Saturday, 4 August 2012

Fishy Tails

This blog always likes a good Fortean tale, especially of a  fishy kind ..... so its only natural that while others look to US Government denial for Roswell, or the Grassy knoll, or even 9/11, that I on the other hand demand an explanation for the ships being buzzed by mermen and mermaids! After all mariners have reported these events for millennia, in fact far longer than the reports of UFO's.

Mermen 'Buzzing' Ships .....

Of course, little did I know that the US government has a maritime version of the USAF 'Project Blue Book' .... a kinda 'Project Green Book' run by the National Ocean Service.  How else can we explain why the US government was able to definitively state last month that 'There is no evidence that mermaids exist'.

Of course they publicly deny the existence of any 'Project Green Book', and say the denial is based on publicly available sources, because and I quote "we don't have a mermaid science programme".

Of course they also denied the existence of  'Project Blue Book' for decades as well, and look how that ended .....


  1. It was surprinsing to see my pic in your blog.
    Cool photoshop.

    ...and BTW, the government OS lookng for us because they've seen our colines off the coast of Scottaland, North Carolina, & Nova Scoitia. We often see them before they see us.

  2. I didn't realise that you were a Merman for hire (Live Swimming MERMAN for hire. pic available @ .... glad you liked the photo I created - please use if you want to.

    Your right, maybe your colonies off of the coast of Scotland, North Carolina, & Nova Scotia are to too well hidden ... but still if they can deny the existence of UFO investigations for years whilst secretly looking for them, then they could well be doing the same for Merfolk!!


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