Friday, 22 September 2017

Crap Day Trips

Now most of us have been to an attraction that we have considered to be 'Merde' or 'Shite' in the common parlance. Usually its something where we have paid money to see (such as a circus sideshow), or travelled a long way to go and see such as an exhibition, and which has turned out to be deeply disappointing.

They Hoped To Merda The Opposition Attractions ...

Well now there is an attraction that would take that description as a compliment. It is called the "Museum of Shit", and is the brainchild of Italian Dairy farmer Giantonio Locatelli.

Chinese Codes

Damn clever those Chinese .....

Message To The World .....

This was created by the residents of Xilinshui village (named "the most beautiful village in Hebei" in 2015), in China, using 130,000 Chinese junipers, and it measures 227m (744ft) along each side, and the trees are between 80cm and 2.5m in height. Its intended to publicise the village to the outside world.

Yesterday's Views

It looks as though my blogs peak is now firmly in the past. Viewing figures have dropped off a cliff recently, from over 200 views per day at its peak, to barely 39 views yesterday. I am facing the faintly unappetising prospect of blogging purely for my own amusement.

The Sea Of Indifference ... Has No Life Guards.

Now I have posted before, on what a lonely and soul destroying thing it can be for many people, to launch their thoughts on a subject into the choppy waters of the Internet, only to find those waters are just a sea of indifference.

No More Surprises

What? No 'Je Suis Londres' posts this time?

Emoji's versus Bombs ... UK's Keyboard Warrior Generation Fight Fire With Facebook

No solidarity marches, with Imams claiming its nothing to do with Islam, again? .... No more of that hypocrisy?

Friday, 15 September 2017

Mysterious Codes And Events

Every now and then you come across those web sites that list bizarre photo's or lists of strange events ... in my case quite often as I keep a watch out for them. Most images portrayed are well known, and often are described on the sites as being 'mysteries', when in fact often there is a valid explanation (even if unproved, because so much time has passed since the events).

As this sort of stuff I always find interesting, if not always convincing, I have banded a few well known, and perhaps lesser well known of these 'mysteries' with a more prosaic explanation if known.


Just outside the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, you will find a statue that has coded encryptions on its surface. This very captivating sculpture was created by artist Jim Sanborn to show that everything can be resolved and decoded, with the use of patterns and clues. Of the four inscription sections that were included, only the first three have been cracked. But the fourth? Not even the brilliant minds in the CIA were able to get to the bottom of it.

Kryptos Statue ... One Code Undeciphered


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