problems. This is palpable nonsense .... one of the killers and his mother were so proud of killing a priest as he prayed, that they stated that the act "was committed in the name of Allah and was a gift to the state and the nation". We have individuals who have similar mental problems in the UK and West, but they don't regularly kill Muslims in the name of God ... the real answer is that it is considered to be praiseworthy amongst Islamists to kill Non Muslims in 'defence of Allah', or the Prophet, etc etc and so these attacks can be morally justified in many quarters.

How on earth can anyone really still believe that Turkey is a European country? There are less than 100,000 Christians left in Turkey (in 1900 it was several million Greeks, Armenians, and Syriacs) ..... all have been killed or fled.

How then can they claim to uphold "Common European" values by committing religious persecution?


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