Friday, 25 May 2018

What A Way To Go

When I was younger, when asked about how I wanted to die I would reply 'with a Thai prostitute on top of me and a smile on my face' ... or was it 'with a Thai prostitute on my face, and a smile on hers'? .....  anyway it always got a laugh in the bar.

Soi Cowboy Street In Bangkok Is A Red Light Area ......

Well, James Downing a 61 year old British tourist nearly lived the dream ... or should I say actually died the dream.

Go Forth Young Man

We have posted before on the modern phenomena of children who leave home later, or in some cases never leave at all.

Flying The Nest Should Be A Right Of Passage For Young Adults And Their Parents ........

But then there are some kids who take this new trend a step further .....

Don't "Carry On Judging"

In a simpler age, the UK's judges were merely considered 'eccentric', nowadays they can easily be described as dangerous. Decisions now often take on all the appearance of something from a Carry On film .....

British Judges Look Odd And Often Are Odd

For instance, I had already posted on the 'Lost The Plot' post about a sword wielding Islamic nut job, being told he would go to prison but being placed on bail for a month before sentencing.

Scenes That Shame Football

An amateur football cup final between two teams from the Turkish Community Football Federation at the New River facility in Wood Green London has made the news this week.

Shameful Scenes After Game Finished ....

Not because anyone outside of this ethnic league (which by the way isn't racist for some reason which an English Community Federation would be for some other reason), cares who wins their cup final, but because of events at the end of the game.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Foot Stomping Wedding Feast

I have remarked before about the propensity for oddness in South Wales.

Edward I Defeats The Welsh .... Odd Result.

...and its fondness for fighting. In fact so popular is this particular pastime that its hard to imagine how the English ever beat them.


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