Friday, 26 May 2017

While We Looked The Other Way

…… the BBC and other liberal media were much taken by the post murder whitewash of Islam that occurs after each atrocity. You know the drill 'it isn't Muslims .... they have hijacked the religion' .... 'This was not in my name ... I'm the real Muslim'.

The Media's Picture Of The Week ... For Some Reason.

The picture that encapsulated this clean up job was the odd photo of a Muslim man praying with a Jewish woman. How he knew she was Jewish wasn't explained, especially as we are told that we cant racially profile Muslims at airports, security etc.

Of course this image and clean job, ignores the fact that between 10 and 25% of all Muslims quizzed in the UK, regularly call for Sharia Law to prevail, and support some or many of the aims of IS or the Taliban. In the UK alone that would be close to 400,000.

So being that the latest atrocity was in fact an aberration, lets look at what was another quiet news day in the lands of the pure .....
  • Gaza - 3 men arbitrarily murdered by Hamas (No Western Govt comments).
  • Egypt -28 Coptic Christians killed in gun attack (No Western comments).
  • Afghanistan - Taliban kill 15 at Afghan army base in Kandahar.
  • Philippines -Jihadists fight Philippine army in Mindanao island - 6 killed including Malaysian islamic fighters.
  • UK - New Arrests in Manchester terror ring attack.
  • Bangladesh - A bunch of militant religious nut-jobs bring a statue down as it amounts to idolatry.

Nut Jobs Of The Pure .... Look At The Hatred In His Face.

..... And someone had the nerve to ask me recently why I thought the religion of the pure, is complete lunacy.

Laughable  ....


  1. I agree, complete lunacy.

    I was shocked that someone felt that it was fitting to sing the song "Don't Stop Believing" as a tribute to one of the victims. I understand that it was a favourite song but considering that it is only by "believing" that such atrocities are possible, it struck me as a slap in the face to the victims.

    These atrocities are inconceivable to non-believers and even harder to justify, but for certain believers they are just tools of the trade and sanctioned by their beliefs.

    Belief requires, not only no proof, but it actually thrives on impossible, outrageous and contradictory evidence :
    Paradoxology - If It Doesn't Make Sense, It Must Be True - goes some way to explaining this phemomenon and if it gets too much for the believer there's always the fall back positions of "he works in mysterious ways" and "it's not supposed to be taken literally" and "they're not real Muslims/Christians/Jews/whatever".

    Religion Poisons Everything.

    1. Again. I largely agree but I differ in that I don't care what they believe as long as it harms no other person and isn't imposed. Currently only one religion imposes its madness on others, and therefore needs to be controlled now. By force if necessary, but nevertheless stopped from spreading the lunacy and madness to our culture.


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