Friday, 24 February 2017

Never The Twain Shall Meet

This is why the migrant crisis will end in tears ....

This is a picture of a pro-refugee rally in March 2016 in London. All placards provided by the Socialist Worker party ... as usual.

Pro Refugee Rally In London

Noticeably, its a picture dominated by women's faces .... reflecting the equality and open society that has developed in Europe.

Blood On The Floor

Now recently I have had plenty of things to say about one religion in particular (its hard to avoid them and their backwardness, as the death toll ratchets up), so its easy to forget that there are other religious groups who also hold strange views. Take the Jehovah's Witnesses .... a pacifist Christian group, and harmless to the rest of us (although their beliefs can make them dangerous to themselves).

They hold some very firm beliefs about blood being the symbol of life. This can cause some awkward ruptures with what most of us believe in. For example they consider that their 'God' Jehovah, is displeased by celebrations. This is actually an odd belief, when you consider the amount of feasting and partying that goes on in both the Old and New Testaments ... even Jesus attended celebrations such as the Marriage at Cana, which was a knees up of epic proportions, and he provided the wine!

Jesus Liked A Celebration And Knees Up ...

A Right Royal Do

When India's royalty lost their official powers in 1947, it was because the Indian nation gained independence from the British, who had maintained much of the local rulers powers as a cheap way of leaving locals in charge under them. In fact the number of Indian princes - as rulers were now termed by the British administrators - grew enormously under the Raj, as the British bestowed titles on landowners and chieftains.

Raja Bhaiya (Royal Big Brother) .... Just Like Granddaddy Did it

But since independence, the fates of these modern-day Maharaja's, Raja's, Rana's, Maharana's, Nawab's, Nizam's and Princes have varied. Some have sunk into genteel poverty, which has forced them to turn their old forts and royal residences into hotels to attract tourists from Europe and the US. Some like the five tribal kings of Gujarat state's Dangs region, have not ascended the political and economic ladder, as many of India's ex-royals have done, but in fact now live in huts in the jungle, with just a political pension of 2,000 to 3,000 rupees a month (about $40-60).

Blair or Bliar?

Tony Blair, the ex prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, who was also the Labour Party's most successful general election winner, is a man who just can't stop himself. Despite the fact that he is no longer popular, he has now decided that there is no one out there who can pick up the battered flag of the EU Remain Campaign.

Blair Praying For A Political Comeback? .......

It was found stricken on the field of battle by the arch political scavenger himself, and now raised to the ramparts again with the "mission" to persuade Britons to "rise up" and change their minds on Brexit.

Friday, 17 February 2017

A Small Victory For Perseverance

A small Internet milestone was passed this week .... on the 16th of February this blog reached its 10th anniversary. Who would have thunk it! I certainly didn't intend to keep going for a decade. In fact after my first couple of postings I was already considering that it was a struggle to find content. This was mainly because I was making the rookie mistake of thinking that I should post fresh updates every day .... Top Tip: You in fact need to post regular blog updates, but not everyday, unless you are doing some sort of journal or diary. About once a week is the minimum.

Happy Birthday To Us!!

So here we are, 10 years later. Sadly I didn't manage the magic double of 500,000 visitor hits in a decade, and in fact at least a few thousand of the hits the blog has managed, will have been me visiting to see if there were any comments. Again, at first I made the mistake of measuring the blogs 'success or failure' in terms of 'comments' and 'followers', rather than just 'views', and that was depressing at first as virtually no one visited my pages. However I now get between 250 and 350 hits a day, which is enough for my ego to feed off ☺ and is founded upon the number of subjects I have covered over the decade.


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