Friday, 18 December 2015

Who’s Feet Aren't Made For Walking

So what does MPACUK stand for? No its not a Latvian swear word (or at least I hope not), no its actually the acronym of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK. Founding member; one Ashgar Bukhari. Membership; anyone who will take their lead from the founding members.

He has recently been reported by UK press in June 2015, as stating on Facebook that he was a subject of the attentions of SMERSH, err sorry no, SPECTRE, err I mean MOSSAD, or perhaps some other Zionist organisation, but definitely some ZIONISTS, who had broken into his home.

SMERSH Never Stole Shoes ....

So what do you think he they had been after? His laptop, with the full secret membership of MPACUK maybe? Or how about to tap his phones, to find out who he speaks to and how the whole state of Israel will be brought to its knees? Well you’re wrong whatever you were thinking, because he reported that they had broken in to steal a shoe. Yes just one solitary shoe.

Somewhere There Is A Zionist With My Other Shoe

How did he know? Why because when he tried to find the pair, he could only find one of them.

So what would Zionists want with his shoe? Well obviously it was stolen just "to let me know someone had been there."

Not only that, but around a year earlier, one of his female colleagues in the struggle had informed him that the 'Zionists' had been breaking into her home regularly and "re-arranging things".

The fact that these people have 'followers' is the bit that amazes me .... here's their acronym IDIOTS


  1. I came home the other day to find that all my furniture had been replaced with exact replicas !? They'd even filled the drawers with my possessions from the original furniture.

    1. Eek, Zionists!! I hope they left the receipts so you could exchange.


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