Friday, 8 December 2017

Godzilla Is Back

Godzilla has finally been spotted in his spiritual home of Tokyo, a town he's laid waste to many a time, since 1954.

Godzilla Is back In Town

.... Of course there was a catch.

Mr Ebola

During the Ebola crisis a couple of years ago, pedestrian crossings in Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham sported new additions. These northern and centrally located cities across England, had posters in the style of the 'Mr Men' children's characters, and christened 'Mr Ebola' by locals, displayed. 

Mr Ebola?

The perpetrator of this art installation, and indeed the real reason for their appearance, has never come to light (as far as I know).

Treasures Returned

The oldest known Bible written in Latin, is The Codex Amiatinus, which was written by monks at Wearmouth-Jarrow monastery in the north-east of England, in 716AD. It is a treasure of the Anglo-Saxon world. Unfortunately it is the only complete copy left, and survived because it was carried to Rome as a gift for Pope Gregory II.

The Codex Amiatinus - Maiestas Domini (Christ in Majesty) with the Four Evangelists.

The Pope had once been charge of the Papal Library, so he no doubt appreciated the gift. Its current owners, the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana in Florence have lent it back to the British Library for its first return to Britain in 1,302 years. At half a metre in hight, and more than 34kg (75lb) in weight, it took more than a thousand animal skins to make its parchment.

No Smoke Without Fire

Mrs May and President Trump have had a spat via Twitter, over his reposting of videos purporting to show Muslim criminals in the UK.

Video: A Muslim man allegedly smashing a statute of Virgin Mary

This has raised the question of Islam in the UK to the forefront of the news .... again.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Not Billy No Mates

After all the fuss created by the sale of the tin plate image of William H Bonney for $2.3m (then £1.4m) at a Denver auction ....

Billy With Mates

.... the hunt was on for more such pictures. The attribution of an image of the said Mr Bonney, playing crotchet, was confirmed by many experts earlier this year .... its valued at $5m!


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