Friday, 20 April 2018

Cher Ate My Nutz

I really should have entitled this post "Chair Caught My Nuts" .....

I Meant Chair Not 'Cher'

.... but I thought this was funnier, and would draw you in ....

Lost The Plot

Occasionally I write a post on the super heroes of this world, or rather those who come to public attention whilst dressed in a costume of some sort. But for every few 'good guys', there are also a number of bad guys under those masks. Take the story of Abdullahi Hassan Abdullahi, a man who most definitely will be using the new European right to hide act, on his recent activities.

Abdullahi Hassan Abdullahi - Jason Voorhees ... One Is Scary, The Other A Prat In A Mask.

He was challenged by the police after being spotted wearing a hockey mask and carrying a samurai sword in Upper Holloway, North London following reports of a group of youths armed with bricks and sticks. He ran off and seemed to have escaped but the police found an abandoned bag containing the sword and not long afterwards caught this man. Obviously, in this time of beheading's, he was what is euphemistically called 'a person of interest' to the police and possibly now MI5.

Death Row Proves Something

As I have been posting a bit on US Death Row prisoners ... I thought I might do one more smaller piece on the subject.

Death Row Inmates Show Racial Bias Depending Upon State

As you can see from this image from the web, Death Row inmates represent certain races which varies slightly per state, but generally represent a similar pattern.

Cost Of Democratic Dreams

Looking at the world today one simply can't help noting that wherever Islam exists, so does dictatorship and chaos .... In part its in the nature of the religion, with its unstructured hierarchy, and the still resonating shock waves of its violent schism, but also because we in the West interfered. 

Syria Divided From Start .....

In the Middle East, the laughably named 'Arab Spring' was not a liberalising movement, with a slight religious flavour. It did not attempt to replace the authoritarian secular dictatorships, with secular Muslim orientated democratic governments (except possibly in Tunisia). No, what happened followed the same pattern time, and time, again ...

Friday, 13 April 2018

More Mermen aka Fishy Tails

Something strange happened in Poland in September 2015 ...

Bio-Hazard Suits In Poland .....

A lot of men in bio-hazard suits were filmed by a passer-by's phone, approaching a lakeside.


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