Friday, 26 May 2017

Sign From Above?

In what many if his supporters would have taken as a divine sign from above if it had happened to a Clinton, a sink hole has opened directly up in front of President Trumps Mar-a-Lago retreat.

Mar-a-Lago Sink Hole - Sign From Above?

As his presidency lurches from one chaotic tweet to another, one has to wonder if this really is an indication of the direction things are going to take.

Oil On Troubled Water

There was a strange story that played out within the backdrop of the 2010 BP oil spillage (and subsequent pillage of that company by the US legal system) ..... it was much reported on outside of the USA. But its leading characters are well known around the western world (in many senses). Steven Baldwin, and Kevin Costner were the two most famous of the characters involved in the tale.

For those of you who have forgotten, the 'Deepwater Horizon' oil spillage of 2010 was an ecological disaster, which has cost the BP oil company nearly $54 billion to-date to settle clean up costs, plus all federal and state claims against it. I am not even sure that this huge amount even stops all the "fictitious" and "absurd" private claims for damages, that have been made in the US courts ....

BP Oil Spill 2010 From Air

While We Looked The Other Way

…… the BBC and other liberal media were much taken by the post murder whitewash of Islam that occurs after each atrocity. You know the drill 'it isn't Muslims .... they have hijacked the religion' .... 'This was not in my name ... I'm the real Muslim'.

The Media's Picture Of The Week ... For Some Reason.

The picture that encapsulated this clean up job was the odd photo of a Muslim man praying with a Jewish woman. How he knew she was Jewish wasn't explained, especially as we are told that we cant racially profile Muslims at airports, security etc.

The Day The Music Died ... Again

Here we go again. Another terrorist attack, and terrible number of deaths. Once again it's a soft target .... children, and once again it's a music venue.

Salman Abedi - Ungrateful Murdering Turd.

This time the children targeted were in the West - but the first time was Christian children in Pakistan (but the Western press have already forgotten that attack).

Friday, 19 May 2017

End Of Civilisation As We Know It

In what must surely herald the end of western civilisation as we know it, a man in Texas is suing a woman he asked out for a date, because she ruined the experience for him. This after he had lashed out a whole £13.30 ($17.31) on two tickets to watch the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 with her.

Bad Cinema Manners

The reason why he alleges that the date had gone wrong, was that she had started texting her friends after the movie started.

Double The Fun

I have long been an advocate of the UK but England in particular, adopting double summer time aka Single/Double Summer Time (SDST).

Even Les Miserable Scots .... Accept That The Sun Is Better Than The Darkness ....

This would mean that instead of the majority of us only seeing daylight from an office window during the week, it would in fact only be on or around the winter solstice that the sun would disappear at 17:30pm.

Dead Standards

The standard of what is acceptable behaviour in the UK has fallen dramatically over the last few decades ... we accept street language which includes the 'F Word' and the 'C Word' on public transport and other shared public events with little or no intervention.

Courtroom Behaviour Is Declining .....Not Just In USA.

But it’s perhaps in the courts where the degrade in behaviour is the most evident.

Suited And Booted Thugs

Once again Turkish government thugs have been caught abusing the hospitality of a foreign country, by beating up peaceful and legal protesters.

Suited And Booted

Last time it was in a public speech forum in the little South American country of Ecuador. This time the shocking scenes of violence were in the United States of America. Its supposed ally ....

Friday, 12 May 2017

Abnormally Normal

Didcot in Oxfordshire England, is not normally a place that makes the news, or that we talk about .....

Didcot - Boring or Normal?

..... and it turns out there is good reason

Urban Uber Myths

The story of Rudolph Fentz is a really great example of urban legends at work. I came across it being perpetuated on a website as recently 23/07/2015, and being attributed as sourced from: However I could find nothing for the story. In fact all they seemed worried about was whether The X Files was islamophobic and transphobic ..... which is about par for the course, for that particular neo-liberal news organ.

Source Of the Urban Legend ...

The basic story, although there are versions that differ slightly, is that in 1950 in Times Square, New York, a man dressed in Victoria-era clothes and with mutton-chop sideburns, suddenly appears out of nowhere. Before he can speak to anybody he is hit by a car and instantly killed. The police search his pockets, and find various antique objects. Some mint condition currency from the 1870s (or old banknotes - depending which version you read), a business card for an address on Fifth Avenue, a copper beer token, and a letter dated June 1876 from Philadelphia. All the documents looked fresh and un-aged, and showed his name was Rudolph Fentz.

Old History Is Old News

We have discussed the phenomena of the world not being as obsessed with the Second World War as the western world would like. In particular the Nazi Party is not the bogeyman that would be the case in Europe and the USA.

Gamba Osaka Fined For Their Fans Flags ...

Further illustrations of this were exhibited this week:

The Sins Of The Father

In a recent study it seems that Arab men are just as religiously 'conservative' as their fathers ... literally.

Gender Inequality - Everyone Agrees Where It Occurs ... Well, Perhaps Not Everyone.

The study by The International Men and Gender Equality in the Middle East and North Africa (IMAGES MENA), found that where their father had been a misogynist, patriarchal pig, then the son also adopted the same views as well. The interviews were undertaken in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and the Palestinian territories (only one of which, Morocco, is comparatively 'liberal') - Lebanon of course has a Shia Muslim population in the South, but Christian North, and this will have impacted its responses. However that said, the study covered 10,000 people, including women.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Woman Bites Dog

In May 2015 a lady from Madison West Virginia USA, named as Audrey Ranch, and apparently a very tough 62 year old, had a fight with her sons American Pitbull named 'Pedro', and not a dog breed you would mess with lightly.

Pitbull Or Mrs Ranch - Which Is More Fearsome?

The fight was over some meat which apparently both her and her son wished to eat and she had told him to leave alone ..... 

Appreciating Cloud Watching

The Scream was painted by Edvard Munch in 1892. There are four versions of the picture, which is Munch's most famous painting but they all share the same psychedelic sky.

Mother of Pearl Clouds ...

Up until now most people thought that this was in the style of Vincent van Gogh's and other post impressionist artists skies, possibly because of the volcanic effects on European weather after the eruption of Krakatoa 1883 produced spectacular red and pink sunsets throughout the world for many months.

How To Bring Up Baby

'A Sisters Role In Jihad' ..... Snappy little blog title isn't it, and sadly one I can't claim credit for. It’s a hand book, or perhaps wartime pamphlet is a better name (given after all the constant fighting of its authors), issued by our friends in the caliphate.

A Sisters Role In Jihad ....

It was issued to all mothers and pregnant women in the Iraqi and Syrian areas controlled by IS, it gives handy tips on the bringing up of future Jihadi warriors and future wives and then mothers of those jihadi warriors.

Hard Left On The Rise

When the BBC discuss politics they always refer to any group not centre right as 'Far-right' e.g. French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, whereas the far left is rarely if ever described that way.

For instance the UK Labour Party is effectively being hijacked by hard left entryism via the Momentum group, but they don't call them 'far left'. Why not?

Momentum's Friendly Public Face ... But Behind The Scenes.

When Militant Tendency tried to take over the Labour Party in the 1980's for the far left, we made no pretence what it might mean. But now the 'Momentum' movement, which is openly a vessel of the far left is doing much the same, the BBC refuses to use the term far left. This despite the fact that Momentum is heavily influenced by members of the Trotskyist group the Alliance for Worker's Liberty ... a far left organisation.


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