Friday, 22 July 2016

Sexual Experimentation

The nature versus nurture debate over sexuality has been running for decades. The best estimates, of around 3% of the male and female populations actively engaging in homosexuality or lesbian behaviours, being far less than the claims by pro-gay campaigners of 10%+.

But times they are a changing, and it seems that the new metro-sexuality that's being promoted by advertising agencies, may be influencing behaviours.

More People Love Experimenting .....

The recent General Social Survey of 30,000 Americans has apparently (or perhaps I should say purportedly), uncovered the fact that the number of adults who admit to a gay experience has doubled since the 1990's.

Unwanted Legacies

As part of the new nationalism sweeping the old British colonies (and also apparently some elements of Scotland as well), it is required to somehow reaffirm their 'identity', if not independence, by scrapping the Royal Family, becoming a Republic, and changing any old national flag that hints at a 'colonial' past.

Proposed New Zealand Flag Design

So New Zealand has just held a referendum, instigated by the current Prime Minister John Key's party, to scrap the old flag (which features a British Union Jack in one quarter).

No Shame In Murder ...

Qandeel Baloch (real name Fauzia Azeem), was something of an exponent of girl power in Pakistan. I say 'was', because she has paid the ultimate price of many a young woman with hopes of a free life in that backward, patriarchal society.

She was murdered by her family (her brother strangled her to death straight after the festival of 'Eid' ... he was a religious man), because she had in their eyes, offended the families 'honour' by modelling. Apparently murdering your daughters is 'honourable' in Pakistan. Thousands of these types of murders take place in the land of the pure every year .... most go unpunished.

Qandeel Baloch .. Another Voice Silenced

There are similar murders across the globe wherever south Asian communities have settled. In those places, there is slightly more chances of being arrested and convicted of murder. In this case, 'celebrity' reaped some consequences, and her parents have been taken into custody, while her brother Waseem was on the run, but arrested a day later. He was reported to have told the police that "She wasn't aware I was killing her. I gave her a tablet and then strangled her. I am not ashamed. We are Baloch and as Baloch we cannot tolerate [this behaviour]" ......

Turkey Tilts To One Party State

The failed coup in Turkey was very badly planned (which is why it failed), but it has also left the idea of a secular Turkey hanging in the balance. A process of slow erosion of the secular state and ideals of Atatürk, will now accelerate, as President Erdogan takes his revenge on the opposition.

Turkeys Ruler ....

Turkey as a secular democracy, has effectively now been hijacked by an Islamic religious party, and will now inevitably become a one party religious state. Supporters of the ruling party chanted "God is Great" (Alluha Akbar) in Taksim Square in Istanbul after the coup failed .... this should be sending shivers down the spines of the states of the European Union, because its a chant we hear too often in our own cities (usually just before an outrage).

Turkey is pressing to get access to the EU for its citizens, as part of the deal struck with Germany, err, the EU, over migrants.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Warnies World

There is an Australian sports legend formerly known as 'Warnie' aka Shane Warne. He is a leg end in his own lunchtime, because of his exploits over a couple of decades leading the Australian Cricket team to great victories.

Warnies World


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