Friday, 8 August 2014

A Cancerous Growth

This map illustrates the rise of the Jihadist States, aka 'Caliphates', in the last decade or so .... in fact ever since the ill fated 'War Against Terror' commenced ....

The Proto-Caliphate's Now On The Rise.

When you look at this map, its almost like the spread of a cancer .... first one area is affected, where attempts to control it are made, but before it can be completely suppressed, another growth is found, and attention switches to that area, but often before clearing it out was completed in the first infected site, and soon another growth is found, and another, and then its too late. You now have established dead zones, and it starts to look hopeless for the patient.

The only treatment when this happens in medicine, is too cut the diseased area away from the healthy body, and hope that stops the spread ...... Similarly in politics we need to be planning now for what looks like the formation of permanent Caliphates becoming a reality very soon, if its not already the case. There are dead zones appearing across region, and they don't look like they are going to disappear soon .... for the simple reason that the patient, Islam, is the progenitor of its own attackers. 

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