Friday, 1 August 2014

Crazy World Of Chris Kamara

Chris Kamara is a TV football pundit and match summariser for Sky TV. To those not interested in sport, they will probably be more familiar with him as featuring in a series of Ladbrokes Oddsfather adverts, in which ever stranger things happen to him.

Crazy Chris Kamara Ladbrokes TV Advert

However, nothing in the TV adverts was stranger than when he was in Brazil for the World Cup. He was on the streets in Rio de Janeiro with a friend called Mike, when a street robber snatched Mike's necklace. Instead of heeding consulate advise to 'not resist robbers as they may be armed', he did something else instead.

He chased down the criminal, caught him and detained him for the police. He then tweeted pictures of his “prize catch” ....

Kamara's 'Prize Catch'
and claimed that he had 'Not lost me pace!!! I just caught this street robber. Done in now though!' .... however he was detained by the police to give statements. He was able to exhibit this athleticism because although aged 54, and admitting that the last time he "had a six-pack was 30 years ago" and that it "had been 20 since I lifted a weight" .... he had recently been through a Men’s Health Celebrity Six-Pack challenge for Men’s Health Magazine. He had lost 6kg and gained a 6 pack again, and was fitter than the street punk he was chasing down.
Chris Kamara Crook Catcher

But the story ended on a positive note, when he later confirmed that the police had retrieved the necklace, and so he and his friend had declined to press charges. “So all is well that ends well.”

This is just another day in the the crazy world of Chris Kamara.


  1. Ladbrokes Oddsfather adverts? No, I still have no idea. His face does ring a bell though, probably because sports is omni-present and always taking precedence over regular programmes. I'm glad that all ended well.

    1. Vroomfondel, knowing your feelings on sport, and football in particular, I hardly expected a comment. Mr Kamara is well known to football fans as wild summariser, who mangles the language. He principally just reports on lower level football matches for Sky Sports, so is not likely to have come to the attention of anyone who doesn't watch Sky football updates on Saturday, and occasionally Sunday's, apart from his TV appearance in the Ladbrokes advert.

      So you can sleep easy in the knowledge that he is very unlikely to darken your TV screen, except possibly for 30 seconds a night .... he will never be in anything that will take precedence over your regular programmes, even if others are.


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