Sunday, 25 April 2010

India: Human Sacrifices To Kali Revived

When I once posted the statement ...

In more recent times the worshippers of the Hindu Goddess Kali in India, known as ‘Thuggee’s’ were known to kill humans for religion, and used a ritualistic method of strangling (that also kept the noise down), wherever possible. They were wiped out in the 19th century.

In reality Thuggee groups might be Hindu, Sikh or Muslim, but 'Thuggee' is particularly associated with followers of the Hindu Goddess Kali (or Durga), whom they often called Bhavani

I never thought that I would ever have to say that 'human sacrifices to Kali' were now occurring again, but we live in ever more regressive times ....

Kali Sacrifices

So here we go, in India a severed head and torso of a man has been found in a temple in the Indian state of West Bengal in what the police say is a case of "human sacrifice". The body and head were found at the local temple to the goddess Kali near Chotomakdampur village in the western district of Birbhum.

Further investigation shows that these sacrifices have been going on for a while .... there was one of these human sacrifices in 2003 in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. On that occasion a priest had murdered a low caste Hindu, or Dalit, to please the village goddess in Parsari village of Sagar district.

Oddly in both reports the BBC reporter feels its important to point out that "Human sacrifice is illegal in India," as though that's a sign of how modern India is, that its actually illegal to make human sacrifices.

Actually, the practise of "Nara bali" as human sacrifices are known, was never made illegal by Indians, it was the British who did so, and the law remained on the statutes after the colonial era in 1948 .... it appears that some Indians would like to revert back to a more simple and religious time, like sacrificing 'low caste' humans to Kali.

We truly live at the end of Western values and civilisation.

Update: There have been more killings reported

Fatwa South Park

Do you remember the teddy bear called 'Mohammed' row ..... when I say row, I mean a bunch of ignorant mullahs in the Sudan, whipped up a mob and said that a 'crusader' aka a Christian teacher in the Sudan, was to die for letting her Muslim kids name a teddy bear Mohammed ..... well, it appears that South Park's creators are to feel the wrath of Allah's agents on earth because they too depicted a man in a bear suit as Mohammed....

Two Deities And A Sudanese Bear ..... South Park Style

The US RevolutionMuslim site that carries this threat, says that its not a 'threat', but just a 'warning' that the creators, and all the staff at the production company (who they conveniently name for any would be murderers, giving out names and addresses), will end up like Theo Van Gogh (The Dutch documentary maker who was murdered) ........ so no threat then?

As usual in the 'under researched' BBC version of the story, it states that "Muslims consider any depiction of Mohammad as blasphemous ...." when five minutes research shows that this is not always the case, and that both the Turks and Persians for example, have created such paintings (Warning Muslims: There are pictures of your Prophet, created by Persians, Uzbeks, Turks, Saudi's and other Muslims depicted here), depicting Mohammed, including his face ..... in fact in the Topkapi museum in Constantinople there were such illustrations (I am fairly sure I saw them), but no doubt in these radical times they have been removed from display.

One day we will all laugh at this madness, and the West's toleration of these people, but right now, this continual assault on the rest of us by a religion of conquest, is not very funny. Where are the leaders who will stand up and tell the Muslim world that they must cease and desist interfering with our freedoms, and that if they don't like it they should go and live in Islamic ignorance (or bliss?).

At the moment there are none obvious ..... its a bit like the middle ages, where the assassin cult were able to terrorise the leaders of whole nations by their 'death' threats ..... in the end it was another set of Muslims who wiped them out, but in today's Saudi led Islamic world there is no one to stand up against those who threaten death to the world .... we need a new 'Lion Heart' to push back.

Could President Obama give that lead?

Cuba Reforms - First Open Criticism For 50 Yrs

The Cuba reforms are proceeding at a glacial pace, but even so there have been the first rumblings of criticism, with Cardinal Jaime Ortega, the head of the Catholic Church in Cuba saying it is in one of its worst crises in recent times, and that people are openly criticising the socialist system.

Personally if I was Cuba's rulers, I would think that economic reforms should predate any 'political' ones, or else risk a 'Russian' reform i.e. problems of corruption and oligarchs arising before any benefits hit the people.

In other words do a China and get working on introducing a private economy, with some adjustments to ensure countryside not left behind, and to ensure poverty gap doesn't get too big.

It's all very well for the US congress to make an issue of political reforms in Cuba before they will lift the sanctions but do they really want several million Cubans sailing to the US because the economy has collapsed in Cuba?

I doubt whether Pres. Obama could survive the backlash from a 'boat people' invasion ..... so let Cuba manage the change, accept that the political changes will come somewhat later than the economic ones (Cuba isn't China. It can't isolate the communist party from the influence of its neighbours,especially the US with its Cuban diaspora), and play the long game.

Islamic Science: Women Responsible For Earthquakes

Promiscuous women are responsible for earthquakes, a senior Iranian cleric has said.

Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi told worshippers in Tehran last Friday, that they had to stick to strict codes of modesty to protect themselves.

"Many women who do not dress modestly lead young men astray and spread adultery in society which increases earthquakes," he said.

These guys like to call themselves 'scholars' but are just plain ignorant.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Rapist Paedophile Can't Be Deported From Britain

This story illustrates everything that's wrong with New Labours Britain ....... and forms the final of my 'Broken Britain' posts.

Zulfar Hussain, is a Pakistani national who lived in Blackburn, and who was jailed for just five years in 2007, for grooming, abducting (aka kidnapping), drugging, and raping two girls both aged under 16. In other words an asian paedophile, grooming girls in council care as part of a ring (he had an accomplice), with Qaiser Naveed, another Pakistani national, who was also jailed for the same offences.

Before I go further, lets examine aspects of the story so far.

The mainstream media has consistently denied the news and anecdotal stories coming out of Lancashire and Yorkshire, that Pakistani men were hanging outside schools and grooming underage (mainly white, but not exclusively so) girls. Yet this story, which appears to confirm these stories, is somehow ignored by the mainstream media, and in fact in the BBC version, the story is only considered a small 'local' news story.

The list of crimes committed by these men are
  • Grooming a minor for sexual activity.
  • Abduction of a child (kidnapping in the old money).
  • Drugging a minor
  • Rape of a minor
Yet the sentence is ......... just 5 years, with two years knocked off automatically, under the New Labour's revolving door criminal justice system. What a misnomer those words have become 'criminal justice' .... 'justice for criminals' is about right. Now I don't know what you might think about this, but at a rough estimate of five years for each offence, this set crimes should have resulted in at least 20 years in prison, not 5yrs reduced to 3yrs.

Well at least they were made to sign the sex offenders register (pathetic), and would be deported because they were foreign nationals (do you remember that promise?)

Anyway, to continue this story because it does get worse.

The Home Secretary says that both of these pigs should be 'deported' when they have served what was laughably called a sentence, but Zulfar Hussain appeals, and in topsy-turvey land, he wins, because a British judge thinks that an 'foreign, kidnapping, drug dealing, rapist's, human rights' would be breached by his being deported.

Justice minister Jack Straw merely called the move "concerning" and backed the Home Office's decision to appeal Hussain's bid to stay in the country.... well thank god for that eh? Jack Straw backs an appeal. He went on to say, that "If they had not [appealed], I would have been straight on to the Home Secretary Alan Johnson and he would have insisted on an appeal ".

"Tough on Crime, Tough on the causes of Crime" eh Jack?

Of course the real problem is that we have this Labour imposed "Human Rights Act" which has proved to be nothing more than a labour lawyers charter, used by illegal immigrants, criminals, terrorists, and of course 'human rights groups', to override any measure, that the general public would consider to be sensible, in favour of those who threaten our lives or our children's safety.

The questions that are never answered about this perverse legislation are:

  • Why is the 'human rights act' administered this way in the UK when it appears not to be on the continent?
  • Why do our judges and lawyers apparently make perverse judgements against public interests and in favour of criminals and the legal industry that thrives off them?
  • Why can't we just scrap it, or at least ensure that it can't be used against public or national safety by wrapping it inside a supremacy of Parliament Act, that put the provisions of UK national security and public safety (including limiting its provisions in prisons or too criminals to prevent abuses such as suing their victims) above the act, and ensuring that it was interpreted as it is elsewhere in Europe, with the intention of parliament to the fore
We have an election coming up, but sadly I suspect that we have already lost any chance of removing those who have created the situation I have just described.

I for one mourn for the Britain where this sort of dangerous PC nonsense would have been laughed at ....... now its here now, and we are lost as a nation.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Political Lackeys

We are not worthy ..........

Lackeys of the Labour Party
Like servants of oriental potentates in the 19th century, the lackeys of the Labour Party know what good flunkys should do ........bow, scrape, show obeisance. Oh, and keep the doors magically open for the 'royal' VIP couple.

Either this was an ill conceived attempt to fool us all as to where the billions poured into the NHS has gone, 'automatic doors', or these two are part of a care in the community work scheme, because only idiots could have handed this 'photo op' to the press.

Now we know what the next round of 'New Labour' holds for us all .... We are not worthy!

Cuba Denationalises

As discussed in earlier posts, Cuba is creeping away from a state run economy, and in the latest move has privatised 'hair dressers' ..... ah well, 'Rome wasn't built in a day'

"Fighting Them on the Creches"

The British Army is now a 'single parent' club ..... "Oh, sorry I was late for the war Sergeant, I was child minding".

That's the only conclusion we can draw from the shameful decision by an employment tribunal to award a West Indian woman £17,000 for 'racial and sex discrimination' when they sacked her for not turning up for parades etc. Her reason for not following basic army discipline requirements was that she had to look after her child, conceived after joining the army, so her personal responsibility, a word that hardly has meaning these days.

Creche Club Army

She had reportedly been trying to get £1,000,000 in 'compensation', so I hope the £17,000 makes her happy, and she has apparently neither gone home (she's not a British citizen .... but hey we have no immigrating rules, so she can stay here, no problem), nor taken up any employment. I hope the Department of Work and Pensions make a note of the award, and suspend any income related benefits that Ms DeBique is claiming.

This is the inevitable consequence of PC policies being allowed to reach their logical conclusion. Even in an employment area, where discipline is the only way you can operate, women can now simply bypass it for 'biological ' reasons.

This must increase pressure on male soldiers to do even more tours of active combat duty, in order to cover maternity and child rearing needs of single parents ... and simply means more blood on the hands of those who make these politically correct decisions ..... but since when has this ever bothered them?

Indians Unsanitary Development

UN experts have published a nine-point prescription for achieving the world's Millennium Development Goal for sanitation by 2015.

Their report reveals that 600 million Indian people - the equivalent of 54% of the population - defecated in the open air in 2008/9. In contrast to this poor figure, 545 million Indians have admitted to owning mobile phones and being connected to a network.

Following the publication of these conflicting statistics, Zafar Adeel, director of UN think-tank the Institute for Water, Environment and Health, has reinforced the need for a ‘popular education' about the dangers of poor sanitation.

'‘This simple measure could do more to save lives, improve health and help pull India and other countries in a similar circumstance out of poverty than any alternative investment' he said.

The Indian Government has vowed to end open defecation by 2012 ..... no chance, they prefer to beg for alms from the West and then spend their own money on Space Rockets, Nuclear weapons and stealing western jobs.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Election (Yawn) Fever?

In case you haven't noticed, the UK is gripped by election fever..... not!

In a very low key week of campaigning all the manifesto's have been published (and more on those later in the week), but today is meant to make my election pulse beat faster as tonight, in fact right now as I type, Britain holds its first US style 'head to head' debate.

Am I watching it? Nope. And why not I hear you wonder, after all this should be right up this blogs street, but it ain't, and I'll explain why.

I already know that, like the US 'debates', which I have watched on the Internet, the so called 'debates' will be so hedged around by rules, designed by all sides to prevent any 'Nixon' like events, that it will be almost impossible for a repeat of that sort of drama, even with Gordon Brown.

Similarly, in the US when was there last a decisive 'hit' in one of these debates? ..... in fact when have they last risen above the drab? Even the famous 1960 Kennedy v Nixon debates, which the 'Left' like to hark back to, weren't exactly as the 'myths' portray them.

There were two audiences back then, each equally as large, TV and Radio. Many radio listeners declared Nixon the first debate winner (going off substance), whereas the overwhelming majority of the TV watchers went off what they saw, and not what was said, and declared Kennedy the winner.

In the UK its a three way debate, with the Tories, Labour, and the Liberals, which means substance will be at a premium, with soundbite policies the 'order of the day'..... I'll guess now and say that no one gets 'knocked out', all are declared the 'winner' by their own spin doctors, and probably the 'Liberal Party' will do the best out of it.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Flat Earth Religion

In Nigeria, in July 2009, when supporters of an Islamic sect called Boko Haram (Boko Haram means "Western education is a sin" or 'forbidden'), and known locally as the "Taliban" - attacked police and government offices, they said they wanted to overthrow the Nigerian state, accusing it of being corrupted by Western ideas.

Boko Haram

They wanted to ban Western-style education and impose an 'extreme' (is there any other kind these days?) interpretation of Islamic law.

The sect's leader Mohammed Yusuf was killed while in police custody after the violence. Before he died he told the BBC: "There are prominent Islamic preachers who have seen and understood that the present Western-style education is mixed with issues that run contrary to our beliefs in Islam. Like saying the world is a sphere. If it runs contrary to the teachings of Allah, we reject it. We also reject the theory of Darwinism."

And this is the religion that our leaders are trying to foist on the rest of us ...... if these flat earther's, with their rejection of evolution were not an ethnic minority, we would be allowed to laugh at their belief system from the 7th century, but in this PC Labour paradise, we are told that these beliefs are of the same intrinsic value as those of post enlightenment Europe.

I notice that the lickspittles who tell us this, are happy enough to rail against the 'religious right' in the US who hold similarly idiotic and backward beliefs, but then they are largely not held by ethnic minorities in the US ....

Monday, 12 April 2010

Another Polish Tragedy

In another of those tragedies that only the Slavic soul can seem to bear, the top civil servants, political leaders, military and cultural elite of Poland were decimated in a tragic air crash, in Russia.

The whole country has been thrown in to mourning, and we all wish the country well, but the irony of the situation lies in the fact that the reason why they were all in the one plane and flying over Russia in the first place, was that the Russians had finally admitted that their responsibility for one of the worst war crimes of World War II and invited the Poles to a service of remembrance.

The crime to be remembered was the mass murder of the military elite of Poland in the Katyn massacre - the murder of more than 20,000 Polish officers by the Soviet secret police, the NKVD, in the forests of nearby Katyn and elsewhere, in 1940.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

AWB Loses Its Figurehead

In South Africa, the right wing Afrikaner Resistance leader Eugene Terreblanche, was hacked to death with pangas (machetes) by two black employees, ostensibly in a row over wages. But in the 'non rainbow nation', the murder took on a deeply political and racial overtones.

His supporters claimed that the murder was fuelled by ANC leaders such as the militant ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema, still singing songs that urged their supporters to 'shoot the Boer' .... this practise was stopped by a court decision, but this only provoked further ANC militant anger and they are promising to fight for the right to carry on calling for acts of racial murder.

But white leaders such as AfriForum youth leader Ernst Roets, say Mr Malema's actions were responsible for the recent murders of several white farmers in Gauteng province. "What we have here is an extreme form of hate speech - it should be prohibited according to South African law. It is simply immoral to try to justify a song like this, to say that is must be seen in context."

There is still much racial division in South Africa, and with the World Cup only a few months away, there could yet be race and violence problems to spoil the party.

If its Thursday, then its just another coup ........

Some African countries are so 'coup' ridden that you can almost set your watch (well your calendar) by them. So this story of the nnnnth coup in impoverished (aren't they all) Guinea-Bissau's short history, and the apparent indifference of the locals to it, made me shake my head, but not in surprise.

On 1 April, army officers captured the prime minister and the army chief of staff, the soldiers later released Prime Minister Gomes, but Gen Jose Zamora Induta is still being held.

However on the streets of the capital Bissau, where people euphemistically refer to the situation as "the incident", life apparently goes on as normal despite the threats from the coup leaders to kill the prime minister and shoot civilians if there was resistance.....

Guinea-Bissau - Coup and Counter Coup

Old Men and Little Girls

Despite the promise of 'reforms' to the barbaric practise of child 'brides' in the Yemen (and elsewhere in the Muslim world), there are still stories like this one of a 13-year-old Yemeni dieing of internal bleeding three days after being 'married', occasionally emerging from the dark ages that pass for a civilisation in those parts.

One day reform will finally get through to these peoples, but how much blood and suffering do their women have to endure before then?

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Something Rotten In The State Of Scotland?

There are a number blogs circulating, which if true are very disturbing, alleging that there is an official cover up of a paedophile ring that operated in Aberdeen, and whose principle victim was Hollie Greig, a down syndrome child.

The Press and Journal story, states that in 2009 Grampian Police re-interviewed a disabled woman who claims she was abused as a child by an Aberdeen paedophile ring which included a senior police officer and a leading Scottish sheriff.

The Palestine Telegraph has a very full account of the alleged events, and names people alleged to have participated in the abuse/ cover up who I suspect would react badly if they were named in the UK. They have also followed up on the story with another article.

Apparently, officially the complaint of abuse has been investigated and closed for lack of credible witnesses, but oddly Miss Grieg is said to have received £13,500 compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in April last year, which is very strange when no arrests, or criminal proceedings took place.

There are a large number of other blogs, who are also making allegations of an official, establishment, cover up in Scotland, and stating that the media (including the BBC) are colluding with the cover up .... There is also a facebook campaign.

I have no idea on the truth of all these allegations and accusations .....

A girl with down syndrome and a mother who has apparently been in mental care, may be deluding themselves, and simply naming well known people and their association with the David Icke website appears to weaken their story (...... after all he promotes the theory that a secret group of reptilian humanoids called the Babylonian Brotherhood created and controls humanity, and that many prominent figures are reptilian, including Queen Elizabeth II, and Boxcar Willie), or there could be truth in the abuse claims, I simply don't know.

However, the fact that such a campaign is being waged should be newsworthy in itself, and it's at that level that I post the story.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Lord Of The Flies

Two little tales of a broken Britain ..... firstly we now have schools where teachers are 'interviewed' by the pupils as a part of a 'student Voice' policy, to decide if they can work at the school. Teachers unions have alleged that the pupils have had teachers 'sing their favourite songs' as part of the interviews, as well as ask personal questions, and that some teachers have been refused because of their looks or policy on detentions.

In one case, a teacher allegedly failed to get a job after being labelled "Humpty Dumpty" by a pupil allowed to sit on his interview panel. As usual with this PC driven nonsense little or no account of human nature is taken into account when the policy is rammed down our throats by unelected zealots.

In the days before a state education it wasn't uncommon for teachers to be beaten by their students, such was the comparative lack of worth of teachers .... where are we heading when teacher appointments, promotions, and pay rises become a 'talent contest' system decided by student votes? In case you think my mentioning of students beating teachers was a bit over the top well, take a look at these stories from around the world.

And secondly, a 17-year-old boy was repeatedly hit with a metal bar and a chair leg before being stripped naked in an attack in Greater Manchester. Police said the teenager was the victim of a "cruel and vicious" assault on the Abraham Moss playing fields where he was was hit several times and knocked unconscious, before waking up naked. The teen gang had robbed him of just £11 ($18), the violence appears to have been just for 'fun'.

We are slowly losing our society to the teens, and its frightening prospect.

Pot Calls Kettle Black

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland has lost "all credibility" over the way it had dealt with paedophile priests.

I'll say this, for a man who is presiding over a church that is breaking up over the issue of homosexual priests, bishops, and eventually Archbishops, Dr Rowan has a real nerve to criticise any other church over the manner in which it handles sexual matters.

Hypocrisy and religion are never far away.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Another Saudi Sorcery Case

If ever there was one subject that thoroughly displays how backward the Saudis still are, it's the fact that they not only still have 'witchcraft trials' but the fact that there is a death sentence attached to the 'convictions'.

Now before anyone points out that they are not the only race to hold these sorts of trials, I am well aware of, and indeed have blogged on, the spasmodic outbreaks of 'witch hunts' from around the world.

In fact the UK held its last witch trial (Helen Duncan) in the 1940's when officials had ordered the medium arrested because they were afraid she would reveal top-secret plans for the D-Day landings. They had been monitoring her since she had revealed the sinking of a British battleship earlier in the war - even though the government had suppressed the news to maintain morale at home.

It took a jury just 30 minutes to find her guilty and she became the last person to be convicted of witchcraft in Britain. However even at a time of national panic, she still only got a nine-month sentence in London's Holloway Prison.

Ali Hussain Sibat - Lebanese TV Mystic arrested while on pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

However 60 yrs later and for purely religious reasons, the Saudis still kill 'witches', and this current case, is only the latest in a long line of 'witches' caught by the 'religious' police. This case involves a Lebanese man (previously it was an Egyptian pharmacist), who was due to be murdered today, but who has had the penalty put off by the courts (but not waived).... He was arrested by religious police on sorcery charges while on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in 2008.

Ali Sabat is the host of a popular Lebanese TV show in which he predicted the future and gave advice. Human rights groups have accused the Saudis of "sanctioning a literal witch hunt by the religious police"..... nothing new in this as the links show.


Following much international pressure, in March 2012, Sibat was reported to have been released and allowed to return to Lebanon, though this report was cautioned with the words "this cannot be independently confirmed".

Dumbass Comments

What can you say when a public servant, who's primary aim should be the protection of the public from dangerous convicted criminals, makes the complaint that 'society is too "risk-averse" to allow 'life term' prisoners to be released early from jail'.

What sort of idiot, apparently believes that the public should be prepared to take risks and let so called 'lifers' i.e. murderers, serial rapists, ever dangerous paedophiles etc out on the street early?

Well the UK Parole Board chairman Sir David Latham, is named in the story as stating that the drop in the proportion of 'life-term' inmates who were freed was an "over-reaction" According to the story, over the past five years, the proportion of life sentence prisoners who have successfully applied for release has dropped from about 35% to 15%. Sir David said this was an "over-reaction" when re-offending rates had remained stable at between 1% and 2%.

He raised the prospect that his interview would be "distorted" by the press but said an open debate on the issue was needed ..... it almost beggars belief that someone in his position wants 'life-term' prisoners released faster. I would have thought that 35% was far too high, and that something between 5 -10% would be more in line with what we as a public want let out,

What's worse, is the irony that these released prisoners are described as 'life-term' inmates, when they patently are not .... its part of the great liberal con played on the rest of us, that we continue to describe fixed term sentences as 'life', when they are patently not, else I wouldn't have a story to blog on.


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