Friday, 20 January 2017

CIA Conspiracy Alert

The CIA have, through a mixture of pressure and circumstance released 13 million formerly classified documents. They are feely available on the CREST archive held on the CIA Library website.

CIA Declassified

Amongst these are going to be snippets of gold for politicos and nerds alike, because as well as such content as the papers of Henry Kissinger (former Secretary of State under Presidents Nixon and Ford) are intelligence briefings, research papers, UFO sightings and psychic experiments (such as investigating Uri Geller).

Wild Wild East

We have discussed before the growing influence of the Russian Orthodox church in both the running of the state, and the private lives of ordinary Russians. This influence is not necessarily benign, and in point of fact, is more often than not very reactionary - in much the same way as the Wahhabi mullahs control much of the social discourse in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Muslim world.

Unholy Alliance ......

They seem to have adopted the idea that there is in fact a Czar (Tzar?) of 'All the Russia's' back in power again, this time in the form of President/Premier (take your pick .. power is retained whatever role he takes), Putin, and that their holy mission is therefore to support his government, and direct the lives of the ordinary 'peasants' (perhaps 'serfs' is the correct term in this case?).

Rotherham - Another Hidden Scandal

The scandal of the Labour Rotherham councils blindness towards Muslim men systematically grooming and raping non-Muslim, mainly white girls, who were often under their care or supervision should have resulted in criminal proceedings for some of the officials of that town (Both council workers and police), but instead it was largely brushed under the carpet. I am not even sure anyone lost their jobs.

Rotherham Scandal Coverage As Press Moved On ....

Scots Dominate UK

Scotland was always going to have another 'independence' referendum, as the Pandora's box that is devolution, was always going to be opened one day. So with talk of a second referendum in the air again, it might as well be now, as later ... we can't keep having this gun held to our heads. If they do leave the UK, and successfully get into the EU straight away, then they will be one of two small English speaking nations in the EU ... that should go well for them.

Flying The Flag For English ....

Of course the fact that they want to vote for 'independence from Westminster', only to then immediately hand over sovereign control to the EU commission, may seem somewhat paradoxical ... but I guess you have to have the mind-set of a Scottish Nationalist in order to untangle the logical flaws.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Right Royally Drunk

Its no secret that in Europe in the Dark and Middle ages, people could rarely if ever, drink the local water .... and live.

Things Might Have Gone More Soberly If Another Beverage Had Been Available
So in general our leaders were at least mildly drunk most of the time, as they drank what is sometimes called 'small beer', which is a brewed (boiled) beer or ale that contained a lower alcohol level than the more standard beer. It was sometimes left unfiltered, and therefore porridge-like, so also had some food value as well. 


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