Friday, 8 August 2014

Beckham, Mean, Moody And Magnificent

I was on a train, reading the 'free paper, the Metro', when the unknown woman next to me said, and I quote, "That (David) Beckham, he's so mean and moody in that picture". She was pointing at the picture below ....

Beckham - Mean And Moody And Magnificent ... well according to women (and some men).

And to be fair, and with my metro-sexual hat on (It don't fit well, but one has to try and keep up with trends), looking at this picture, I can't argue with her general sentiments. Here he is with a group of friends, motorcycling across Brazil, as a part of the TV coverage of the World Cup 2014 tournament. He was filming a documentary to meet the 'Yanomami' .... a machete wielding tribe of Indians.

Why, wasn't very clear ..... in fact as they had no TV's, it would be one of the few times for Mr Beckham that he wouldn't be recognised by anyone there.

But even in the mud of the Amazon rainforest, he looks like an advert for hair products .... its enough to make you sick. Mind you, as the Yanomami don't wear clothes, there will be no TV adverts of Mr Beckham in the Jungle with them .... so that's something to be thankful for at least.  


  1. Speaking of motorcycles and hair products, do you remember that advert for shampoo where a biker uses some and ends up with big hair which prevents him from putting his lid back on? I'm pleased to say that I can't remember which shampoo it was for.

  2. I'm even more pleased to say, that I don't even remember the advert old chap. But then as one who was follicly challenged by my late 20's I might not have been interested in the product.

  3. Well done on not even remembering the advert! Adverts are annoying, deceptive and patronising in general but there is the odd one which is clever and entertaining.
    Coming back to Beckham; having invested in all those tatoos, maybe he felt obligated to get into the biker thing?

    1. Could be .... but I'm not a fan of body adornments full stop. There is a very pretty girl at work who has covered her back, neck, inside arms (and a lot more besides I suspect) with tattoo's, and its completely changes the ways she is viewed by men, which is a pity as she is also a nice person.


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