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Broken Britain - Barwell in Leicestershire

This blog has featured several features on "Broken Britain" .... highlighting a society in moral decay, and social decline. One in which the white hoodie, ethnic thug, islamic fanatic or general street scum rule at night, and where the government, and courts are too powerless, or too supine, to tackle the low level chaos that destroys the lives of hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens.

So easy is it to find these stories, that I hardly bother to report them .......... however, one so terrible in its human consequence, and so lacking in its official response has come to light today, nearly 18 months after the events took place, that I feel compelled to pass it on immediately.

Fiona Pilkington, a single mother of two handicapped children lived in the small Leicestershire village of Barwell. On the face of it, the village is genteel and passes this face to the world, but in fact whole streets are ruled by gangs of teen thugs, confident in the certain knowledge that the council, courts and police can do nothing to them.

These street scum discovered the family of Mrs Pilkington as early as 1992, and over a final period of 11 months (there had been decades of torment), they targeted them to near nightly attacks, while the rest of the street stood by and the police did nothing. In fact the police chose to treat each incident reported as 'separate and distinct' rather than the obviously sustained and persistent attack on the Pilkington family, that the attacks obviously were.

According to reports, most of the gang coalesced about the members of a few 'troublesome' families, who apparently are above (or even protected) by the law. The local Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council acknowledges that there are continuing problems from the same families.

In 2007, when these final terrible events took place, the council spoke to four families about their children, but one family refused to meet them and continued to cause trouble, with apparent impunity. "Throughout this tragic case, this family still continue to cause trouble to this day," community safety manager Ron Grantham told the inquest. "One of the particular offenders of anti-social behaviour continued to cause problems, it's not just one, it's members of the family." This family, have been identified as the Simmons family by one left wing newspaper, the rest have not risked it.

He conceded the case had not "put confidence" in what the police and council do, but said they had introduced "an awful lot of ways to stop anti-social behaviour". Although what these "awful lot of ways are" are, and why families on these streets are still apparently terrified, two years later, is not explained by Mr Grantham. Nor is the fact that, despite the Simmons family being 'council tenants' they have not been evicted, in spite of years of 'troublesome' behaviour.

One of the braver residents described the gangs in the area as "And they've got this look on them where 'You can't touch me... because of all these politics and rules you can't touch me, we can do what we want'." .... The gang's leader used to shout at the Pilkington house: "We can do anything we like and you can't do anything about it."

And the terrible human consequences alluded to at the start of this article?

Mrs Pilkington, so despairing of any official help, after an attempt by these thugs to force themselves into her house one night, got into her scratched and battered car with her 18-year-old daughter Francecca, and drove to a local wood, and there she set fire to the car with herself and her daughter inside.

They both died this terrible death, rather than live in the Britain being created by PC politicians, who put the 'human rights' of these scum, above the rights of a law abiding and loving parent, such as Fiona Pilkington.

The Police response to these terrible events of 18 months ago? Well Chris Tew, the former Assistant Chief Constable of Lincolnshire told the inquest, "Things have moved on quite considerably - there would be a totally different response today than there was then."

The arrogance in this last remark is quite astounding, considering the fact that the gangs are still patrolling the area untouched by police or council, with the law abiding cowering behind their curtains awaiting the bricks or stones coming through.

Perhaps the saddest aspects of this story is that there are elderly or disabled people across the estates of the UK, who are living the experiences of Mrs Pilkington, and where are their voices amongst the hand wringing? Nowhere to be heard.

Will anything change for them? No, no laws will be amended, nothing will be done to really tackle these "troublesome" families, and Britain will continue to sink into the cesspool that PC politicians deem to be its only future.

It's enough to make you despair ..... politicians in the UK will reap what they are sowing by their inaction.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Stupidity Knows No Colour

Finally, this link from Burnt Toast is just amazing (ingly funny) ..... how the jury took this is beyond me, but if she was part of the defence then get the rope ready.

It reminds me of that Scottish fisherman being "interviewed" by a US TV Reporter which unfortunately is not available on the web, but a real classic of incomprehensibility

But I found a contestant of the Miss Teen USA 2007 competition - Ms. South Carolina who is asked a question then answers something else ....... kinda, which shows stupidity knows no colour.

Ticket To Ride (To Mars)

This Blog has followed space exploration with some interest, as it believes this planet has a very small window in which to establish outposts of humanity off planet before Earth civilisation collapses at the end of this century ...... so the news that Mars harbours vast amounts of water ice just under the surface is vastly encouraging.

Water-ice is seen to fade over time in this 12m crater within Arcadia Planitia  (Nasa/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona)

Water-ice is seen to fade over time in this 12m crater within Arcadia Planitia

Now, if we can just crack the transportation propulsion method, then we have it sorted, cos a new road map has also been discovered.

Inter-planetary tube map

This computer image shows gravitational 'corridors' which could help spacecraft ply the solar system like ships borne on ocean currents, and US scientists are trying to map the twisting tubes so they can be used to cut the cost of space travel. Each one acts like a gravitational Gulf Stream, created from the complex interplay of attractive forces between planets and moons.

The pathways connect sites called Lagrange points where gravitational forces balance out.

Professor Shane Ross, from Virginia Tech in the US, said: "Basically the idea is there are low energy pathways winding between planets and moons that would slash the amount of fuel needed to explore the solar system. These are freefall pathways in space around and between gravitational bodies. Instead of falling down, like you do on Earth, you fall along these tubes.

"Each of the tubes starts off narrow and small and as it gets further out it gets wider and might also split. I like to think of them as being similar to ocean currents, but they are gravitational currents. So if you're in a parking orbit round the Earth, and one of them intersects your trajectory, you just need enough fuel to change your velocity and now you're on a new trajectory that is free."

Riding one of the gravitational currents was unlike exploiting the "slingshot" effect of a planet or moon's gravity, a routine space travel technique, he explained. "Its not the same as a slingshot," said Prof Ross. "Slingshots don't put you in orbit round a moon, whereas this does."

Just one US mission so far has made use of the concept. The Genesis spacecraft was launched in 2004 to capture solar wind particles and return them to Earth. Following the gravitational pathways allowed the amount of fuel carried by the probe to be cut 10-fold.

The corridors were especially useful for voyaging between a planet's moons, said Prof Ross, speaking at the British Science Festival at the University of Surrey in Guildford. "Once you get to another planet that has its own tubes you can use them to explore its moons," he added. "You could travel between the moons of Jupiter essentially for free. All you need is a little bit of fuel to do course corrections."

However there is a catch, which is the length of time to make journeys, attempting to get a free tube ride from Earth to Mars would take thousands of years. ..... It would take a few months just to get round the Jovian moon system, so interplanetary travel would always require some fuel.

Saudi Reforms?

In a surprising story, it was reported that a leading Saudi cleric, Sheikh Salman al-Awda, has called on Muslims not to pray for the destruction of unbelievers. He has said that the 'traditional' supplication to that effect, which is often reiterated at the end of every Friday prayer in Arab countries (and in the Mosques in the West), were against Islamic sharia.

These calls for our deaths are heard around the world and should be stopped, after all we don't call for the deaths of all Muslims, but maybe we should so they would know what that's like. It is very common for the Friday prayer in Muslim societies to end with the Imam calling for the destruction of the "kuffar", the un-believers, to which the worshippers respond "Amen"...... Often the prayer calls specifically for the "Death to Israel, Death to America, Death to Britain" etc etc

Before you think the age of reason has finally arrived in the Islamic heartlands, he went on to say that they were permissible if the interests of Muslims were harmed ..... so no change there then.

Rambling Muammar

The Gadfather was once again on top form, with a 'record breaking' 94-minute debut UN speech .... well if not 'record breaking' (he did not even come close to Fidel Castro's 1960 General Assembly record of four and a half hours), then at least epoch making. Yes, in his first ever UN speech, the great man told the world how it really is!

In a speech that wore out one translator and required another one to step in to take over, after he ended up speaking six times longer than the 15-minute limit set by the UN General Assembly, he covered world topics by the bucketful. According to the New York Post, the Libyan translator shouted: "I just can't take it any more." The rules specify that UN translators only provide live interpretation for 40 minutes at a time, and they are used to seamless handovers, but the Gadfather insisted on using his own translators for French and English.
  • He denounced the Ottawa Treaty which outlawed landmines, by claiming that they are good for defending borders (so watch your footing in the Libyan deserts).
  • Launched a tirade about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and gave a lengthy explanation of his call for a single-state solution called "Isratine". In particular he said that young Jews and Palestinians wanted to live together in one state....... really.
  • Reuters also reported that the Colonel grabbed hold of a copy of the UN charter and threw it over his shoulder, and then launched an attack on the Security Council, in which he chastised the world body for failing to intervene or prevent, some 65 wars since the U.N. was founded in 1945.
  • He called for the reform of the Security Council by abolishing the veto power of the five permanent members – or expanding the body with additional member states to make it more representative."It should not be called the Security Council" rather "it should be called the 'terror council' " he said. He also added that veto-wielding Security Council powers treat smaller countries as "second class, despised nations".
  • He called upon the investigation in to the 'war crime' of invading Iraq which was against UN rules.
  • Finally he said that the majority of countries in the UN had not existed when it was created and therefore it didn't represent them fairly (there were only 51 founding nations in the UN).

If you want to see the Gadfather in full flow as an International Statesman then here he is.

You may even think that some of these points are valid ...........

Friday, 18 September 2009

Just A Few Genes

Yes, just a few genes is all that separates us from the primates ..... if any proof is needed then this story about research indicating that Chimpanzees find yawns so 'contagious' (like us, I yawned as well) that they can catch them from 'cartoons'.

Scientists from Emory University in Atlanta, US, have discovered that an animation of a yawning chimp will stimulate real chimps to yawn.

Yawning chimp animation (Emory University)

On another story, the worlds tiniest parrots (members of another animal species that shows remarkable intelligence) have been found .... the tiny birds, which are not much bigger than an adult person's thumb, are smaller than some of the insects with which it shares the forest. On average, buff-faced pygmy parrots (Micropsitta pusio) stand less than 9cm tall and weigh 11.5g (0.41oz).

As we destroy the forests, amazing wonders are discovered only to be destroyed forever and we show no shame. The link has film of these amazing creatures.

Oldest "Ring of Bells" In The World

A nice story this ..... 'Wolsey's bells', a set of church bells that would have been chiming when Cardinal Wolsey was a boy can be heard again.

The oldest of these bells were cast in the 1440s but have not been heard in 25 yrs, but a restoration has allowed them to be hung again, and now they are pealing over Ipswich once more.

This restoration is expected to draw bell ringers from across the globe, attracted by the chance to pull the oldest 'Ring of Bells' in the world. You can hear them on the link, and imagine yourself a ten year old boy called Thomas in 1481 AD.

Konspiracy Korner

For those of a suspicious nature, because "the truth is out there" ....

Every one knows that QE33 NY was the first plane to hit the twin towers in New York, right? ..... So
  • Type QE33 NY into an empty word document.
  • Select text and make the font size 48.
  • Then make the font 'Wingdings1'..... So?
OK now that we have established that Wingdings (or Webdings) is the official language of the 'Illuminati' here's one that proves New York was attacked because its a 'Jewish city'
  • Type NYC into a word document.
  • Select text and make the font size 48.
  • Then make the font 'Wingdings1'.....
Or how about the fact that Bill Gates loves New York?
  • Type NYC into a word document.
  • Select text and make the font size 48.
  • Then make the font 'Webdings'.....
I wonder who sits and finds these things eh? Want some more?

Repeat the same Wingdings process for UN .... us Non Muslims are doomed.

First disclaimer, actually neither plane hitting the twin towers had the Q33NY code attached to them, but conspiracists don't let the 'inconvenient truths' destroy a good theory.

Conspiracies, you gotta love their convoluted and devious nature ..... for an explanation of 'Wingding' messages and other urban myth explanations, got to

Death March 950 AD

An interesting archaeological discovery in Dorset has found the decapitated, naked bodies of at least 51 young men found thrown into a old quarry and their heads piled on top. Evidence suggests that the prisoners (they were naked and unarmed), were a fighting force who were captured, and then decapitated in a rather messy manner.

Whether they were Vikings (likely) or Saxons is not absolutely certain, but the mass execution and grave rings uncannily true with events in the 20th century, in Iraq or the Balkans.

We have not improved much in the last thousand years.

Football Cheating and Retribution

Accusations of overaged players being fielded in under 17's international football tournaments have blighted Arab and African (especially Nigerian) football for years. So you would think that attempts by FIFA to tackle this issue would be welcomed in Africa, but guess what, Nigeria is having a public spat over the introduction of MRI bone scans to ascertain the ages of young (or not so young players).

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) led by president Sani Lulu has rejected the use of MRI scans, while Sports Minister Sani Ndanusa has said that "We will not deviate from Fifa's requirement in terms of ascertaining players' true ages. Fifa wants MRI scans used and we're going to adhere to that, simple." I suspect that the Minister will win this fight....

The reason I have any interest in this story (apart from the obvious parallels with Nigeria's notorious reputation for fraud and Internet scams), is that in 1989 Scotlands under 16's team got to the final of this competition where they faced Saudi Arabia.

According to eye witnesses, there were gasps from the crowd when fully bearded Saudi 15 yr old's marched onto the field for the final. A friend told me that it looked as though there wasn't one single player under age 17 (at least) in the Saudi team, and some looked to be in their 20's!

Even now, twenty years later this 'robbery' still rankles over the border .....

Saturday, 12 September 2009

The "H" word in Israel

I have remarked before about the similarity between the Orthodox Jews and some Muslim groups, but I hadn't realised that it extended to the injudicious use of the term "Holocaust".

The catalyst for this tale was the sentencing of former welfare minister, Shlomo Benizri, to a four-year sentence for taking bribes, and his imprisonment Masiyahu Prison in central Israel. Corruption in Israel is as endemic as in the rest of the Middle East, but the difference is that they do get caught and punished.

It was some of Mr Benizri's haredi supporters who proclaimed their disgust at his imprisonment with the extreme terms "a disgrace" said one, "a holocaust," said another. These supporters from the Mea Shearim, the haredi (ultra-orthodox) Jerusalem neighbourhood, have put up posters calling the Israeli police - with whom some haredi men are regularly battling at demonstrations over a number of complaints - "Zionist Gestapo".

This use of Nazi terminology is not restricted to politics, with Jerusalem hospital doctors who uncovered a case of child abuse in the community described, by outraged haredim, as "Doctor Mengele's" and hard line settlers calling the police "Kapo!" (A kapo was a class of inmate at the Nazi concentration camps and death camps, whom the guards used to do some of their dirty work on the ordinary prisoners).

All Jews detest it when the term "*Holocaust" is used by others in casual references, or situations that are palpably not a holocaust, such as when arabs refer to Gaza as a "concentration camp" and the treatment of Palestinians as attempted genocide, or when Hamas deplores draft UN plans for Gazan children at UN schools to be taught about the Holocaust because - in the words of a Hamas spokesman - it is "a big lie".

However to the haredi, these language constraints just aren't in place, because like all religious nut cases, they are utterly convinced that they act with Gods blessing, and therefore any constraints don't apply. One liberal rabbi, whose parents are both Holocaust survivors, managed to smile in wonder, as he told dinner guests from America about how some haredim were comparing Jerusalem's main hospital to Auschwitz. "It's amazing how they jump straight in with the most extreme language they can, and then they just turn it up a notch or two."

*The Oxford English Dictionary traces the etymology of "holocaust" back to 1250. It meant a sacrifice completely consumed by fire. From the 17th Century it carried wider connotations of utter destruction

Worlds Oldest Joke?

Ever since Man started 'marrying' (as opposed to just mating), there have been 'Mother-in-law Jokes' ..... well in this story, the Mother-in-laws are fighting back.

Yes in India a group of mothers-in-law have come together to fight the harassment they claim to endure at the hands of their daughters-in-law .... comedians in India, watch out.

AIDS is a mass murderer!

German TV is showing an advert for AIDS awareness which features Adolf Hitler ...... as you might guess this is controversial, although in fairness the advertising campaign also features Stalin and Saddam Hussein having unprotected sex.

Apart from the matter of taste, I was surprised by this story because I was under the impression that any mention of the Nazi Party were Verboten in Germany?

Ah well, just another case of one set of laws when it suits and another when it doesn't.

Unconsidered Consequences

The Labour Party of the UK has presided over one of the longest periods of high level mass immigration in UK history, and a large percentage of this has been made up of low skill asian immigrants. The same political party has been in charge while we suffer the worst economic depression since the 1930's, coupled with the highest level of national debt in our history.

So, when a Government Minister, John Denham, starts saying that the English Defence League, ostensibly an 'anti Islamic' group, are using the same provocative tactics as "Oswald Moseley's Brown Shirts", one has to snort in derision.

  • Which party has recreated the political climate of the nineteen thirties again in our inner cities?
  • Who has squandered over a trillion of pounds on a 'spend spend spend' economic policy, which has turned to bust?
  • Who has presided over the rise of the BNP and other right leaning parties?
The Labour Party followed policies which it thought would garner it votes .... this included mass immigration from the sub continent, because it was supposed that they would vote for the party of high welfare benefits and low immigration restrictions. Instead, it has produced a white working class backlash, with Labour Party candidates in English inner cities (who have never risked losing their seats since the 1920's), suddenly finding that their white votes are disappearing to the right.

Now labour politicians such as Mr Denham, are trying to prevent white working class people being "exploited" by [right wing] extremists ..... presumably as opposed to being exploited by the Labour Party, which has run these communities as private fiefdoms, with middle class candidates parachuted into these areas which they would never normally step foot in, and then perceived as disregarding local sensibilities, in favour of immigrant wishes?

Mr Denham has said that there is a clear link between increasing support for the far-right and discontent in predominantly white working class communities. No Shit Sherlock!

The rise of the far right in the UK is a direct response to the immigration policies of the left being foisted on the UK, and the practise of not allowing local party members to select the parliamentary candidates ....... unconsidered consequences are often the most dangerous.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Dutch Cartoon, No Jewish Mobs On Streets !

Remember the "Danish Cartoon" row, with mobs of Muslims burning and looting because someone had dared to print *some cartoons of "Mohammed"?

This despite the fact that 'free speech' is the very thing that allows them to propagate their creed in the West, and the fact that Muslims themselves have **portrayed Mohammed at various times in history as well as there being various western depictions of him in the past without comment.

Well now in an ironic twist, an Arab organisation, the Arab European League (AEL), is to be put on trial in the Netherlands over its publication of *a cartoon deemed offensive to Jews. Dutch prosecutors said the AEL cartoon was "discriminatory" and "offensive to Jews as a group... because it offends Jews on the basis of their race and/or religion". The AEL at first took the cartoon down after the prosecution threat, then reinstated it as as an "act of civil disobedience" because of 'double standards' being applied against Muslims.

Oddly, no Jews rampaged through the streets of Europe, burnt Arab flags, defiled Korans, or boycotted Arab goods (are there any?) ....... instead Jewish groups rather mildly said it was not reasonable for the AEL group to express its opposition to alleged bias against Muslims, by attacking Jews.

Ronny Naftaniel of the Center for Documentation on Israel, said: "Imagine if Dutch Jews insulted Muslims every time they heard an anti-Semitic remark. What kind of perverse world would we be living in?" ....... I'll answer that, we would be living in the Islamic world.

* Warning: These links may offend Muslims or Jews.

** In 1999, Islamic art expert HRH Princess Wijdan Ali (Jordan) who is herself a descendent of Mohammed, wrote a scholarly overview of the Muslim tradition of depicting Mohammed, which could be downloaded in pdf format. In that essay, Wijdan Ali demonstrates that the prohibition against depicting Mohammed did not arise until as late as the 16th or 17th century, despite the media's recent false claims that it has always been forbidden for Muslims to draw Mohammed. Until comparatively recently in Islamic history, it was perfectly common to show Mohammed, either in full, or with his face hidden. Even after the 17th century, up to modern times, Islamic depictions of Mohammed (especially in Shi'ite areas) continued to be produced.

"Human representation in the form of a portrait is considered a taboo among a minority of Muslims who believe that any representation of a living being is banned in Islam. The subject of the Prophet Muhammad's portraiture, however, is considered a taboo among the greatest majority of Muslims, including those who do approve of and practice human figurative representation. Yet, there were many illustrations of the Prophet in early Mongol manuscripts from the Ilkhanid Dynasty down to the Ottoman period. This paper will look into these early portraiture's and their development from the fourteenth up to the seventeenth century. It will investigate the motives behind the transformation that had occurred on the depiction of the Prophet, which included the development from the open face to the written word." Unfortunately the article link from which this excerpt was originally taken was removed but I have found another here. But remember this has pictures boys and girls, so don't open unless your sure you won't be religiously offended.

Eyewitness Hitlers Suicide

Its seventy years since the start of World War II and so we are having a spate of 'where were you' (obviously for the over seventies!) or 'on this day' stories etc. All very laudable, especially since so many of the younger inhabitants of the UK have such a loose understanding of world or UK history that they don't actually know who Hitler, Stalin, Churchill etc were (the Americans are just as bad).

However, as someone who was taught history at school before the PC brigade decided that black slavery was the only relevant subject, I find it strange that we have to explain it every anniversary.

Rochus Misch ... Living History

 ...... No, the only story that caught my eye during this remembrance season, was an explicit account from 92-year-old Rochus Misch, who was in the Chancellery Bunker (F├╝hrerbunker) when Hitler committed suicide with his wife Eva Braun. Just for comparison, Stalin's death in 1953 is not quite so clear cut, with speculation still circulating that he was murdered.

Personal views of history are always the most interesting, and often the most valid, because they don't make the mistake of imposing today's values on to events of the past.

Addendum: Shortly after I posted this story, another one came along about Rochus Misch's daughter Brigitta Jacob-Engelken ... she is partially disappointed with him over his willingness to talk about "the boss" (Hitler) and is now claiming (some what ironically) that her mother was actually Jewish.

Greedy and Money Grabbing Africa

Why is that whenever you gets news out of Africa, if its not about violence or mayhem, it invariably involves demanding money?

Last week Ministers from 10 African countries met to demand billions of dollars in compensation for Africa because of damage caused by global warming. This was to be paid by whites (and maybe the Japanese).

Then this week came the news that a group of South Africans are taking legal action against companies in the US (Barclays, Daimler, Ford, Fujitsu, General Motors, IBM, Rheinmetall and UBS) who they have accused of aiding and abetting South Africa's former apartheid regime.

Part of the claims, include the fact that the companies produced parts for vehicles which were used to carry out the assassinations of liberation movement activists, and or unprovoked shootings of black people during the apartheid years. I am mildly surprised that all the others e.g. Tyre manufacturers, petrol companies etc are not included in these ridiculous claims ...... in fact why not sue the manufacturers of chains for their part in slavery .... oh too late, its already going through the US courts.

The greedy little bleeders (the lawyers), aren't messing around, the the 26 complainants in the case are hoping to get up to $400bn in damages from the companies. Yes $400 billion! The annual GDP of South Africa is a mere $282.6 billion.....

If they win, and were granted anything like that amount, all these companies would immediately go bust, and about a million people would instantly become unemployed (with several million more to follow) ....... but hey, at least 26 blacks and their lawyers would be well off, with $15 billion each, and that's all that matters in the PC world..


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