Friday, 13 October 2017

A Brian For Sale

When I opened eBay's new antiques email on Monday morning this week .....

Brian For Sale ......

I was offered a 'Brian' ....

Cultural Discrimination

We in the west are constantly having to listen to pressure groups of various sorts, from black peoples, women, homosexuals, trans-genders, Muslims, the disabled, and probably more others than you can point a pointy stick at, complaining about 'discrimination'.

Discrimination in this context invariably means that they want more money and rights than the rest of us, from all female lists for political jobs, to a quota of black males for all football managers jobs ....

Sticks And Stones Are .... Discriminates Against Me.

So it should be no big surprise, when yet another group tags itself to the role call of claimants for more of the pie .... however its a surprise when you find out who it is who is accused of doing the discriminating.

Lest We Forget

Strangely after last weeks posting, there has been another example of history being forgotten in the news this week ....

Battle Of Britain - Never Happened For Some, Granddad's War To Others

..... Only this time it was much closer to home than India or the Orient.

Catalans Crisis Is Warning To Scots

The Spanish reaction to the 'Catalan Crisis' is one that should give all Scots pause for thought.

Catalan Crisis .... Rocking Not Just Spain

Not because the UK government would resort to violence and direct rule in the Spanish style. No, but because it indicates that Spain will not countenance any EU rule changes that encourages separatists in Spain, or indeed elsewhere.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Do Bears Crap In The Woods?

Stevenage council has taken steps to stop pigeons roosting in trees around areas of the town centre.

I Think The Pigeon Poop Would Improve It ...... Soulless Socialist Architecture 

Hard to imagine a more futile waste of time and money, but there you are. Of course there are reasons - aren't there always? - it's supposedly because they have just tarted up some of the towns piazzas or squares, and don't want bird droppings ruining their handiwork. Oh and health and safety concerns of course.


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