Friday, 31 March 2017

Flying Solo

You'd be surprised how often people get sucked from a plane. No really, it happens a lot. Well quite a lot. I don't know why this topic crossed my mind, but it did, and piqued my interest enough to do some Internet research ... so not extensive, but enough to fill a blog post.

Perhaps the most famous of these events was Aloha Airlines flight 243 from Honolulu from Hilo on April 28, 1988. The 19 year old Boeing 737 was flying at about 24,000 feet when the ceiling above the passengers, just aft of the entrance door, suddenly and explosively ripped off, leaving the passenger section exposed to the skies for about one quarter the length of the airplane.

Aloha Airlines flight 243 ,,,,, After Landing.

The casualty of this disaster was flight attendant Clarabelle Lansing, who was immediately sucked out the hole and disappeared, along with the section of passenger cabin roof. Amazingly, the other 90 passengers and 4 crew members all survived, because all of them except the unlucky Ms Lansing were belted in, which prevented more fatalities, although 65 of them were injured. Also incredibly, the jet was able to descend to make an emergency landing on Maui. 

Wiping Mughals From History

Last year there was a campaign in India to wipe the shame of the Muslim conquest from their history books. It was run under the hashtag 'Remove Mughals From Books'.

Mughal Conquest Legacy Is Controversial ...

The Mughal Empire as their rule was called, not only consolidated the religion of Islam in South Asia (often by force), it also spread Islamic (Arab) arts as well. This heritage remains visible in Indian architecture, literature and cuisine to this day.

Judged By The Company You Keep

It always makes me laugh that the deluded supporters of the 'Palestinians' in the West, usually avail themselves of the luxuries and safety afforded in democratic Israel, by staying there, while merely visiting their friends in Palestine, and only then under armed guard by their hosts. This to prevent themselves being kidnapped by the even more violent sub-terrorist groups that also operate in the Palestinian territories.

Judged By The Company You Keep - Hugh Lanning With Friends.

Its even funnier that when the Israeli government objects to the presence of these Palestinian supporters in Israel, the supporters bleat on about their human rights and the rule of law, (none of which are available in their friends lands), to complain. They actually cite "freedoms essential to democracy" as a complaint .... both Hamas and the PLO practise no democracy, let alone the essential freedoms of such a system, but they are not held to the same standards as Israel.

The Most Dangerous Man In Europe

The most dangerous man in Europe ... has to be the anointed leader of the Turk-men, and Turkish people worldwide, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. His government arbitrarily arrests thousands, has laws that are seemingly set by party diktat, presides over a regime that routinely turns a blind eye to the police using torture, has sacked hundreds of thousands of Turkish citizens, and disregards any of the political and legal norms established both in Europe and amongst fellow NATO members.

Being Compared To Fascists Works Both Ways .....

He has now apparently decided that he can abuse civilised countries such as Germany and Holland, with whatever terms he wants, and no one can touch him because he holds the key to letting millions of Muslim asylum seekers attempt to get to Europe. So much so, that he has now vowed to review all future relations with the "fascist and cruel" European Union, after rows about his government ministers attempting to hold political rallies in Germany, Holland and Austria were rejected by those governments.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Romanian Runners

We have all heard of at least one acquaintance, or even a friend, who has been involved in what is colloquially known as 'doing a runner' .... which is when people run out of a restaurant without paying for the meal or alcohol that has been consumed.

Doing A Runner Is Usually A Male Only Activity ....

Normally this would be at most a party of four males, and usually less than that, but never more than a party of maybe ten people (usually a stag party in a curry house). The plan to do the runner is rarely determined beforehand, and usually arises only after a large amount of alcohol has been consumed, and thus beer bravery heightened.

They Just Don't Do Irony

Irony - Where are you in the Muslim world?

You just can't make this one up .... the Saudi's, who love to demonstrate that women in Islam are treated like 'sisters' and not a lesser class of human at every opportunity, came up with a new wheeze. They would invite the worlds press to the opening session of the inaugural 'girls council' in al-Qassim province.

The Saudi Girls Council - Features No Women Or Girls.

They considered this to be a very liberal action, in a land where women's lives are proscribed at every turn by the decisions of the law, the religion and their male relatives. Saudi Arabia is not exactly known for giving women any sort of platform in public life. They cant drive cars and have only a very limited political franchise to vote.

Scottish Blackmail Artists

Scotland, or rather the Scottish National Party, have adopted the ludicrous view that their devolved regional government of around 5 million British citizens, has the same powers and rights as the UK government of over 60 million citizens .... that in fact a small Scotland, has the same political weight inside the United Kingdom as England, in what they persist in calling 'a partnership of equals'.

The Gun Is Always Against Our Heads

This idea is as ludicrous as for example, the Orkney's telling the Scottish devolved government that it needs to consult with the old Kirkwall government of the Norse rule (which was ended after 600 years in 1468 AD). Actually the Orkney's do want want a self-rule deal, one to mimic the self-rule deal struck by the Faroe Islands with Denmark in 1948, but that's another story. You can just guess how much abuse the Orkney Islanders would get from the wild and hairies of the SNP, if they took that line too often.

Oh, Another Terrorist Attack?

Well its happened again, but this time in London time, who can guess?

Khalid Masood - Home Grown Terrorist .... One Of Many More To Come?

.... cue more vigils, more 'I Am London' hash-tags, more politicians claiming that Islam is not to blame, more religious leaders standing together with the Muslim representative and calling for unity ~ and the Imam, Mullah or whatever they are, claiming that its not Islamic to murder in cold (or hot) blood. This despite all the evidence we see in the daily news, that currently it is in fact very Islamic to murder people on a vast scale around the globe, every day, every week, and all year round.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Not What It Seems ...

The Peoples Republic of Hackney, where incidentally Diane Abbott is the Shadow home secretary and MP for Hackney North, apparently showed once again that anti-Semitism is now a feature of the UK, when what appeared to be an anti-Semitic street sign was put up near a synagogue by persons unknown.

Ms Abbott immediately called it "disgusting" and "unacceptable", while Labour's MP for Tottenham David Lammy said it amounted to "despicable, nasty behaviour that has absolutely no place in our community."

A Lamppost Near A Synagogue In Stamford Hill, North London Caused A Stir ....

 And in fact many others joined in the condemnation ..... But in fact all turned out to be not what it seemed ....

Learning Some Lessons The Hard Way

Imagine the following scenario: A group of foreigners were invited to come here to work on a job that the locals didn't want to perform. It was never intended that they stay longer than the job, but they started bringing their families over and 'settled'.

The Danes Decided To Settle In Numbers ...

The Art Of No Compromise

The fact that Donald Trump's Presidency is turning into something of an object lesson in legal and administrative incompetency, is perhaps not totally surprising. After all this is a man who has run his own business with little regard for the niceties of negotiated compromise for decades. This despite the fact that his ghost written book, "The Art of the Deal", was his one claim to fame before he started his TV shows ...

Skinny Budget .....

Well, apart from managing to negotiate a $916 million tax write off in 1995 on his busted business model. Which means he has paid lower, or no, taxes for at least a decade or so - technically he could have used this deal for up to 18 subsequent years, allowing him to legally avoid paying federal Income Taxes until 2013. Its not clear if the £103m tax write-down that Mr Trump recorded in 2005, is connected to those losses in 1995 .... but the latest tax leaks, shows that President Donald Trump paid $38m (£31m) in tax, on an income of more than $150m (£123m) in 2005. This is an effective tax rate of 24%, which is apparently higher than the average American citizen would pay, but below the 27.4% averaged by higher-earning US taxpayers.

Pandoras Box is Empty

This statement from a Pakistani neighbour of David Lytton (The man on Saddleworth Moor), so shocked me that I am posting it as it is . .... 'Another [neighbour] said that he was a Muslim and that David told him that he had converted in 1996. Now, I don't know whether he said this in view of the treatment meted out to Christians here, as they are made to eat in separate pots from us, Muslims, but he definitely told me that he was a Muslim."

Facebook Pakistan ..... Double Standards

The casual description of the persecution of Christians as being unclean, and Haram, and not able to use the same eating bowls as Muslims, tells you all you need to know about how they think of us, at least outside the West, and makes it all the more amazing that we give their religion so much latitude.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Lucky April Fool

In April 2015 Gary Lincoln from Cardiff was doing some much needed DIY around a clients house ... this involved the use of an electrical angle cutter. Unfortunately, accidents do happen as they say, and Mr Lincoln had a bad one. Despite the cutter being fitted with a safety guard, he managed to get it caught on his jacket sleeve and it pulled him in to sever his left hand at the wrist ....

One Lucky Man ......

Killer Clown Bricked It

The recent clown scare, which has swept the western world, has a well founded basis for the fear its generated amongst some of the 'victims', in some cases.

Killer Clown Unmasked ... Not So Scary?

But as was going to inevitably happen, some of its fans have gone too far ....

Paying The Piper His Due

We have discussed the well known phenomena of the 'smaller the country the bigger the flag' .... this has been seen in Presidents attending side-walk (pavement) openings,or creating a national airline which is just the Presidential plane, or in many of the smaller the states the bigger the Presidential family corruption.

Politicians On The Take Are Nothing New In Any Culture ....

Perhaps the most famous of all these modern day alleged small country thieves was the Marcos family in the Philippines, followed closely those protégé's such as the Mugabe's, with their land grabbing family and friends, or Equatorial Guinea President Nguema and his son, who have stolen billions, and even President Zuma of South Africa, who as the third black president, has already destroyed the clean vision of President Nelson Mandala's first Presidency.

Trumps Travel Ban Travails

President Trump has reissued his travel ban list (minus Iraq), which of course is still essentially the same list of countries who were under extra scrutiny under President Obama (now minus one). Although you would never know this from the pro-refugee, pro-immigration liberals, who weep every time a refugee is refused entry.

Many Americans Remember Iranians Treatment Of Hostages - Even Though Liberals Don't.

Now I am happy to admit that President Trump is possibly a tower short of a shopping mall, but in this area I actually think he's being rather restrained, as there are many more Islamic paradises he could have included in the list. So with his minimalist list of Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen (six of the seven countries on the original 27 January order), the US have subjected the citizens of those countries to a 90-day travel ban and extra background checks.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Bucket Lists

Recently I was asked if I had any bucket list requests .... I said no. My reasoning is that it always seems to me that many of these are really all about creating memories for the benefit of the families left behind (which I don't have), rather than for the person who is expected to pass on. Of course, there are also life bucket lists, and I guess if pressed I would say that I would have liked to have moved to the US for a while, or been into outer space, and circled the moon like those two space tourists plan.

Typical Bucket List .....

Generally you usually only hear about these lists when someone is terminally ill, but if you are ill, you are usually too poorly to want to run about going to Disney Land, climbing Seven Hills, or backpacking across Australia ... to take few examples. After all its not going to be the terminally ill person remembering these events when they go.

Heavy Load

Apparently King Salman of Saudi Arabia is not one to travel lightly. He also doesn't seem to believe that the cost cutting measures in his country should apply to him. He is now on a regional tour of South East Asia, partly to explain why the Saudis have increased the cost of a pilgrim visas to Mecca and partly to invest in other countries labour, as they can't rely on Saudi's to take up the slack when the oil runs out.

Many Boot Licking Lackeys Required ...

However he is is travelling in style, which entails having 459 tonnes of equipment. This includes two gold-clad escalators, a pair of Mercedes-Benz limos, and a custom-made toilet which has been built for him at a mosque in Jakarta, according to the Indonesian media reports.

False Idols

When a Glasgow shopkeeper was murdered in cold blood in his tobacconists by Sufi Muslim Tanveer Ahmed from Bradford, because he was from the 'wrong' islamic sect, his killer was rightly sentenced to a long stretch in prison. But apparently he is to many in Pakistan, a hero and warrior, for stabbing an unarmed man to death. In this he has joined the state governor body guard, Mumtaz Qadri, who killed the man he was guarding because he had challenged the biased Pakistani blasphemy laws. Qadri too is now a martyr to Islam - yes they built a shrine housing his tomb in Rawalpindi.

Face Of A Cowardly Murderer .....

If you ever needed to know why Pakistan is a failed state then this should be enough information.

Clear And Present Danger To Themselves

This blog has posted before on the phenomena of those westerners, who apparently against all common sense put themselves and others in grave danger, by going to locations where they are likely to be taken hostage or killed, usually simply for being white, and usually a non-believer as well.

Philippine Navy Finds The Remains Of Another Hostage Taking ....

Normally these are people are men or women of a certain mind-set, who somehow come to think that they are not going to be ill treated by the people who they are going to 'help'. The help they think that they are offering these people is rarely of much use .... just helping out, or more usually putting the locals in danger by association with them, but they somehow convince themselves that they are serving some noble calling, and go anyway.


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