Friday, 16 March 2018

Tightening Nuts

There are some men who shouldn't be allowed to wander the hills of South Wales. One such is the gentleman who was taken to the Gwent accident and Emergency unit in Newport, South Wales.

Males Of All Species Often Get Pots Stuck On Their Heads ....

His injury was such that the hospital was forced to call the fire brigade .... and no it was not a pot stuck on his head .... well not the head with two eyes.

Get Stuffed

The background of Taxidermy is a combination of northern animal skin tanning and Egyptian mummification techniques. As early as 2,200 BC, the Egyptians embalmed the bodies of dogs, cats, monkeys, hawks, etc as companions to the afterlife. Around 500 BC, the Carthaginians were reported to have preserved the skins of Gorillas killed by Hanno the Navigator. The skins were hung in the temple of Astarte, where they remained for several hundred years, until the conquest and destruction of Carthage in 146 BC by the Romans.

Hanno the Navigator and the 'hirsute and savage people'.

Early medieval European techniques of taxidermy were crude, and cobbled together from a combination of Egyptian mummification techniques, and animal skin tannery techniques. They stuffed the specimens with pungent herbs which masked the smell of decomposition, but this couldn't prevent decay and attack by insects. Consequently most of the specimens created in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries didn’t survive the ages.

Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics

A few years ago the homosexual and lesbian communities (LBGT), tried to claim that 10 per cent of the adult population was 'Gay'. They based this claim on nothing more than wishful thinking, and the hope that this figure would give them a societal significance far greater than their actual numbers.

LGBT Surveys Now More Accurate

For a while, the media led by the BBC took this claim as 'gospel', and so this was the 'accepted' figure upon which the social debate took place .... But after a while people started to test this figure against their own reality, and found it to be wanting. 

A National Disgrace

Reports suggest that up to a 1,000 '*white working class girls' (* as the Conservative MP Lucy Allan described them), were raped in an organised manner by men of Pakistani/ Muslim 'heritage' in Telford, over a sustained period from the 1980's onwards, with some of the current younger abusers apparently following in the footsteps of older male relatives.

Top Two Are Ahdel Ali and Mubarek Ali ...

Sadly nothing new in this event, but in 2012 seven Pakistani 'heritage' men, including brothers Ahdel Ali and Mubarek Ali, were jailed as part of West Mercia Police's 'Operation Chalice' in Telford, and although the actual victim figures may never be known, its certainly in the hundreds, whilst many more perpetrators remain uncharged with the rapes.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Eat More Shorts

According to Sheffield University's Urban Studies department, just 9 per cent of England is built on. So why is England so empty of forests at less than 20 per cent coverage.

Britain Shamed By Lack Of Trees

  • According to Cressida Dick, Britain's top police officer, teen criminals should face much harsher sentences ......


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