Sunday, 30 November 2008

Heather Jansch

Wow, what can I say but, Magnificent!

The pictures say it all ...................... drift wood and bronze sculptures of exquisite design and skill executed by Heather Jansch, a UK Sculptress (who strangely has no Wiki page).

Compare and contrast with the "award" nominated works of Tracey Emin's ..... the art establishment should consider what will have value in 300 yrs, one of these beautiful works, or a 'dirty bed, used condoms and knickers'.

I think the answer is pretty bloody obvious to anyone except a Turner prize judge.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Justice For All?

I was much struck by one aspect of the biker murder trial, that is the sentencing .... all the participants (whether the gunman or not) were given 'Life' (well what passes for a Life sentence in the UK i.e. you will be released at some time) sentences.

One look at their supporters, gives you a clue that apart from a 'leather fetish', threatening behaviour is another big factor in their lives!

Now I am not particularly objecting to that sentence (although hells angels killing each other seems less murder, and more like a public service to me).

No, I was more struck by the fact that this crime attracted a life sentence, with a minimum tariff of twenty five years, when other 'murders' attract less.

For example an IRA murderer got 'life' but no tariff (meaning they could be out in ten years), but it was an 'execution' so almost identical to the biker murder.

Another chap, Peter James Bastin, 48, imprisoned with a life sentence for murder and burglary, escaped from the North Sea Camp Prison, Lincolnshire (My god, he's being housed in a Butlins camp!) ... which is in fact an an open prison in Lincolnshire (Open prisons usually mean that serious offenders are being 'groomed for release).

Note: The BBC say it was Burglary but the Yorkshire Post says Peter Bastin was jailed for life for the buggery and murder of a 10-year-old boy in 1978, which maybe explains the thirty years served.

Martin Garratty a 41-year-old alcoholic was found guilty inflicting forty two wounds on, and then asphyxiating a 65 yr old disabled woman neighbour. He got "life" with a tariff of a minimum term of 17 years in jail.

Martin Joyce, 22, was found guilty of murdering an "Afghan Refugee" Enayit Khalili, and was sentenced to 'Life' but his tariff was only fifteen years. Although as he actually lay in wait for, then walked up and stabbed Mr Khalili, which surely makes it more 'personal' than a gun shot?

Finally, the fact that the monstrous Tanya French,who helped to rape a 12-week-old baby, is now free to walk the streets after serving just 30 months of a five-year sentence (as if that was ever enough?), just highlights the inadequacies of the UK 'justice' system.

Does someone make a decision on which victims are 'worth more'?

It always strikes me that the UK has a lottery of a sentencing policy, where 'like for like' crimes, can have wildly varying penalties.

Hardly what I call "Justice for all"

Mumbai Outrage

I wasn't going to comment on the murder of innocents in Bombay as there are hardly any words that need to be said ..... the usual suspects are currently being sought by the Indian Authorities.

However I did post a comment on the Pakistaniat site where a sympathetic article to the victims had been posted. I pointed out that it was believed to be Islamic militants again, and when were they going to acknowledge ..... well here's the comment.

NoPcthoughts said ....

"I think people the whole world over echo your thoughts.

You forgot to mention London, Madrid and Bali (to name but a few) from your litany of woe …… But when oh when, is this religious fuelled madness going to end?

Why can Islam not reform and become tolerant of everyman believing or not believing as their conscience dictates? If not that, then I recall that the Quran says that each mans religion is between him and your god?

Islam has the scope to become a true religion of ‘tolerance and peace’ (as it often proclaims) but to outsiders, the ‘peace’ seems to be only of submission or death.

Attacking ‘kaffirs” or ‘heretics’ or atheists, or secularists etc, is a sin, should never be seen as a passport to some ‘paradise’ … I am afraid that until this sort of ‘kill’ theology is removed from all forms of the faith, these sort of mindless terror attacks inside and outside Pakistan will continue to occur

This prompted a reply to me .....

Babar says:

Nopcthoughts: Lack of knowledge on your part does not bring the responsibility of reform on islam singularly ( though I think its an absurd idea to reform an ancient religious idea).

Obviously the violence committed by muslims only is of interest to the western mind at the time of history.

Otherwise you could ask the same question to Hindus in india who have killed many many times more innocent muslims ( going by the record of mainstream newspapers). But I am not worried.

Once this phase of history is over, you will forget about the muslim violence or the need of islamic reform.

To which I replied ...

"Babar - We deal with the world as it is, not as it might be, and its impossible to face the current world, without at least acknowledging that the majority, of the many acts of terrorism in the world, are carried out by adherents to, or in the name of religion … and that at least one of those religions seems to particularly feature in these acts.

To justify and say that, its in retaliation to attacks by another religions followers, would simply open the floodgates to others around the globe also carrying out the same violent acts.

It’s the failure to acknowledge this fact, and deal with the consequences that stem from this, that lead to the kinds of attacks that we are currently seeing around the world ….. as for the ‘absurdity of trying to reform an ancient religious idea’ … The Christians ‘Reformation’ took place in Europe around 1,514 yrs after its founding (followed by other less dramatic events over the following centuries), and I note that Islam is around 1,429 yrs old now …

So maybe those Turkish Imans, who want to revise many Islamic texts to ‘reform’ or ‘modernise’ aspects of Islam, are the forerunners of change?

In any event, I suspect that this is not a subject that will just ‘go away’ after ’this time of history’, because there are many whose only aims are to ensure that it doesn’t by using violence."

Babar then followed me to this site, where he posted this reply, but in another subject, so I removed it .... however it was posted on Pakistaniat and here it is .....

Babar says:

Nopcthoughts: I did not justify the acts of killing because someone else is also doing it. You are just putting words in my mouth. In fact, I do not justify them at all. Killing of innocent civilians is completely abhorable.

Leaving aside the arguments if the terrorism is morally better or worse than state killings, the current phenomenon of terrorism by non-state actors is very dangerous in itself. I very strongly believe that Pakistan has to uproot it completely as it takes away the states monopoly of controlling its dealings with other nations and it has no place in a democratic functioning of state.

However, what I did say is that you can not blame Muslims only, for the acts of terrorism. Muslims are no better or worse than other groups and what makes me unhappy is when people single out muslims as if they are some other branch of animal kingdom and preach them about peaceful living. You obviously have no understanding of indian situation.

You think this way because you have been interested in this phenomenon only after 9/11 and only from the perspective of the west.

  • Do you know that in year 2002 more than 3000 Muslims were killed in three days at the hands of terrorists in indian state of Gujrat?
  • Do you know how many muslims were killed in riots after Babri Masjid?
  • Do you know just a year ago a dozens of Pakistanis returning from india were killed in terrorist attacks by hindus?
  • Do you know about what happened in the mosques of Malegaoon about a year ago? Did you condemn any of those personally?
Then why do you expect muslims to condemn each act of terrorism on demand?

Going to the Muslim side of violence you must not know how the kashmiri mujahideen had made life hell for kashmiri hindu pandits in 1990’s. But of course that was before 9/11 when the world (western) was a peaceful place.

India has many many more violent problems apart from hindu muslim issue.

My only contention is that one should perhaps try to find solutions for the problem one is facing rather than painting a very large group of people as evil.

I think it would be impossible to discuss the nature and impact of christian reformation here.

But according to my understanding, the peace and harmony in west is because of marginalization of religion from political life and as a source of social organization rather than some “reform” in the religion itself.

Religion, no matter how much reformed, has always great potential of bringing bad to the society when used as a basis for organization of society

One should look for modernization of muslim societies rather than the religion.

........ so although I deleted his comment from the post he attached it to, I have stuck to my principles of freedom of speech and conscience and posted Babar's comments (correcting only the odd spelling mistake as I am guessing that English is not Babar's first language), here.

So my last response, "Tempus Fugit" as the saying goes .... I have other posts to write.

NoPcthoughts says ...

Babar, You got so engrossed in your own arguments, that its you who are now putting 'words into my mouth' - If you check you will see that I was careful to include all religious beliefs in the ideology that feeds terrorism "the majority, of the many acts of terrorism in the world, are carried out by adherents to, or in the name of religion" and I only added that one particular religion was most often involved … and that at least one of those religions seems to particularly feature in these acts."

I never said that you had justified the attacks, I was merely opining that
"To justify and say that, its in retaliation to attacks by another religions followers, would simply open the floodgates to others"

You then list a whole list of alleged Hindu atrocities on Muslims, why? if not to use them as exactly some sort of justification for this latest outrage? If there is no possible justification then there is no need to read out lists of 'atrocities'.

Recently, Hindu's attacked thousands of Christians and burnt churches ..... and the same has happened in Pakistan fairly recently but the 'Christian West'" did not cut off aid to either Pakistan or India despite these attacks ...... what does that say to you?

Finally, we probably essentially agree over many of the causes, and I totally agree with your last comment

"....according to my understanding, the peace and harmony in west is because of marginalization of religion from political life and as a source of social organization rather than some “reform” in the religion itself.

Religion, no matter how much reformed, has always great potential of bringing bad to the society when used as a basis for organization of society One should look for modernization of muslim societies rather than the religion."

So we are not that far apart, but as I have noted, its this blindness as to the underlying cause that seperates many muslims from the rest of the world. Islamists would tell you that Islam can't be marginalized from the state as they are one and the same.

You only have to look at the other arguments going on in the comments on Pakistaniat, to see a closet defence of the attacks being formed, as well as our discussion being replicated between other sets of posters.

Sadly, but maybe unsurprisingly, there are some news reports suggesting that some of these murderers could be from the UK (Bradford, Leeds or London) ...... nothing new there then, if its proved to be true.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Wonder of Woolies

It was sad news today to hear that in the UK, Woolworth's will likely close, with a loss of 30,000 ordinary jobs .... it may not be a surprise, as they have struggled with mounting debts (and to find a 'High Street' role) for some months, but nonetheless a sad day.

Like many, I grew up with 'Woolies' ... buying Airfix models, various school objects, and later on cheap kitchen appliances. In fact I bought a 'toy car' to help fill a "Shoebox for Xmas" appeal ,which I had signed up for (Boys aged 10 - 14 get few presents in orphanages etc!), last Saturday.

But I guess this sort of "Pick-N-Mix"shopping wasn't enough, and competitors in every field such as the supermarket giants, and similar stores such as 'Wilkinsons' just were too much. The fact that a so called 'socialist' labour government will move heaven and earth to save Investment Bankers, but will not save 30,000 working class jobs, says a lot about how this government will do anything to stay in power, including let this many ordinary jobs go to the wall.

Still, its demise will leave a gaping hole on the UK High Streets across the land .... depressingly its likely to be filled by yet more charity shops ... as if we don't have enough of these!

Sadly, it may not be the last of these kind of 'names', and in fact MFI are said to be going to administrators today as well.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Labour politicians fear "BNP" votes

Hazel Blears the the communities secretary and representative for the "working class" constituency of Salford (Greater Manchester) has expressed concern that the British National Party (BNP) is making inroads into "white working-class voters " in inner cities.

Salford is another of those "Socialist paradises", that litter most the very same 'inner cities' where the BNP has gained a measure of support, and in fact in early 2005, Riga appealed to the European Union to advise people against travelling to Salford, after a Latvian man was stabbed in the head in Lower Broughton. However, city councillors have insisted that Salford is a safe place to visit.

In August 2005, a survey by Channel 4 television, rated the city as the 9th worst place to live in the UK (based on criteria of crime, education, environment, lifestyle and employment) ..... so Ms Blears may be displaying a measure of self interest with these claims, as her constituency seems a prime candidate for vote desertion to the BNP.

She has made similar claims before (usually just before an election .... so watch this space!), but as usual she fails to explain why all the areas where the BNP makes gains are 'lifetime Labour wards', or why the Labour Party has lost the support of so much of the "White working class vote", who formerly were the bedrock of the Labour parties support?

Its all very strange, because if she really understood the "white working class voter" as she would likely claim, then she could spot the reasons why labour is losing them ..... religion, culture, race and mass immigration!

Purely and simply the white unemployable class voter, is being threatened by the rise of the unemployable Muslim immigrant, and they don't like it.

  • They can't get council housing because labour policy is to grant these houses to asylum seekers and immigrants on the basis of greater need.
  • They no longer get the level of council services supporting their lifestyles, that their mothers got (they are usually single mother households), because these go elsewhere now.
  • They find that other services such as health and education are stretched thin by the high Muslim immigrant usage.
  • They are told that they can't 'insult' Islam, but no one defends their culture from the radical Muslims. e.g. School Nativity plays cancelled as it 'may offend a Muslim'
  • There are also increasingly violent clashes between 'locals' and 'immigrants', often over cultural and language issues.
And in all this, the labour party is perceived as taking the immigrant side.

That, Ms Blears is why you and your party are in danger of losing the white working class voter.

This blog has touched on the rise of the BNP before, but it seems to take our mainstream politicians by surprise. It can easily be tackled (as long as the PC left are ignored) by some simple measures on these lines.
  • Halt all non EU immigration (including the 'arranged marriage scam' .... there are enough Asians in the UK to not have to send to Pakistan or Bangladesh for 'partners',
  • Stop the priority allocation of social housing to immigrants, and
  • Accept that white culture is as valid as all the others in the 'multicultural model' that you are ramming down our throats,

and you might win that vote back.

As for the other 'mainstream parties', well Ms Blears will no doubt remember the cries of "Racists" that accompanied every attempt by the other parties to discuss the immigration policies of the UK, she may even have been a cheerleader of the left wing 'Boo Boys' who succeeded in completely stifling the discussions? My how we laughed!

There has always been a tacit agreement in British politics, that anti immigrant votes could be safely siphoned to the Tory party, and that the loony left could be partially housed in the Labour party, but the "New Labour" experiment of Brown and Blair, broke that consensus.

Now the Tories are no longer the natural home of the right wing (as Cameron moves to the centre ground), and that has left a dangerous vacuum, that the BNP is exploiting.

That's why the white working class vote, that formerly would defect to the Tories (under Mrs Thatcher), now has bypassed them and gone to the BNP.

In any event you may well live to reap what you have sown, with the white working class turning to the BNP in labour areas.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Woolas Pulled Over Our Eyes

Lets talk of Pirates and Piss Takers ........

Firstly, there has been a spate of 'piracy' attacks in the Gulf of Aden and off the East African coast, carried out by Somali Muslim pirates.

Apparently this is not a crime anymore, judging from the lack of dead pirates littering the seabed, despite a 'Multi National task force' being in the area ...... the PC police have ensured that the pirates human rights are paramount (not the sailors or owners of the ships).

What's made this more interesting, is that apparently the pirates are only free to attack 'non muslim ships' according to a spokesman for the al-Shabab Somali Islamist group, Abdelghafar Musa, who is reported as saying that 'hijacking a Muslim-owned ship was a major crime' and they would 'pursue those responsible'.

And in other areas.

We as the UK Taxpayer are having the wool pulled over our eyes with the revelation that Non EU immigration may actually go up, not down, under the Labour Governments new 'points based' immigration system ..... this despite the admittance that our current policies on immigration and asylum had "caused untold human misery and division within our communities," by the immigration minister Phil Woolas.

And finally, as this blog discussed recently, we are hearing UK regional accents in Iraq and Afghanistan and yesterday a Birmingham Pakistani terrorist who was wanted for suspicious death of an uncle (aka suspected of 'murder') was reported as being killed by the US yesterday ..... good riddance to a murdering scum bag.

Violent Nationalism Blights Turkey says BBC

The Turks are just hell bent on displaying to the Europeans, that they are most certainly not a European country or civilisation. Secular, 'European' thinking Turks, are increasingly being attacked and killed for being "Unpatriotic" as this report details.

Now this blog has been sceptical about Turkey being a fit member of the EU with its anti Western and Christian stance, on many, many issues, and we did point out that despite promises to repeal it, the law that makes insulting turkey or its people a crime was still in place (under a different wording), and as we predicted, its proved to be a big benchmark on Turkeys lack of basic democratic principles and attitudes.

And this latest report from the BBC shows that, despite paying a lip service to reforms, they are actually moving away from EU standards of 'free speech, freedom of conviction and freedom of movement", not closer.

If the UK, and others such as the US, really want Turkey to join the EU, then some very straight talking to the Turkish people is the only way, because if they join under a fudge, then it will be the end of the EU.

US Decline over the next two decades?

The US National Intelligence Council (NIC) predicts China, India and Russia will increasingly challenge US influence and dominance over the next two decades. However this report is issued only four years after the same group predicted that the US dominance would go on for at least three decades.

They also state that the dollar may no longer be the world's major currency, and food and water shortages will fuel conflicts around the globe ..... No Shit Sherlock!

They could have just been reading this blog for the same report!

Now the really interesting thing about this, is the way in which the same report to a then powerful President Bush, said that the US would remain the sole world superpower, whereas this latest report, presumably aimed at President elect Obama, says that the US has to work with other regional powers to retain its leading role.

Different strokes for different folks ..... because I am in fact pointing out that the two reports are aimed at the sensibilities of the two respective men, and are probably all based upon the same intelligence.

I seem to remember at the end of the 1970's, there were many predictions, much the same as this latest NIC report, except in them days it was the Yen and Japan to rival or surpass the US. In fact there were even those saying that by the year 2000, South Korea and the other tiger economies of the Southeast Asian area were going to catch up with Japan, and even surpass the US ..... sounds funny now.

Similarly, the predictions of the US demise are much exaggerated .... its noticeable that those economic powers at the end of the 19th century (US, Britain, France, and Germany) are still in the top 6 world economies with the others (Japan and China) both just taking up their historic places. China for example was worth 25% of world trade in 1800 AD, and now its around the same amount.

There are many reasons why over 100 yrs later, the same countries still top the wealth and power tables, but one is that it takes a certain set of cultural values to run efficient economies, which these countries all display to one degree or other, and that those other countries mentioned as 'new super powers' (from Korea, through Brazil, and into India) don't.

It would not surprise me, if in the year 2100 AD, the list was hardly changed at all .....

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Prostitutes Face Quizzing Before Sex

Yes, that's right!

This increasingly wacky Government of the UK, has long run out of 'big ideas' (around the fifth year), and now casts around for something to legislate on, in the bizarre belief that 'more' laws are needed every year to keep us happy.

This leaves them open to hijack by the far left, feminists, and the PC driven on their back benches, who come up with "Social policy" ideas that we 'really want', but we don't know it or are just too stupid to ask for.

In the past this little cabal of legislators prompted such wonders of social policy as

Jaqui Spliff, who may be the worst 'home secretary' in British political history, has sponsored a new bill to make it a criminal offence (Rape charges) to 'knowingly' have sex with a woman who was trafficked into the UK to become a prostitute. Specifically they are open wording it, to anyone having sex with any woman who is "controlled for another person's gain".

Another piece of feminist nonsense from the PC left .... are 'punters' now going to ask "Excuse me Luv, but how much is it for a quickie .... Oh and by the way are you controlled by international slave traffickers, drug dealers, a pimp, or any sort of warlord, or are you self employed?"

Daft & unworkable.

  • How would you ever prove that a user of prostitutes was aware of the circumstances?
  • How many prostitutes would ever testify in court?

It may even be dangerous legislation, and I would be interested to know if, where prostitution has been severely curtailed by laws, the number of rapes etc has gone up?

Its obviously a risky possible side effect, of making sex workers and their clients go underground.

New Labour Style Prostitutes

This Govt has bigger worries such as granting 300,000 false visa's every year ... could that be where many foreign sex workers get in to the UK, through the open front door?

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Longevity in the UK

This BBC blog has pictures of the spread of age longevity in the UK over the years .....

You can see an animated version of this from these links
Females 1992 to 2008 by local health authority

I noticed that one black spot was my locality ..... but its where many people 'retire to' from elsewhere, so the mortality rates stay high round here!

Iraqi Christians' fear of exile

I continue to Blog about this subject, for the simple reason that our politicians refuse to do so.

How can we repeatedly be told that we have nothing to fear from Islam, and yet week after week these stories come to the worlds attention? Culpable lying is the only possible answer.

I will merely add the link for this story ... Iraqi Christians' fear of exile

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Pakistans slow collapse

Last year a CIA analyst predicted that Pakistan would fall to the Taliban within a few years (2015). All the evidence is that Pakistan is very slowly losing the war with the militants, and that the army is being beaten into sitting in bunkers outside cities, but with little control in the countryside.

This pattern is similar to that which ended the communist rule in Afghanistan and recent reports show that the Pakistani army, undermined as it often is by the ISI which has a history of supporting religious militants, is still unable to break the cycle of defeats.

Region after region has fallen out of the control of Pakistan, and this report from Swat, nicely illustrates whats happening all over the border regions. Its this collapse that is the reason why the US has taken to raiding across the porous Afghan border.

Haqqani Militant Network - Based in Pakistan - kills in Afghanistan

The Pakistanis are unable to acknowledge that they have no control over the border regions, and so complain about the US inciting attacks by these raids, not the fact that its Pakistan's inability to prevent attacks that forces the US reprisals.

The Liberals and Intelligentsia of Pakistan are as educated as any in the world, but they have no voice greater than the Mullahs mob, and like those in the Western Roman Empire who failed to recognise the collapse even as it occurred, these people will occasionally rant about the poverty of their system, they do nothing practical and keep their hands away from the fray.

When childhood ends

Arwa aged nine would be classed as a child in most civilised countries, but in Yemen that term doesn't apply. In this Muslim country, eight or nine year old girls can be 'bought' for marriage by older men, even though the marriage law is technically fifteen.

There are small signs, that even in these backward lands, which so many western apologists for Islams excesses ignore, there are glacial changes taking place. Arwa managed to fight off the sexual advances of her 'husband', and got a court to grant her a 'divorce'. This example is being followed by one or two other young girls, but far too many are just taken and 'raped' with the cover of a 'marriage' certificate.

The excuse for this kind of behaviour is the example of the Prophet Muhammad, who 'married' six-year-old Aisha, but waited for consummation till she was a little older (She was eight). "Because this happened to the Prophet, we cannot tell people that it is prohibited to marry at an early age," says Sheikh Hamoud Hashim al-Tharihi, general secretary of the 'Vice and Virtue Committee', and a member of the Islah Party in Yemen. He also says it "would harm society by spreading vice" to stop these marriages.

Presumably he means that gang rapes and stoning's would increase if the 'semi legalised' marriage and rape of pre-teen girls was stopped.

These stories come out every week, and yet in the West our politicians bring in ever more Sharia tolerant legislation.

The US electorate has spoken

Well the US electorate has spoken, and "democracy" has been duly exercised for another 4 yrs, with the result that Barack Obama is the 44th President of the USA, after a mere 4 years as a Senator.

So what does it mean? Hard to say because the US system means that Obama has never been in Government, never run anything, and only his 'voting record' to show what his Presidency might mean.

In the UK model, Obama would very likely have been a Minister before getting to the top job, although not necessarily as Tony Blair showed. But even then, they would have had a "Shadow Cabinet" job in which to show their mettle. This difference between a "Republican" or "Monarchical" democratic model reflects across the globe.

These are mostly based upon the "Westminster" or French "republican" models, and their imposition is where the two countries held sway or influence. So mainland and central Europe largely reflect French influence, as does its ex colonies (especially in Africa), with a Presidential system, whereas Northern Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand as well as ex colonies such as India , and many African states, still have the monarchical systems.

The US was aided by the French during the rebellion and after briefly flirting with the idea of a king (they offered the crown to George Washington who had 'royal' connections), they ended up as a republican system.

A woman at work was discussing the US results with her friend and said "Yeah its all well and good but the Americans keep voting for the wrong people!" .... her friend asked her what she meant, "well she said there was a serial sex addict and adulterer, and an (ex) alcoholic for the last 16yrs, and now him...a gob shite" she said pointing at Obama's picture.

I laughed at this summary of US politics, but given what we know, she may prove to be right.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

President Obama or President McCain?

By Wednesday we should know (hanging chads permitting).

The whole world watches this election (maybe in the future it will be China), and the result has consequences for every person on the planet.

  • For Europe, its a misguided belief that 'change is good' and 'Black' being the biggest change is therefore better. The idea that at all Democrats are Pro-European socialists is what drives the interests of many. I suspect it makes no practical differences as US politicians are all to the right of EU politics.
  • For China and Russia, its important on the military and economic fronts, as they are rivals in these spheres.
  • For the new economies such as India, Brazil and China, its important because, as they have just discovered, when the US sneezes, they get a cold (they are still economic midgets compared the US, Japan and EU).
  • For Africa, its a chance to beg for more money and demand 'reparations' for every ill that they inflict upon themselves.
  • For the Middle East, the Arabs wait in vain for the 'Anti Israeli' President who will disarm Israel, and allow 'Arab armies' (surely an oxymoron?), to drive Israel into the sea. The Iranians hope for a weak President so they can complete their nuclear bomb program.
  • For South America, its fortress USA or open arms USA .... possibly (oddly the republicans such as Spanish speaking Bush, have shown more interest in allowing Hispanics in via Green cards).

So for one reason or another, we all have a stake in Tuesdays ballot and therefore I like the rest will follow the process closely.

At present it looks like President Obama, but maybe just maybe there will be a last minute twist and we will be just a 'stroke' away from President Palin!

The End of the World is Nigh

This Blog happily records any report or event, which shows that by 2050 the AntiChrist and his servants will be stalking the earth (ala Damien and The Omen!!) .... Versus Christus! as some might say.

Who can honestly claim that overpopulation, planet degradation, famine, conquest, religious wars, and plagues, are a thing of the past? The four horsemen are saddling up!

Actually, what I mean is that all the signs are, that by 2050 AD, the planet Earth will be in irreversible physical decline .... As I will be dead by then, I don't care much.

I won't re hash all the reasons why, but suffice it to say that those of you busily having children now, may well live long enough to have to explain what an elephant was, or why there are no animals left in Africa. If it gets really bad you may even have to explain what it was like to be able to breath without face masks.

This latest report, just reinforces all the evidence that we passed the tipping point at some time in the 1970's, and that all this "Green' science now, is way too late, and that we will need the equivalent of three planet Earths to service our species.

The map shows hectares' worth of land consumed in goods and services.

Christians in Iraq flee further attacks

Following on the story about Turkey stopping Christians opening churches up to worship .... there was a story about Christians fleeing Muslim attacks in Iraq and is similar to Christians fleeing Hindus in India.

Now call me dumb, but isn't there a trend here of world wide of attacks on Christians, while the West is told it has to be even more tolerant to those who perpetrate these attacks?

We happily make the rope with which they will hang us all.

Woman Stoned to death under Sharia Law

This story hardly got any headlines, but that's no surprise really in our Dhimmi society where fear of Muslims has reached the so called 'free press' who now censor what news they report on the religion of peace.

Aisho Ibrahim Dhuhulow was stoned to death in Somalia for 'adultery' ..... no news of what the adulterer man was punished with .... nothing probably in the misogynist cultures of Islam.

I have copied the story in full from the BBC website, because it made only 3 paragraphs, which just about sums up what is happening in the world.

" A woman in Somalia has been stoned to death after an Islamic Sharia law court found her guilty of adultery. The woman was buried up to her neck and then pelted to death with stones in front of a large crowd in Kismayo. It was the first such execution in the southern port city since Islamist insurgents captured it from government-allied forces in August.

A local Islamist leader said the woman, Aisho Ibrahim Dhuhulow, had pleaded guilty to committing adultery. "She was asked several times to review her confession but she stressed that she wanted Sharia law and the deserved punishment to apply," said Sheikh Hayakallah.

A group of men performed the execution in one of the city's main squares in front of thousands of people, AFP news agency said.

More on this - it turns out that the 'adulteress' Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was in fact a 13 yr old girl, who had been raped by three men. When the family tried to report the rape, the girl was accused of adultery and detained, Amnesty International said.

She begged for mercy, before the animals that pass for Muslim manhood killed her by throwing stones at her head.

And just in case you think I search out these horror stories, I don't, they are just on the increase around the Muslim world, from Turkey through Pakistan to Indonesia, where a form of religious madness seems to have been revived, and ancient crimes and intolerance's have reawakened like some medieval nightmare.

For instance on the day I linked to the largely liberal Pakistaniat site, they were running a feature condemning the so called 'honour killing' (Mostly men murdering women relatives, to restore 'honour' to their households), of three women in one village.

The girls, aged between 16 and 18 years, had been buried alive a month ago in a village in the Jafarabad district, for wishing to marry men of their own will, and the crime involved at least one PPP minister and some other local influential people. A number of local 'senators' have defended the murders, by saying on record that the killing of these women was a 'tribal custom'.

For the record, the girls were each shot once in the stomach, and then buried whilst still alive ......

Don't anyone ever try to tell me that Islam has not degenerated into little more than the practice of a murderous cult ... the facts tell the lie that the Imams preach anything except hate and murder, or these weekly murders would have decreased, not increased over the last fifty years.

Turkey attacks Christianity

Turkey, which has often featured in my blog, as it tries to pretend its "European" and shares our values and freedoms, has recently slipped off my radar.

However this week they showed again to the world, exactly how far from Sweden and European values they really are, by refusing to allow Catholics to reopen one of the iconic churches of Christianity, the St Paul’s Church in Tarsus, in South Western Turkey.

The Turks claim that its somehow a 'threat' to allow Christians to reopen churches .... although what sort a threat it can be, in a country thats 99.99% Muslim, its hard to fathom.

As the Catholic church pointed out, Muslims in Germany and Europe, face virtually no restrictions (other than standard planning laws), on opening Mosques, even when its hard to justify them.

However all Christian churches in Turkey, are either desecrated (treated as army garages etc), or as being either 'mosques' or museums e.g. Hagia Sophia (Santa Sophia) in Istanbul, which is the 2nd Holiest church in the Orthodox Christians faith, but is a museum.

As usual in a Muslim country, Christians are blocked at every attempt to re establish even the tiniest area of Christianity, and attempts to 'reform Islam in Turkey', are just a smoke screen to cover practical measures being undertaken to drive all non Muslims from Muslim lands.

Turkey is not becoming anymore "European", and even the brave men and women who try to open Turkey up to facing its past, can't compensate for the drift into Islamisation that has taken hold in Turkey in recent years.


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