Sunday, 25 October 2009

Suicidal Puppy Love?

I was sent this picture, which just goes to illustrate that there is bravery, and then there's BRAVERY!

No further words needed really .... have a good week.

Pope Makes His Move On Church Of England

It just had to happen, after decades of drifting in to a creed less state, the Church Of England has been given a real jolt, by the sudden decision of the Pope to offer conservative Anglicans a safe theological haven within the Roman Catholic Church.

The offer is of a chance to join the Roman Catholic Church as full members, but hang on to many of their Anglican traditions and practices - and indeed preserve much of their "Anglican identity". Now, Anglicans have converted to Catholicism on a case by case basis for centuries, but now a special section of the Catholic church will mean essentially they can walk across (married or not) en masse.

It's predicted that between 600 and 1500 Anglican clergy will make the move, either immediately or in the next year or so.

As one of those likely to leave, Father Geoffrey Kirk said. "The Church of England is, in the view of many of us, ceasing to be the church of Jesus Christ and becoming the church of political correctness, not only the ordination of women to the priesthood and the episcopate - to which we object - but also in many attitudes to human sexuality from divorce and remarriage, to homosexuality."

So what does this all mean for my favourite shambolic religious establishment?

Well it could mean the end of the civil war inside the C of E, with either the conservative wing much weakened or disappearing completely. Good news you would have thought for the Protestant "reforming" wing of the C of E who will feel less pressure over issues they espouse, such as homosexual and women clerics (including Bishops and above), as well as interpretation of the theology.

But maybe not.

The Church of England has never been a wholly Protestant organisation (because of historical reasons over its formation) and traditionally has housed both a conservative 'catholic' and more radical 'protestant' wing. Until the last few decades, these two schools of faith balanced and centered the church, and led to a middle theological course being steered.

But recently the rudder has been seized by the feminists and others, and the C of E has set off in to uncharted theological waters. This latest move, is also likely to permanently break the historical ties with the Roman Catholic church, and leave the C of E a much more "Protestant" organisation.

It would be very easy for this new "Protestant" church to drift ever more in to the new theology of PC'ism and indeed become "the church of political correctness."

Whatever happens, its sure to be funny, and I for one will be watching the ensuing fun and games with undisguised glee.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

No Appeal, Old Nazi

Ever since I blogged on the hunt for the last of the Nazi's and got an unusually interesting response, I have felt somewhat obliged to follow the fortunes of the men listed.

So I was interest to read in the national free newspaper (the Metro) that one of the men and number 9 on the most wanted list. Karoly (Charles) Zentai (Age 87) had given himself up to the Australian authorities

Zentai is alleged to have participated in manhunts, persecution, and murder of Jews in Budapest in 1944. Hungary has issued an international arrest warrant against him and has asked for his extradition from Australia.

World Cup 2010: Bullet Proof Footie Shirts

In preparation for the Football World Cup in South Africa, teams are taking in to account the war zone levels of murder and mayhem that are a feature of that countries lifestyle.

The mighty Germans for example, are being issued with bullet proof vests as they have been warned that they will need to wear these vests if they venture away from the team hotel at next year’s tournament in South Africa.

The possibility for the players of moving outside of the hotel boundaries should be kept to a minimum, otherwise there must be a full escort: armed security guards and bullet-proof vests for the players.” said BaySecur’s Guenter Schnelle. BaySecur, look after the the German Football Federation, and their guests whenever the national team play away from home i.e. On foreign tours.

Just remember lads, that it was another führer, who is largely responsible for the World Cup going to South Africa, despite the horrific crime rate that would normally have been a block on such an award.

Probably, it will go OK, but it's not Germany, there will be no walking about near the grounds (except just before and after the matches), because frankly its 'scaryville' round many of them, especially in Johannesburg.

I know that I'm probably being a pessimist, but I fear that many fans will come to harm at this World Cup, because not enough publicity is being given out, on just how careful tourists have to be to be safe in that country.

If I am wrong about this, I will be very happy to apologise to the citizens of that country.

Question Time, Is Grilling Time!

There has been much furore in the UK because a far right politician, Nick Griffin, was allowed on a TV show to 'air his opinions on tropical matters' as the show styles itself.

In fact the whole program was an attack on the right winger (who, lets not put to fine a point on it, is a 'holocaust denier' and Klu Klux Clan supporter, and therefore somewhat ridiculous), and completely skewed into just a personal attack on the leader of the BNP. This what was not the normal format of the show, and thus wasn't an ordinary edition of the show, which would have featured questions on the 'mail strike', the 'economy', or even god forbid, the fact that under pressure of mass immigration, the population of the UK is due to rise to 71 million!

And therein lies the rub, because as this blog has discussed already, its the Labour Party has presided over the complete collapse of immigration controls in the UK, and in particular, in the rise of Muslim and African immigration, which has caused mass disquiet in the UK, and led to the rise in BNP votes in 'traditional white working class' areas i.e. traditional labour voters.

Not once did any of the 'mainstream' politicians admit that this rise in BNP support came solely because they have all failed to restrict immigration, or even discuss the matter openly with the British public.

"Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap" .... and the UK is set for social problems for decades as a result of the rise in immigrant numbers, and thus the anti immigration parties will continue to garner large measures of support from the electorate.

Ironically, the mass attacks on Griffin, are being led by a Kenyan born, South African educated left wing politician, and appear to have backfired and led to a rise in support for the anti-immigration stance of the BNP, according to news reports.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Roman Justice?

The Arrest of an admitted child abuser is normally a reason to be be pleased that the judicial system works occasionally.

However when the admitted child abuser is one Roman Polanski ahh, then the high and mighty think it's disgraceful that one of theirs is being held in prison. While no one seems to care that US prosecutors merely want Mr Polanski to return to be sentenced for having unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977 and that he pleaded guilty to all charges at the time (as part of a plea bargain), but then fled abroad.

In other words he is an admitted child abuser, who has been on the run (via various extradition clauses) from justice for the past twenty two years.

Yet French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner called the detention of the film-maker - a French citizen - in Switzerland a "bit sinister" while Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein is also backing the director. "We're calling on every film-maker we can to help fix this terrible situation," Weinstein said. A petition has also been raised and signed by various film-makers and actors including Monica Bellucci and Fanny Ardant expressing dismay at Mr Polanski's arrest.

Even British writers have walked into this trap, with novelist Robert Harris having been reported as describing the arrest as "disgusting treatment".

How sick is this?

If he was a tramp who had raped and sodomised a thirteen year old girl, then these same 'luvvies' would have wanted him locked away as an animal.

At least one criminal psychologist Dr David Holmes has come out on the side of justice and has said that "the villain often gets away and in cases like this... simply the passage of time should not [lead to] a point that we accept some sort of mitigation. In a way, we are awarding the people who avoid detection."

Let me recap the actual charges alleged against Mr Polanski.

Samantha Geimer, was aged 13 when its charged by her that he had earlier photographed her topless, before drugging, raping and sodomising her ..... I repeat, she was only 13. This a picture of the little girl as she was when Polanski committed these crimes (Remember he has admitted all the charges).....

If she was your daughter, what would you do to this man?

No Free Lunches In Cuba

Last year I commented on the slow but inevitable changes that face Cuba, one of the last of the 'communist' states, now that Fidel Castro is reaching the end. Like all these pseudo socialist states (Vietnam, China, Laos, and North Korea), Cuba has long been chasing the US dollar, in the Cubans case, via "Tourism", in which visitors must use Yankee dollars to pay for everything.

However, as I predicted, the collapse of the system (prompted by the economic collapse worldwide) of supports that gave the majority of Cubans free meals at state-run workplace canteens has been partially cancelled, with the whole system, whereby the state provides about 3.5 million free lunches a day, expected to be ended sometime this year.

Now, as has been found in other states where the state paid for absolute obedience with a certain amount of welfare, notably East Germany, once this support ceases, so does support for the system. However the Cubans have little choice as they are no longer being subsidised by the Soviet Empire.

Perhaps as telling, and maybe a lesson for the leftwings of theWest who are still wedded to State intervention and control, was what President Raul Castro said about subsidies which was that they "are ineffective or, even worse, make some feel that they don't need to work". Read the universal welfare benefit, system for 'subsidies' and you are hitting one of the reasons why, large swathes of our communities, prefer to never work rather than educate and work.

Heredity Dictators

I have been a little lazy this week in seeking out stories to discuss, partly because I have been very busy at work (keeping the wolf from the door ..... just).

This got me thinking about what life must be like if your daddy rules the world, well at least your part of it, and you are just waiting to inherit it.

First case study: The Hussein boys Uday and Qusay.

All was going well, Daddy was a monster and the two boys were just your average Arab socio psychopaths.

Uday was one sick little puppy, with stories of his violence legion. Maybe the most famous of which is the one about when Uday murdered his father's personal valet and food taster, Kamel Hana Gegeo (allegedly at the request of his mother).

He is reported to have performed the murder before (we assume, shocked) guests at a party in honor of Suzanne Mubarak, wife of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in October 1988, when a very drunken Uday, bludgeoned Gegeo with a cane, reputedly administering the coup de grâce with an electric carving knife.

For this little jape, Uday was sent to Switzerland (where he was eventually expelled for threatening to kill someone), he went on to torture Iraqi athletes and footballers ...... he survived an assassination attempt by relatives of a girl he raped, only to die with his brother at the hands of US forces in 2003

Qusay was not completely insane like his older brother, but he also enjoyed daddies patronage ... he helped crush the Shia uprising in 1991 and drained the famous marshes, all but destroying the habitat for good.

Maybe that's a bad starting choice.

Next up Yakov Dzhugashvili aka Stalin's only son.

I can't imagine being Stalin's son to have have been a happy experience, and a quick glance at Yakov's life shows this to be true. Yakov shot himself. While Yakov's stepmother tended to his wounds and sent for a doctor, all Stalin said was, "He can't even shoot straight" .... however before we feel too sorry for him, being the son of a dictator allowed him to carry out his own little vendetta's.

He met Yulia Meltzer, a Jewish dancer, from Odessa and then fought with her second husband, Nikolai Bessarab, and arranged her divorce (against her wishes) ..... Nikolai Bessarab was was later arrested by the NKVD and executed.

Yakov was captured by the Germans during the war and his father turned down a offer by the Germans to swap him for a German Field Marshall with the words "I will not trade a Field Marshal for a Lieutenant". He died in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, possibly in a suicidal bid to escape.

Well, not happy a tale, so lets look elsewhere.

The Mugabe brood:

Bona Mugabe is studying at the University of Hong Kong because her father has destroyed Zimabwes previously fine education system. There is little information on Robert Peter Jr Mugabe and Bellarmine Chatunga Mugabe, but they needn't worry because according to reports the Mugabes have virtually ransacked their country and stashed millions of dollars away, for their final get away.

OK, not great, so how about the Dr Bashar_al-Assad:

Now this is more like it, no violence (apart from the regime) and proper training as a surgeon and apparently (some) liberal western values, but after he assumed the heredity Presidency of Syria, and after a very brief thaw, he resumed the security crackdowns that his father had instigated.

Hmm, nearly a success, but then turns into a dictator given half a chance, lets move on.

The heredity succession of North Korea has still not been determined, and the regime too secretive to allow me to discuss the merits of the candidates.

Right lets turn to 'the daddy' ...... Yes it can only be the Gadfather himself, who has seven sons to find useful employment for.

Muhammad al-Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam Muammar al-Gaddafi, Al-Saadi al-Gaddafi, Moatessem-Billal Kadhafi, Motassim Bilal (Hannibal) Gaddafi, Saif Al Arab and finally Khamis.

They are mixed and disparate bunch ......... but again for the penchant for violence seems to run in a thread of the family.

"Hannibal" Gaddafi and his wife were charged with assault (not for the first time), in a rampage through Europe. While Moatessem-Billal Kadhafi attempted a coup to remove his own father, but has now been 'forgiven'.

But the rest are all more or less behaving themselves, as 'president of this, or head of that' (no career progression required here, just straight to the top!) However nothing is smooth in dictator land and the gadfather has recently appealed for a job for Saif.

Luckily one was quickly found, "coordinator of social and popular committees". A post which sounds nondescript but it gives Saif al-Islam "authority to oversee the parliament, government and security" – making him in effect, the second most powerful person in the land.

Now this more like it ........ a dictator who knows how to get the most out of his heredity successors.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Saudi Critic Only Loses Job (Not Head)

Finally, from Egypt's neighbours, the ever reliable Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, comes this story about another 'senior cleric' (told you, every cleric the BBC mentions is 'respected', or 'leading' or, well anything but mundane, junior or stupid), Shaikh Saad al-Shethry, who has been sacked from Saudi Arabia's most senior council of religious scholars, or ulema by King Abdullah.

He was dismissed, seemingly for stating that the mixing of sexes in any university was evil and a great sin, and in particular it must be stopped at the new King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

He also demanded the curriculum should be vetted by Islamic scholars to prevent teaching of "alien ideologies" (well that's torn it then, no science teaching!). Oddly, he didn't actually call for the teachers or students to face the 'death penalty', which tells you that the Shaikh is just a closet liberal really.

Apparently its hoped by the government that the technologically advanced centre, with its relaxed social constraints, will help modernise the kingdom's deeply conservative society. It's so 'liberal' that women are allowed to drive cars in the grounds, and are not required to wear veils in classes. Wow, Risque!

Western women, you really don't understand just how dark the new "dark ages" are going to be for you.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Arab Virgins? Only in Paradise

Second story from the land of the Pharaohs:

It appears that all is not as it should be in the land of the blessed ..... specifically, some of the boys and girls are playing 'Doctors and Nurses' out of school.

So, guess whats a big seller on the medical front? A female virginity-faking device!! Apparently, the device is said to release liquid imitating blood, allowing a female to feign virginity on her wedding night...... nothing new in that bit anyway! However a 'leading' Egyptian scholar, Abdul Mouti Bayoumi , has, with the usual self restraint that Muslim Imams show, demanded that people caught importing the virginity-faking device into the country, should face the "death penalty".

Although, on the face of it, it's hard to see how these boys and girls ever find out that they fancy each other, let alone have sex?
Group of Arab women

In fact, in a companion news story, another 'leading cleric' (they have one of these on every street corner it seems) Sheikh Mohamed Tantawi, dean of al-Azhar university, has said he will issue a 'Fatwah' (religious edict) against the growing trend for full women's veils, known as the Niqab. He has apparently decided that full-face veiling is a custom that has nothing to do with the Islamic faith. Only took 1300 yrs to reach that conclusion!

The niqab question reportedly arose, when Sheikh Tantawi was visiting a girls' school in Cairo at the weekend and asked one of the students to remove her Niqab. The Egyptian newspaper al-Masri al-Yom quoted him expressing surprise at the girl's attire, and telling her it was merely a tradition, with no connection to religion or the Koran.

Of course it may be that the religious authorities are worried about the rise of religious extremists and the Niqab is widely associated with more radical trends of Islam. He might think to pass on his ruling to the UK inner cities, such as Preston, where this clothing item is now a common sight.

You would think these paragons of femininity, would appreciate living in a society where they can walk round dressed like a camel herders wife, and make obscene gestures, without fear of the usual male reprisals, that a Muslim male dominated society would hand out.

Or, just as happily, not have to dress like a camel herders wife, get fully and freely educated, aspire to any role they want to, and be independent. Without fear of the usual male reprisals that a Muslim male dominated society would hand out .........

Ah well, its a funny old world we live in ......

Egyptian blinkers

A few stories from the land of the Pharaohs:

Firstly, a little bit of hypocrisy by Egypt's Culture Minister Farouk's Hosny, who failed last month to become head of Unesco - the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - when the post went to Bulgarian Irina Bokova.

Mr Hosny has accused the UN of 'politicising' the election which he said he lost because of "Zionist pressures" (you have got to laugh), but the reality was that last year Mr Hosny said he would burn "Israeli books in Egyptian libraries". A minister for 22 years, he has refused to visit Israel and although there are no written laws to stop writers from travelling to Israel to promote their books, those who have tried have been castigated - even ostracised - by Egyptian society.

Despite the fact that technically Israel and Egypt are at peace, the al-Ahram Media Group, the largest such group in Egypt, has voted to boycott Israel. The group's journalists are no longer allowed to interview Israelis, while the organisation refuses invitations to events where Israelis are participating.

What sort of UNESCO was Mr Hosny planning to run .... one without the Jewish writers, and scientists etc?

Nobel Commitee, A Laughing Stock(holm)

The Nobel Committee has made themselves and their organisation, a complete laughing stock, by their decision to award President Barack Obama the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

This despite the fact that he has only been US President for a few months, was completely unheard of prior to becoming President, and has done absolutely nothing to increase peace in the world, except be black, oh, and be the first black US President.

In a shameless bit of 'PC racism', this supposedly prestigious award has apparently been handed out, apparently for no better reason, other than to allow a bunch of euro-socialists and left wingers to bask in their own 'multiculturalism', by giving the award to Obama simply because of his colour and race.

Is this a harsh assessment?

Well I ask you, what has President Obama ever done to promote or enhance world peace in either the last eight months, or even last eight years? He hasn't even managed to get Israel to stop building houses in East Jerusalem.

The key to my complaint, is that if he was a white US President with Obama's 'peace' record, would he have merited this award? I suggest not, and that means he was given it because of his colour and nationality, and for no other reason.

Who were the other nominees?

Well, the names of the nominees and other information about the nominations cannot be revealed until 50 years later, however its an open secret that Morgan Tsvangirai the Zimbabwean Prime Minister was the 'favourite' ....... was he a more worthy winner, well we won't find out for sure for 50 years, but I would suggest that he was.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Rome Surrenders Its Secrets

Yet more archaeological wonders have been uncovered in Rome, joining those that I have posted on earlier in the year.

Firstly, Nero's revolving dining room (it moved 24 hrs a day, driven by water pressure, and always facing the sun) has been discovered ...... they sure knew a lot about water management in Roman times.

Private British Amphitheatre

and Secondly, a large 'private' Roman amphitheatre has been uncovered inside a gigantic imperial-style palace, within the well-preserved old harbour of Portus. The arena is believed to have been able to hold up to 2,000 people and been used for gladiator games or animal baiting.

Archaeologists claim that the complex is much under rated as it is "one of the most important archaeological sites in the world" and should be rated alongside "such wonders as "Stonehenge and Angkor Wat in Cambodia".

Oddly enough this week also saw more discoveries at Stonehenge .... Archaeologists have discovered the site of an older 5,000 yr old mini-Stonehenge, a mile from the site of Wiltshire's famous stone circle which has been called "Bluehenge"

Hitler Was A Woman?

In a follow up to my recent posts on the demise of Hitler (it being yet another world war anniversary year), it was revealed this week, that the skull fragment that has been displayed in Moscow as being found alongside Hitler's jawbone, is in fact the skull of a woman.

One wonders if the KGB were so anxious to please Stalin, that they just sent him any old skull as that of "Hitler", which begs the question, where did his remains end up?

Who Owns The Middle East?

We hear a lot about who owns the "Holy Land" .... with current claimants, the Jews and the Arabs, making claim and counter claim, but as this animated map shows, many cultures could say that they were the owners ........ click play to see 5,000 yrs of history unfold.

Update: It seems I can't run .swf files from another site anymore. Sorry. But I have linked image to file and it still works OK.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

A Strange Anniversary

This week saw the anniversary of the defeat by Arminius and the Germans, of Publius Quinctilius Varus in the Teutoborg forest in Germany in 9 AD. I mention it, because there are those who still believe that the events of that defeat set the course of European history for the next 2,000 yrs.

That the division of Europe into a Romanised West, a German middle Europa, and a Slavic East, was direct result of that few days so long ago. Whether the fact that Germany remained outside the Empire was good (as 19th and 20th German Nationalists believed), or bad, as those who think a German race with a long history of being inside the Roman Empire would have followed a very different path in the 20th century think, is purely a matter of conjecture.

However, I think its unarguable that the Roman Empire would have been considerably stronger if the Germans had been inside its borders. The Eastern portion of the Roman Empire only fell to the Turks in 1453 AD, whereas the Western portion of the Empire fell a thousand years earlier in 476AD, mainly to Germanic tribes.

One look at the map shows that if Germania Magna up to the Elbe had been in the Empire, a massive buffer province would have been created, with large amounts of manpower and a huge influence right into the east of Europe, with who knows what long term consequences.

As it was, the defeat took away the eastward ambitions of Augustus, and although the Germans paid a very heavy price for their victory, as Roman armies regularly crossed the Rhine and devastated Germany for several hundred years (think of the opening scene in the film Gladiator), they never again tried to conquer the region between the Rhine and the Elbe.

Maybe if the Emperor Trajan had gone to Germany rather than Dacia, it might have been achieved, but Germany had no gold, whereas the more civilised Dacians did ... ah well on such facts history is made.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Why MOBO's But Not MOWO's?

Yesterday the MOBO's (Music Of Black Origins) were held in the UK. Nothing special in that, and frankly I find the music it celebrates to be utter crap, but if people like it, why should I care?

But it made me wonder once again, why in the UK, it's apparently legal and OK to celebrate music of black (however derivative) origins, but it would probably be illegal to hold a 'Music Of White Origins'?

In fact once you think hard about it, these inequalities based upon colour or gender are all over the place.

The British Association for Women in Policing is OK but not a 'British Association for Men in Policing', so also is the National Black Police Association (which include the disingenuous tag "The NBPA is open to all in policing on application, there is no bar to membership based on colour" despite stating that its a Black Association), but not a 'National White Police Association' (even with a tag stating that "The NWPA is open to all in policing on application, there is no bar to membership based on colour").

There is a Gay Police Association, but not a 'Heterosexual Police Association' ..... or maybe you have wondered why there is a Women's Institute, but not a 'Men's Institute'? Even in the media they make no pretence at non discrimination with a Women's Hour program, but not a 'Men's Hour'.

Even where the law is supposed to be very clear, employment, discrimination on race and gender are 'allowed', with the police once again the worse offender, with 'ethnic recruitment' targets for the police i.e. based mainly upon colour.

These recruitment targets would actually prevent a better qualified white or other 'non black and asian' person getting a police job, in order to meet the Metropolitan Police 2009 target of 25% Black & Asian officers in the Police force i.e. discriminatory based upon colour.

Lest we forget, the actual ethnic mix in the UK is White 92.1% (English 83.6%, Scottish 8.6%, Welsh 4.9%, Northern Irish 2.9%) Black 2%, Indian 1.8%, Pakistani 1.3%, Mixed 1.2%, Other 1.6% .... not a sign anywhere of 25% Black and Asian.

But I guess we shouldn't be surprised, as this current Government has actual reintroduced apartheid into the UK with legislation that actually makes it 'legal' to discriminate against white English men (everyone else is a 'minority' of one sort or another, even women).

Personally I don't care about Black Associations or celebrations of any kind, just so long as similar associations can be set up by non blacks, otherwise this is a crime of apartheid, by another name, no matter how the PC brigade pretend its 'equality'.


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