Friday, 21 October 2016

The Empire Strikes Back

The Dark Side of the force has always been powerful, and its seems that even the Obi Kenobi's have been caught up by it. Admittedly in this case it was an adopted Kenobi, in the form of a Mr Mark Pitt, a 45 year old former British Telecom account manager, but is now a 'carer for the elderly', who currently describes himself as being a 'crime fighter' in his neighbourhood of Clacton in Essex.

The Force Wasn't With Him ...

Mr Pitt chose to change his name to 'Obi-Mark Kenobi' as he is a 'Jedi' .... all was going well until the aforementioned 'Dark Side' of the force entered his life.

Old Friends

Getting old(er) is a strange experience. Apart from the obvious ravages of time, which some of us fight with both (artificial) tooth and nail, and the rest of us accept with grumpy ill grace, there are also the tricks that the passage of time can play on us. For instance I have noticed that increasingly I am seeing in younger peoples faces, echo's of my youthful friends and family.

The Past Sometimes Looks Sunnier Than The Future As We Get Older

On the train I recently almost said hello to a girl, who bore a remarkable resemblance to a young girl of my youth. Of course this was entirely superficial and unlike Mr John Titor, I had not in fact travelled back in to my own past.

Brighton Boyz Will Be GIrlz

Blatchington Mill Senior School is in Brighton (Gay capital of the UK), and no one can say that it doesn't reflect the concerns of those particular residents (who oddly have very few children attending the school). 

The school formerly had but one claim to fame, which was that 'Katie Price' (aka the topless model Jordan) was a former pupil, but its safe to say that the schools ethos has changed quite a bit since her day.

Some Pupils Might Be Confused By The Choices Of Gender Assignment On Offer.

Nowadays while concerns about make-up may still be in pupils minds, it the make up of the schools sexuality that concerns the governing authorities. So each student recently had to declare their sexuality in a homework survey (no issues about data privacy at this school ... let it all hang out as they used to say) ... which was a sneaky way of doing this. The options offered, were to say the least, baffling (unless you are deeply into the LBGT scene).

Of Mice And Men

Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler's statement of intent for the German people has been out of print in Germany (although not elsewhere, noticeably in the Islamic world where its continued to sell well from Palestine to Bangladesh), but that lock-down came to an end in 2015 when the intellectual copyrights expired. These rights had been administered by the Finance Ministry of the State of Bavaria on Hitler's behalf, and thus they had been able to refuse any reprint requests.

Mein Kampf - Critics Edition Still Raised Old Fears

Friday, 14 October 2016

Whats In A Name?

Names have been something of a theme recently on this blog. Name calling, Names related to jobs, Witty name banter .... so to finish this run off, here its about name coincidences.

In Romania, the surname Cepoi is very common ... rather like Smith or Jones used to be in the UK. It reflects the countries essentially rural and agricultural existence over the centuries since the Eastern Roman Empire collapsed in the 14th century, and translates as 'Big Onions'. So perhaps it was only a matter of time before there was a local election in one of the smaller towns, where every contestant was called Mr Cepoi.

Will The Real Vasile Cepoi Please Stand Up!

The town is called Draguseni and with a population of just 2,500 the role of Mayor makes you a big onion indeed in that area. So when the election of that role came up in may/June 2016 the candidates were listed as Mr Vasile Cepoi, Mr Vasile Cepoi and Mr Vasile Cepoi. On of them, Mr Vasile Cepoi was the incumbent and the other two were challengers. Strangely none of the three were related as far as they knew.


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