Monday, 27 August 2012

Alien Big Cats - Britain

A is for Aardvark,

A is for Aardvark

B is for Bat,

B is for Bat

and C is fortean Cats ..... and, at least if you believe in Alien Big Cats being let loose and wandering the British countryside, then L is for Lynxes, Leopards or Lion.

L is for Lynxes, Leopards or Lion
In Britain, there have been persistent reports of such animals being spotted since the Surrey Puma reports on the 1950's ... the number of the reports has steadily increased since then, presumably as the critters have bred and their numbers have increased. Or its just a lot of wishful thinking by some credulous walkers, who half saw something, or mistook distances and thought a pet cat was farer away than it was, and thus bigger.

But whatever the cause, there's no doubt that they are newsworthy, especially in August, which is considered the 'silly season' in UK newspaper stories, and when these stories often emerge .... so maybe its no surprise that in this last week of August there has been another 'Big Cat' flap in the UK. This latest one was a sighting in St Osyth, near Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, but after a 24 hour alert, the police called of the search after no trace of a big cat were found ... again.

I say 'again', because despite large numbers of reports very few animals have actually been found. 
  • In 1980 a puma was captured in Inverness-shire, Scotland
  • In 1989 a jungle cat was found on the roadside in Shropshire that had been hit by a car
  • In 1991 a Eurasian lynx was shot near Norwich, Norfolk
  • In 1993 a Leopard was shot on the Isle of Wight
  • In 2001 another 18 month old Lynx was captured alive in Cricklewood, north-London
And that's about it, a few grainy photo's and videos that often can be interpreted by the viewer ....

Big Dog - not a Big cat

are all there is to back up hundreds of reports. However, there are more convincing pictures ....

British Alien Big Cats .... or not
My problem isn't that these animals could survive here, its what they survive off? Deer, which with Wolves long gone have no natural predators apart from man? .... but I would expect sheep and chicken massacres to be regular events if there was a breeding Big Cat population in the UK.

Still, I guess the question is still out, and always will be unless these beasts are filmed by David Attenborough. 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Edinburgh Fringe 2012

Yes, as you can see from the earlier posts, its that time again when all at PC Towers head north of Hadrian's Wall to attend the "Edinburgh Fringe Festival". Regular followers of this thread will be aware that this annual visit to the City of Edinburgh, always results in one blog on the acts seen, and the general feel of the event.

So without further ado, here are our 'best of the fest' based on the acts seen by us, and listed under our stars of recommendation: There were no weak shows this year .... we enjoyed them all, although sometimes for different reasons.

However we have to make choices, so there were two we agreed were 5 Star:

Cirque du Charlie Chuck

Charlie Chuck - Edinburgh 2012

Charlie Chuck has been going for years on the northern club circuit and occasionally on TV, but we had never seen him before ..... a smallish crowd sat (some, open mouthed and cringing), while bits of plank flew past their heads, but laughing throughout. Simply brilliant weirdness, although that said, the 'solo drum' act apparently changes little from year to year, just the long suffering assistant.

Bad Musical

Bad Musical - Edinburgh 2012

Its hard to do something so badly that its good, and even harder to be obviously good enough to do it properly in the first place (trust me Big Ken and I have seen a few turkeys to spot one!) .... these three lads managed the trick with some aplomb. Good clean (ish) adult fun, well performed and imagined, even with minimalist props.


Henning Wehn: Henning Knows Bestest

Not really a 4 star, but we had to grade a little, so fans will know that it was as consummate a professional performance as ever ..... and from the same "Bunker" as last year. Probably our last year including him in the itinerary, as he is verging on media mega stardom these days .... but brilliant if you have never seen him live.

The Great Puppet Horn

Take two lads, a political agenda (pro gay marriage, pro green energy, pro socialist, pro immigration, anti Tory, anti coalition, anti catholic church and anti Thatcher .... yes it was 30 yrs ago, but hey socialists can never move on), some cardboard cut-outs, a small backlit screen and a few decent jokes. Surprisingly it works in Edinburgh, but the material would probably struggle in many places (not going to Melbourne with this act), as its all old UK left-wing themes. So not a repeater, and lads, Thatcherism wasn't the root of all evil in the current world, diversify the message and you will have an act you can make money with, but in all fairness we enjoyed the inventiveness, so a good mark.

Phill Jupitus - You're Probably Wondering Why I've Asked You Here...

So here's the thing, Mr Jupitus has been mainly a panel show guest for the last few years .... so he's trying to get back to his 'stand up' roots. So he's at a regular comedy club venue, which means that only about 40% of the crowd can have a seat, and many can't see the stage. Not a good start, when most of the audience wouldn't see 30 again (or even 40).  Nonetheless the format of three fictional dead characters (a Welsh porn star, an English failed actor, and Mr Jupitus himself as his own holographic avatar from the future), answering questions from the crowd, started well. The Welsh porn star from Swansea - acting under the pseudo name of 'Dai Fucking', was strong enough to elicit good questions and funny answers, but it tailed off after the English grand actor didn't keep up a decent string of questions. It was the weakest of the shows, but it may be that on another night the characters were stronger as a set. Could really do with a decent venue though, as he's not cheap, and standing up to see nothing is not good..


And finally in a category entirely on his own ..... and in over a decade of fringe activities I can honestly say that Big Kenny and I have never seen anything like it .... totally a one off.

Doctor Brown - Befrdfgth

Doctor Brown - Befrdfgth 2012

A violent mime act with a whiff of psychosis .... he hit one guy with an umbrella during one foray into the audience, and was standing on people when he raced once more into the audience. Both funny and threatening in almost equal measure, the act was done in almost complete silence apart from some music and the constant low level threat of violence. It was entertaining but very very edgy, and the constant fear of audience participation was also a key to this unease.

Now this guy is also a child entertainer .... god knows what that show is like if this is the 'adult' version, but I can't deny that this was inventive, highly unusual and a highlight of our 'fest' but I have to rank it by itself, and admit I won't go and see him again ..... way too dangerous.


Dr Brown was just announced as winner of the 'Best Of The Fest' aka Foster's Edinburgh Best Comedy Show Award (formerly Perrier award) for 2012.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

More Pictures From Edinburgh Festival 2012

As usual, I am posting a few Edinburgh festival 'fringe' blogs - the first two of which are picture postings of the streets and bar characters met this year.

So in no particular order, the second tranche of pictures from Edinburgh 2012.

Hawking The Tickets Tactic 2 - Laying 1 - Edinburgh 2012
Hawking The Tickets Tactic 2 - Laying 2 - Edinburgh 2012
Hawking The Tickets Tactic 2 - Laying 3 - Edinburgh 2012
Hawking The Tickets Tactic 3
- Pregnant Poster Poles - Edinburgh 2012

Edinburgh's Street Canyons - Beats Manhattan
Sir Chris Hoy Post Box Edinburgh 2012

Temporary bar - Cowgate Edinburgh 2012
Underbelly Venue - Cowgate Edinburgh 2012
Venue bar - Under The Udder - Edinburgh 2012

'Locals' Sampling The Festival Spirits - Edinburgh 2012

Pictures From Edinburgh Festival 2012

As usual, I am posting a few Edinburgh festival 'fringe' blogs - the first two of which are picture postings of the streets and bar characters met this year.

So in no particular order, the first pictures from Edinburgh 2012.

Off Festival - Non Licensed Acts Perform
View Of Cowgate - Edinburgh 2012
Crowds 1 Edinburgh Festival 2012
Crowds 2 Edinburgh Festival 2012
Crowds 3 Edinburgh Festival 2012
Crowds 4 Edinburgh Festival 2012
Hawking The Tickets 1 - Edinburgh 2012
Hawking The Tickets 2 - Edinburgh 2012
High Street Cowboys and Cowgirls - Edinburgh 2012
Tasmanian Guitarist Tom Ward
- Edinburgh 2012
Unicyclist - Edinburgh 2012
Wet And Windy Wire Walkers - Edinburgh 2012

Friday, 10 August 2012

World Policeman

Being the worlds policeman is a tough job, but someone has to do it ... the first major player (at least in Europe) was the Roman Empire, which acted as policemen in a manner in which no other ancient state managed with its 'Pax Romana'. Various 'players' tried the role on for size after the Roman Empire fell, but never quite fitted the bill.

But we have just had 150 yrs in which there have been successive western Anglo-Saxon policemen, Britain and its world wide empire (Pax Britannica), at its height from about 1850, and followed by the US from 1945 to-date. However its never a permanent position, with many challengers to the role for example, France, Germany, the USSR and now China always eager to take over the role. 

World Policeman - Global Sheriff - Never A Permanent Role

Now this police power takes several forms, which we can call 'The Three M's'.

Military Power: The most obvious of the three, it can be exerted only while one state has an overwhelming advantage over all others, which is why Britain could hold sway for a century or more via its overwhelming naval might (even as late as 1941 it had more warships than the next two biggest nations combined) - air power really only took over as the chief means of exerting power at a distance during World War II.

Since then, the US via its missile strength, and aircraft carrier groups has held sway in a similar manner ..... however missile advances in China and elsewhere mean that this ascendancy is now being threatened.

Moral Power: The least tangible of the three M's, this can be exerted via such things and films, music and the arts (Hollywood exports subliminal US values such as equal women's rights in such movies as Aladdin, or others). Or perhaps via its social mores such as toleration, justice, freedom and its laws (Many in the world want to live in countries that give the same opportunities to advance as the USA without corruption etc stopping them). Sometimes its merely the constant standing up for certain values regardless of politics .... this can be less obvious in moments of geo-politics, where changes in national policy can muddy the waters. But in a hazy kinda way the US believes its trying to do good, in much the same way that Victorian Britain believed it was on a civilising mission when for example, it banned slavery for the world, regardless of whether the world wanted it banned.

And finally Monetary Power: Having the worlds biggest economy allows you to push a lot of buttons and pull a lot of strings. Britain was never quite in the total ascendancy as the US has been since 1945 in this regard (Germany and then the US were always close by, and the US or Germany in 1914 may well have already taken #1 and #2 spots), but there’s no doubting that the US, regardless of its waning influence in the other 'two M's', still dwarfs all other economies and despite the economy being massively in debt (to the Chinese for example), can push and pull the economic levers pretty much as well as ever.

Its this last item that makes the news elsewhere as often as not .... take for example the aggressive prosecution of the Standard Chartered bank ....not for any offence inside the US itself (its committed none), but rather for allegedly ignoring US foreign policy in its dealing towards Iran’s money .... which is not technically an offence outside of the US.

The principle on which this enforcement is based appears to be along the lines of those articulated buy the lawyer Jacob Frenkel, of the law firm Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy and Ecker.

"Any sovereign, whether a country, province, state or municipality, has a right to expect that a company or person doing business in that territory is subject to the laws of that territory. Just as a party doing business enjoys the protection of the laws, so too must a party comply with the laws."

However, this is a moot point when for example US multi nationals operate in countries such as Peru etc, where they can ignore any Peruvian foreign policy objectives and the US government will back the US Company.

So oddly despite the calls of 'Yankee Go Home' (or words to that effect), that often ring around the globe when US military bases appear in many more countries, its actually the exertion of the US's power via the Monetary M, that has most impact and influence.

No Flies On The Botherhood

There is just no fooling the Muslim Brotherhood is there?

Yes like most people I believed it when the Egyptian Army (no lovers of Israel), said that it was Islamist extremists who killed 16 Egyptian security officers in an attempt to attack Israel. So that shows how easliy I was fooled, because the Muslim Brotherhood has accused the Israeli spy agency Mossad of being behind Sunday's attack.

What with the trained Vultures and Sharks, the Israelis can also apparently subvert good Muslims into becoming suicide bombers just to make Islamists look stupid, violent , backward and ignorant .... who knows what next, Suicide Kitties?

Muslim Cat Under Mossad Control

..... luckily we have the wise old sages in the Muslim Brotherhood who can spot all these plots, and steer the credulous world of Islam in the right direction.

Thank Allah for that, otherwise we might really believe that Muslims really are stupid, violent , backward and ignorant and not at all like the wise fellows in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Imperialist Running Dogs

With economic colonial ambitions in the South China seas, Africa and elsewhere, China is discovering that taking on the mantle of the 'white man's burden' in far flung parts of the world, where the rule of law is rare, and where greed and ingratitude is built into very fabric of your dealings with the natives., comes pain  and treachery in equal measure.

Colonial Masters and Imperialist Running Dogs

So with the Chinese appropriation of much of Africa's resources, the Africans are getting angry and the Chinese are finding that all that glitters is not gold ..... bad tempered pay disputes turn to violence, and violence turns to death ....

So perhaps its no surprise to find that increasing numbers of reports suggest that relations between the African natives and the Chinese entrepreneurs are turning to the heart of darkness. In Zambia, miners have killed a Chinese mine manager, by pushing a mine trolley at him during a riot at a coal mine in the south of the country. The company were accused of paying less than the minimum wage of $220 (£140) a month being paid to Zambian shop workers.

In Zambia alone, these disputes have increasingly led to death, with two Chinese managers accused of attempted murder after they fired on miners at the Collum mine during a pay dispute ... the charges were later dropped to much protest.

When it was us running the mines, the African states were called "Imperialist Running Dogs"  ...... so who is doing the running, and who are the Imperialists now?

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Fishy Tails

This blog always likes a good Fortean tale, especially of a  fishy kind ..... so its only natural that while others look to US Government denial for Roswell, or the Grassy knoll, or even 9/11, that I on the other hand demand an explanation for the ships being buzzed by mermen and mermaids! After all mariners have reported these events for millennia, in fact far longer than the reports of UFO's.

Mermen 'Buzzing' Ships .....

Of course, little did I know that the US government has a maritime version of the USAF 'Project Blue Book' .... a kinda 'Project Green Book' run by the National Ocean Service.  How else can we explain why the US government was able to definitively state last month that 'There is no evidence that mermaids exist'.

Of course they publicly deny the existence of any 'Project Green Book', and say the denial is based on publicly available sources, because and I quote "we don't have a mermaid science programme".

Of course they also denied the existence of  'Project Blue Book' for decades as well, and look how that ended .....

Friday, 3 August 2012

The Six Billion Dollar Man

According to the latest figures, the man who eventually becomes the leader of the free world will be the winner of a $6bn contest. Think on that .... Six Billion Dollars!

Yes according to the Center for Responsive Politics, an independent research group which tracks the money in politics, they estimate that the total cost of the USA's November elections for the Presidency, House of Representatives and Senate, will come in at $5.8bn (£3.7bn).

Election Results 2008 - 2012 Spending will be up up 7% on 2008.

To give this some context, here are all the countries of the world whose annual Gross Domestic Product is less than $6bn:
  1. Bahamas
  2. Palestinian territories
  3. Zimbabwe
  4. French Polynesia
  5. Benin
  6. Nicaragua
  7. Lao People's Democratic Republic
  8. Mongolia
  9. Haiti
  10. Bermuda
  11. Republic of Moldova
  12. Rwanda
  13. Tajikistan
  14. Kosovo
  15. Niger
  16. Monaco
  17. Malawi
  18. Liechtenstein
  19. Kyrgyzstan
  20. Guinea
  21. Montenegro
  22. Netherlands Antilles
  23. Barbados
  24. Swaziland
  25. Mauritania
  26. Suriname
  27. Andorra
  28. Cayman Islands
  29. Togo
  30. Fiji
  31. Aruba
  32. Guyana
  33. Eritrea
  34. Lesotho
  35. Sierra Leone
  36. Greenland
  37. Central African Republic
  38. Cape Verde
  39. San Marino
  40. Bhutan
  41. Burundi
  42. Maldives
  43. Belize
  44. Turks and Caicos Islands
  45. Saint Lucia
  46. Djibouti
  47. Antigua and Barbuda
  48. Somalia
  49. Gambia
  50. Seychelles
  51. British Virgin Islands
  52. Liberia
  53. Guinea-Bissau
  54. Timor-Leste
  55. Grenada
  56. Vanuatu
  57. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  58. Zanzibar
  59. Solomon Islands
  60. Samoa
  61. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  62. Comoros
  63. Dominica
  64. Tonga
  65. Micronesia, Federated States of
  66. Cook Islands
  67. Palau
  68. Sao Tome and Principe
  69. Anguilla
  70. Marshall Islands
  71. Kiribati
  72. Nauru
  73. Montserrat
  74. Tuvalu
But as Michael Toner, former chair of the US Federal Election Commission pointed out "Americans last year spent over $7bn [£4.5bn] on potato chips - isn't the leader of the free world worth at least that?"

Still its a funny world isn't it, when US expenditure on potato chips (crisps UK) or US elections is greater than the entire economies of up to 78 countries.

Where Does It End?

When Enoch Powell said that there would be 'rivers of blood flowing in the Tiber' because of the allowing of millions of immigrants in to Britain .... many thought it would be white blood, but in fact more often than not, the murderous 'culture' that seems to accompany the African descent community everywhere (especially those associated with the West Indies), spills its own blood. This appears to be related to 'gangs' and the idea of 'respect' amongst these semi literate mobsters, which apparently can only be obtained by attacking anyone who doesn't cower in front of you.

So when once again, another black teen boy is stabbed or shot by another bunch of black teens (a 19-year-old man, three 18-year-old men and a 17-year-old boy were arrested, plus another five who are so far not described), no one is surprised any more.

Shaka Anderson and Rickel Adams were both jailed for life for murdering one
person and for two counts of causing grievous bodily harm
with intent (two others were hit by the bullets) in a 'Gang' killing.

This blog has tried in the past to explain why this one community, everywhere it exists, resorts so readily to such violence, but frankly after the umpteenth black teen on black teen murder, the excuses are beginning to run thin ... maybe its just not possible for large numbers of black males to live amongst less violent societies? ... does the evidence not seem to point that way?

Of course the gutless ones in power can't say the 'Black' word, or state the obvious, not least because it would raise rather awkward questions about immigration and other questions, such as around the 'R' word (Repatriation) .... something that's not been up for discussion in decades. Its way too late for that sort of measure, but until we admit the problem, we can't try to fix it.

After all, if the 'multi-cultural experiment' has actually failed and lets be honest, Barak Obama not withstanding, its been dead in the US for over a hundred years - a lack of 'civil rights' was the last great myth, but Martin Luther King was wrong about his dream - Black and White peoples still lead largely separate lives in most countries, with the White's often only interacting as just the victims of any Black violence that strays out of the self created ghetto's, that the gangs operate in.

  • How many Blacks are killed or mugged by Whites in the UK or US each year? Zero, or under thirty? Not many you can bet, or there would be a left wing led anti-racist black lash.
  • Another question, how many Blacks killed or injured by Blacks each year? Hundreds, maybe even thousands each year ... but despite the news reports cataloguing this slaughter, virtually no political comment.
  • Now reverse the question. How many Whites killed or mugged by Blacks? Hundreds, maybe even thousands each year. Again, virtually no political comment.
So then, given the facts, shouldn't we consider closing the multicultural experiment down?


Just to give you a feel for what I am talking about .... these links are just a few of the hundreds available: - Culled in less than 3 searches (and there were many, many, more):

Radio Series on London's Black gangs:

Media reports: (Marlon Campbell)


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