Friday, 18 August 2017

The Jesus Proof

There are people out there who would deny evidence if it got up and slapped them in the face. The two most obvious examples of this are the Shakespeare deniers and the Jesus deniers. Now the Shakespeare deniers are so fixed in their views, that even with the evidence is handed to them on a platter, they still cling to their theories that he never existed.

The Traditional Depiction Of Jesus

However, many people also believe that the evidence for the existence of Jesus comes mainly from the accounts of his life in the Bible, many of which are second and third-hand. But in fact there is substantial archaeological and documentary proof of his existence.

Hitler Is Dead

One of the pleasures or pains of having to undergo a longish convalescence is the existence of day time TV.

Now normally at this time of year I would have been able to hope for some hot summer days, but such is the misery of the British summertime this year (its been more like autumn for most of July and August), that I have been watching TV shows that I would normally avoid like the plague.

These Sort Of Claims Are Given Plenty Of TV Time

One such show is called 'Forbidden History'. A show which claims to uncover the truth behind great myths, conspiracy theories, ancient treasures, lost civilisations and war time secrets. Actually it does nothing of the sort.

A Testament To Stupidity

As if the car wreck that is the Pakistani state doesn't have enough problems:

A Testament To One Man's Backwardness And Ignorance.

Persistent Poverty Rates

What is poverty in the first world? Is it the same as poverty in the third world or can poverty only be measured against the lifestyles of those around you?

Persistent Poverty Rates Europe ......

Well the Office for National Statistics believes that not only is poverty measurable but it can be compared with other countries. Their definition of poverty is any household that subsists on less than 60 per cent of average national disposable income, which in Britain is a figure of £12,567 or below as disposable income but obviously differs for each country.

Friday, 11 August 2017

The Apollo 16 Incident

When the Apollo 16 mission was preparing to return back from the Moon on April 27, 1972  ....

The Apollo 16 Images That Sparked The Debate ......

.... from a command/service module window they filmed about four seconds of video footage, of an object that looked like a UFO.


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