Monday, 28 December 2015

H.G. Wells or Dr Who?

At the end of the year its traditional to tell ghost stories ..... well instead, I am going to present you with a mystery that was reported in the press, not centuries ago, when all evidence has long been lost (if it was ever retained), but as recently as 2008.

Out of Place Artefacts (OOPA's) are popular subject on the internet, and there are 'those who want to believe', who cite them as examples of ... well, almost anything, from Time Travel or Extra Terrestrial visitations, through evidence of Atlantis, to Lost Dinosaur civilisations.

Perhaps the most well-known (and actually best evidenced), of these objects are the rounded spherical metal balls, that occasionally turn up in the deepest mines around the world. I first read of these as a boy in a book of 'mysteries' .... they were recorded as having been found in a deep German coal mine, buried in the coal seams. The book suggested that they were obviously from an advanced culture, because they were perfectly spherical, metal, and engraved for some unknown purpose.

Approx 3 - 4 centimetres maximum diameter and 2.5 centimetres in thickness

The Cycle Of Life

Well, it’s here again, and the world, you, and I, are another year older as these things are accounted. We are in fact all another year older, and thus nearer to death.

Another Year Older And Nearer To Death

Victors Victories

The boys and teens comics of the 1950's, through to the 1970/80's, were aimed at our patriotic fervour (when it was still considered OK to be 'patriotic', and not 'racist' or Imperialist). These comics were filled not just with tales of adventures in the far flung corners of the empire (as was, or just recently relinquished), but other parts of the globe.

Locations such as the Sahara, Arctic, Steaming Jungles, or even the new frontier of Outer Space; All regularly featured in the stories, and the heroes from Dan Dare, through to Biggles, all sank into our boyish imaginations, and indeed the national consciousness.

But the tales which most often grabbed my attention were the comics accounts of 'real life' war stories ..... images of how George Crosses and Victoria Crosses were won, flashed across our retina (with appropriate exclamations of 'Hande Hoch Jerry' or 'Achtung' and 'Schnell Schnell'), as we scanned the pages, our imaginations fired up, and our chests swelled by these stories.

The Hotspur Book For Boys - The Charge of The Scots Greys at Waterloo

Spectre Of Black Death Returns

It's been called the 'post-antibiotic era', and its been threatening to happen for some time .... well it appears that its arrived now, or rather it seems that we are trembling on the cusp of that nightmare scenario.

In China, it appears that despite knowing the risks, the Communists encouraged the farmers to dose the millions of pigs (a staple food stuff), with anti-bacterial drugs such as Colistin, to boost pork production. This practise has also occurred in other parts of the world such as Europe and North America, and now its reported that the inevitable has happened, and that a bacteria (dubbed the MCR-1 gene), is now able to shrug off doses of Colistin in both human patients and livestock, has appeared.

Colistin Resistant Bacteria now here ...

Friday, 18 December 2015

Xmas Greetings From The Tower

It doesn't seem a year ago but there you are, it is (... that's a subject of another post), and due to the way the calendar works, I am posting nothing up next Friday, as it’s also the 25th of December.

So the traditional Christmas greetings to the world from all at PC Towers are going out a week beforehand. Also as has become something of a tradition around these parts, the accompanying image is from a British comic book 'annual' from the time when I had no more worries than what presents (if any), I was going to get. In this case before even my birth .... this one is from 1953.

The Beano Book 1953

Ahh those were the days, little did we know that that was a golden era ... but hey ho, ho, ho as we should probably say.

So 'Happy Christmas One and All!!'

The Comb Over Confidence Crisis

Coming out of the local supermarket I was met with the sight of a modern day 'Moe' from the Three Stooges. It wasn't a deliberate impression, but rather caused by the gentleman's very badly dyed hair and extraordinary hair 'comb over' combination, combed from the nape of his neck, to just above his eyebrows (in a straight line). Weird sight indeed ....

Moe 'Comb Over' At Supermarket ... Shock

Who’s Feet Aren't Made For Walking

So what does MPACUK stand for? No its not a Latvian swear word (or at least I hope not), no its actually the acronym of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK. Founding member; one Ashgar Bukhari. Membership; anyone who will take their lead from the founding members.

He has recently been reported by UK press in June 2015, as stating on Facebook that he was a subject of the attentions of SMERSH, err sorry no, SPECTRE, err I mean MOSSAD, or perhaps some other Zionist organisation, but definitely some ZIONISTS, who had broken into his home.

SMERSH Never Stole Shoes ....

The Best Christmas Campaign Ever?

Web Product marketing is still a developing science, as a well-known Internet clothing firm in the UK has discovered this Christmas, when a computer glitch paired up a bra product with an image of Hitler's memoirs 'Mein Kampf!'

This random image issue occurred on other products as well, with other random images published on the website, but despite the speed with which they corrected the problem, it was the Hitler glitch which went around the world.

Marketing Disaster or Opportunity?

Give Peace A Chance?

The 'Stop The War Coalition' (described by the BBC as an 'anti-war group' .... are any of us described as 'pro-war'?), which until recently was chaired by one J Corbyn MP (now leader of Her Majesties Loyal Opposition), has recently been called a "disreputable organisation" by Labour MP Tristram Hunt. He added that they had used social media and other platforms to make "ugly comments" to some Labour MP's since the parliamentary vote on Syrian air strikes, and that they had been "very irresponsible with their language and activities".

Stop The War Coalition .... Fronted By Well Meaning People

Friday, 11 December 2015

Mars Is Surprisingly Full

After the latest Lady Of Mars internet excitement, I took a detour into the wacky world of the NASA alien cover-up conspiracy watchers. NASA usually stays tight-lipped on these UFO 'discoveries', causing excited UFO chasers to scream 'conspiracy', and that the US space agency is "covering up the truth". These UFO chasers are a particular set of people, who really should have gone to specsavers, or at the very least, never have subscribed to the belief that the X Files were real.

Its actually hard to really do full justice to the stories that have done the rounds recently ..... but deep breath, and here we go.

So just keeping on the Mars front, the latest "finds" by these self styled alien researchers include:  a dinosaur's head, a tiny alien being, and a crashed UFO, as well as bones, fossils, aliens dead and alive, a Martian Mount Rushmore, and various ancient Egyptian-style pyramids, carvings and ruins, in the latest images to be posted online.

Mars Reptile Head or Two Rocks?

Liberté Egalité Fraternité ... Not

In June 2011, the Chinese artist Shi Xiang, receives a notification of non-renewal of her French residence permit and notifying her of her obligation to leave French territory within thirty days, this after living 10 years in France.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity By Shi Xiang

Feathering Their Nests

Have you noticed how the architects of the bust in the British economy, have all landed plum employment in large banks? Gordon Brown at Pimco as an advisor (all payments to his charity), and  Alistair Darling at Morgan Stanley as a board member (in 2014 MS board members received $75k pa plus upto $30k for joining a committee and $250k in stock awards).

How ironic that the two men who managed to misunderstand how economic cycles actually worked, are now advising the taxpayer bailed out banks.

The Gravy Train Just Keeps Rolling Along ...

Party Before Country

The thing I have noted about the hard left is that they keep lists. These lists are of perceived 'historical wrongs' that have happened to them, which must, no matter what the cost to the country, be avenged, or is that revenged? These wrongs can range from the Tolpuddle Martyrs (which they won at the time),

Tolpuddle Martyrs (was a Battle Won already) ....

Friday, 4 December 2015

Age Of Street Zombies

This last weekend I was trawling the terrestrial 'Freeview' TV channels (I don't see any value in what the satellite or payperview channels offer, and there is no cable available at PC Towers), and I couldn't help but notice how many 'supernatural' shows are available (plus films) on any given night/day.

In particular there were an awful lot of 'Zombie' offerings .... I realise that these things come in crazies, err I mean crazes (or perhaps I don't), and that just a couple of years ago it was all chick flick Vampirism (Twilight, The Vampire Diaries etc). There has even been a couple of attempts to get a Werewolf love TV series off the ground, following the success of the 'Underworld' film franchise, but these seem to fail on the 'hairy fur and fangs' bit, of Werewolves (versus the new romantic, pale skin with Gothic capes and fangs aspects of Vampires) .... There was even one Werewolf show available, but I have forgotten what it was called.

Rise Of The Machines ..... Zombification Of The Human Race

Old Nick Is Dead

When you hear the name 'Old Nick', you may, like me, well think of the Devil, as this is a popular English nickname for that particular supernatural being. It’s a term possibly derived from the name 'Old Iniquity', the name of the devil in medieval plays. We also commonly use the terms 'Old Scratch, Old Ned, Old Roger, Old Horny, Old Harry', and 'Old Billy'.

So naturally my eye was caught, and my attention grabbed when I saw a news snippet that startlingly said that 'Old Nick Dies Alone in the Australian Outback'.

Old Nick Can Appear Anywhere ..... But Wrong 'Old Nick'

Who Will Guard The Guards?

The British Medical Association (BMA) and the Medical Practitioners Tribunal, are meant to be both the trades union and regulatory body for doctors in the UK. This dual role is not supposed to produce issues, and such is the power that the medical profession holds over the UK's politicians, that this position is rarely challenged. However I suspect that we may see the health department look at this situation again in the near future as the BMA increasingly seems to be self-serving in its handling of complaints against its members

BMA - Courts or Self Policing Future

Lord Of The Unhinged

I have left the Turks alone recently on this blog, tired of the antics of President (for life) Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the decline of his state into a Iranian type of semi-democracy, in which only a supreme leader can rule the country.

I was fairly confident that even if the British Government wasn't scared about what 70 million Muslim Turks would do to Europe if allowed free transit, France at least would stop this ever happening. But the recent 'refugee' crisis has left me not so sure that the ultimate betrayal of Europe's population won't now occur ... all for the usual short term interests that govern so much of European politics, we could finally open the Gates of Vienna, and let the Turks flood through.

So my attention was caught (as were many others), by the Turkish Presidents decision to antagonise another President for life, Mr Putin of Russia. Now technically the Turks may have followed the rules of war, but shooting down a Russian fighter bomber, and then relying on NATO to stop Russia attacking, is a rather stupid idea at the best of times, but when its Putin's Russia, it’s very dangerous (Georgia, Ukraine and Crimea spring to mind of examples of people underestimating what he might do .... inaction over Serbia/Kosovo casts a dark shadow over Russian actions today), however he seems to have gotten away with it for now.

Turkey Plays Russian Roulette With Putin.


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