Friday, 19 May 2017

Dead Standards

The standard of what is acceptable behaviour in the UK has fallen dramatically over the last few decades ... we accept street language which includes the 'F Word' and the 'C Word' on public transport and other shared public events with little or no intervention.

Courtroom Behaviour Is Declining .....Not Just In USA.

But it’s perhaps in the courts where the degrade in behaviour is the most evident.

An example of this occurred recently, when a rape/sexual offence trial concluded. The trial in Maidstone Kent, had only happened because the victim (who had waived anonymity but I won't name) had been attacked by a mon who tried to rape her in Sheerness Kent in April 2014. She fought him off, but suffered physical and emotional injuries. However it only came to trial in late 2015 after she tracked him down herself via Facebook, after he had mentioned 'mutual friends'.

Courtroom Battles Not Rare In USA.

Whilst I find that disturbing enough (surely the police can do better than that?), it’s what happened when the attacker was found guilty and sentenced that is the very worst of this tale. His 'supporters' ... surely that’s wrong as well, its not a football match .... hurled abuse at her in the court room as he was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

She was reduced to tears, but the judge (despite having praised her courage during the trial), said and did nothing as Hugget was escorted away. This is not the first time we have read of intimidation by 'friends, families and supporters' in trials, and in the not so distant past they would have been joining their friend in prison (attempting to subvert the course of justice, witness intimidation and a host of other possible charges come to mind), but now, its just par for the course.

We are in a decline that just seems terminal ....

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