Monday, 18 June 2007

Two sets of Fascists

The Pakistan National Assembly, that well known home of tolerance and liberal secular values, has decided that it has the right as an Islamic organisation to pronounce on what a non Muslim government does or doesn’t do.

Salman Rushdie, the author of the "Satanic Verses" a non Muslim, or rather an ex Muslim (An apostate, which in Islam is enough for a death verdict, never mind writing a book which may have insulted someone who was beyond insult!), has been awarded a knighthood (for what, I have no idea whatsoever but there you are) by the UK government.

This has excited the attention of the august body of legislators contained in the Pakistani Parliament, who have passed a resolution which unanimously condemned Britain's award of a knighthood to the author Salman Rushdie and demanded it be withdrawn.

Their Religious Affairs Minister Ejaz-ul-Haq told Reuters that "If someone commits a suicide bombing to protect the honour of the Prophet Mohammad, his act is justified," which is about what you would expect from a lip flapping Muslim hypocrite. When they were terrified that the US was going to take out a Muslim country after 9/11, or expel all Muslims from the US, this self same legislature nearly crapped themselves in their efforts to declare that “Islam is a religion of peace”, and that the west “should not judge Islam by the extremists”.

Now that they realise that the US didn’t have the nerve to really give the Muslim world the salutary lesson it deserved, they are showing their true colours again, by advocating suicide bombings in the west. Of course he has tried to back track, but he said it, and he knew exactly what he meant. So now apparently we should judge Islam by the so called moderates like the Pakistani Parliament, our friends and allies in the war against terror!

Needless to say the Iranians joined in the fun by condemning the award as “Islamophobic” … well they would know all about that, as they and the rest of the morons who follow this increasingly nasty religion incite most of it.

When will we learn that there are no “moderates” in Islam, and that those who actually threaten us out loud, are at least not being hypocritical? Islam is the greatest threat to the freedom of the human race in the 21st century.

Another group of fascists were on the march today, the PC police marched a little bit further into our homes today, with the Peoples Republic of Scouseland, aka Liverpool Council, announcing that cigarette smokers cannot smoke in their own homes when a council worker is around.

Health and safety officers have drawn up the plan as part of Liverpool City Council's no smoking policy to stop officers being exposed to smoke. The council, which will debate the policy on Wednesday, insists the new rule would not be a "ban". If residents insist on smoking at home during a visit from a council employee, the visit will be ended and they will be asked to attend a council office (what about people who are disabled?). In cases where exposure to tobacco smoke cannot be avoided, risk assessment exercises will be carried out (No doubt at great expense, and who carries out a risk assessment exercise for the risk assessment etc?).

As this is Liverpool, that will be every 10 minutes, as they replace the stolen copper pipes, give council grants, or provide social services, so the poor tenants of council housing will find it easier to smoke in the streets than in their own houses.

When does the PC left stop? It’s worse than the communists of North Korea, however a sign of things to come when all public housing in left wing councils will be “Non Smoking” tenancies.

Smokers you have been warned!

(I remain a non smoker after 4 weeks .... painful but hanging in there!)


If you think that I am being tough on Liverpool I might add that it has been on the news that when they become European city of culture (what a joke), they are proposing to use prison offenders provided by the probation service as guides and ambassadors for the city.

Now that's good news for Manchester :-)

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Saturday, 16 June 2007

They don't make em like they used to!

Homer Simpson is constantly knocking US Technology …. US made cars that break down, electric gates that don’t close etc etc, well two stories broke today that made me laugh; they both concerned “time” capsules.

In the first story, it appears that 50 yrs ago, the residents of Tulsa buried a car in a concrete vault with articles that would be a mirror of the times, such as a ladies handbag with lipstick and tranquillisers (and that says something in itself!) with the intention that it be dug up 50 yrs later, and whom ever had guessed the population of present day Tulsa would win the car and contents, or at least their heirs would.

Anyway, the car had been encased in a concrete vault said to be strong enough to withstand nuclear attack, but when it was dug up and opened, it and its contents were a complete mess, water sodden and rusted beyond use. So much for the nuclear bunker and American 1950’s ‘know how’.

The second story was of a time capsule set up by Victorian school children who buried some newspapers and coins under the foundation stone of the school in 1893. This was accidentally uncovered when an extension was being added and the contents, newspapers and coins were found to be in perfect condition. Score one for the Victorians! The school plans to rebury the time capsule with modern equivalent items added.

However, if as I suspect, standards of workmanship have fallen since the Victorian days, as evidenced by the non water tight “nuclear bunker” built in the 1950’s, then I would bet that the reburied time capsule will be useless junk when next its opened!

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Friday, 15 June 2007

The preference of violence and poverty

I have decided that the latest news from the Middle East shows what a pathetic race the Arabs are. The Romans and the Turks knew it, the British and French knew it, and now even educated fools know it. They are totally incapable of anything except violence and poverty (of mind, body and ambition).

They kill each other via bombs and Kalashnikovs faster than anyone else could possibly do, but as usual it’s the West’s fault, somehow. In Iraq they slaughter each other in the 1,000's. In Lebanon they are trying to ignite a civil war again. In the Palestinian territories they fight like dogs, over the bone of aid dependent areas called Gaza and West Bank. All over the Arab world there are nothing but horrendous governments and even worse alternatives ….

They are all trying to flee to Western (Christian) lands but insist the “God Is great”, and "Islam has all the answers" (although not in Muslim lands apparently), and see no irony in any of this. Why? Because they are endemically stupid, arrogant and ill educated.

Tested illiteracy (a seeming prerequisite for the spread of Islam) is officially around 20% in males, and 40% in women, in the Arab world, but probably more like 30% and 50% in practical terms, and means that most of them have no idea about what’s going on, except what the local imam (He is likely to be semi literate himself, having learnt the Koran by rote), or TV tells them.
They as a race have done nothing for mankind, except come up with the world’s most violent major religion. This religion that was founded by an allegedly illiterate man, who lived off his older wife’s earnings, and who ordered murder, genocide and rape as tactics to spread the religion, it’s hardly a surprise that they have carried on like this for the next 1300 yrs.

They lived off the sciences of the Roman and Greek Christian societies that they conquered in their so called “golden age”. They came up with nothing except a few refinements from Persian science; even their numbering system turns out to have been stolen from India when they invaded the Punjab in the 7th century. The Turks did the much same in the old Byzantine Empire, and they also declined as that advantage wore away.

They have invented nothing in hundreds of years, but live off western TV’s, telephones, cars, planes, PC’s, food production methods, medicines and treatments etc etc. E.g. As things broke down in Afghanistan, they were just abandoned because they had no one to fix them.

As a race they
  • Run away from face to face fighting even when they out number the enemy six to one.
  • Use bombs on innocent civilians but won’t fight as an army.
  • Hide in women’s clothing to escape real soldiers or even the police, but call everyone else “women” as an insult.
  • Desecrate Christian buildings by using them to hide in, but cry crocodile tears over their own being used by non Muslims.
  • Use their own religious buildings to fire rockets from, but scream “desecrator” if anyone else fires back on those mosques.
  • Depend on Western Aid money and food aid charities to survive disasters and feed their poor, but call Christians, Kaffirs.
  • Want Westerners to sort out their political battles, when as usual, they can’t do it for themselves, but despise and attack us when we do anything that is less than 100% of their hypocritical demands.
  • Demand aid and assistance from the West as a “Right” whilst shouting “Death to America” and threatening to kill us all.
  • Never provide Arab Muslim Aid, even though the claim the Koran says they should help the poor. They will not spend a penny on aid for each other, but expect the rest of the world to offer charity. What little aid they do provide goes to promote Islam only.
  • When their family is “dishonoured” they kill their own defenceless women, because they are too cowardly to kill the man who has “dishonoured” them.
  • Lose three recent wars (on top of dozens more in the last century), but expect the West to restore all that they lost. They would have “annihilated” the losers, should they have won, but expect different rules when they lose.
    Now they kill each other in a power grab over a slum called Gaza, but claim that “This is all the work of Israeli hands
If there was ever a more duplicitous, self deluding, and lying race than the Arabs, I have yet to see it, except maybe the Nigerians, who have a similar facility for self deception but at least are not cowards.

If I was the Israeli prime minister I would say enough is enough. I would drive the Arabs from all of Israel proper, annex Jerusalem, fix the borders and tell Jordan and Egypt to take control of Palestinian lands on what’s left of the West Bank and the Gaza strip.

If I was the US President I would back all of this, and tell the Arab world that they will have to live with it because, after 40 years of the inability of the Arabs to come to terms with losing three wars, the world cannot carry on listening to preposterous land demands to go back to the 1948, or 1967 borders, or even the dismantling of Israel.

There was never a Palestinian state before 1948, and there is none now. Arabs are Arabs, and should accommodate the so called “refugees” as full citizens of what ever Arab state they now reside in. This practise of keeping them in so called “refugee camps” around the region for 40 yrs is just a political twist thtas failed, and now will not be recognised by the US.

The rest of the world will fall into line quite quickly once they realise they will lose more from falling out with the US, than from trying to humour Arab pride. Even the most pro Arab faggot should finally recognise what a waste of breath the Arab race is.

Pandering to their lopsided demands, has only kept a problem alive, that would have ended in any other part of the world.

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Monday, 4 June 2007

Men Of A Certain Age & Women Of A Certain Era

Those of us of a certain age will remember the Martini girl “Any Time, Any Place, Any Where”….. that lady was Erica Wills who after a life of adventures in London, the Lebanon and places in between, sadly died fairly recently.

Erica Wills

A brief Obituary is available on the web links. It’s hard to find a photo, and this one has replaced my earlier one because an anonymous browser emailed me this one.  This prompted me to think about other women of that era (give or take), about whom I had a young mans thoughts ......

Caroline Munroe (Lambs Navy Rum) was another favourite from this era
 as well as Imogen Hassall (Hammer Movies)
Ingrid Pitt (Hammer Movie Queen) and
Valerie Leon (Hi-Karate aftershave and Hammer Movies)
Felicity Kendal was rear of the year (well it was a more innocent age!)

And finally the infinitely fascinating and beautiful Debbie Harry, who is worth two pictures, or more, cos I still think she is 'Fab'.

I guess I could have thought of many more, some Bond girls spring to mind, but hey this is a blog, not a girlie site ..... so I will leave it at these.

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Life in the Old Dogs

A spate of “Go Granny, Go!” stories caught my eye this week. Maybe 50 really is the new 30, because the first story was of a 71 yr old Japanese man who climbed Everest, followed by a couple of old dears aged 89 and 73, who decided to take a taxi to Greece to “Avoid the airport queues” …. You have to admire older people who show a bit of spirit, and maybe there is hope for us all yet.

80's Just The New 60!!

In fact remarkable old geezers and ducks are on the rise, and here are a few other unlikely, but true tales.

There was Mrs Shelia Thomson (105) from Perthshire who recently lost her no claims bonus (all 71 yrs of it!), she has displaced Charlie Howarth (101) from Yorkshire as Britain’s oldest driver …. Gotta say that I wouldn’t want to be behind either of these drivers but, hey, let them get on with it.

An 86 yr old politician (who is not Chinese or Japanese, where 75 is the minimum starting age LOL) … Mrs Janet Jagan, still interfering (sorry I mean participating in the Democratic process!) after 62 yrs of active political life.

Or maybe this 83 yr old man who takes politics/religions a tad too seriously and has been convicted as a bomber/terrorist in Bombay (Mumbai) .... I won’t put his name on the web because he killed people but still, for an octogenarian it’s still unexpected.

A couple of old pros in a US softball league Mickey Werner, 93, and Paul Rotter, 86, … actually there are lots of old sportsmen from Cricket, Football and even Golf (although its more a game than a sport).. of course Bowls is full of centenarians!

Old hams normally just “go off” and start “stinking” but here’s one old ham who has just announced his retirement at 82 ….

And finally, the world’s oldest “Rock band” called “The Zimmers” was formed in the UK …. The lead singer is 90 yr old Alf.

There are probably hundreds of remarkable wrinklies out there, and these are just a few of them…. Alzheimer's doesn’t get them all!

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