Friday, 31 August 2007

Ethnic Mixes World Wide

According to the latest survey (2001) the ethnic mix in the UK is

White 92.1% (English 83.6%, Scottish 8.6%, Welsh 4.9%, Northern Irish 2.9%), Black 2%, Indian 1.8%, Pakistani 1.3%, Mixed 1.2%, Other 1.6%

UK Multiculturalism By (illegal?) Racial Profiling?

I looked it up because some socialist playwright from Scouseland (Liverpool) was on the radio saying that the BBC was racist because they didn’t have enough black faces on TV.

This was interesting because:
  • In fact under a PC driven recruitment policy, it appears more than one in every 50 faces on TV is Afro/Caribbean (and increasingly Asian)  – in other words they are massively over represented for their numbers, at both the expense of both other minorities such as the Chinese who never appear on TV, and at the employment expense of the white population.
  • It represents a view (propagated by a PC media), that ethnic minorities represent a far larger proportion of the population, than they actually are.
This is because the media are
  1. London centric (where minorities are a larger proportion)
  2. PC recruitment driven
  3. Racist. There must be a danger that quota driven employment practises driven by skin colour,  must be at the expense of better qualified non Blacks, in order to over employ Afro/Caribbean's and Asians– this is illegal in the UK (Affirmative action, racial quotas), but hard to prove.
It’s also very dangerous because it has all sorts of unexpected consequences including heightening racial tensions where there really is no need.

Made me think, what is the other major countries ethnic mix? I have used the CIA fact books as main source because it’s the same standard of evidence, but I have ignored China, India, Nigeria (and most black African nations), Pakistan and Japan as they are effectively homogeneous.


  • White 81.7%, (69.1% if Hispanic figure removed)
  • Black 12.9%,
  • Asian 4.2%,
  • Amerindian and Alaska native 1%,
  • Native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander 0.2% (2003 est.)
  • Hispanic 12.6% (Census 2000)

Note: The US Census Bureau considers *Hispanic to mean a person of Latin American descent (including persons of Cuban, Mexican, or Puerto Rican origin) living in the US who may be of any race or ethnic group (white, black, Asian, etc.) - However other figures suggest that about 12.6% of US citizens declare themselves as Hispanic, so the actual numbers of "European" whites may be as low as 70%. The Hispanic population numbered roughly 35.3 million in 2000, or about 12.6% of the country's 281 million people the Census Bureau said (USA Today report). The Black census figure was constant at about 12.9%  


No official figures as France doesn’t ask question on religion or ethnicity on Census but estimates are;
  • White 85 - 87%
  • Arab 8 - 10%
  • Black 3%
  • Other 2%


  • German 91.5%,
  • Turkish 2.4%,
  • Other 6.1% (made up largely of Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish)


  • Russian 79.8%,
  • Tatar 3.8%,
  • Ukrainian 2%,
  • Bashkir 1.2%,
  • Chuvash 1.1%,
  • Other or unspecified 12.1% (2002 census)


  • Black African 79%,
  • White 9.6%,
  • Coloured 8.9%,
  • Indian/Asian 2.5% (2001 census)


  • White 83%,
  • Other 17% (of which 9% are non-Western origin mainly Turks, Moroccans, Antilleans, Surinamese, and Indonesians) (1999 est.)


  • White and white-Amerindian 95%,
  • Amerindian 3%,
  • Other 2%


  • Mestizo (Amerindian-Spanish) 60%,
  • Amerindian or predominantly Amerindian 30%,
  • White 9%,
  • Other 1%


  • White 53.7%,
  • Mulatto (mixed white and black) 38.5%,
  • Black 6.2%,
  • Other (includes Japanese, Arab, Amerindian) 0.9%, unspecified 0.7% (2000 census)


  • White (mostly Spanish and Italian) 97%,
  • Mestizo (mixed white and Amerindian ancestry), Amerindian, or other non-white groups 3%

I just thought this was interesting. The US could soon have a majority of Non European background citizens within the next 50 yrs (Hispanics and Blacks and Asians).

I didn't know what Mestizo's were, and the Circassians of Jordan (and elsewhere) were a new one (although I seem to remember that Lawrence of Arabia passed himself of as one when travelling in Saudi Arabia, at least in the movie) .

Extra points to anyone who had heard of the Chuvash and Bashkir's of Russia!

Finally, sad to see that in South Africa and seemingly Brazil, apartheid survives in a racial definition of 'Coloured' or Mulatto's, as well as Black African - It's the only place where this distinction is made within the Black community as it is based purely on the degree of blackness of the skin.

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Saturday, 25 August 2007

Britain’s Moral Decline

This week has proved something of an eye opener on the state of Britain after 10 yrs of this Labour Government.

Sadly this snapshot also shows just how far our public standards have fallen over the last couple of decades, and it’s to no ones credit that our government and the PC media merely wring their hands, and accept this decline as being “just the way it is”.

Well maybe this is “just the way it is”, but surely we have something left as a society. Anyway here’s a sample of news stories taken from just the last few days, illustrating what a decline law and order has suffered in the UK.

Cab drivers demand zero tolerance
Taxi drivers have called for a zero tolerance approach to violent passengers after claiming 43 drivers have been killed in the past 15 years.

No motive over doormen shooting
Two doormen have been shot outside a nightclub in Liverpool. Merseyside Police said they did not have a motive for the attack but believe a gunman travelled to the scene in a dark-coloured hatchback car.

Five arrested over Rhys's death
Police hunting the killer of 11-year-old Rhys Jones in Liverpool have arrested five more teenagers, including two girls. The five are three males aged 15, 16 and 19, and two females aged 15 and 18.

Man dies after street gang attack
A 23-year-old man with learning difficulties has died in hospital after being "savagely attacked" by a gang of up to five youths. A 21-year-old man and three youths, one aged 16 and two aged 17, are being questioned on suspicion of murder.

Four in court over M40 shooting
Four men have appeared in court in connection with the murder of a biker who was shot dead on the M40. Three of those men have been charged with murder, possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life and one other firearms offence.

Appeal after man is shot in face
A 25-year-old man has been shot in the face in Greater Manchester. Police are appealing for witnesses.

Three men charged over shootings
Three men have been charged with violent disorder following the shooting of two men who are in a serious condition in hospital in Hemel Hempstead.

Three held in city murder probe
Police have arrested three men on suspicion of murder after a man was found dead in Newcastle city centre. Police have not released details of the killing.

Police car shot at in M5 pursuit
Shots were fired at a police car after officers approached a parked BMW during a routine check in Gloucestershire.

Teenager stabbed on high street
A 15-year-old boy has been taken to hospital after being stabbed in Cowbridge in the Vale of Glamorgan. A 17-year-old male youth has been arrested in connection with the incident which took place on Cowbridge High Street.

Flat death teenager 'was stabbed'
Police in Leeds have started a murder investigation after a post-mortem examination showed a teenager found dead in the city had been stabbed.

Woman dies following gang attack
A 20-year-old woman, who was attacked by a gang of youths in a park in Lancashire, has died in hospital. Lancashire police have charged five teenage boys, aged between 15 and 17, with section 18 wounding.

Four youths in court over murder
Four teenagers have appeared in court charged with the murder of a father-of-three outside his home. Garry Newlove, 47, was fatally injured after he approached a group of youths in Warrington, Cheshire, on 10 August. Adam Swellings, 18, appeared alongside three other youths, two aged 15 and one aged 17, at Warrington Crown Court

Third charge over party killing
A third man has been charged over the murder of a man who was stabbed to death at a party in Lancashire. Steven Taylor, 29, was stabbed during a gathering at his house on Primrose Terrace in Darwen on Saturday.

Two men bailed over knife attack
Two men arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a man was assaulted with a chair and a craft knife, have been released on bail.
(This story is disturbing, when you discover that attempted murder only warrants bail, and not detention these days. I assume that attempted murders are nearer an ASBO offence than a custodial sentence so no need to lock them up awaiting trial – the police won’t get witnesses with this scum on the streets!)

Three teenagers guilty of murder
Three teenagers have been convicted of murder and one of manslaughter over the death of 19-year-old Liam Smith who was shot outside Altcourse prison. (I don’t mind when they kill each other LOL)

Murder probe detectives seek man
Detectives investigating the murder of a man who was stabbed in his home have named a man they would like to talk to in connection with the death. Thames Valley Police are seeking Eric Johnson, 22, who was last seen running from the home on the day of the death.

And to prove how sad and frightened these kinds of incident has caused us to become –

Unmitigated ferocity, here I come
What is the right thing to do in the face of anti-social behaviour? It's a question being asked after the deaths of a number of people who decided to step in to stop what they saw as troublemakers. Here a man explains why for him, sitting back is no longer an option.

These are by no means all the murders of the last week, and many of these received no national coverage, but I think these headlines show how shallow the politicians are, who claim that “crime is falling”, and “these are isolated incidents”, whenever they get dragged out of the Westminster bubble to face reality.

Oh and I think the removal of corporal punishment in schools in 1986, and the rise in juvenile crime is just a coincidence, no really, it can't possibly be connected can it? :-)

Britain is in decline, and currently we don’t have the political leaders strong enough to pull us out of it.
  • Brown's too tied to failed policies and a leftie PC brigade that infects labour.
  • Campbell is just a blatherer and never going to hold power, and
  • The boy David (Cameron) has proved to be a real disappointment to the right wing, in any case he nailed his colours to the mast with his "hug a hoody" speech. If ever a man backed the wrong horse, just to win a few liberal votes, it was Cameron with that speech implying a softness in his approach to youth crime, just as it was becoming a vote winner for a harder approach.
Can you imagine Maggie making that kind of speech?

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Friday, 24 August 2007

PC History Corrected

Just a short(ish) history blog …. Some stupid git on the radio was waffling on again about how before the Arabs invaded, Egyptians were all black, and that Septimus Severus the Roman Emperor was black. When they use the term 'Black' in this context, they are not referring to Arabs or Berbers, but sub Saharan Africans, and that's where it becomes a load of rubbish.

What's so sad is that Blacks feel so insecure that they have to take dead Romans and 'paint them black' to create "great black peoples", when there are real black heroes about .... ah well, wishing don't make it so. Anyway this piss poor use of history really annoys me. It is so easy to show that all this guff is just PC crap, put out by people who are lucky if they have finished school, but its left unchallenged because academics are frightened to stand out for the truth, because PC committees frighten them.

First fact - The North Africa coast was never black, as in Negro ... it was inhabited by Berber/Libyans, Egyptians and Greeks and Romans and just about every Mediterranean type, but not Sub Saharan Blacks. So if you want to claim them as Great Browns from history then do so, but don't delude yourself by using the term black.

Second fact - Septimus Severus was from a wealthy Berber family (Historically Berbers have been variously known, for instance as Libyans by the ancient Greeks,as Numidians and Mauri by the Romans, and as Moors by medieval Europeans) - he looked like this (official portrait of emperor and family painted from life)


Emperor Severus Top, wife top left, Emperor Caracalla (bottom r) and contender Geta (bottom l), his image was scratched out after losing fight for succession ... Think Zinedine Zidane (who is of Berber descent) with a full beard. There are funerary pictures painted by Egyptians showing what the deceased looked like. They appear on various websites including wikipedia and illustrate very nicely all the racial types in Roman North Africa.

Now correct me if I am wrong, but you are not going to paint yourself as white or brown if you are black are you? I mean artists aren’t cheap are they, and eternity is a long time, so you want to be recognised! The real black rulers of Egypt were the Nubian Pharoahs, whose rule started around 760BC, In fact it barely lasted a century ...

Now the links on this site shows about a couple of dozen paintings, and whilst they are probably not exact representations of the dead people, they are likely to be close approximations to the subjects taken from a set of stereo types e.g. Greek, Berber/Libyan, Roman, Egyptian, African etc.

Therefore the portraits are a good representation of the population in Egypt at the time of the Roman conquest and beyond. If you use the links you will notice two things:
  1. How often young people below the age of 50 died and
  2. The fact that most of the portraits are of non negro types.
They are brown Berber/Libyan types, Native Egyptians or paler Greek and Roman types which is what you would expect for pre-Arab Egypt. You would be hard put to match these faces to a "Black Egypt" that certain afro-centric idiots are now teaching as 'fact' fact I have included the 'black' face from the set, but a close look probably shows a Berber face.

Anyway you make up your own minds from the portraits on the links, but don't just take the rubbish that PC revisionists are putting out, and that's being taught as factual now.

On the subject of portraits, there was a web site with a reproduction of what Jesus would likely have looked like which I have found, and guess what, the New Nation newspaper has Jesus listed as a Black icon (well what the hell, he may as well join every one else who they are claiming as one of the brothers), when they ranked Jesus at number one in a survey of black icons.

One school of Afro centric nonsense has it that Jesus was part of a tribe which had migrated from Nigeria (well so much for the Bible and Moses and the Jews etc... must have been a shock to a good Jewish family when Mary came home with that story!).

The fact that the BBC even printed this as a real school of "thought" shows how pernicious the PC revisionism is. There are/were black Jews (in Ethiopia), but they appear to have been isolated from the Mediterranean world until the 1970's. There were also Arab Jewish tribes in Arabia until the coming of Islam, when they were all killed or forcibly converted to Islam by 750AD.


The pictures reproduced are all said to be in the public domain because the copyright has expired i.e. a copyright term of life of the author plus 70 years. In this case 2000 yrs seems sufficient to cover that requirement.

Jesus Links:

picture has been reproduced widely on the web.

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Conspiracy Theories on the Web

The great beauty of the World Wide Web is the fact that every crackpot theory gets aired, and occasionally they develop life, and live long after they should have quietly excused themselves and left the room.

Conspiracy Theories Cover Every Aspect Of Human Life ...

The Islamic world for example has two main kinds of conspiracy theory doing the rounds:

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Hypocrisy in Socialist Ranks

I always find it amazingly funny how ultra left wing politicians, who spout on about their “Socialist credentials” to all and sundry, often prefer to attack their own colleagues as “class lackeys and lick spittles”, if they fail to meet the standards of ‘socialism’ that they themselves purport to follow, but then often fail to keep the faith themselves.

I was reminded of this particular story today, when a comedian brought it up on a radio show where the politician involved was a guest, whilst not new, it nicely illustrates the sheer personal bullshit that socialism is based upon.

It concerns a particular favourite of mine, a left wing socialist and race warrior, who in her younger days could see a class traitor in every bush, Ms Dianne Abbott, Labour MP for Hackney, who has pronounced on her colleagues perceived socialist failings whenever they clashed with her view of true socialism.

When Tony Blair sent his son to a “selective” school i.e. they pick pupils on exam or financial qualities etc, she criticised him and said that “people voted Labour because they believed in equality” …

Not content with this, she then took on Solicitor General Harriet Harman, who also sent her son to a selective grammar school (Its funny how when they get the money, their kids always have compelling reasons why they should go to an elitist school denied to the rest of the socialists …. hmm), with the comment "She made the Labour Party look as if we do one thing and say another."

Ms Abbott, whose main claim to fame is that she was the first black female MP, is no stranger to elitism in education, having been to Harrow grammar school and Cambridge University (which I guess makes her fairly unique in hackney?). She was then fast tracked into the Civil Service (another elitist piece of tosh, that ensures that the privileged remain in the upper echelons of the civil service, and don’t dirty their hands in real civil service jobs like “job centres”), before moving through PR and Journalism, into ‘safe seat’ labour politics in a constituency with a high ethnic minority population.

She also has had an opinion on the education of (or rather the education failure of) black boys. Her argument apparently was that white teachers, especially white women teachers, couldn't deal with black boys, who needed a black male role model to control them, presumably because they had no male role models at home.

She didn’t question why so many black women were abandoned by the fathers of their children and had to bring them up alone, ah well can’t expect too much from a socialist, after all the suggestion that 'only blacks', and especially 'black males', should teach black boys, could possibly be considered “racist” if it was uttered by a white woman MP, talking about ‘only having white male teachers teach white boys’. I guess in some worlds, it's only whites who are capable of being racists?

No Colour Issues For Private Education ....

Still her possible double standards on “Anti Racism” are maybe no surprise? After all when it came to the education of her only son, she barely paused in her condemnation of private education systems, before deciding that the state education in Hackney and Newington was not good enough for her son, and despatched him to a selective school at £10,000 ($15,000) p.a. Obviously, when she is paying for it, there are no longer any problems about white male and females teaching this particular young black man in an elitist environment.

To be fair, when challenged she said it was an “indefensible” decision, but that she wouldn’t change her mind. No one thought to ask her what she would have done if she had succeeded in having all private schools closed? Strangely the fact that her constituents couldn’t ever afford the remedy that she took because she had money and power, appears not to be her main reason for saying it was ‘indefensible’.

She was attacked by erstwhile left-wing colleagues for this, in fairly forthright terms, which brings us back nicely to my opening observation about how much pleasure the left gets from attacking itself. She was also attacked by the Black caucus in her constituency and in the wider black communities, for both this and her opinions on Jamaican and Nigerian corruption.

Maybe people in Hackney didn’t “vote Labour because they believed in equality” …maybe they believed in the rich and powerful being more equal, oops hang on that’s not very socialist is it? It's only sad that the voters in these modern day "rotten boroughs", who would apparently vote for a brick if it was the "official labour party" candidate, don't have the intelligence to see these hypocrites for what they are.

It's this complete apathy in some inner city wards that allows these left-wingers to carry on 'representing' areas, for which they apparently are unable or unwilling to change for the better. What excuse can Ms Abbott have for apparently deciding that with a permanent Labour Council, Education Authority and MP she was unable to find one decent local state school for her son?

Oddly I think Ms Abbott seems a bit of a laugh when I see her on TV, and probably doesn't take herself too seriously, so it’s a shame if she felt she had to play the 'left-wing socialist card' to get on in the labour party, when the political tide was turning, and she could have made it as a centre right Blairite Labour MP anyway. She is obviously more inclined towards calling it as it is, and not as some socialist daydream.

This whole episode seems to have ended her career hopes, and is a high price for hypocrisy, but there are so many whores in politic,s that probably she will live through it and come back as a government minister, but let us hope that it’s not for education, as the final act of a hypocrite is to deny to others the advantages that you have had yourself e.g. Non repayable Student Grants and Private or Grammar education.

The term Champagne socialist was devised for these rich individuals who get away with this left-wing hypocrisy. There are many in the New Labour experiment who have been tarred with this particular brush, but their apathetic voters seem oblivious to the insult to their intelligence.

Ms Abbott’s quoted remark about her actions;

It's absolutely true that it's inconsistent, to put it mildly, for someone who believes in a fairer and more egalitarian society to send their child to a private, fee-paying school. I've always believed that private schools prop up the class structure of society. It's inconsistent, it's indefensible and that's why I haven't sought to defend it”. Diane Abbott: [On her decision to send her son to a private school.]

The quote that upset the Jamaicans and Nigerians

...when it comes to corruption, Nigerians make Jamaicans, and every other nationality in the world, look like mere amateurs. Diane Abbott

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