Friday, 20 October 2017

Frozen Food

This whale died on Wrangel island in the Russian Arctic, where hundreds of polar bears over summer while waiting for the ice sheets to form.

Frozen Food .... But Not Iceland Style
So when this unexpected bounty turned up, well over 200 polar bears were drawn by the smell and a free-for-all took place .... Polar bears, birds, sharks and even killer whales attack. So whales that die on the seashore, they don't last all that long as the large predators move in.

Wives, Lives and Automobiles

Talking about selling your husband on eBay as a joke raised the possibility that people had tried to sell others on the Internet in perhaps a more serious manner.

Selling Your Life on eBay Has Hazards .....

Perhaps unsurprisingly given our modern morality it was evident quite quickly that they had. This blog had previously picked up on the apparent sale of a black male as a slave (which may of course simply have been a spoof), and usually it's simply disguised as "workers", as is the case with the 'maids' sold in Asia and the Middle East.

In A Land Of The Pure

Now when you consider how much child abuse by Muslim men of South Asian origin has occurred in England in the past decade, it should perhaps come as no surprise that it also occurs in the rest of the Islamic world. Perhaps the only surprise is that it is ever reported .... actually now I think about what happens in that part of the world to girls who are raped and report it, perhaps its actually no surprise at all that so little child abuse is reported.

Of course this actually makes it easier for abusers to get away with it, than in more open and tolerant societies, a fact which seems to be highlighted by the reported abuse of children in the town of Karaman in Anatolia Turkey. Its described as a 'conservative' town by the BBC, meaning its a socially hard-line Islamic town, where Islamic organisations hold great influence over civil society.

Ensar Foundation Closely Linked To Turkish Government ....

However, even in such places, there are occasionally cracks in the rigid surface of conformity which these sorts of town usually display to the world, and so a 54-year-old teacher has been accused of sexually abusing 10 children, in what are alleged to be guest-houses run illegally by two Islamic foundations - one of which, the 'Ensar Foundation', has close links to the Turkish government.

Pot Calling Kettle

In a strange and somewhat ironic intervention Donald Trump junior entered into the debate about the sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Woody Harvey and the two Donalds .... Who Has Anything In Common?

He has criticised actor director Woody Allen for not exactly giving a ringing criticism over the rape and molestation charges.

Friday, 13 October 2017

A Brian For Sale

When I opened eBay's new antiques email on Monday morning this week .....

Brian For Sale ......

I was offered a 'Brian' ....


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