Friday, 10 August 2018

Do It Yourself In Russia

If you want something doing, do it yourself. At least that's the motto of the fruit smugglers of Russia in 2016.

Smugglers Road Better Than Many Local Roads

The local roads weren't up to much, and in fact were described as not usable for the large vans the smugglers were using. In fact the local country roads running from Russia through the Belarus border areas had been only passable by horse and cart traffic or smaller before.

Parlez-Vous Français, Cochon?

When you bend over backwards to help a minority, it behoves them to meet you halfway or the system becomes open to abuse.
New Loophole For French Canadians?

Such appears to be the case in the French speaking regions of Canada where a lawyer (yes it would be wouldn't it), has managed to avoid a speeding citation by claiming that it was illegally administered because the officer couldn't speak French.

Unlucky Lottery

What must it be like to win a fortune and then lose it?

"Spend, Spend, Spend" .... A Clarion Call That's Echoed Down The Decades

I know of someone at work, who allegedly lost such a fortune over twenty years ago. I don't know the circumstances of the loss, but bad investments seems to have been a factor in this rags to riches to rags scenario.

Amnesiac Histories

If you or I was to walk unguarded in either the Palestinian West bank, or in the Hamas run Gaza strip, we would almost certainly run the serious risk of being kidnapped (especially in Gaza), either as a terror hostage/execution, or for ransom/prisoner swap. Our crime? Being :

(a) A Westerner.
(b) A Non Muslim, or
Jeremy Corbyn Described Hamas and Hezbollah As Friends

(c) Stupid enough to believe the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli nonsense that comes out of the mouths of idiots like Jeremy Corbyn.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Alien Rancher

The 10-acre Stardust Ranch in Rainbow Valley near Phoenix Arizona was put up for sale in October 2017.

Stardust Ranch in Rainbow Valley ....

Its principal selling point according to its owner John Edmonds is that it is overrun by aliens.


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