Friday, 18 January 2019

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

The ten most influential movies in the western world have been named by the University of Turin.

The Wizard of Oz - Most Influential Movie?

They compiled the list order by examining the 47,000 films listed on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb website), and then allocating a influence score to each movie by the number of times it was referenced by subsequent other movies.

Smaller Money Issues

In what is positively the last post on people with money loss woes, we have these celebrity calamities...

Joe Louis - Ripped Off By Everyone .....

While I was researching all the previous posts on big winners/losers and infamous fortune blowers, I came across a few surprising UK and US celebrities who had made a fortune, then managed to destroy it.

Something Unremarked

There was yet another black on black stabbing and murder in London last week.

Gun Gang Signs ..... On Illegal And Stolen Moped.

Pictures of Jayden Moodie on the black moped (that had been reported stolen), with wads of cash or making gang signs, and describing himself as a 'trapper kid' (slang for drug dealer), had already appeared on social media.

The Day The Music Died

On Tuesday the 15th of January 2019, Britain suffered a special kind of coup d'etat by the house of commons ....

A Very British Coup .....

.... When a number of politicians decided to try and sabotage Britain's exit from the EU .... Oh it won't be officially dead, but to all intents and purposes it will be, if the EU refuses to offer another deal, and with this one being rejected. The anti-democratic saboteurs won't vote to leave with no deal.

Friday, 11 January 2019

The Future Right Here Now!

Yes, the future has arrived.

The All Terrain Armoured Transport, or AT-AT walker Seemed Futuristic in 1977

Do you recall the walking war machines in Star wars?


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