Friday, 29 August 2014

Porkies In Uganda

Two piglets were cross examined by police in Uganda for "terrorism-related material" after being daubed in the colours of the governing party with slogans alleging MPs are corrupt, and then. let loose in the Ugandan Parliament by anti-corruption protesters.  Hardly a surprise when you consider that Uganda is notorious for its graft levels, in a continent where corruption is the only way to get things done ....

The Trotters In The Slammer

Now, if your are the henchman of some grafting corrupt politicians, then you have to be seen to being acting on behalf of your paymasters, so the two piglets were rounded up by the custodians of  law and order, and taken in for testing .... along with the two cheeky protesters, Robert Mayanja and Norman Tumuhimbise, who both face charges of criminal trespass (did they do any damage, except to already poor reputations?), 'conspiracy to sneak piglets into parliament' (is that even a crime?), and interrupting parliaments work (which also will be hard to prove).

Apparently with parliament being so ineffective in dealing with the fears of terrorist attacks, mainly because of Uganda's military involvement in Somalia, supporting the UN-backed government against the Islamist al-Shabab group, its now "standard practice" to test for terrorism-related material as "there could have been another motive other than a protest" .... well according to Police spokeswoman Polly Namaye.

Yeah, right .....

.... lets just hope they didn't take their trotter prints and send them to Interpol!

Leopard Woman

Anything mountain man Blažo Grković from Bosnia Herzegovina can do, a 54 year old Indian widow can do better .... well almost.

If you recall, Mr Grković fought off and killed a brown bear with his bare hands, while protecting his flock of sheep, and I posted on it to scepticism in some quarters .... so steady yourselves while I recount the tale of Kamla Devi from Koti Bodna village in Uttarakhand.

She was gathering wood and grass fodder in the local jungle with a small hand sickle and a spade, but was carrying water from a canal to her crop field when a full grown leopard attacked .... it was probably attracted by her previously bent position, as leopards, like most big cats prefer to go for the neck of prey and stalk attack from behind. In any event, Mrs Devi fought back and in a battle that is believed to have lasted between 30 minutes and an hour, she eventually won free and staggered back to her village before collapsing.

Leopard Attacks Increasing In India

She needed over 100 stitches and game wardens found the leopards body near the scene of the battle she had described to her helpers

Mrs Devi Survived The Fight

..... a local wildlife expert told the press that 'This is possibly the first case of its kind' which he admitted was all the more remarkable as 'leopards rarely back down' in a fight.

When asked about it in hospital she said,“The leopard lunged at me many times and we fought for a long time. I got hold of my sickle and fought with it. That's when the leopard was killed." .... when praised for her courage she said  "I gathered my courage to fight back. I promised myself that this is not my last day here.”  

Londonistan Thrives

Over the years, I have posted a number of times on the apparent infiltration and corruption of the political processes by an Islamic clique in Tower Hamlets, London.

  • In March 2010 I posted that an investigative journalist had suggested that a major London mosque, run by extremists, had also taken over the local Labour Party in Tower Hamlets.
  • In November 2013 I also posted on the re-emergence of Rotten Boroughs in UK politics and that leading the way was Tower Hamlets. Included in the post were serious allegations of both vote rigging and financial mismanagement.   
  • Finally, in June this year I alluded to the electoral malpractices that meant the European election results were delayed for 3 days because of dubious goings on at the vote counting stations in Tower Hamlets ~ including apparently threats and intimidation to the counters.  

The fact that a clique originally used the local Labour Party to achieve all this, has meant that both the national Labour Party, and successive governments just apparently ignored it. What was even more worrying was that all the local checks and balances, that are supposed to stop local political corruption without the need of a government intervention, apparently failed under the system of political correctness.

The Mayor Shows His Affiliations

Well finally it seems that this last voting scandal has finally embarrassed the powers that be (possibly because it was reported on overseas), in to some sort of action.

Lutfur Rahman, the Mayor of Tower Hamlets has finally (the string of allegations he has rung up is impressive), been served with High Court papers under the Representation of the People Act 1983, alleging that his campaign as an independent for the 'Tower Hamlets First' (prior to 2011, he was in the Labour Party) was a fraud, with claims of people voting who were not entitled to (not for the first time in that borough), and promises of council housing given to the Bangladeshi and Somali communities in return for their votes.

Flag Flying Is Popular In Tower Hamlets .....The ISIS Flag (or Rayah), Was Later Taken Down By A Catholic Nun

Apart from the claims of straightforward corruption, the allegations also include the claim that he used 'spiritual influence' (presumably backed by the Mosque), by telling 65,000 Muslims that if they voted for the Labour party (they don't vote for Liberals or Conservative, so no need to mention them), it would be a 'sinful act' and that 'Allah would punish them'. The threats also included the promise from a few friendly Imams, that Muslims who voted for the very halal Lutfur Rahman, would be rewarded in paradise for this 'virtuous and Islamic act', and he backed this up with an earthly pleasure, by holding banquets for various Muslim groups. These are all unproven allegations and the case will be heard in court in the Autumn.

However in the meantime Mr Rahman has made no move to step down until the case is heard .... something that would be expected of the Mayor in any other area of the country, which is a sure sign of how far from 'British standards' these backward ghetto communities have been allowed to drift ..... but the Labour Party, who must have been aware of what was happening over the years did nothing. Possibly as he was the Labour leader of Tower Hamlets London Borough Council from 2008 to 2010, but they finally acted, when he allegedly used ghost voters to try and win the selection as Labour Candidate for the post of directly elected mayor. He was finally rejected from the process, and left the Labour Party to stand as an 'Independent' in 2010 .... he won, but with further allegations about his methods, including claims that he threatened council officers.

As one national newspaper commentator put it. "We spend far too much time protecting the culture of those who join our country. And far too little defending the culture they have chosen to replace".

UPDATE April 2015:

Mr Rahman was found guilty of numerous malpractises by the Electoral Court. However apart from ordering a new election and barring Mr Rahman from one election, he has got off easily. Corruption in public office should result in a prison sentence and its a surprise that in this example it hasn't .... or perhaps its not a surprise at all. The end result of this leniency is that Rahman's confederates are carrying on with the same illegal racial claims ..... we are fools.  

Gun Toting Teachers

In the USA, after every Columbine style massacre, of which there have been many, the same old arguments rage. Should 'gun control' be brought in or tightened, but the debate is always stalled by politicians who will publicly shed many tears, but privately block, or better still, quietly stall any legislation that's proposed.

But no matter how bad the crime, the US seems to be prepared to keep its citizens "right to bear arms" (in defence of the state), with the price being the occasional massacre of the innocents. There is just no bipartisan consensus on the issue, with some, supporters of a big reduction in the rights to bear arms, while equally there are a vociferous group of others, backing the ideas of 100% gun ownership, as proposed by the National Rifle Association (NRA). Of course, the NRA only have to keep the status quo, so any resistance or threat of vote withdrawal to Senators or Congressman, by an organised group, is enough to forestall any changes, even assuming there is an appetite for such changes (and that's by no means a certainty).

But amongst all the arguments, the one that struck me as most bizarre was the NRA line that 'teachers in schools should be armed', in order to better defend the students if a shooting attack occurs.

That one idea says more about the difference between the US and Europe (or even their neighbours Canada), than anything else. The fact that the primary advocates of gun ownership, in a straight faced manner, will argue in the debate, that US teachers have to be prepared to have gun fire-fights with deranged teens in the class rooms and corridors. 

Teacher Training US Style.

This is frankly such an amazing argument, that in any other civilised country it would have lost the debate, but not in the US. So going forward, the job description for the US teacher will be, 'marksman or woman, willing to put life on line', oh, and if you have any qualifications in teaching, it would be an advantage.

Mind you in a week when a nine year old girl killed her gun instructor and a couple of years ago, a five-year-old boy shot dead his two-year-old sister in the US state of Kentucky, using a gun marketed for children called the 'Crickett' (can you imagine making guns for children?), and many children (mainly white) are trained in gun defence, perhaps its for the best if the teachers are routinely armed.

Still you can't make this stuff up. My solution?

Have a full referendum on banning private ownership of automatic and semi automatic weapons in the US. Take the matter out of corrupt politicians hands and pressure groups, and let the people speak .... if they are prepared to accept an occasional school shooting or massacre, as the price for the right to bear arms, then let them say so.

In the land of the free, let them have a free choice ......  

Friday, 22 August 2014

Lego Pi Life

Life sometimes imitates art .....

Most of us are aware of a book and movie called 'Life of Pi' .... in which an Indian boy from Pondicherry, Piscine Molitor "Pi" Patel, explores issues of spirituality and practicality from an early age. He survives 227 days on a lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker (as both a deceased tiger hunter and the Bengal tiger).

A Bengal Tiger On A Boat Isn't Philosophical At All

So there was a strange symmetry, when I saw a small sub story in the papers ... under the heading.

'Roar Meat'

'A fisherman was killed when a tiger dragged him from his boat into the Sunderbans jungle, East India.'

Tiger probably not read the book ..... or even seen the Lego version.

Lego Pi Life

The victim was apparently illegally fishing in a restricted area when the attack took place, and his sons tried to beat the tiger into letting go of the man. The Sunderbans are historically home to Bengal tigers and tiger attacks are a common occurrence.

By Jingo - Its A RusBurger

Do you remember 'Freedom Fries' or 'American Fries'?

Freedom Fries - Jingoism At Its Finest

It was that bit of US jingoism which erupted in 2003 when the then Republican Chairman of the Committee on House Administration, Bob Ney, renamed the menu item in three Congressional cafeterias in response to France's opposition to the proposed invasion of Iraq ... an act followed by several other national restaurant chains. My how clever that looks now!! Boy who was right, and who was wrong .... needless to say that the bit of the Anglo-Saxon hubris that 'Freedom Fries' represented was very quietly dropped later, and now its "French Fries" again.

So you would think that the Russians would have learnt something from this episode .... but apparently not, if the antics in the Crimea are anything to go by. In April McDonald's closed its three fast-food outlets in the Crimea, citing 'problems with sourcing ingredients' ... yeah right! Anyway, the abandoned franchise stood empty and then rumours circulated that Burger King would take over the restaurant in Sevastopol (after the CEO of the chain's Russian operation suggested that they could step in), but this didn't happen after the US Parent stepped in.

So, the shop was taken over by a local concern, probably at war-time prices aka a steal. Now at the moment, Russian nationalism is at full tide ... so no chance the venue would retain any American feel in the name. They got their heads together and no doubt many names went through their minds 'Putin Pullets'? ..... No, too political. 'Rah Rah Raspullets'? What to serve, maybe 'Veal Orloff', Chicken Kiev? ..... or maybe Sturgeon fillets with Tartar Sauce? 

The list seemed endless but back came the Russian PR companies advice .... and up went the signs.

Paid A Pretty Rouble For This Name

RusBurger says it only uses Russian produce, such as veal, vegetables and cheese, and so won't have the ingredient problems its US rival faced .... err OK.

In the rest of Russia, Putin's supporters in the consumer watchdog Rospotrebnadzor, have turned on the remaining McDonalds chain with the decision to temporarily shut McDonald's four restaurants in Moscow along with Russian MPs also calling for checks on other US fast-food brands, including Burger King and KFC. The actions come amid continuing rising tensions and sanctions between Russia and the West, over the crisis in Ukraine.

What's the betting that in a few years, the name RusBurger will have been dropped for something like 'Tex Burger' .... its all a storm in a McFlurry.

Impressions Of Edinburgh Fringe - 2014

As part of the Edinburgh Festival experience I also post up a few picture impressions ..... So without further ado, here's a few that sum up the annual jolly from PC Towers.

The View From Waverley Steps - Princes Street

View Of Grass Market

Near Underbelly

Udderbelly Looms On Horizon

High Street Monsters Abound

.... Joined By Dinosaurs Walking Amongst Us

.... Some Of Them Human.

After All That Walking .... It Always Ends Up Here.

Best Of The Fringe - 2014

Well we at PC towers are back from our August sojourn to Edinburgh ..... and although slowly recovering from the vast amount of alcohol and walking .... so as usual, here are the personal *ratings / the 'Best Of Our Fest' from the shows we personally saw:

Austentatious: (5 Star)
Improvised Jane Austen style playlet (but with largely professional and well practised cast) - Truly excellent and well performed - and worth every penny ... great reviews and you can see why.

On the Box: (5 Star)
Comedy musicians 'Bowjangles' in a TV station parody. Well performed, inventive and slickly written, its truly excellent and worth your time in even the most crowded schedule.

Henning Wehn 'Eins, Zwei, DIY': (4 Star)
Does what it says on the tin and makes you laugh. He is now a consummate comedy performer and far funnier than when on TV.

One Man Star Wars: (4 Star)
Mime, Mouth, Hands and Hans Solo. Very similar to his 'Lord of the Rings' to which he makes some allusion but still very good.

Frisky and Mannish: (4 Star)
Still very good, but compared to earlier versions of their shows there was a little bit of flatness, especially in the middle, where a 'dream sequence' seemed designed to fill a lack of material.

Winter Is Coming: (3 Star)
Australian comedy group but don't let that put you off .... however you need to watch 'Game of Thrones' to truly get all the references, and the gratuitous use of the 'C word' for no purpose, mean rating not higher.

Casual Violence: (2 Star).
Much the same as when we saw them a couple of years ago. Could do with a professional writer to harness some undoubted talent. Won't see them again.

Bears In Space: (2 Star).
Puppetry, comic skills and music. We were unimpressed, but many in the audience seemed enchanted by it. So we accepted that we 'just didn't get it' and give them 2 stars because it isn't always about us.

Neil Hamburger: (0 Star).
Apparently a Cult Icon - actually a turgid little act, obsessed with bodily fluids and foul imagery of ancient pop and film stars being forced to ingest them. When were Gene Simmons or Marilyn Manson ever 'legendary' in the last 30 years? The worst we have seen since Terry Clement: Din Times 8, for whom we once very generously gave a 1 star, but this one was so terrible, it just stinks the whole hour out and leaves you wanting a shower.

The reviews expressed on this post represent the 'personal opinion' of this blogger or those who expressed an opinion about shows to this blog only, and do not necessarily agree with other reviewers opinions. Similarly, the review stars are based on the criteria described below.

*The personal ratings system on this page are:
5 star - Exceptional
4 star - Very Good
3 star - Good or Better
2 star - Average to Good
1 star - Poor
0 star - Shouldn't be at Festival 

Friday, 15 August 2014

Pet Laps - An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Pet Laps ..... a strange idea, but actually the more I looked at the picture, the more I thought it was very clever. I no longer have a pet as my lifestyle is too selfish to be tied to one, but in the past I have had cats. I know that an old (or not so old) jumper or fleece attracted an almost instant attempt to settle down to sleep on it ......
One Happy Pet and A New Jumper Saved.
So a frugal idea, that also saves your new clothes, as well as cutting pet hairs from furniture and carpets ..... to be honest it made me laugh as it was rather like a Guy Fawkes I made as a kid, that also somehow never made it the 'head stage' .... still it made me some money, probably for much the same reasons as I laughed this time ... it looks stupid.

I pass it on, as an idea whose time has come .... 

Y2K Bug Strikes ... At Last

In a 'told you so' blast from the past moment. the Y2K bug finally bit something.

The Y2K Bug as it was portrayed.

Remember the Y2K Millennium Bug, which was a goldmine for I.T. professionals everywhere in 1999, as they rushed to reassure panicking companies (and made vast sums of money), who were all convinced that their world would come to a standstill in the year 2000?

Well, it's finally managed to come true ... kinda. Better late than never.

Y2K Bug as it was feared ... planes dropping from skies - end of world.

This year a computer glitch has seen US military draft notices mistakenly sent to 14,215 men in Pennsylvania, all of whom had birth dates between 1893-1897! The draft notices ordered all recipients to register for the draft, or face punishments of "a fine and imprisonment" .... Good Luck with that!

The computer bug occurred during an automated data transfer in July 2014 of nearly 400,000 records from the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles to the Selective Service System, which is another federal government department. This data transfer used some old code which hadn't been fixed in 1999, and as Pennsylvania uses a two-digit code to indicate an individual's year of birth ('93' not '1993' which was what the Y2K code bug was all about), so the records of men born between 1993 and 1997, became mixed up with those of males born a hundred years earlier.

The Selective Service department only discovered the error when confused relatives of the deceased contacted the agency to complain. "Selective Service regrets any inconvenience caused the families of these men and assures them that the error has been corrected and no action is required on their part," the agency said on its website. The agency says that it now no longer has any access to records for men born before 1960 in the state, and all requests for archived records must be sent to the National Archives and Records Administration in Missouri instead.

Apparently almost all male US citizens and immigrants, between the ages of 18-25 are required to register with the Selective Service department, but they are not automatically inducted into the military. However during a crisis, a random lottery number and year of birth would be used to select men, who would then be drafted into the armed forces (after being examined for "physical, mental and moral fitness").

Y2K Bug as it was fixed - insert 2 digits.

Still as I was contracting during the Y2K 'crisis', I can only recall them as 'Happy Days', and so I am glad that the little pest finally reared its ugly head ... finally justifies the money Ha ha. 

Socialist Feudalism

Socialist Political dynasties are not a new thing .... the North Korean regime has been run via hereditary Chairman since its inception, and is held up top some ridcule for its 'inherited politcal power as Kim Il-sung, passed the baton on to son Kim Jong-il who duly passed it on to the latest supreme ruler, Kim Jong-un.

North Korean Socialist Dynasty
Then of course there are the almost Byzantine political dynasties of India, headed by the Nehru–Gandhi family who own/run the Indian centre left Congress Party. A member of this family has been in charge of India for 40 of the 60 years since independence. Things aren't much better when they are not in charge.  

Political Dynasty - Indian Feudalist Style.

However much nearer to home, the Labour Party in UK practises the same thing .... albeit on a more modest scale ...

The Benn's:

Apart from the late 'Tony' Benn, Stephen Benn his eldest son is a Labour MP. His Grandfather William Wedgwood Benn and his great-grandfathers, Sir John Williams Benn and Daniel Homes, were also MPs, and now 25 year old Emily Benn, Tony's granddaughter  is the candidate for Croydon South. She is not expected to win, but by competing in two losing seats (she has already unsuccessfully contested the East Worthing and Shoreham seat in 2010), she paths the way to be parachuted into a safe northern seat (like both the Millibands and Peter Mandelson were), for the next election in 2020. She will be just 30 yrs old - who says privilege and patronage isn't alive and kicking in the party of socialist ideals.       

The Kinnocks:

Neil Kinnock, aka 'The Welsh Windbag' , but a man who has done well out of UK politics, as first leader of the Labour Party, and even better out of European politics when he became a Vice President of the EU Commision ... but then so has his family. His wife Glenys Kinnock became first a Welsh MEP in the European Parliament, and then an MP, with no real effort beforehand. In March 2014 it was announced that a son, Stephen Kinnock had been selected as the Labour Party candidate for the seat of Aberavon in Wales for the General Election of 2015.

The Straw's:

Jack Straw is a Labour MP, and former Home Secretary, and Foreign Secretary, in the last Labour government. It was announced recently that his son Will Straw aged 32, was now the Labour Party candidate for 'Rossendale and Darwen' in the forthcoming General Election of 2015.  

None of that 'time serving' for a decade as a local councillor, before getting a chance to stand for Parliament, for these new breed of 'professional Labour' politicians ... nope, just a nod and a wink, and then a hop, skip and jump into a safe seat, and a cushy life in Parliament - apparently fully qualified to break Britain even more than the 'New Labour' experiment that produced both the Millibands (Edward and David), Peter Mandelson, Harriet Harman, and Ed Balls et al. What incentive there is for Labour local Party councillors and activists, in this system of patronage its hard to imagine.   

In the Commons last month, current Prime Minister David Cameron described Labour's political dynasties as the "same families with the same message" ... but I would have gone further and described it as 'socialist feudalism'.

It seems that in some areas, 'it ain't what you know, but who you know'  that matters.

Justifying Genocide

In order to kill another race or people, particularly in an attempted genocide, you have to first dehumanise them, and their likely suffering.

For centuries in Europe the Christians were told that the Jews were 'Christ Killers', and therefore the periodic slaughter of the local Jews in the Middle Ages was permitted (up to a point) ... however their money lending abilities were too useful when Christian Monarchs needed cash, to get rid of them completely (but reducing the debts was also a good excuse to wipe them out occasionally).

However, this constant portrayal of Jews as being almost less than human, led directly to the pogroms of Eastern Europe, and later fed into the Nazi tyranny across much the same region. Even so, it took years of Nazi propaganda to the base masses, before the Germans were sufficiently primed for genocide (and of course they also included the Slavs and Gypsies in the 'Untermensch' ideology).

Now we are witnessing the rise another ideology, that also dehumanises all those who don't sign up to its creed or ideals ... Islam. In a manner very similar to that of the Nazi's, it preaches that non Muslims are lesser peoples, and its no secret that Kaffirs or Kuffars (non believers), are not accepted as being of equal worth to Muslims in Sharia 'justice'. These peoples can be forced to convert, or be killed, especially if not under local Muslim protection, as a people of the book.

'People of the book', refers to any believers of any monotheistic Abrahamic religion that is older than Islam, (which is all of them), and who are therefore seen as having had divine guidance from God to man, but that guidance has been incomplete or corrupted (although how this could be for a perfect god is not explained) .... and people of the book living in an Islamic nation under Sharia law were given a number of rights, such as the right to freely practice their faith in private and to receive state protection. In turn, they had a legal responsibility, the payment of a special tax called jizya ("tribute") in place of the 'zakat' tax. However I say 'were' because invariably, the numbers of 'people of the book' in any Muslim state diminishes very quickly, and although for example the Middle East still had 20 - 25% Christian populations around 1914, it is now less than 10%, and expected to be gone from all but Egypt by 2050. However as commenter pointed out on another post, with around 100,000 Christians murdered by Muslims every year in the region since 2000 AD, its not hard to see why this is ....

But others for example, Buddhists and Hindus, can expect little mercy when under Muslim rule except where they vastly outnumber the invaders e.g. The Hindus of what is now Pakistan and Bangladesh are almost gone, and the remainder treated as Kaffirs and regularly attacked, suffering rape conversions or murder, whereas Islamic scholars in India 'accepted' that Hindus were suddenly 'People of the Book' with Muslim rulers usually willing to consider Hindus as people of the book, after forced conversions just stirred up rebellions and also perhaps it was unsurprising, given that the Muslim invaders were outnumbered by the Hindus several times over. Buddhism doesn't get afforded this same status anywhere, and so very few if any Buddhists live in Muslim majority countries .... Afghanistan was a Buddhist state before the Arab invasions in the 7th century AD.

So the this abhorrent behaviour by ISIS militants is entirely consistent with the way Islam has spread - pliant in its beliefs when out numbered, and violent in its suppression of other faiths when in the ascendency. So while the Christians and Jews are in theory are 'protected' (as long as they pay the extra taxes imposed for this armed protection), in reality this is not actually the case for very long (see the Greeks or Armenian's under the Turks).

Genocides Of Christians Every 100 Years In Middle East And Asia

This has all been brought to public notice by the ISIS caliphate in Syria and Iraq, where the Mandaeans and Yazidis can be killed, or their women gang raped and sold as slaves. Reports say that after being used, they are trading hands for as little as $5, and such is their terror, that many are jumping to their deaths in the mountains, or having male relatives kill them .... all disturbingly reminiscent of the Armenian girls, who almost exactly a century ago jumped down wells to their deaths, rather than be caught by the Turks (or ironically the Kurds who acted as the Turks henchmen in the Genocide) .... who says history doesn't go in terrible cycles?

And all this barbarity and inhumanity is justified because in the theology of the Sunni Muslims, because their victims are not followers of the book (who are given four options, to pay a bribe (jizya), convert, flee or face death), these others simply face the choices of fleeing, conversion or death. Rape and forced marriage is actually accepted as 'conversion' for women in this instance (following the example of their prophet, who took a Jewish wife ~ Safiyyah ~ in a similar manner), hence the fact that both ISIS and Boko Haram take non-Muslim girl prisoners, to hand over as 'conquest brides' for their fighters. Boko Haram has taken nearly a 1,000 non-Muslim girls and women, and according to reports several hundred Yazidis girls have now been taken as 'slaves' ... Oh what a life of fun for those 'western' Muslims who have popped over for a bit of recreational Jihad, Murder, Rape and Genocide.

Whether many in the the West likes this truth or not, the fact is that this treatment of non Muslims is entirely consistent with mainstream current Islamic teaching and practice outside of the West, right from when it first started its path of conquest in the 7th Century, to its conquests in the last few months. So while those Imams in the West like to tell us that this is extreme behaviour, its exactly what Islamic conquest has been about since it first started.

The exhibition of milder attitudes in the West, is also the same behaviour as Imams in the past have exhibited in areas where they are outnumbered, and pretended that the locals religions are the same and almost but not quite to be equals, but this always changes when Muslims grow to outnumber those other religions. Are not the recent random attacks on Non Muslims by 'Muslim patrols', the schools ideology row, and voting frauds in the UK, not just all aspects of this same idea that once 'Muslims' take an area, its their rules not ours that are to be enforced.

Ideologies that preach superiority by reason of birth, race or religion can be easily swayed into accepting genocides on those who are considered inferior by reasons of those same birth, race or religion. We opposed the Nazi and fought to eradicate the very ideology from the face of Europe, but for reasons of political cowardice, and an almost supine fear of 'offending' the practitioners of the new threat, we remain mute about the actual basis of the ideology that ISIS are currently carrying out.

Facts are facts ... we ignore the behaviour of ISIS and similar groups at our very peril .... the reason why they can turn to genocide so easily, is because they are primed to do so by the religion they practice.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Beckham, Mean, Moody And Magnificent

I was on a train, reading the 'free paper, the Metro', when the unknown woman next to me said, and I quote, "That (David) Beckham, he's so mean and moody in that picture". She was pointing at the picture below ....

Beckham - Mean And Moody And Magnificent ... well according to women (and some men).

And to be fair, and with my metro-sexual hat on (It don't fit well, but one has to try and keep up with trends), looking at this picture, I can't argue with her general sentiments. Here he is with a group of friends, motorcycling across Brazil, as a part of the TV coverage of the World Cup 2014 tournament. He was filming a documentary to meet the 'Yanomami' .... a machete wielding tribe of Indians.

Why, wasn't very clear ..... in fact as they had no TV's, it would be one of the few times for Mr Beckham that he wouldn't be recognised by anyone there.

But even in the mud of the Amazon rainforest, he looks like an advert for hair products .... its enough to make you sick. Mind you, as the Yanomami don't wear clothes, there will be no TV adverts of Mr Beckham in the Jungle with them .... so that's something to be thankful for at least.  

Wet Wall Of China

Everyone knows that the Chinese lack some of the social graces expected in the West, especially with regards to expectorations, and public expulsions of body matter generally. This lack of social graces in public led to Singapore, a state largely populated by people of Chinese descent, introducing some infamous edicts, with fines or even imprisonment, simply for spitting in public places, or even being caught chewing gum ... a $500 fine is not uncommon. Under these draconian laws, only chewing gum of therapeutic value (i.e. dental health ~ Wrigley has a powerful reach), is allowed in to Singapore, and even then it has to be prescribed by a doctor.

Similarly, human spitting without gum can also attract harsh penalties, with up to five weeks in jail and a $800 fine in a recent case.

Well, it seems that mainland China has still got a long way to go in this area ......

Spitting Seems The Least Of China's Public Behaviour Issues

... where spitting seems to be the least of China's public behaviour issues. This picture is from the Beijing Marathon, where its become something of a tradition for male runners to pee down the red walls of the forbidden city. Part of this attraction seems to be that the Chinese consider 'Red' to be lucky.

However the organisers of the Beijing Marathon have said runners this year will be disqualified if they're caught urinating in public, or as they put it .... "uncivilised behaviour, such as relieving oneself in public and littering" ....with official advice for runners which explicitly warns against urinating on "red walls" .... for luck, or any other reasons. 

But with over more than 30,000 runners, the organisers are taking no chances and have promised to provide enough toilets for all the runners ...... Good Luck with that.

A Cancerous Growth

This map illustrates the rise of the Jihadist States, aka 'Caliphates', in the last decade or so .... in fact ever since the ill fated 'War Against Terror' commenced ....

The Proto-Caliphate's Now On The Rise.

When you look at this map, its almost like the spread of a cancer .... first one area is affected, where attempts to control it are made, but before it can be completely suppressed, another growth is found, and attention switches to that area, but often before clearing it out was completed in the first infected site, and soon another growth is found, and another, and then its too late. You now have established dead zones, and it starts to look hopeless for the patient.

The only treatment when this happens in medicine, is too cut the diseased area away from the healthy body, and hope that stops the spread ...... Similarly in politics we need to be planning now for what looks like the formation of permanent Caliphates becoming a reality very soon, if its not already the case. There are dead zones appearing across region, and they don't look like they are going to disappear soon .... for the simple reason that the patient, Islam, is the progenitor of its own attackers. 

Road To Hell

The BBC is covering the Middle East stories with all its usual biases in full and open display:

  • Pro Muslim
  • Anti Israeli
  • Anti Christian

It wrings its hands over every 'Palestinian' Arab casualty at the hands of the Israelis, with pictures of babies crying in every shot. It devotes thousands of reporting hours on the TV, Radio and the Web, to what is effectively a propaganda campaign for Hamas.

But it is hardly 'balanced' in its reporting, as it rarely points out that:

  1. The Gaza Arabs voted for Hamas, a prescribed terrorist organisation, to lead them.
  2. That for many years Hamas has launched several rockets daily at Israel - this blog covered the same issue way back in 2008. Or that if that had been say, Scotland launching rockets at England, no one would be surprised that England retaliated and the BBC would have to support that retaliation or be closed down.
  3. They rarely dwell on the 'human shields' policy of Hamas - launching rockets from school playgrounds, or hospital car parks etc, is illegal but the BBC says almost nothing.
  4. The fact that the BBC hasn't been able to report from Gaza in decades, because they would be kidnapped by Hamas (or other equally nasty groups who find havens in Gaza), and that its only now able to do so, because Hamas wants them to serve as its propagandist mouth pieces. A role the BBC is apparently happy to fulfil.
Nazis and Hamas - what's the difference if your Jewish?

On the first point (1) - The Nazi party was voted into power in Germany ... however I don't recall hearing that the BBC were ever crying over German casualties during the second world war ... or about them ever ignoring the concentration camps. Yet with Hamas, the BBC are seemingly happy to downplay their policies and practices 

Hamas Justice - If they can do this to Arabs, what will they do to Jews?

As for the points (2) and (3), these points are barely ever touched upon - nor do the chattering classes explain exactly how Israel is supposed to respond to this sort of cowardly attack? - In fact, how would the UK be expected to respond to this same tactic? 

Rockets Over London

Maybe they would just expect us to accept that the terrorists can bomb us without retaliation? Even an unelected state within a state such as the BBC fancies itself (it always acts as Her Majesties unelected opposition when Labour are out of power), would not last long doing that - they would have to bow to public pressure.

And even the last point is full of bitter irony - the BBC are so pleased to be back in Gaza 'safely' (even amongst the Israeli 'blitz over Gaza' that it reports), that its falling over itself to report exactly what Hamas wants, usually about little children injured or killed etc in schools, while not daring to question anything about Hamas prompting every bout of violence by firing rockets (even during ceasefires), or its illegal human shield tactics, mainly for fear of being thrown out of Gaza again. Not once has it ever confirmed or denied the Israeli allegations about rockets fired from the school yards, even though its a small town, and with more BBC reporters about than ticks on a mongrel .... odd that. 

This blindness is of course driven by the BBC's innate left wing ideology, which sees Israel (or more accurately Zionism), as bad, but Arabs including Hamas supporters (which is most of Gaza) as innocent victims. So the fact that the Arabs have largely brought this upon themselves, by voting in a bunch of terrorist thugs as their elected representatives, is just ignored.

Sadly of course, in another part of the same region, we have the spectre of the final steps of the total genocide of the Christians of Iraq and Syria by a Hamas ally, ISIS, and with only the Pope and the French speaking out until now. The British government and establishment are now apparently so in thrall to the idea of appeasing western Muslims generally, that compared to the Gaza campaign, hardly a squeak of protest greets the spectacle of another genocide, and until today, not a bullet to protect these ancient communities was forthcoming. Even the UK's Jewish labour party leader will not speak out against Hamas  .... UK votes in the Muslim community are worth more than the Jewish vote apparently.

So compared to coverage from Gaza, just a few brief news stories about Christians being targetted, which on the BBC are usually stories tied in with the fate of even smaller minority groups, such as the many the small 'heretic' Islamic splinter groups in the region. In fact you will learn almost as much about the Shabaks, Yazidis, or Sabian Mandaeans from the BBC, than about the ancient Assyrian's and their Christian communities .... the fact that these minorities are all being killed by Jihadist groups with the same ideology as Hamas, hasn't stopped the British government supporting relief for Gaza, or the halfwit MP for Bradford declaring an 'Israeli free zone'.

The BBC has just launched a Gaza Appeal ... but not one for the Christians of Iraq or Syria. The money raised for Gaza relief, will no doubt help support the Hamas claims that the world is on their side ... well its not, but you would never know that in the UK. The UK government is going to give money to help all the displaced minorities of Iraq, but no open appeal for those we should be helping most .... I suspect because our government would be embarrassed by the UK public's response for one group, and not for the other.

While no one is doing anything to expressly protect Christians in Iraq, the US bombing from today for example is ostensibly to protect US officials in Irbil, not the Christian refugees. This despite the fact that it was our actions in Iraq, that have led to the Christians plight and displacement, and the very real threat of eradication.

Bush and Blair have the blood of many Christian martyrs on their hands already, as well as that of all the others killed in Iraq since they attacked it for no justifiable legal reason ... now we are to see that blood increase tenfold.

Are We To See These Scenes Again - Armenia A Crime Unpunished.

If there is a Heaven and Hell, I hope that the road to one is paved with Hamas, ISIS and their western apologists, for I fear that the road to the the other will be painted red, with the blood of the Christians and the many others, killed by the devils from the pit of inhumanity, that we by our policies have unleashed on them.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Crazy World Of Chris Kamara

Chris Kamara is a TV football pundit and match summariser for Sky TV. To those not interested in sport, they will probably be more familiar with him as featuring in a series of Ladbrokes Oddsfather adverts, in which ever stranger things happen to him.

Crazy Chris Kamara Ladbrokes TV Advert

However, nothing in the TV adverts was stranger than when he was in Brazil for the World Cup. He was on the streets in Rio de Janeiro with a friend called Mike, when a street robber snatched Mike's necklace. Instead of heeding consulate advise to 'not resist robbers as they may be armed', he did something else instead.

He chased down the criminal, caught him and detained him for the police. He then tweeted pictures of his “prize catch” ....

Kamara's 'Prize Catch'
and claimed that he had 'Not lost me pace!!! I just caught this street robber. Done in now though!' .... however he was detained by the police to give statements. He was able to exhibit this athleticism because although aged 54, and admitting that the last time he "had a six-pack was 30 years ago" and that it "had been 20 since I lifted a weight" .... he had recently been through a Men’s Health Celebrity Six-Pack challenge for Men’s Health Magazine. He had lost 6kg and gained a 6 pack again, and was fitter than the street punk he was chasing down.
Chris Kamara Crook Catcher

But the story ended on a positive note, when he later confirmed that the police had retrieved the necklace, and so he and his friend had declined to press charges. “So all is well that ends well.”

This is just another day in the the crazy world of Chris Kamara.

Choco-Pies And Phones A Revolution Make

Life in North Korea is about as tough as it gets on this planet outside of a conflict zone .... a mad dog regime, risk of arbitrary arrest, justice, even life and death at the whim of the elite. So every little comfort the citizens can glean is treasured, and not to be removed lightly, even by a regime as oblivious of its citizens well being, as that in North Korea.

So the workers at Kaesong, which is a joint North South venture, where North Koreans work for South Korean countries, but where the North Korean pockets the wages paid in the South Korean currency. Obviously while workers are paid by the North Korean state, in near worthless local money.

So what's the attraction to the North Korean workers? Well, apart from the fact that the wages are in local currency, they are still more than the equivalent work in local factories outside the economic zone. But the real bonus and incentive, is that the South Korean employers try to throw in a few perks (they can't give cash). The biggest of these, is that in a country often afflicted by regime induced famines or shortages, being fed a regular wholesome meal of South Korean imported foods once a day, is only to be dreamed of by the rest of the population, especially those who live near the southern UN demarcation line, which acts as a 'border' (technically, the two states of North and South Korea are still at war).

Included in the meals, more by chance than anything else, was a biscuit treat known as a 'Choco-Pie', which looks remarkably like two of the UK's 'Wagon Wheels' , just stuck together (US super sizing affects South Korea?), and these became incredibly popular, not to eat at Kaesong, but to take home and then 'trade' with North Koreans who had no access to such a wonder. So popular indeed, that the South Koreans started giving them out as 'bonuses', and the illegal trade in these treats soon flourished, with North Koreans willing to pay 3 or 4 times their 'face value', and the pies turned up all over the North.

A Regime Undermined By Choco-Pie

Or rather they did, for in one of those decisions that illustrate much about the regime, it banned them being served to the workers at Kaesong. After the ban, its reported that the price of a single pie rose to as much as $23, a day's pay for a North Korean. The regime said they could be given other 'food stuffs' as 'bonuses', such as sausage, noodles, coffee and other chocolate bars instead, but not the popular bars. The official line from Pyongyang's Unification Ministry on the Choco-Pie ban, is that workers are "fed up" with the snacks "and want something else", which is of course a lie as the ban appears to be an official attempt to clear them, along with other Western goods, from the 'open-air' (semi capitalist) markets across the country.

However, apart from reporting this latest vindictiveness in the North, there was something else that came to light in all this, and that is that the regime in the norths grip, is not quite as all powerful as they may wish us to think. For instance there are apparently 50,000 North Koreans crossing backwards and forwards to China to trade, with another 100,000 actually living in China doing business.They all have access to all the 'forbidden fruits' that the regime forbids, including telephones that make international calls (as long as the user is within range of the Chinese networks near the border).

New Technology Undermines Repressive Regimes

These phones are now widespread in the main North Korean population, along with smuggled DVDs of South Korean TV shows. Maybe, just maybe, the cult of the Kim's is on the wane .... which maybe explains why they are banning Choco-Pies.

In an interesting update to the story, in response to the ban, 200 South Korean activists and North Korean defectors, reportedly launched 50 large helium balloons carrying 10,000 Choco-Pies at North Korea this week, letting them drift over the border. The North Korean response was equally predictable ... they have threatened to shell the 'launch sites' if it happens again.  

Giant Condoms Launched At North Korea

Mind you, looking at the super prophylactic dimensions of the balloons the activists used, I can see why the North Koreans might think that was an aggressive act of penis intimidation. Ours are bigger than yours, so to speak. So watch this space to see if the condoms launch again with their provocative load .....

Hamas Sweeties

While the battle on the ground rages on in Gaza, the battle for hearts and minds continues apace. In a Chicken or the Egg war (Does the fact that Hamas have been daily launching missiles for year after year, constitute good cause for Israel to finally act, or is it legitimate for Hamas to 'resist' in this manner because of the blockade?), black-ops and psych-ops continue to be waged.

So according to Hamas, Israel has been handing out hundreds of lollipops, bearing anti-Hamas messages on two cities in the West Bank .... Nablus and Ramallah. The Israeli troops threw the sweets to children after deploying heavily in the region as part of their search for three teenagers who went missing while hitch-hiking in the West Bank.

Anti-Hamas Lollipops: Black ops or double bluff?

.... Or as Fatah who control the West Bank reported nothing, Hamas are making this up, in a cunning attempt at a reverse propaganda coup, to expose Zionist perfidy, to a waiting Arab world.

Of course there is the vexing question of what Israel might get from this plan, especially as the soldiers were conducting house to house searches? Hardly an opportune moment to win the kiddies over. Of course this sort of story plays well with Arab minds .... where every action is a 'Zionist plot' .... so maybe its a secret Fatah black-ops, to discredit both Israel and Hamas? 

Ebola Of A Threat

There was a low level, but increasingly concerning health threat developing in Africa when I wrote this post ....its now grown alarmingly. I have been following the story for the last few weeks, in the hope that that it would actually fizzle out. It is of course the current outbreak of the very deadly Ebola virus in West Africa, the symptoms of which include fever, diarrhoea and vomiting, followed by bleeding, and eventually pretty much a high risk of death, with mortality rates often between 50% and 90%.

The virus was first identified in September 1976, when the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium, was asked by a Belgian Doctor in the Congo to confirm what 'mystery' bug was killing people in what was then Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo. The package was a standard Thermos flask containing blood samples, some of which were broken and had leaked inside the flask .... had he known what he was being exposed to, the researcher Peter Piot would have run ... literally for his life. Instead, he was merely curious.

Mr Piot (right) and Ebola Virus

Initially examination showed a very large virus, which exhibited as being similar to the Marburg virus of the late 1960's (where the laboratory staff caught it from infected monkeys imported from Uganda), but obviously something different ....  Mr Piot flew to Zaire, and then went deep into the jungles to the village of Yambuku, where the latest outbreak was being reported, and discovered the cause of transmission ... direct contact e.g shared needles, or washing the dead. Initial transmission into a human population was via 'bushmeat' (Fruit bats seemingly carry and spread the disease without being affected by it and were eaten locally). They named the new virus after the local river, and not the village to limit local stigmatisation.

Treatment For Ebola Outbreak Not Changed Much Since Zaire 1976

What's most disturbing about this latest outbreak is that there is still no vaccine or cure, and the advice for containing this outbreak is much the same as it was in the 1970s. "Soap, gloves, isolating patients, not reusing needles and quarantining the contacts of those who are ill - in theory it should be very easy to contain Ebola," according to Mr Piot.

However, superstition amongst the natives is a factor that doesn't help, and something that Mr Piot didn't encounter. For instance in the current outbreak in Sierra Leone, treatment centres have seen a sudden drop in referrals, because local shamans have accused them of using witchcraft, and even of murdering the patients for body parts. There are also rumours swirling around that the Ebola is stronger in the hospitals, that its 'ju-ju', 'mu-tu', 'urongo', or whatever the local term is, makes it more dangerous there. This all stems from the very high death rates, which mean many who go in to treatment centres never come out again alive.      

Modern treatment is just as basic as then, rehydration of victims, controlling bleeding and antibiotics to treat secondary infections .... we are just lucky that its a disease of "poverty, and of dysfunctional health systems" .... but as the Marburg virus outbreak showed, globalisation means that we are only ever a few hours away from those evils.    


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