Thursday, 26 June 2008

Browns Britain part 2 - English White Men Outlawed

After decades of promoting the idea that Britain should be discrimination free, the Labour party under Commissar Brown, has decided that the concept of 'discrimination' is actually OK, but that it should be 45% of the population "English White males" who can be legally discriminated against.

Yep, I kid you not, it will be legal to turn white men down for jobs, in favour of women and ethnic minorities, (presumably white Scots, Irish and Welsh men will qualify as minorities, so it will only be white Englishmen who can be legally discriminated against).

Apart from the obvious dangers of enshrining the principle of discrimination in to law, (after all isn't this how the Nazi's started?), it seems to be against every aspect of the Human rights act to allow this kind of nonsense. Any White Englishman voting for Labour, is like a Turkey voting for Christmas, and remember this, once this accepted as principle, then it depends only upon which party is in power to change it from White Englishmen to Blacks or Asians .... what's the difference in principle .... only skin colour?

Also politically, it beggars belief that this bunch of halfwits can come up with another vote winner such as this, until you note that it's Harriet Harman who is bringing it forward. Then it all makes horrible sense.

Brown's cabinet of pygmies never fails to deliver winning policies, after winning policies.

Browns Britain part 1 - Killed for Diesel

A sign of the times ..... a farmers wife died this week after a raider on her family farm tried to steal diesel.

When in living memory in the UK have people attacked farmers to steal their diesel supplies?

The tax on fuel in the UK has driven the price up so high that its now worth raiding isolated farms, like something out of Zimbabwe.

For once I am almost speechless that no politician has made any connection to this sad event. Its sadly ironic that it should be in the constituency of ex PM Tony Blair, the man who first let Brown loose on the UK economy.

My condolences to the Dove family of East House Farm in Bishop Middleham, near Sedgefield on their sad loss.

Anglicans split into two conferences

Eeeh, the news from the Anglican front just gets worse, as a series of rival conferences (First Jerusalem and then Lambeth) just confirm that the long discussed 'split' has occurred in fact, even if the corpse of the Anglican communion is still twitching. The fiction of a "Communion" must be apparent even to the fat vicar and other 'liberals' who have done so much damage to their 'church'.

Firstly, Three hundred traditionalist bishops and archbishops - who believe that the Bible outlaws active homosexuality - are staging what is in effect a rival meeting to the Lambeth Conference in Jerusalem. The Global Anglican Future Conference (Gafcon) is intended to firm up the traditionalist beliefs of the Anglican church.

Then secondly the 10 yrly Lambeth conference will espouse a load of platitudes about "Brotherly love" (which is part of the problem, with too many brothers actively loving each other), but do nothing to appease the traditional wing.

The attacks from the traditionalists have also now been personally aimed at the "woolly man" of Canterbury for his lack of leadership, and complete unwillingness to confront those who are in effect, re-writing the scriptures to suit western homosexuals lifestyles, at the expense of the credo of 2,000 yrs and unity of the Anglican communion.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Cuban Communism falters

I recently blogged on the likely decline of Communism in Cuba now that Fidel Castro has stood down ..... News this week confirmed my predictions, when it was announced that it has abandoned equal pay for all.

Vice-Minister for Labour Carlos Mateu said the current system - in place since the communist revolution in 1959 - was no longer "convenient". Now pay rates will vary according to worth.

Next the US dollar will become the official currency (or the pegged level in any event) to allow emigres to spend and send money 'officially' in Cuba.

You read it here first folks ...

Celebrating the Sodomites victory

I have commented occasionally on the long, but inexorable decline of the Church of England. Killed off by its ever changing messages that more often reflect current Political Correctness, rather than the credo of a "Christian" religios belief system led by the bible.

So it came as no surprise to me to find that the attempts to turn it into an even more homosexual orientated church, are still gaining strength in the UK, this despite the fact that this is actually destroying the C of E as a credible Christian organisation.

The latest 'scandal' was the news that at St Bartholomew the Great Church in the City of London a homosexual 'wedding' was conducted by a Vicar using formal rites and language.

Now given the fact that the C of E has already gone down the road of blessings for homosexual 'marriages', and the fact that the homosexual clergy's word, to stick to the agreements not to do this sort of thing was worthless, it shouldn't be a surprise when they start poncing about in churches 'practising formal marriage rites'. We are also expected to believe that gay clergy are "Celibate" as well.

What did the church expect? So called 'Liberals in the Church' say the Bible should be reinterpreted in line with 'contemporary experience', meaning that 2,000 yrs of church teaching (including that on Sodomy) should be cherry picked to reflect their opinions (not those of the majority of church goers, just the 3% of society who are homosexual).

It was bound to happen sooner or later, because when you play around with the church beliefs going back a couple of thousand years in the name of a sexual perversion then you are eating yourself from the inside. Ironically it was two "Gay" clerics (The Reverend Peter Cowell and the Reverend Dr David Lord were already 'civil partners') who had the 'wedding' performed by another 'gay friendly' vicar, The Reverend Martin Dudley.

There has been the usual sophistry explaining that it wasn't a 'wedding' but a 'blessing' celebrated in the 'context of holy communion, of a solemn celebration of the Eucharist...' but you can't take away the fact that it was
  • Performed in a grand church, in front of the alter to God
  • Carried out by an ordained clergyman who is bound not just by the letter but the spirit of the churches rulings on marriage.
  • Involved two homosexual clergymen, who are also bound not just by the letter but the spirit of the churches rulings on marriage
  • All the clergymen involved felt that they could break both the letter and spirit with no repercussions.
This just illustrates the extent of the decline of leadership and authority in the C of E, when the Bishops and Archbishops can be ignored.

Predictably the African wing were less than happy with this latest development, with the Archbishop of Uganda, the Most Reverend Henry Orombi, telling the UK Press that "The leadership tried to deny that this would happen, but now the truth is out. Our respect for the Church of England will erode unless we see a return to traditional teaching."

The split of the UK and North American Anglicans from the rest of the Anglican Communion moved another step closer.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Poor old Hilary Clinton

Its always a little sad to see a dream die, and although I suspect that Hilary Clinton is not a very nice person, she did have a dream, to become the first woman leader of the US.

This week that dream died and she is unlikely to even get the bitter prize of being the first woman 'Vice President', where prophetically The Simpsons Movie gave her that role to Itchy.

Whilst this won't be much consolation to Mrs Clinton, who would need a sniper to revive her chances (not an impossible liklihood given the polarisation Obama is going to cause in the US), but she has ensured that a woman will run for the presidency in the next 20 yrs, by breaking the final 'resistance' to the idea.

Compared to the idea of a black man being US president, which apart from in movies like 'deep impact' and the TV '24' series, was considered to be 50 yrs away, Mrs Clinton ended up seeming like part of the political 'establishment', not radical departure from a white male.

It won't make the hurt lessen but history will likely record her as the ice breaker for the first woman president.

Surely a little fame is better than none!

Spanish Homosexuals locked up in Gambia

It's quite amazing the lengths to which Islamic countries will go to attack Western values or standards, and yet we say nothing. Its almost like a competition, in which they try to see how supine the West has become.

The latest is the Gambia, which I didn't even realise was "Muslim" because of its attempts to get Western Tourists to its beaches. Under the rule of President Yahya Jammeh ( another African leader with a home cure for Aids, ala President to be Zuma's 'shower cure') homosexuals have been told to leave the country or risk being beheaded.

He has backed that up by arresting two Spanish men as 'homosexuals', as well as telling Senegalese homosexuals they had 24 hrs to flee the country (they had fled Muslim Senegal after mass arrests of homosexuals following a 'gay' wedding). Just in case someone says. 'well strange behaviour by the head of state doesn't have to be 'Islamic' (there are after all many African lunatics running countries)' the country's Supreme Islamic Council, said the president had taken a "principled stand".

EU handouts are unaffected by these two countries repression of homosexuals ... and we wonder why they carry on getting more extreme in their interpretations of Islam.

Only under Islam

While Muslims continue to accuse of the West of being anti Islamic, they continue to live here, free to practise their religion, despite its track record of intolerance to the host populations.

But in Islamic lands, even those that are supposedly "secular", the attacks on any non Muslims to 'ethnic cleanse them from the land' continues to gather pace.

In Algeria, they are now prosecuting new "Christians" and closing what few churches exist.

Why do our politicians, do and say nothing to promote the concept of equal religious freedom in Islamic lands, to match the freedoms we grant to their religion in non Muslim lands?

There are by the way only 10,000 openly Christian people left in Algeria, and in 2006 it was made a criminal offence for anyone to try and convert people from Islam ..... secular my arse!
These are the same countries that claim that they are possible EU members and idiots like the boy Milliband agrees!

What sort of religion has to make it a death sentence or prison offence for anyone who tries to leave it?

It it's so perfect, why do people ever consider leaving and have to be threatened to stay in it?

As I have said before, irony is not something that Muslims understand.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Christians threatened with arrest for leafleting Muslims

A sad sign of the times in the UK ....Two Christians claim a police community support officer officer told them to stop leafleting in an area of east Birmingham where many Muslims live. They claimed he warned them to leave the area, saying: "If you come back here and get beat up, well you have been warned."

Last time I checked Muslims were free to proselytise their creed on our streets, and even preach hate from the mosques, but apparently two Christians in a Non-Muslim country are told by police officers that if they get beat up by Muslims for performing a legal activity then its their own fault.

Did I miss the moment when Sharia laws came into force in the UK, or when being a Christian was made a criminal offence?

Could someone tell me to which Mosque I should now report to pay my Jizya taxes?

It was only a month or so ago that we were told that the Bishop of Rochester's claim that there were 'Muslim No Go Areas' being set up was 'rubbish' .... well if Christians being threatened with arrest by a community police officer because they are in a Muslim area isn't a 'No Go Area' then what is?

Welcome to the reality of the New Labour Britain with its PC peace officers enforcing the Islamification of parts of the UK. If Gordon Brown wants to know why the UK is not going to vote for him, this little story gives him a few clues.

PS: To illustrate that this attitude by the police that we should change our lives to accomodate Islam is not just in the Midlands, this story of a motorist told to hide his England flag (The cross of St George) because it could offend Muslims was also out this week.

Politics and Religion

A couple of days ago, Tony Blair the ex Prime Minister of the UK and recently converted Catholic Christian launched his "Faith Foundation" with the intention to "harness the moral leadership of people of faith, to do good and to show the relevance of faith to the challenges of the modern world" ...

How worrying is that? Its the very concept that there is a supreme entity, who created the universe and all things in it, and to whose 'divine' plan we are working that's got us in such a mess in the first place.

I mean come on guys .... some 'supreme being' who apparently regularly visited the earth (before phone cameras) but who has since left us largely to our own devices? Even if you do buy into the 'universe creator' theory, and lets be honest there is a gaping flaw in this concept, namely where did the creator come from?

But even if a bit of fancy sophistry gets round that little problem, you are still left with the problem of which of all the worlds faith is correct? Is it the oldest ones? or maybe the most recent (as Muslims are trying to ram down our throats) 'world' religion is the correct one, or maybe the most numerous one? Maybe the only 'true' religion was wiped out by one of the more aggressive ones sometime in the past.

The first great world religion appears to have been the

Paleolithic "earth mother" religion that seems to have been worshipped in various forms across Europe, The Middle East, North Africa, the Indian Subcontinent and Siberia from around 24,000 BC (and probably earlier) until the Christian era of the Roman Empire, and even into Anglo Saxon times. She was universally represented as a large woman with big breasts, hips and usually no face, although around 5,000 BC she became represented by many different goddesses.

This period from the Paleolithic (2.5 million BC) through the Neolithic to the Christian era represents the vast majority of humanities time on earth ..... so is this the true religion?

Next came

Hinduism (Circa 5,500 BC) founded in the late Neolithic it undoubtedly has aspects of the Earth Mother religion in it. Therefore can claim to be a 'successor' to that first religion, but obviously has greatly changed over the last 7,000 yrs and its modern roots are from the Vedas (around 1,700 BC), so little remains that's directly attributable to the earlier religion. Has Approx a billion adherents mostly in India and Nepal.

and then

Zoroastrianism (Circa 1,000 BC) - Not a world religion in its spread, but notable as a Monotheist religion from the start, and therefore very likely an influence on Judaism which was not fully monotheistic at the time of the Babylon enslavement (around 586 BC) and it was the Zoroastrian Persians under Cyrus the Great who let them go back to Judea in 539 BC. After Islams conquest of Persia in the 7th Century AD, there are now only 200,000 followers mostly in India.

Judaism (early origins approx Circa 2,000 BC) Only classed as a 'world religion because of its association with Christianity and influence on Islam. It was a Henotheist religion until the Hellenistic period i.e. after Alexander the Great's death, i.e. until then, they believed that each nation had its own god, and Judaism only became fully monotheistic (only one god in the world) sometime after 323 BC.

It only spread around geographically after the Romans 'Banished' all Jews from what is now Israel after the revolts of 66 AD and 70 AD ... there are only around 14.6 million Jews in the world mostly in the US and Israel. Probably not a good candidate for the "True" religion because of its exclusivity which mean that they don't want us to become Jewish.

Buddhism (circa 500 BC) approx 330 million followers and at one time, until the Islamic conquests it was the main Asian religion from China, through South East Asia, and Northern India to Afghanistan. Emphasis on peaceful existence on the planet makes it a good choice for true religion on moral grounds.

Christianity (Circa 2,000 yrs ago) - an offshoot of Judaism, its supposedly a religion of peace and acceptance but that's not stopped its followers being involved in many wars in its name historically, but not in the last 100 yrs or so. Has about 1.8 Billion followers split between three main groups (Roman Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants). On numbers this is the worlds biggest religion and therefore could claim to be the 'true' religion.

Islam (Circa 632 AD) - with about 1.4 Billion followers split between Sunni's and Shia's and some smaller sects. The most recent of the 'world religions' and could therefore (and does) claim to be the final and absolute 'will of god'. Unfortunately they currently back this claim up with threats, violence and contempt for all the other religions listed above. But then I guess Christianity in about 1376 AD was somewhat more violent than it is now .... so only another 650 yrs before they calm down!

Now I don't know what Tony Blair was exactly thinking when he created his foundation to "show the relevance of faith to the challenges of the modern world", but frankly, given the fact that all these religions are in conflict with Islam, and often with some of the others as well, then it seems to me that "faiths" are more often than not the main causes of the "challenges" facing "the modern world".

If we were all non religious, then those who wish to kill or subjugate in the name of faith (currently mostly Muslims) wouldn't exist and we would surely live in a better world.

Blairs 'political legacy' in the UK is being dismantled as we speak, and this latest attempt to keep himself in the limelight seems just as doomed as his role as 'peace envoy' in the middle east after the Iraq debacle.

Just write the memoirs, Tony then shuffle off the stage son, your time is over.


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