Friday, 23 September 2016

Workmen's Compensations

Workman theft is something most householders have considered whenever they have had workmen in .... which is why if its indoor work, we mostly arrange to be in ourselves .. 'just to keep an eye on things'. However when its gardening or outdoor work being performed we rarely consider there to be much risk.

Garden Gnome Hostage Taking Is Rare ...

After all its not likely that workmen will steal your shrubs or garden gnomes etc.

Scratchcard Scam

There is a scam going on in the UK’s National Lottery scratch cards. How do I know? Why because I only just found out that I had been hit by it today.

Everyone A Winner

I had bought some lottery scratch cards sometime ago (at least 180 days plus it appears), but had forgotten I had them. Today I found them again and scrapped the silver foil off, and found that out of £3.00 worth of cards, I had won the grand sum of £2.00 back. Not a great amount I grant you, but hey, its 2/3rds of the money spent.

The Art Of The Insult

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte recently described US President Barak Obama as the "son of a whore" .... a move he will likely regret unless Donald Trump becomes US President. However insulting people, only to later regret it, is not uncommon, even amongst world leaders.

President Duterte Has A long history Of Insults And Colourful language ....

A Syrian defence minister, General Mustafa Tlass once described the Palestinian Authorities leader, Yasser Arafat, as the "son of 60,000 whores" .... a row then broke out.

Welcome To The House Of Peace

As usual the world of Islam is in conflict, and even more as usual, its as much with itself as the rest of us.
The Sunnis and the Shia's (the two major strands of the 7th century Islamic schism), despise each other and will rarely stand on the same side of any argument within Islam, although more so when it involves non-believers.

Of Course It Always Someone Else's Fault.

Of course in recent centuries they have not had to consider these issues much, as the mainstream of both factions (Iran and the Arabs), have been under colonial rule by British, French and the Ottoman Turks for hundreds of years until the 20th Century.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Contentious Chinese

Chinese housewives are well known for being able to keep up a good row, but some sort of record was set recently in Ankang, in north China's Shaanxi Province, when two middle-aged women hospitalised themselves after a lengthy row. This was not because they had resorted to violence, although they must have been sorely tempted.

Chinese Women Know How To Row ... To The Death (well nearly)

No this hospitalisation was because they had simply worn each other out, in the mother of all stand up street arguments over ..... well, it could only be one of two things, money or men. I doubt any woman would row for eight hours over any man, but money, well that's another matter.


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