Friday, 3 August 2012

Where Does It End?

When Enoch Powell said that there would be 'rivers of blood flowing in the Tiber' because of the allowing of millions of immigrants in to Britain .... many thought it would be white blood, but in fact more often than not, the murderous 'culture' that seems to accompany the African descent community everywhere (especially those associated with the West Indies), spills its own blood. This appears to be related to 'gangs' and the idea of 'respect' amongst these semi literate mobsters, which apparently can only be obtained by attacking anyone who doesn't cower in front of you.

So when once again, another black teen boy is stabbed or shot by another bunch of black teens (a 19-year-old man, three 18-year-old men and a 17-year-old boy were arrested, plus another five who are so far not described), no one is surprised any more.

Shaka Anderson and Rickel Adams were both jailed for life for murdering one
person and for two counts of causing grievous bodily harm
with intent (two others were hit by the bullets) in a 'Gang' killing.

This blog has tried in the past to explain why this one community, everywhere it exists, resorts so readily to such violence, but frankly after the umpteenth black teen on black teen murder, the excuses are beginning to run thin ... maybe its just not possible for large numbers of black males to live amongst less violent societies? ... does the evidence not seem to point that way?

Of course the gutless ones in power can't say the 'Black' word, or state the obvious, not least because it would raise rather awkward questions about immigration and other questions, such as around the 'R' word (Repatriation) .... something that's not been up for discussion in decades. Its way too late for that sort of measure, but until we admit the problem, we can't try to fix it.

After all, if the 'multi-cultural experiment' has actually failed and lets be honest, Barak Obama not withstanding, its been dead in the US for over a hundred years - a lack of 'civil rights' was the last great myth, but Martin Luther King was wrong about his dream - Black and White peoples still lead largely separate lives in most countries, with the White's often only interacting as just the victims of any Black violence that strays out of the self created ghetto's, that the gangs operate in.

  • How many Blacks are killed or mugged by Whites in the UK or US each year? Zero, or under thirty? Not many you can bet, or there would be a left wing led anti-racist black lash.
  • Another question, how many Blacks killed or injured by Blacks each year? Hundreds, maybe even thousands each year ... but despite the news reports cataloguing this slaughter, virtually no political comment.
  • Now reverse the question. How many Whites killed or mugged by Blacks? Hundreds, maybe even thousands each year. Again, virtually no political comment.
So then, given the facts, shouldn't we consider closing the multicultural experiment down?


Just to give you a feel for what I am talking about .... these links are just a few of the hundreds available: - Culled in less than 3 searches (and there were many, many, more):

Radio Series on London's Black gangs:

Media reports: (Marlon Campbell)

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