Friday, 26 May 2017

The Day The Music Died ... Again

Here we go again. Another terrorist attack, and terrible number of deaths. Once again it's a soft target .... children, and once again it's a music venue.

Salman Abedi - Ungrateful Murdering Turd.

This time the children targeted were in the West - but the first time was Christian children in Pakistan (but the Western press have already forgotten that attack).

This is simply the latest likely testament to what mass Islamic immigration, and what Jeremy Corbyn describes as "vibrant multiculturalism", can do to Western countries. The murderer, Salman Abedi, was someone whose family we gave sanctuary to from Libya, and he lived here most of his life, but in a manner typical of the way many who come here think about us, he repaid us not by gratitude, but by blowing up children and girl teens.

Immediately it happened, the same old platitudes were reeled out. The Labour Mayor of Manchester started with the 'this great city will not be cowed by this ....' etc etc.

The Ramadan Organisation, a Muslim group have called for solidarity (meaning don't blame Muslims. .. we are all good people it's just the 10% - 15% who hate you). But otherwise no mention of Islam or Muslims ... these are just 'terrorists'.

No doubt there will be a hash tag - 'Je suis Manchester' circulating already. The silent vigil and candles will come out the night after, and the religious leaders of all faiths will stand together and call for tolerance. Of course only one of them will represent the faith of the murderers, but that's the now the norm at everyone of these barbaric acts.

In earlier times we would have tackled the problem of Muslim immigration by stopping it. However, now after decades of being cowed by cries of 'racist' whenever a concern was raised about what we were doing, we have done nothing to tackle the growing issues.

Borough Market Attack In London - 3 Terrorists Downed?

Ah well .... Je Suis all the western cities where these attacks will continue for the foreseeable future.

Je Suis all the decades of violence to come.

Je Suis all the victims .... there will be plenty more.

update: picture update to post 4th June 2017 after latest attack.


  1. I hadn't even heard of the attack in Pakistan, so absent was it in the UK news. It should have been referenced after the Manchester atrocity to remind people how little these attacks have to do with foreign policy.
    Whatever the West does against oppression or victimisation will offend Islamist sentiments and provoke an over reaction as proved by the Danish and French cartoons - nothing to do with foreign policy.

    1. Well the Labour Party is now essentially committed to a foreign policy set by one simple rule.

      Does it offend UK Muslims, especially the 18 yr old Jihadist's in mosques in Luton, Oxford, Rotherham, etc.

      Jeremy Corbyn and his coterie are frankly a bunch of useless and dangerous idiots - JC himself is a self declared friend to HAMAS and the IRA (although he's back tracking today on that last one), and he barely supports democracy abroad ... most of his foreign friends don't practice it either.

      I wouldn't be surprised if their final foreign policy position came down to bombing Israel ... it would be a policy that would make HAMAS and those jihadist teens in mosques in Luton etc happy.

      But I'll bet it wouldn't stop more bombings and attacks, because just like paying Danegeld, nothing is ever enough.

  2. Apparently he's now a line wolf attacker whose family had no idea. Not even when they were "pretty close" to him.

    Amazing. So pretty much any Muslim with a grudge can just whip a bomb and kill dozens or hundreds and that's it.

    We haven't a hope of surviving as a culture if that's true.

    Je suis UK in my opinon.

    1. Well you may well have been proved right if the latest outrage in London proves to be correct, and yet more Islamic scum have struck again, with more innocent lives lost. At what point is 'vibrant multiculturalism', as Jeremy Corbyn likes to describe mass Muslim immigration in the UK, is declared a complete failure?

      In the meantime Je suis UK" as you say.


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