Monday, 31 December 2007

2008 Predictions

It’s at this time of the year that we either make resolutions or predictions for the coming year ….. well I gave up cigarettes in May, and have lasted without slipping since, so that’s my annual resolution finally achieved….. I will have to find something new to break each year now.

That leaves predictions, so for what they are worth here is my Nostradamus impression for 2008 – It will interesting to see how far off I am next December.

The US will largely leave Iraq by June, and the country will head for civil war as fast as it can. By the time of the US elections the Shia’s will be backed by Iran, the Sunni’s by Syria (and Saudi Arabia), and the Turks will take their chance to kick the shit out of the Kurds.

The whole region will spiral towards Islamism or more extreme despotism, as regimes try and hang on to power. The US public will shrug, say “Wahdaya expect from towel heads?” and turn back to domestic concerns.

Hilary Clinton will beat Obama Barack for the Democrat slot, because he has one or two little secrets that he has lied about (or at least white washed), that will come out later, and she will beat whomever the Republicans eventually put up.

I suspect that despite her unpopularity with half the US, it will not stop her getting something of a landslide victory. The Hispanic democrat vote will tip the balance in Mid West seats for the first time (This will be a long term problem for the Republicans who either need to lock down the borders properly, or embrace Spanish!). I also predict she will be a one term president only.

The US economic meltdown will be avoided, mainly because no one can afford for the US economy to go to the pans …. The world’s bankers will chip in and keep the dollar afloat.

Iran will become the new regimes biggest problem, because Bush hasn’t got the clout to sort out the Mullahs anymore. He missed his chance in 2003, because he was too arrogant to take the offer the Iranians made then, when they thought the US would just carry on through Iraq and into Iran. The problem will not be left to Israel, as they don’t have the muscle to do the job permanently, and they don’t have the need to, they know that the US will not stand for a nuclear Mullah!

Talking of which, Pakistan is predicted by the CIA as likely to be a Taliban state by 2015 … recent events have only strengthened the predictions validity. What to do if the nuclear arsenal of over 100 warheads is threatened by Islamic forces? This problem could overshadow Iran in the next President’s in box.

Iran is theoretically a democracy, so it’s possible it will reform, but not ever give up its nuclear weapons …. However if the Pakistan solution shows that the West has got the nerve to act, they may just take a more pragmatic rather than confrontational line.

The EU will face a major crisis over Kosovo, when it backs the Albanian Muslim Mafia’s land grab from Christian Serbia. The Russians may well take a very belligerent line when this crisis occurs, and with the US and UK on overstretch, it would fall to the cowardly Germans and French to provide the forces, should warfare breakout again in the area, They won’t, and the Serbs must be aware that the US would never get a free hand to bomb again (The Russians would take it as a national weakness to let that happen again).

Putin will remain Czar in Russia for the foreseeable future in what ever guise it takes.

France will be more positively assertive in foreign affairs, with its much touted “Mediterranean Union”, but this is not likely to be popular at home, with Muslims and Arabs a big problem on the domestic front.

Israel and the Palestinians will talk about talks, but nothing will happen. The Israeli’s don’t have to do anything, and the Palestinians are just to dumb to realize what a number the other Arabs have done on them for fifty years, in telling them that they are a nation and not just Arabs. Keeping them locked into refugee camps and poverty for political reasons, instead of integrating them back into the Arab lands as full citizens. They still demand a return to 1967 borders, they will never get this, and each decade that passes just lessens their leverage.

Africa …. Ha Ha Ha … all the tiny reforms will revert back to nothing as African dictators such as the Kenyan President just fix election results as before. All the Aid money will end up in Switzerland as usual and the Chinese money will join it.

Thabo Mbeki will become a lame duck, and a populist such as Jacob Zuma will take power (He may lose out because of corruption charges, but may well be king maker). The days when another “intellectual” runs South Africa are over, so moderates such as Cyril Ramaphosa are likely to miss out. Mugabe will just carry on destroying Zimbabwe with the connivance of SA because the West are leaving it to an “African Solution” …. Much as it has done in the racial genocide called Darfur which will also carry on with no solution.

China will declare itself “Number One nation” at the next Olympics (and amazingly not one of its athletes will fail a drug test, despite all the seven foot Chinese men they have discovered and all the world records shattered by their women … East German style) …. Technically the EU will win twice as many medals, but that doesn’t count because “we are not one country” LOL

Finally, Cuba’s million year old dictator Castro will die this next year. He may or may not have ‘retired’ before this happens. There will not be any large changes as his brother Raul takes over again, supported by ‘socialist’ Venezuela under Hugo Chavez, but within five years the communist regime will have ceased to exist, except maybe in name only.

So there they are to be shot at ....

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Thursday, 27 December 2007

The Great God Pan is Dead

The Great God Pan is dead” …. These are the words that Thamus, the Egyptian sailor, proclaimed to the world, during the reign of the Roman Emperor Tiberius. Thamus was told the news by a divine voice, that wafted across the Aegean on an evening zephyr, blowing from the west one hot summer night, and that lamented the passing of "The Old God".

Pan dead? He who had been the saviour of mighty Athens in ages past when he told Pheidippides that Athens needed to honour him if they wanted his help and victory against their Persian enemies, and who had been worshipped on the Acropolis ever since ... dead? Pan the warrior god, who stood in the Athenian Phalanx at Marathon and led the war chants, dead?

Legend has it that mad Emperor Tiberius wept for the only time when he heard the news ….. but that is only legend. No, the truth is that of all the gods extant in the world when the Christ God was born, only Pan the first born, saw the future, and took steps to save himself.

For when all the classical old gods were abolished by the imperial diktat of Theodosius I on February the 27th, 390 AD, the Great God’s name was not on the list because he was already dead, everyone knew that, for hadn’t it been declared so three centuries earlier? A Christian then proclaimed "Paganism, with Theodosius dies, never to rise again".

But this was a slow death, and not all the gods died at once, for 'Old Gods' die very slowly. And a last defence and final act of defiance was in Caria in 484 AD, when a champion of the old ways, Illus, raised the Pagan standard against the Christian Emperor Zeno. Pan was there with his brothers, but four years later Illus and his “Pagan Emperor” Leontius, were executed in the Taurus mountains, and the Great God retreated back to the old places.

With this final defeat, the other Greek and Roman Gods finally left this world forever, to enter those realms that only the old gods can ever see, for has it not been written that “all things will pass!” Like them, these new gods (Jehovah and Allah) will one day leave the Earth, just as surely as the old ones have done, leaving behind just the primal one, the first born, to eventually reclaim his first kingdom.

His worshippers, the folk of the mountains and the dark places, the country folk, they have always known who was the first and true God, and they kept that in their hearts as they said their pater noster under the stern gaze of the new priests, and at the very same alters that they had once used for worshipping the old gods.

Pan knew that there were few pagans prepared to die to protect the old gods, but he had never asked for this sacrifice from his followers, and never would. The people, the country people, they knew this, and they moved the old shrines into the groves of Arcadia and those other forgotten places. Hid them from the violent imams of the other new god, awaiting the day when Pan could return to the open and reclaim his premier place in the pantheon.

The arrival of the new pagans was a brief period of revival and reinvention, for who could deny Pan his ability to reinvent himself?

He lived in the forests of Germany, and rode with the Goths as they swept away the 'Roman' God from Gaul. He was in the Saxon ships that crushed the 'Roman' God in the isle of the Britons, and he was with the Golden Hordes that swept across half of Asia and called his name as a war cry.

The Viking long ships rode the oceans with his name never far away, but it was ne'er enough, and these gains were all ephemeral, but still he survives in those dark places that even in their pomp, the new gods could never reach.

He who had been the goat god of the 'pa-on’s', and who had once been called 'Phanes' the first born. He whose first image had been with man the hunter who worshipped the lion, and whose name ‘Cerne the Sorcerer’ had long echoed through the hills of Europe and Asia, and whose cave shrine at Trois-Frères was carved 13,000 years before the appearance of any of the others.

He who was wandering the world long before the Krishna arrived, or the 'Roman' Christ God was born, long before the first fields had ever been planted and the first city stone laid, and long before the arrogant Greeks and their poet Homer had 'named' all the Gods, and written theHymn to the Great God Pan’, placing their new God Zeus above all others.

For 15,000 years his names have been legion across those millenia, "Attes, Tammuz, Nin-Girsu, Aigipan, Agrus, Baphomet, Pan, Nomios, Phaunos, Faunus, Anshar, Pashupati, Cernunnos, Lupercal, Dionysus, Azazel, Sylvanus, Cerne, Herla, Hackel, Herne, Puck, Leshi, Herlechin, Herlequin, Yang Ching, Capri, Capricorn, Harlequin, Hellequin, Hillikin, Herla, Berchtold, Berholt, Berndietrich", and in latter times "Robin Goodfellow" or the "Green Man".

He still leads the Wild Hunt through the forests of the night, and has been sighted many times across the centuries, by those travelling through the lonely places. He is not of the harsh bright deserts which bred the new gods in their emptiness, he is only of the northern bogs and forests, where both he and the world were first born.

We still remember this when we cross those lonely heaths, or walk through the forests at twilight. So while we may cross ourselves to the new god, we still leave a thought for the oldest one, he who still causes Panic in the lonely places, and occasionally Pandemonium in the crowded ones.

The kourbània sacrifice is still practised secretly in his name in Greece, but passed off as a blood sacrifice in honour of a 'saint', who was once a "protector of the woods and the fields", but whose feast day has long been abandoned by the followers of the 'Roman' Christ God.

As the powers of the new god Jehovah, or his rival Allah, eventually retreat on the tides of time, the oldest of them all will still be there, in the darkness, waiting to reclaim the world that is left. The world after the decline, when technology has gone and the cities have fallen. The world of man that is nearer to the end, than it is to the beginning.

As it was at the beginning, so it shall be at the end .... Pan the Great God Lives.

Pan Often Took An Earthier Form For Worship

Homers Hymn to the Great God.

Muse, tell me about Pan,
the dear son of Hermes,
with his goat's feet and two horns –
a lover of merry noise.

Through wooded glades he wanders with dancing nymphs
who foot it on some sheer cliff's edge,
calling upon Pan,
the shepherd-god, long-haired, unkempt.

He has every snowy crest and the mountain peaks
and rocky crests for his domain;
hither and thither he goes through the close thickets,
now lured by soft streams,
and now he presses on amongst towering crags
and climbs up to the highest peak
that overlooks the flocks.

Often he courses through the glistening high mountains,
and often on the shouldered hills
he speeds along slaying wild beasts,
this keen-eyed god.

Only at evening, as he returns from the chase,
he sounds his note, playing sweet
and low on his pipes of reed:
not even she could excel him in melody –
that bird who in flower-laden spring,
pouring forth her lament
utters honey-voiced song amid the leaves.

At that hour the clear-voiced nymphs are with him
and move with nimble feet,
singing by some spring of dark water,
while Echo wails about the mountain-top,
and the god on this side
or on that of the choirs, or
at times sidling into the midst, plies it nimbly with his feet.

On his back he wears a spotted lynx-pelt,
and he delights in high-pitched songs
in a soft meadow where crocuses
and sweet-smelling hyacinths bloom at random in the grass.

They sing of the blessed gods and high Olympus
and choose to tell of such an one as
luck-bringing Hermes above the rest,
how he is the swift messenger of all the gods,
and how he came to Arcadia,
the land of many springs and mother of flocks,
there where his sacred place is as god of Cyllene.

For there, though a god,
he used to tend curly-fleeced sheep
in the service of a mortal man,
because there fell on him
and waxed strong melting desire to wed
the rich-tressed daughter of Dryops,
and there he brought about the merry marriage.

And in the house she bare Hermes
a dear son who from his birth was marvellous to look upon,
with goat's feet and two horns --
a noisy, merry-laughing child.

But when the nurse saw his uncouth face and full beard,
she was afraid
and sprang up and fled and left the child.

Then luck-bringing Hermes received him
and took him in his arms:
very glad in his heart was the god.

And he went quickly to the abodes of the deathless gods,
carrying his son wrapped in warm skins of mountain hares,
and set him down beside Zeus
and showed him to the rest of the gods.

Then all the immortals were glad in heart
and Bacchic Dionysus in especial;
and they called the boy Pan
because he delighted all their hearts.

And so hail to you, lord!
I seek your favour with a song.

And now I will remember you
and another song also.

Pan Reinvented In Literature

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

Once again Islam dominates the news with the assassination of Benazir Bhutto .... every finger points at everyone else in the killing, with no evidence. It seems likely that it's one of the religious groups (Taliban or Al-Queda) but it's possible that it's one of the myriad of groups who claim Allah's will (inshallah), for all the terror they commit in his name.

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated ....

As a nuclear power, Pakistan can't afford to play these unstable politics .... China, India, and the US are not likely to be comfortable with the religious groups getting control of the nuclear weapons. We may yet see Pakistan broken up, and or disarmed of its nuclear weapons by its neighbours, if it looks as though the army is about to lose control of the weapons.

There are still elements of the armed forces that have not been infiltrated by the Islamist's, and they are all that's between Pakistan and catastrophe, and it may be some of them who grab the weapons and pass them over to another, secure country, to save Pakistan from itself.

These Could Be In The Hands Of Madmen One Day ...

If they don't, then Pakistan stands on the brink of a possible war over control of its nuclear weapons in the next few months or years, if it goes down the wrong route.

Secret plans have already been drawn up according to the Sunday Express to remove more than 100 nuclear weapons from Pakistan to stop them falling into the hands of Islamic extremists. CIA chiefs fear that by 2015 the Taliban could be running the country, giving its radical leaders control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.

The US has spent £50million helping Pakistan defend its nuclear missile sites from any possible Al Qaeda raid, fearing components could be stolen. Pentagon staff and Pakistan intelligence chiefs are also planning to spirit away the nuclear weapons if there was a real risk Islamic radicals might get control of them.

M J Gohel of the London- based think tank Asia-Pacific Foundation, said: “It’s only a matter of time before Al Qaeda or somebody sympathetic to them gets hold of nuclear weapons. Pakistan is the weakest link in the chain. It is the most unstable nuclear country in the world.” Pakistan’s missiles would be unable to reach the US or UK and its American F-16 bombers would be detected before reaching any Western country.

Much more likely is nuclear material being used in a dirty bomb, that could be detonated in major cities such as London, Washington and New York. If Islamic extremists did win power in Pakistan and opted for nuclear attack, Israel would be the principal target – even though the fallout from a bomb would hit Palestinians as well as Jordan and Egypt.

It is also certain Israel has already made plans for such an attack. A pre-emptive strike on Pakistan’s nuclear bases would be a real possibility.


There is still much press speculation over what's going to happen next with the news that the elections are likely to be postponed for two months.

The latest speculations are as follows:

  1. Ms Bhutto was about to be exposed as horribly corrupt, with a family fortune of over $730 million dollars in accounts across the world. Much of this wealth is based upon her Dubai based company Petroline FZC, that had huge contracts with Saddam Hussein's Iraq, many of which were aimed at bypassing UN sanctions.
  2. That Ms Bhutto had reportedly said that if it wasn't the Islamist's, then it would be the people who hung her father who would kill her. In this case the powers behind the army command council.
  3. In line with Ms Bhutto's fears, there is speculation that there is a government cover up over her death, in particular that "there was no gun man", and that she was killed by banging her head after the blast. This is hotly disputed by pictures and eye evidence.
  4. That the CIA now think that the Taliban will seize control of Pakistan by 2015, and have drawn up various plans to ensure that the nuclear weapons are not available to such a regime. Israel and India may also have plans for raids.
  5. On a slightly more upbeat note, the fact that the opposition leaders of other parties have attended Ms Bhutto's coffin, may signal a coming together of the democratic forces (or not).
I suspect that this is the story of 2008, and will unfold over a period of time. For an excellent resume of Ms Bhutto's life and times see William Dalrymples article.

Last update:

Of course the world has muddled on, and who remembers Mrs Bhutto now? Such is fame and celebrity.

Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is still a concern, and civilian control of the armed forces has not happened. No one really knows how stable this situation really is .... there's no warning when an iceberg tips, just look at Iran under the Shah.

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Monday, 24 December 2007

Gordon Brown - Scottish Claim of Right

The "Scottish Claim of Right", signed by Gordon Brown in 1988, read:

"We, gathered as the Scottish Constitutional Convention, do hereby acknowledge the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of Government best suited to their needs, and do hereby declare and pledge that in all our actions and deliberations their interests shall be paramount.”
"We further declare and pledge that our actions and deliberations shall be directed to the following ends:
  • To agree a scheme for an Assembly or Parliament for Scotland;
  • To mobilise Scottish opinion and ensure the approval of the Scottish people for that scheme; and
  • To assert the right of the Scottish people to secure the implementation of that scheme."
Seems clear enough to me, that he has been living up to this pledge to put Scotlands interests as paramount over the interests of the rest of the United Kingdom.
As an Englishman, I see no evidence that he cares for anything in England, except the votes required to keep him as Prime Minister. Every week there is further evidence that Scotland has developed into a different country with policies now markedly divergent (and some would say more beneficial) from England.
In Scotland
  • Student Tuition fees and Grants are non repayable.
  • Precription charges are free.
  • Free care for the elderly.
  • No foundation hospitals, so they will not be saddled with PFI debts in the future.
  • Police get their pay on time.
  • NHS car park charges are capped.
In England, none of the above applies, and now we find that they are even going to get free beaver.

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Monday, 17 December 2007

Saudi Rape Update

In the spirit of fairness, because I am quick enough to criticise the Saudis (the exporters of the Wahhabi brand of Islam that has blighted so many women's lives), so I should be fair when they do something decent for a change.

Today his Royal Highness King Abdullah has pardoned the woman who was gang raped. This pardon is not unfortunately, an attempt to change the ludicrous laws that condemn women to being considered as whores, for the slightest infringement of the honour codes (such as being raped), but it allows the woman to escape six months jail and the 200 lashes.

The King has undoubtedly succumbed to western pressure but its still the right thing to do and should be praised.

So on behalf of those who criticise your country I say well done.

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Friday, 14 December 2007

2050 Predictions of Disaster

Were all Doomed I tells Ya!

Four Horsemen of Apocalypse (Durer)
That's the only response to the never ending tales from the ecologists, anthropologists, economists, historians, politicians and just about every indicator!

2050 is sure gonna be a bad year:

According to predictions made in this year alone

2050 Could See Cities Burn and Civilisation Collapse

Fortunately time for me will have run out before then, so I will carry on over consuming, safe in knowledge that it's a PC population who will have to pay for it LOL.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Laying the seeds, for the next European war.

There is speculation that for political reasons the US and EU are going to allow the Serbian province of Kosovo to declare independence because in the last fifty years it has developed a Muslim majority.

As you might guess, the Serbians are not happy and many of the neighbouring states with Muslim provinces such as Greece are not too keen either. For a brief modern history of the region go here or for a longer historical view go here. In view of the historical violence that has emanated from this region, I would suggest that the US and NATO should be very careful about creating a statelet on the grounds of an ethnic majority in the region.

The EU is littered with small regions of ethnically different groups who could justify claims for independence on the same grounds as Kosovo. In particular this precedent could cause all sorts of problems around Europe as Muslims “claim independence” wherever they form a majority.

In the UK, the city of Leicester could be a Muslim majority city by 2050; could they cede from the UK or get autonomy?

The legal precedent would or could be Kosovo, which has never been a sovereign state but because of its religion or ethnicity has now been granted that status. In the US, some states could have Hispanic majorities in 30 yrs e.g. California ….. could they ask for independence from the US?

Will this decision not just encourage ethnic cleansing? Very dangerous ground is being broken here, and I expect it to lead to more violence in the long run.

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Sunday, 9 December 2007

Death Row Inmates Want Friends

While reading about the US Presidential race, I read about a guy called Wayne Dumond, whose release from prison after a serious set of crimes, was assisted by a Republican governor, and who went on to rape and murder again, thus blighting said Republican candidates campaign ….. As I researched into this case I came across a Canadian site “CCADP” (Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty), which features requests for “Pen Pals” by Californian residents of death row.

Many On Death Row Will Never Make The Long Walk ...

What I found interesting was that the content of the requests was entirely unedited, and therefore indicated what the inmates thought about a number of subjects. The crime denial or contradictions in character were staggering, and I have selected (purely at random) a few examples from which I have edited only the email addresses.

What was especially interesting is that the way the death row inmates portrayed themselves, you would think that they were all innocents, and poets .. they all produce doggerel, and think it shows them as caring lovable human beings ….. Just five minutes research, shows you the crimes of some of the most disgusting men to have ever walked this earth. They should all be dead, but in fact most of them will never get killed.

Here are the examples I had chosen:

Cleophus Prince Jr – I should explain that he is an African American who was convicted of the murder of 6 women (all white), in the San Diego area.
  • "Stop!" "Stop!" "Stop!" "Stop!" "Stop!" Now that I have your attention, you might as well continue reading and be pleasantly surprised ! My name is Cleophus Prince "Jr" and I'm an intelligent open minded, compassionate, and caring soul who is looking for someone to brighten a fella's day with a letter or whatever. Being that life here is as exciting as watching paint dry, I'm really hoping that by the time you finish reading this your interest has been piqued enough to want to respond. If you do I'm sure you'll have the time of your life ! (wanna bet?) Let me tell you a little about myself, I'm 32 years old, 5'10, 185 lbs. I enjoy working out, reading, poetry, music, watching TV, and meeting new people. What am I looking for? Someone I can share my thoughts, feelings, and experience with, in other words a friend. If this is something you're willing to give a try contact me.
There is a full account of his crimes on this link, but in brief, from1990 to his capture in 1991, he committed six killings, as well as numerous burglaries and a rape. Unusually for serial killers, Cleophus killed women of another race (serial killers usually prefer to operate in environments that they understand). He was linked to several of the deaths by DNA evidence, and amounts of jewellery found in his possession that belonged to his victims. He also gave his girlfriend a rare opal ring for Christmas that had belonged to his second victim. The attacks were marked for the frenzied violence involved, and some of the victims were stabbed up to fifty times.

Charles Ng – I should explain that he was convicted of multiple homicides with his friend, including two babies. He is a fantasist and lifetime criminal, starting his first crimes at about 16 despite a wealthy family background.
  • My name is Charles Chi-tat Ng. I am an Asian male of average build. I was born December 24th 1960 and raised in Hong Kong in a traditional Chinese family, but have spent the majority of my adult life in North America. I graduated from high school in England. I have never been married and have no children. I have travelled to many countries and have been exposed to many cultures. My remaining immediate family members reside outside the United States and I am currently the only Chinese prisoner on California's Death Row at San Quentin Prison. My case, from inception to verdict, has been both a travesty and outrage of mistreatments and miscarriage of justice. Because of these and other reasons, I constantly feel misplaced, sad and lonely - like a dolphin caught inside a tuna net. I am writing because I am interested in seeking sincere friendship through correspondence and visiting with someone I can build an enduring and meaningful companionship with - someone with whom I can share good times, bad times, life, thoughts, feelings, experiences and passions from this dark hole of humanity. Out in the free world I enjoyed such things as reading, learning new subjects, wilderness exploring, martial arts, movies, travelling, cooking, and outdoor adventures such as mountain hiking / climbing, scuba diving and serving as an infantryman in the United States Marine Corps. Throughout my life I have refrained from unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking and recreational drug uses. During my incarceration I enjoy such things as origami, spirituality, self-study, exercises, writing, reading and drawing. I am a self-taught artist who loves animals and strive to express artistically with an improvisational approach in whatever medium available to me. I always feel a special kinship in my struggle for survival as those faced by the endangered animals I depict in my artwork. To me, art is a universal emotional expression of all cultures, and wildlife art a spiritual reference for all things wild and free; and a way for me to immortalize my love and intimacy to those who are dear and special to me. Personality wise, I am quiet, shy, open-minded, down to Earth, loyal, thoughtful, dependent and sentimental, but can be wayward, overly trusting and pessimistic at times. Life is fleeting and my fate is at best uncertain. Therefore I desire to hear from new friends and reconnect with people who had touched my life and heart in the past, but with whom I have lost touch due to circumstances beyond my control. I would be most grateful to be able to share the precious time I have left in this world with honest, open-minded and good-hearted people who understand and empathize with injustices, sufferings, my struggle, my visions and yearnings, and who may be able and willing to lend helping hands along the way. I am in constant contact with David Gee who lives in England and has done a lot of research on my case and may be able to answer any questions. In order to try and raise money for my day to day items and additional art materials I would be prepared to sell a small number of prints of any of my featured drawings. Thank you for your attention and I look forward to hearing from you.
There is a full account of his crimes on numerous web sites but here is one. In brief he was in trouble in Hong Kong, sent to the UK but he was expelled from school and returned to Hong Kong. Sent to the US, he dropped out and lied in order to join the US marines, where he ended up in Leavenworth prison for stealing automatic weapons – he escaped, and met up with Leonard Lake his confederate for future crimes. After recapture by the FBI he served 3 yrs in military prison but upon release was not deported, and teamed up with Lake.

The murders and tortures committed by the two totalled at least eleven men, three women and two babies. Authorities believe the number of victims murdered by the two to be much higher, with many of the dead still unidentified. Police estimated that around 21 ‘missing’ women were shown as victims being sexually assaulted, raped and sodomized on video tapes, their ages ranging from twelve to their early twenties.

Six women in the tapes were thankfully found alive, but many more remain missing today, their bodies most likely to have been incinerated. It gives you an idea of the horrors this pair were responsible for, when you hear that they were captured for shoplifting after Ng and Lake stopped at a lumberyard to get a replacement for a bench vice that they “broke”, while using it to torture their victims.

William (Bill) Proctor – Convicted murderer and rapist
  • I am 36 years old, 5'10, 180 lbs, have brown hair, green eyes. I am currently residing on California's death row and have been, since 1983 at the age of 21 years old. I love being a Christian, I also enjoy artistic and intellectual pursuits, I have plenty of conversation and opinions I'd like to share about life, love, moral value, truth, happiness, peace and freedom, etc. etc.
There is a State appeal court document which gives the following on Mr Proctor.

Proctor murdered Bonnie Stendal, a 55-year old school teacher who lived in Burney, a small community in Shasta County, California. On a night in April 1982, Proctor entered Mrs. Stendal's home and beat her, causing numerous cuts and bruises on her face. Proctor stabbed Mrs. Stendal in the neck several times and inflicted seven stab wounds in the area of the right breast. Proctor raped Mrs. Stendal and committed further sexual assaults with a foreign object.

After beating, torturing, and raping Mrs. Stendal, Proctor strangled her to death and dumped her body on the side of the road near Lake Britton, 12 miles from Burney. The body was found late the next afternoon, clad in a nightgown with the hands tied behind the back.

David Allen Raley – Convicted of rape, murder and attempted murder in 1985.
  • Hello! I hope that this letter will find you doing real good, and also in real good health and spirits too. As for me, I am doing the best I can under the circumstances, being on Death Row...In hopes that you might be able to help me, and I truly ! hope so too...What I would like to be able to to get some pen pals. The reason my attorney told me about you all, is cause I have been having thoughts in dropping my appeals. Cause of the same routine every day, the loneliness is getting to me etc. and sure you can understand that. And my attorney figured getting some pen pals would help. With the loneliness, and help me hang on longer, and not drop my appeals. So again anything, and any help you all can give me, will be very appreciated. Take care, and God bless and watch over you all always...Smile! Again, take care, and hope to hear from you all real soon too.
The local newspaper gives a report on Mr Raley, and there is a moving interview with the survivor here. The 46-year-old Raley was sentenced to die for the 1985 kidnap and murder of a Peninsula high school student and the attempted murder of her friend at a deserted Hillsborough mansion. Raley, a security guard turned a tour of the mansion into a day of terror for the two girls, Laurie McKenna and Janine Grinsell, who died from repeated stab wounds.

Robert Rhoades - who is convicted in 1998 of kidnapping, molesting and killing an 8-year-old Yuba City boy in 1996. The 3rd-grader's body, clad only in a green sweat shirt, and a bloodstained Batman T-shirt, was found in dense brush along the banks of the Feather River the day after his disappearance. Oh and he was also convicted of the rape and murder of Julie Connell in 1984.
  • Hello. My name is Robert Rhoades. I am a 47 yr. old caucasian male currently on California's death row for one year now. I was born and raised in a small farming community in northern California. So, I am a country boy thru and thru. I enjoy fishing, camping, country music, the mountains and good movies that make me cry. I was raised in a good Christian home and like many others in these trying times I fell by the wayside. I am slowly making my way back. So if you are a good hearted country girl, or just a good person looking for a good and true pen-friend, please write me right away, I will answer immediately and look forward to meeting many new friends. PS I will send photos upon request. Sincerely yours,
It appears that cries for mercy don’t make him cry, just movies. Robert Rhoades raped and murdered Julie Connell in 1984. She was 18. Rhoades is already on California's death row for raping and killing 8-year-old Michael Lyons in 1996. "It's a happy day for us," Connell's mother, Kathy Connell, said outside court. Henry Lee reports here for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Convicted Double Murderer William Clark, circa 1997.

William Clark – Convicted of a robbery where a woman Kathy Lee was murdered. He claims total innocence on the Canadian (and other web sites)
  • The first thing you can do is pray because I'll need it! You would be shocked at how many innocent people have been executed throughout American history. Secondly, you can help by becoming an "ACTIVIST" to help lobby for my unconditional release. Third, you can help by sending donations to help me pay for a competent, caring, experienced appellate attorney. For information on the case see my webpage at Finally, you can help by being a friend, by writing me to help add a sense of enjoyment and normalcy to an otherwise demeaning, dehumanizing, frustrating situation. All letters will be answered immediately and I encourage attorneys and activists to write!
He has supporters on their websites, who believe he is the victim of a giant conspiracy by the police, court officials, and judiciary. Oddly it wasn’t apparently obvious to the two or three juries who have seen the evidence. He claims it was two black men not a single black man (or that he doesn’t fit descriptions etc).

Superficially it looks like he may have a case (if what he says is true), but in fact what he never mentions is that is that he was convicted of planning the robbery (hence his elaborate alibi’s), so the fact that he wasn’t seen at the crime isn’t necessarily significant.

According to court records Clark became the 1st person to be condemned in Orange County for 2 murders at which he was not present. William Clinton Clark was sentenced to die for masterminding a botched robbery that resulted in one death, then ordering the execution of a witness in the case.

Judge John J. Ryan said that even though Clark did not commit either murder, he was responsible for both. "I think the evidence in this case, while largely circumstantial, was absolutely overwhelming" Ryan said.

Before imposing the death sentence, Ryan allowed the defendant to speak for more than an hour then took the unusual step of responding directly to his remarks. Clark, 44, of Los Angeles, insisted that he had "never hurt anybody" and lashed out at the prosecutor, police and witnesses in the case, all of whom he said lied to obtain a conviction….. more on the link.

Finally; because nearly every one of these "sob sisters" is actually a vile animal, who has done the most dreadful things when you look up the cases … there may be the odd injustice, but frankly most of them should have hung years before for the many crimes they committed up until the time they were finally judged to have crossed a very high bar.

This next entry is an excellent example of the bad artwork, poor prose, and doggerel poetry, that seems to infect all the killers on death row.

Lonely? - I Am In The San Quentin Area.

Billy Ray Riggs who describes himself on his web site as “First nation - Cherokee Indian/Black/German”. He appears to have become something of a cause célèbre to the “treat em nice” brigade. He has a number of web sites that display his writings.
  • WHAT I AM SEEKING IS "CORRESPONDENCE & VISITS" FOR THE SAKE OF FRIENDSHIP. Someone who's sincere, compassionate, and able to empathize with my adverse situation, in terms of, moral support etc. Historical literature, poetry, art-work, classical music, are just some of the subjects of my interest, and my willingness to learn more. I am not afraid to share or express my sensitivity and emotions. Will write to any female. If you are not able to assist me in my request for someone to correspond with, maybe you know of someone else, an organization, agency or group, who may be acquescent towards my unfortunate circumstance. Please ! Feel free to forward this information to them on my behalf or send me their address. Sincerely, Pops.
He describes himself as a major street drug dealer in his prose ….. but he was just a dirty little crack dealer. He murdered a woman Jamie Michele Bowie in cold blood in 1990. Billy Ray Riggs (of Inglewood) represented himself in one of his trials, in which he was convicted and sentenced in 1994 to die for the slaying of Jamie Bowie. Jamie Bowie, 24, of Van Nuys, disappeared on Easter weekend in 1990 and her body was found a month later in an Indio citrus grove.

He was also wanted for questioning in July 31, 1972 in connection with the murder of his own brother Rickie Don Riggs aged 24. “Detectives said they were seeking Billy Ray Riggs, 26, in connection with slaying of his brother Rickie Don, 24 after an argument at their mother's House”. Billy Ray ain’t too short of company – he gets visits from the forgivers and the naive, who see a middle aged black man, who smiles and writes a bit.

'Of Course I Am A Bit Older Than My CCADP Pen-pal Picture'

There is definitely a form of Stockholm syndrome with some of the mothers of victims.

  • The bastards don't get hung, and hang around for years with the endless rounds of appeals.
  • The mothers don't get closure or vengeance, and eventually the stress seems to cause them to get religion ... they start writing to the murderers looking for answers (Why my daughter / son? Why are you like this? etc) and after a while they seem to 'identify' with the killer. Sometimes they describe them as "Friends".

I heard a Jewish woman on radio who forgave the Palestinian family of the man who killed her son and became a family friend, which is very similar to these Christian women prison visitors, such as those from the Catherine Blount Foundation. The problem is that these groups can apparently find any excuse (mental illness is a common one, or abuse suffered as a child), for nearly every person on death row ..... but they forget that all men have free will, they don't have to rape or kill. There is no excuse for murder except 'accidents (aka Manslaughter),' and even that is over used.

There were a lot of men listed as being on death row on the Canadian site, and virtually every one of them has described themselves as being guilty of a 'miscarriage of justice', or 'innocent', or 'totally reformed' or just plain 'misunderstood and lovable', and yet most of them were found guilty by a jury, and have been through numerous appeals and still found guilty.

The evidence is usually compelling, and juries of normal people passed the death sentences. The crimes in most cases are so vile that I have not reported the full details, and yet somehow there are mass campaigns to save their lives, and even in some cases pardon them or give them a parole.

I believe in “Whole of Life Sentences”, only because there are always the odd cases where someone is wholly innocent of murder ….. but I could happily live with hanging in most of the cases above.

As I mentioned, the cases listed above were a completely random sample, and not one of them looks remotely like a miscarriage of justice, and I suspect that every one of the others is the same when you look at it.
  • Billy Ray Riggs (the popular killer), is guilty of at least one, and possibly more murders, and the other men listed are equally as bad, and most are considerably worse.
  • William Clark, is deluded, because in his mind the plan shouldn’t have failed, and he just can’t get over the fact that the police and courts beat his “criminal mastermind” plan to order killigs.
Funny how they all want mercy and compassion from us, after committing horrendous crimes against others, but they all offered none to any of their victims, or anyone else in their whole lives.

Update: Add these two monsters to the list.

There is of course a counter argument against death sentences, and in favour of whole of life sentences. Because of wrongful convictions and this story gives examples .... however the whole of life campaigners often then campaign to give lower sentences despite that promise. There are some crimes for which death is the only justice ... these are all in that category.
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Sunday, 2 December 2007

Womens Rights - Lest we forget them

Women in the West fought a long campaign for the freedoms they have now in sexuality, dress, working opportunities and lifestyles. Homosexuals have followed a very similar path.

Starting with the right to vote and moving into the feminist movements of the 1960's and 70's, and the current gender economic rights campaigns now, the lot of women in the West, and by extension women world wide improved.

Women Of The World Unite .... Before You Lose It All

In fact despite resistance in the Muslim world, the right to vote has been granted to women in most countries, always accepting that it's just as wasted as the men's, in places like Egypt or Zimbabwe where dictatorships are in place.


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