Friday, 15 February 2019

Fit n Fat

Mark Wahlberg is a 47-year-old movie actor and superstar, who works very hard to keep that status at the top of Hollywood's leading men, which involves much personal denial.

Wahlberg And Brazil - Peas From Same Pod?

While, Alan Brazil, is a radio presenter in the UK, famous for liking the good things in life and not for stinting in any way on life's offerings.

Medusa Door

An automated door alarm fitted over shops doors, shouts at anyone who triggers it when its armed.

Medusa Liked Her New Job .....

It tells them that they have been detected and tells them to move away, or the police will be called.

Outbreak Of Common Sense

Apparently, despite decades of the strident 'Wimmin' of feminist organisations claiming otherwise, most women (fewer than one in five young women questioned in the US and UK), would call themselves a feminist.

Feminists Represented Far More Women In The Early Days .....

Worse than that, they don't like the term much either, despite its recent #Me Too high profile.

Je Suis Non Regret

As IS meets its final dissolution of territory (it may well have lost its last land area by the time this is posted), we face the inevitable question of what is going to happen to the 'foreign' fighters and supporters who flooded out of Europe and elsewhere, to join IS in Syria and Iraq.

Caliphate Collapse .....

They and their families, all think that they should be allowed to just come back here, and get housed and with welfare benefits etc, as though they have done nothing wrong.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Star Fan

Star Wars fan Paul Parker of Ashburton Devon likes his town ...

The A38 All Terrain Scout Transport

so he put up a life-sized model a 'Scout Walker' from the movies on the A38 road nearby.


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