Friday, 15 June 2018

Cure Worse Than Disease

A 50-year-old from China was constipated and looking for relief from the debilitating condition ...

Aubergine -  Not A Traditional Constipation Cure In China

.... now there are plenty of concoctions and powders on the market to cure this predicament.

Drugged Up Jehovahs

In November 2017 in Nisku, Canada, a white BMW sedan apparently rammed a pick-up truck in an industrial park, causing the BMW to end up disabled in a snow filled ditch.

Royal Canadian Police At Scene ... Struggling With BMW Occupants.

Inside the car were five naked people, this despite there being snow on the ground and the temperature hovering around 10C below zero (14F).

Diva Donald

This picture went round the world this week

The Lecture .....

It shows a rather petulant President Donald Trump, apparently disregarding the arguments of the USA's world allies .... the body language is a classic of its type.

Bombast And Bluster

♫ ♪ Boastful and vainglorious ... long to Lord over us, God save Donald Trump♪♫

Nobel Prize Nominee Donald J Trump

..... or so we should expect from Nobel Peace Prize nominee Donald J Trump.

Friday, 8 June 2018

The Sheep Who Follow Celebrities

Now I am not actually referring to the planks who 'follow' celebrity Tweeters or Facebook posters in order to be one of their 800,000 'friends'.

Clever Sheep Soon Worked Out Cattle Grids .....

In fact the story is that the University of Cambridge conducted experiments on eight sheep using photographs of 'celebrities', mixed in with random faces to test their cognitive abilities.


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