Friday, 21 March 2008

Gun Control US Style

Its been little reported but the US is actually going through one of its periodic, but ineffectual attempts at gun control.

The bear in the woods is the US constitution (as well as the various US state constitutions, where 44 states have constitutional provisions that protect the right to individual gun ownership), which gun owners claim, supports their right to own guns. The Second Amendment which was added in 1791, states: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

Now to a European, or an non jurist US citizen, this appears to be simply a law to ensure that US states can set up armed militia's i.e. Armies, and not a call to allow individuals to own semi automatic rifles etc. However US lawyers soon ensured that this is exactly what this amendment has come to mean, and this has remained the case ever since.

Now this has been much debated in the world at large, but oddly not in the US, where the Second Amendment has in fact not been debated in the US Supreme Court since since 1939 (and did not directly address whether the amendment protects individual as opposed to collective rights). There is a case, District of Columbia vs Heller, which is due to come to the Supreme Court this year, in which the meaning of the Second Amendment may be determined again.

Now if the DC ban on hand guns is overturned, then there will be no change in the reality of the current situation, (except, black murder rates in Washington may go up a few dozen), but if the Supreme Court upholds the gun ban in DC as not being against the 2nd Amendment, then the way is open for a larger challenge to the individuals rights to bear arms, except as part of a state organised militia.

Only in the US would this ever have arisen, as its quite obvious what the 2nd Amendment is intended to allow, but in such a litigious country, the commas and fullstops of someone in 1791, when English grammar was still not fully made fast (The Samuel Johnson Dictionary of the English Language & Grammar was published in 1755), have been pored over by jurists ever since, and what was plain language, has been distorted to the point, where this sentence has come to support a raft of legislation.

It will be interesting to see if the US love affair with private weapons has weakened even slightly.

Just for the record surveys suggest that there are now 90 guns for every 100 citizens in the US, making it the most heavily-armed nation in the world and according to reports India is the second with an estimated 46 million firearms outside law-enforcement agencies and the military (at four guns per 100 people) and China third, with 40 million privately held guns, (at 3 firearms per 100 people).

On a purely per capita basis, Yemen has the second most heavily armed citizenry behind the United States, with 61 guns per 100 people, followed by Finland with 56, Switzerland with 46 (all males are part of the army), Iraq with 39, and Serbia with at 38 are also high figures.

With 30 guns per 100, France, Canada, Sweden, Austria and Germany are next. Pakistan has 12 per 100 people and Afghanistan is estimated to be about 40 per 100, but Nigeria, which is perceived as a violent country, officially has just one gun per 100 people.

The world is a strange place.

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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Genocide and Benefit Handouts

Today came the sad confirmation that the Chaldean Catholic Archbishop of Iraq had been found dead, after being kidnapped. The story, which is all too common in Shia Iraq, is that his companions were gunned down, and he was bustled off the street, never to be seen alive again. They were targets because they were Christians, which in the ignorant minds that pass themselves off as scholars, are 'crusaders'. In Iraq, the oldest Christian group in the world will be gone inside a decade (much like the genocide of Christians in Turkey in the last century).

This ethnic cleaning of Christians from Muslim lands has always gone on, but has accelerated around the globe in the last two decades, and our governments have turned a blind eye to virtual genocides (how else can you describe the removal of whole groups of people?), when it suits them.

Oddly, the bleating of Western Muslim minorities about their 'human rights', mean we have to use Christian soldiers to 'do something' when its Muslims being threatened (from Bosnia to Kosovo), although they kept rather quiet about Darfur, where it's a racist thing between Black and Arab Muslim groups (No Muslims marching on the streets of London for the Black African Muslims, being killed by Arabs).

I have mentioned this subject before, but it never hurts to discuss this again.

In many parts of the globe, Christians, who have often been there since before their Muslim tormentors arrived, are being forced to convert, or are driven off or killed by Muslims, with the connivance of the local authorities. This includes the practise of kidnap, rape and then forced marriage of Christian girls in Muslim lands. There have been reports of this and similar kidnaps from the Gaza, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Egypt as well as other areas.

We of course, continue to give state and charitable aid, to the very same authorities who allow this violence to continue, and who demand ever more rights for the 'religion of peace' in the West. They only respect strength and we have lost the will to fight back, and "White flight" to the US, Australia and New Zealand from the UK, is being partially driven by our politicians encouraging mass immigration of cheap uneducated labour from African and Muslim lands.

These immigrants are actually just another benefit family in the making, such as the Somalian community who actually apply for asylum in the Netherlands, then come to the UK because the welfare benefits are considerably better (See point 6 on this link although these 'official' reasons don't match that given by the Dutch - which was that after a crackdown on mass benefit fraud, 10,000 Somalis moved from Holland to Leicester.... presumably they had heard about how soft our system is) .

We are actually making the rope that will hang us, and smiling while we do so.

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PC Britain in a Nutshell

Massoud Montazery an Iranian "Refugee" arrived in the UK with no documents, and claimed that he and his wife were "Fleeing for their lives from Iran" .... this was quickly disproved, and his application rejected in 2001 (yes 7 years ago), but by that time he had been given a house, and the start of over £25,000 in state and housing benefits, and was well into the expensive appeal system that passes for border control in the UK, so he had time to have two more children as well.

Should Be in Prison or Back In Iran

Because of the two children, he is now virtually immune from deportation, despite lying to get here, and what the papers say. But not content with abusing the Asylum laws (no wonder most of us want them cancelled, as just an illegal immigrants charter), he went on to commit various criminal offences.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Feckless Parenting in the UK

A young British girl, 15-year-old Scarlett Keeling, who was found dead on a Goa beach, was likely to have been murdered as a part of a sex attack. Scarlett's body was found on the beach on 18 February, while the rest of her family was travelling in the neighbouring state of Karnataka. Her mother of nine, Ms MacKeown, and her current partner had taken five of Scarletts eight siblings to Goa for a six-month holiday in November, and they had left the fifteen year old on her own, while they travelled.

A man, who it is thought, may have witnessed Scarlett being assaulted, is said to have gone into hiding because he is afraid for his own safety, because sex attacks are a common thing in India, where the most usual victims are low caste women. The British High Commission has confirmed four of ten British deaths in Goa this year (we are only in March!) were from unnatural causes.

So these are the facts.

  • A mother and her Partner takes six of her nine children out of the UK for six months to indulge in a holiday in Goa (apparently they were being "Home educated by Ms MacKeown", apart from Scarlett who was taken from college).
  • The fifteen year old is allowed to drink in the beach bars until the early hours (she was in the bar at 4am on the final day of her life), despite it being illegal (Last time I checked, allowing under 18's to drink alcohol was illegal, whether it was abroad or not - incidentally it's also illegal in India to consume alcohol under the age of 18).
  • She is left on her own by 'the family', who go to another part of India without her (again, 'home alone' parents have been prosecuted in the UK within the last 10 wks).
  • She is found dead, apparently the subject of a violent sex attack, and drowned in the sea. The police initially say its a drunken drowning.
  • After Ms MacKeown insists, a second autopsy finds evidence of violence and Ms MacKeown claims that there has been a cover up. She neglects the fact that Indian policing is notorious for its incompetance and laziness, especially with people of no importance, or foreigners (especially foreign women, many of whom are often considered little better than whores for their wanton (by local standards) behaviour).

  • The mother, Fiona MacKeown, from a smallholding near Bideford, North Devon, has been quoted as saying that the sometimes harsh public criticism of her for leaving her teenage daughter "alone", in such an 'exotic' Indian tourist spot, (one with a growing reputation for its drug and sex side), was wrong. She didn't consider her to be 'alone', because she was in the care of a 25 yr old tour guide (Julio), who was "quite responsible". She added that her daughter was "three months away from being 16, and in England that's considered quite mature" and that she was "a young lady growing up"...... well sadly not.

    According to some reports, her daughter was also sleeping with the "quite responsible" young man called 'Julio' .... so it appears that under age sex was involved in this 'holiday' and the mother appeared either not to notice, or ignored it.

    The apparently casual attitude of this mother towards drug use, underage sex, and formal education, as described in the article from the the Daily Mail (link above), would have been considered dangerous, and possibly worthy of prosecution some years ago, but now in the broken UK, where living off State Benefits whilst travelling the world, is apparently accepted as OK, there is hardly any public response from the authorities.
    • Where are Social Services?
    • Where are the Education Authority?
    • Where are the Police?
    • Why is the local MP not demanding action?
    Just when you think that the UK can't sink any lower in the underclass it produces, along comes another story that shows we are still plumbing the depths. Generations of single parent women have produced an entire social group who live off the rest of us. We pay billions each year in taxes for agencies who are meant to protect children, but they appear nowhere in this story.

    It appears that one 'new age' woman, can just bypass all the child protection processes and a child dies. When you consider that all the legislation of the 1960's, aimed at liberating women from the shackles of history, ends up with a whole sub strata of parents like this, it makes you wonder if we went down the wrong route, that 'women's liberation' has brought only unhappiness and insecurity, to generations of western women.

    But most of all, where is the sense of shame that this sort of behaviour is now typical of many representatives of the UK single parent underclass, created by consequence of the PC liberal welfare policies that created a benefit sub culture, who never work, and for whom having many children is a way of ensuring that they never have to.

    The police in GOA have amazingly arrested three 'suspects', only hours after denying there had even been a crime according to the Press Association .............. another bit of instant justice from a corrupt Police force. They have now just arrested two men who were seen with Miss Keeling at 4 am .... whether this is just 'the usual suspects' it's hard to determine.

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    Saturday, 8 March 2008

    When Chickens Come Home To Roost

    I have noticed over the last few weeks, that subjects I have discussed in earlier posts, have been in the news again.

    Malthusian predictions - this caused a flurry of comments, mostly on the lines that the world would never run out of food, and if it did we could all become Vegans. Well this week the head of the head of the UN World Food Programme has stated that food prices world wide, 'are rising steeply because of food shortages'. These are caused by land degradation, and the use of "Bio Fuels" (another flaky green idea from the land of the loonies - you grow crops to make oil rather than for food - Duh!).

    The first food shortage riots have taken place in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Senegal, Yemen, Mexico, Guinea and Morocco (Where 34 people were sentenced to prison on Wednesday for participating in riots over food prices).

    All ties in nicely with my 2050 predictions!

    South Africa spending money on the world cup, but not on their infrastructure. Well surprise surprise, South Africa has been hit by regular electricity blackouts all 'summer', and now as their winter approaches, they face even longer and ever more frequent 'blackouts', because they haven't built any new power stations since 'independence'. We are assured that the electricity crisis will not affect the 2010 World Cup LOL.

    I assume that means they will just blackout the rest of the country for 6 weeks. It's always odd that when other sectors face recession, banks post obscene profits, even in South Africa.

    The SA electricity crisis affects other countries in the region, where South Africa has already reduced electricity supplies to its neighbours, affecting countries such as Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia. Oops, did that list include the peoples dictatorship of Zimbabwe, which SA (By that I mean the ANC) has propped up so assiduously, as a gleaming beacon of post colonial independence?

    It would be somewhat ironic if it was SA's wish to waste money on the World Cup, that brought down Mugabe's regime in Zimbabwe, although not so funny if it destroyed the nascent democracies in the region.

    Hilary Clinton did make a comeback, who knows, she may yet get the nomination, but they are getting down and dirty now, and its only Senator McCain who benefits from that. I originally predicted an easy win for Mrs Clinton then I thought Obama had it won, now I just can't say. The Republicans may win the election though, when they should have no chance.

    Oddly McCain was the only Republican I had heard of before the primaries, and it appears that that was the case in the US as well, as the 'seven dwarfs' were eliminated very quickly.

    I have now seen "300", which caused those peace loving democrats in Iran such concerns last year. As usual it appears that the sun has addled their brains, and made them do or say stupid things. The movie is hardly an advert for the morals of either side, but as it was set in a mythical (well the character portrayals are) past, where neither Allah nor Mohammed had been created yet, so should be totally acceptable to the Persians (Who call themselves Iranians anyway).

    Side thought .... it's odd that the Muslims have such a problem with the existence of a world before their cult arrived ... they should read "Small Gods" by Terry Pratchett to see how religions develop, the parallels should be obvious to even the semi literates who pass as scholars in that culture. If they did ever read anything outside of their book, they would know that their 'Allah' was only a moon god for some Arab goat herders throughout most of human history (that is if he existed at all at this time).

    There was a strong Moon God cult in Babylon and Persia, and pot shards show there were temples to him in Arabia (including Mecca), so it seems likely he was just one of many heathen gods worshipped in Mecca then. Just for comparison in 480 BC, Jehovah was the God of a tribe who were a subject race at this time, and the Buddha was alive and still a young prince).

    (4 views of the idol - crescent moon on his chest)

    Malaya has held elections, in which the issue of discrimination against the non Muslims has been an issue. Indians (Hindu's) have protested and been arrested. Muslims have effectivly hijacked the name of 'Allah', which in Malay means 'God', to stop Chinese Christians and others using it, despite the fact that they have used it for two hundred years.

    It is a blatant attempt to sow discord by the Muslims, because by separating the god name of 'Allah' from non Muslims they make their religion seem the only legitimate one. As usual the petty attacks and regulations are applied to non Muslims all the time, but still Malaysia is described as a 'moderate' Muslim nation.

    In Turkey and in France, there have recently been attempts to reform Islam. This is echoed in the US as well, and even in Egypt there have been signs of change, BUT as usual, the dickheads who radicalise Islam, have popped up in Paris to protest at a Jewish person being at the book fair as a guest ..... what a joke, Jews are a massive literary presence in world history, with many Nobel laureates for literature, the Muslims on the other hand have had a minor literary impact (due in part to their religion, that apparently makes an offence of any human endeavour which a Mullah doesn't like or understand) ..... if they walked out and took their one book with them, it wouldn't be a loss to mankind or the book fair.

    Just for the record, Saudi Arabia has become the latest to withdraw, following Iran, Lebanon, Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria as well as Tariq Ali (who should know better). The idea that if you invite Jewish world class authors to speak, you have to invite an equal number of Palestinian schoolbook scribblers is ludicrous.

    Thirteen million Jews, produce more science, literature of merit, and general cultural worth, than 1.3 billion Muslims, never mind Arabs, so how can you expect to find Palestinian writers of world renown?

    The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Isesco) - Is this an Oxymoron? -has also urged its 50 members to pull out from the fair, which starts on 14 March..... no loss then.

    As the 'cuddly' China campaign gathers strength, it is timely to remember that it is a communist, one party dictatorship, which subjugates and ethnically cleanses non Chinese areas - the Pop singer Bjork has recently fallen foul of the Chinese censors for shouting "Tibet, Tibet" at a concert in Shanghai. The response was predicable ... more censorship in future.
    And not in the news -

    Iraq, I admit was wrong, I thought an outright civil war would be going on by now, but although there is still massive amounts of violence a lot of the news is more to do with Iraq's relations with Iran (good as they are Shia governments) and Turkey (Bad PKK Kurdish guerrillas fight from northern Iraq).

    There may still be a civil war as its almost certain that a Democrat US President will pull out US troops, but its not the certainty I expected, with the Syrians, Iranians and Turks all sponsoring sides or actually fighting. Time will tell on this.

    I shall continue posting into the ether, because I enjoy it.

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    Saturday, 1 March 2008

    Britains Lack Of Free Speech

    The recent decision by the Bedfordshire hate crimes unit to arrest a British blogger ... the email apparently reads, ".... the offence that I need to arrest you for is "Stir up Racial Hatred by displaying written material" contrary to sections 18(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act 1986. You will be arrested on SUSPICION of the offence." .... highlights the real need for a UK constitution that guarantees real freedom of speech, before what little we have left is eroded under a stream of PC motivated legislation that makes Islam a subject that can't be discussed (unless on your knees).

    Now I don't know what particular comments from the blogger, known as "Lionheart", caused this apparent promise of arrest, apart from the fact that he apparently takes a hard line against Islam and Muslim immigrants in Britain, and it may well be, that he has in fact transgressed the vague UK laws on inciting "racial hatred', but, if his 'offence' was merely to state a 'fact', or what he genuinely believed to be fact, then it's a sad comment on the state of Dhimmitude that the UK is falling into.

    I suspect that there are many web sites and blogs, that tread a thin line when discussing Islam and Muslims in the UK, but I take the view that expressing an honest opinion is still protected by juries, if not by the police, or PC orientated bodies such as the Bedfordshire hate crimes unit.

    The fact that the vast majority of the population probably want to be protected from having our freedoms eroded in this manner, means that as usual, our do nothing politicians are failing us once again.

    It is also very telling that this story was not reported on the BBC, or other UK News media, but was reported in the US news, and on blogsites, in much the same manner as the arrest of bloggers in Muslim countries are ignored on the local state media, and passed on to the "free" press via local bloggers ..... coincidence?

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