Friday, 19 January 2018

Dystopian Future

This is a disturbing view on so many levels ......

Robot sex is almost here .....

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow And Back Again

In 1984 the sandy beach at Dooagh on Achill island off the west coast of Ireland was virtually washed away by storms and tides, seemingly never to reappear. 

Achill Island 1984 to 03-2017

Tourism to the beach ended as people stopped coming. 

Super Curry?

Clinical trials are about to start on a medical form of the well know food additive Turmeric. A key ingredient of most Indian curry's, and also a health herb. Recent studies by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego have confirmed that the spice can significantly slow or reverse the advance of Alzheimers disease.

Curry's Normally Contain Turmeric

The effective component (J147) has been extracted, and may well also help in the treatment of other diseases such as Parkinsons Disease, and Strokes. No doubt J147 will cost a fortune in a prescription form .... much like paracetamol costing the NHS £3.23 per item, despite paracetamol being sold for as little as 19p for a pack of 16 in supermarkets (a scandal if you ask me, and costs us £70 million a year).

Now frankly this is not really new information, as the BBC food page link has confirmed, and I would rather have a regular curry than a pill, but there you are. There are in fact a number of Super Foods, which allegedly provide different benefits .....

Political Correctness Curse

The ability of the social media trolls to hunt down and find offence at the most innocent of things is one of the worst aspects of this PC curse ....

One Or All Of These Images Is Now Politically Incorrect

'H&M', the Swedish clothes giant, got into trouble because the little black boy modelled the sweat shirt with the words 'Coolest Monkey in the jungle'.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Boys Will Be Boys

'Willy' jokes have been around since Adam first spotted that Eve didn't have one ....

Penile Pranks ... As Old As Adam

So the fact that highly paid air force fighter pilots indulge in them is not really much of a surprise. After all boys will be boys, and men never really grow up in this area.


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