Friday, 24 March 2017

Romanian Runners

We have all heard of at least one acquaintance, or even a friend, who has been involved in what is colloquially known as 'doing a runner' .... which is when people run out of a restaurant without paying for the meal or alcohol that has been consumed.

Doing A Runner Is Usually A Male Only Activity ....

Normally this would be at most a party of four males, and usually less than that, but never more than a party of maybe ten people (usually a stag party in a curry house). The plan to do the runner is rarely determined beforehand, and usually arises only after a large amount of alcohol has been consumed, and thus beer bravery heightened.

They Just Don't Do Irony

Irony - Where are you in the Muslim world?

You just can't make this one up .... the Saudi's, who love to demonstrate that women in Islam are treated like 'sisters' and not a lesser class of human at every opportunity, came up with a new wheeze. They would invite the worlds press to the opening session of the inaugural 'girls council' in al-Qassim province.

The Saudi Girls Council - Features No Women Or Girls.

They considered this to be a very liberal action, in a land where women's lives are proscribed at every turn by the decisions of the law, the religion and their male relatives. Saudi Arabia is not exactly known for giving women any sort of platform in public life. They cant drive cars and have only a very limited political franchise to vote.

Scottish Blackmail Artists

Scotland, or rather the Scottish National Party, have adopted the ludicrous view that their devolved regional government of around 5 million British citizens, has the same powers and rights as the UK government of over 60 million citizens .... that in fact a small Scotland, has the same political weight inside the United Kingdom as England, in what they persist in calling 'a partnership of equals'.

The Gun Is Always Against Our Heads
This idea is as ludicrous as for example, the Orkney's telling the Scottish devolved government that it needs to consult with the old Kirkwall government of the Norse rule (which was ended after 600 years in 1468 AD). Actually the Orkney's do want want a self-rule deal, one to mimic the self-rule deal struck by the Faroe Islands with Denmark in 1948, but that's another story. You can just guess how much abuse the Orkney Islanders would get from the wild and hairies of the SNP, if they took that line too often.

Oh, Another Terrorist Attack?

Well its happened again, but this time in London time, who can guess?

Khalid Masood - Home Grown Terrorist .... One Of Many More To Come?
.... cue more vigils, more 'I Am London' hash-tags, more politicians claiming that Islam is not to blame, more religious leaders standing together with the Muslim representative and calling for unity ~ and the Imam, Mullah or whatever they are, claiming that its not Islamic to murder in cold (or hot) blood. This despite all the evidence we see in the daily news, that currently it is in fact very Islamic to murder people on a vast scale around the globe, every day, every week, and all year round.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Not What It Seems ...

The Peoples Republic of Hackney, where incidentally Diane Abbott is the Shadow home secretary and MP for Hackney North, apparently showed once again that anti-Semitism is now a feature of the UK, when what appeared to be an anti-Semitic street sign was put up near a synagogue by persons unknown.

Ms Abbott immediately called it "disgusting" and "unacceptable", while Labour's MP for Tottenham David Lammy said it amounted to "despicable, nasty behaviour that has absolutely no place in our community."

A Lamppost Near A Synagogue In Stamford Hill, North London Caused A Stir ....

 And in fact many others joined in the condemnation ..... But in fact all turned out to be not what it seemed ....


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