Friday, 11 December 2015

Mars Is Surprisingly Full

After the latest Lady Of Mars internet excitement, I took a detour into the wacky world of the NASA alien cover-up conspiracy watchers. NASA usually stays tight-lipped on these UFO 'discoveries', causing excited UFO chasers to scream 'conspiracy', and that the US space agency is "covering up the truth". These UFO chasers are a particular set of people, who really should have gone to specsavers, or at the very least, never have subscribed to the belief that the X Files were real.

Its actually hard to really do full justice to the stories that have done the rounds recently ..... but deep breath, and here we go.

So just keeping on the Mars front, the latest "finds" by these self styled alien researchers include:  a dinosaur's head, a tiny alien being, and a crashed UFO, as well as bones, fossils, aliens dead and alive, a Martian Mount Rushmore, and various ancient Egyptian-style pyramids, carvings and ruins, in the latest images to be posted online.

Mars Reptile Head or Two Rocks?

Mars Lizard or Trick of Light?

Mars Alien Leg or Wire From Rover?
Mars Alien 'Crash Site'?

Mars Crabzilla Life or Strange Rock Feature

Mars Pyramid, The Tip Of The Iceberg or Just Fanciful Imaginations

... There you go. Make of it what you will .... the UFO hunters certainly do. Strange that NASA's 500 trained scientists on the Mars team don't see it the same way ... but then they aren't idiots.


  1. You're conspiracy denials just go to prove that there is one! I chuckle at your attempts to cover it up. Cheers for the mirth.

    1. Damn and Blast (or is that Donner Und Blitzen?), I thought I was covering up until a union representative of the Amalgamated Union of Philosophers, Sages, Luminaries and other Professional Thinking Persons .... starts cracking comments wise man style!

    2. Apologies for the use of "You're" which I'm blaming on predictive text this time. The next time will be my inattentiveness.


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