Monday, 27 August 2012

Alien Big Cats - Britain

A is for Aardvark,

A is for Aardvark

B is for Bat,

B is for Bat

and C is fortean Cats ..... and, at least if you believe in Alien Big Cats being let loose and wandering the British countryside, then L is for Lynxes, Leopards or Lion.

L is for Lynxes, Leopards or Lion
In Britain, there have been persistent reports of such animals being spotted since the Surrey Puma reports on the 1950's ... the number of the reports has steadily increased since then, presumably as the critters have bred and their numbers have increased. Or its just a lot of wishful thinking by some credulous walkers, who half saw something, or mistook distances and thought a pet cat was farer away than it was, and thus bigger.

But whatever the cause, there's no doubt that they are newsworthy, especially in August, which is considered the 'silly season' in UK newspaper stories, and when these stories often emerge .... so maybe its no surprise that in this last week of August there has been another 'Big Cat' flap in the UK. This latest one was a sighting in St Osyth, near Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, but after a 24 hour alert, the police called of the search after no trace of a big cat were found ... again.

I say 'again', because despite large numbers of reports very few animals have actually been found. 
  • In 1980 a puma was captured in Inverness-shire, Scotland
  • In 1989 a jungle cat was found on the roadside in Shropshire that had been hit by a car
  • In 1991 a Eurasian lynx was shot near Norwich, Norfolk
  • In 1993 a Leopard was shot on the Isle of Wight
  • In 2001 another 18 month old Lynx was captured alive in Cricklewood, north-London
And that's about it, a few grainy photo's and videos that often can be interpreted by the viewer ....

Big Dog - not a Big cat

are all there is to back up hundreds of reports. However, there are more convincing pictures ....

British Alien Big Cats .... or not
My problem isn't that these animals could survive here, its what they survive off? Deer, which with Wolves long gone have no natural predators apart from man? .... but I would expect sheep and chicken massacres to be regular events if there was a breeding Big Cat population in the UK.

Still, I guess the question is still out, and always will be unless these beasts are filmed by David Attenborough. 

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