Friday, 3 March 2017

False Idols

When a Glasgow shopkeeper was murdered in cold blood in his tobacconists by Sufi Muslim Tanveer Ahmed from Bradford, because he was from the 'wrong' islamic sect, his killer was rightly sentenced to a long stretch in prison. But apparently he is to many in Pakistan, a hero and warrior, for stabbing an unarmed man to death. In this he has joined the state governor body guard, Mumtaz Qadri, who killed the man he was guarding because he had challenged the biased Pakistani blasphemy laws. Qadri too is now a martyr to Islam - yes they built a shrine housing his tomb in Rawalpindi.

Face Of A Cowardly Murderer .....

If you ever needed to know why Pakistan is a failed state then this should be enough information.

Of course this, while disturbing enough if it was just Pakistan, is a world view that is being exported via the Pakistani diaspora, to countries around the globe. In fact that's how the Glasgow murderer Tanveer Ahmed got the idea to murder someone in the first place, via internet Islamic sermons.

But once imprisoned, he was allowed to phone Pakistan from his Scottish cell and extol anyone who killed blasphemers. His voice repeating 'the penalty for blasphemy is death', is now played out at the rallies in his honour. The Scottish prison service have now banned him from phone calls (too late of course), but as one of his supporters said - he can still write to us!

So now, people gather outside his family's home in the city of Mirpur, in Pakistan-administered Kashmir for rallies in his honour. The crowd chant slogans praising Ahmed as "brave" and "courageous". One man attending said: "Because of what he did, the whole of Pakistan knows who he is." - the rallies are organised by the religious blasphemy lobby group Labaik Ya Rasool Ullah (Here I am present, o Prophet of Allah).

Martyr Rally To Ahmed And Qadri In Pakistan ......

So an idea that should be a concern only in a failed Muslim state, should now also be a concern in the UK. Especially as Ahmed is held in particularly high esteem, for having killed someone accused of blasphemy in a non-Muslim country.

How much of a mind step leap would it be for someone to decide that any blasphemer in a non-Muslim country can be executed? After all Salman Rushdie is effectively under a death sentence for blasphemy. What if it was decided that Prince Charles (who has dabbled in Sufism), is actually a blasphemer?

I repeat the same warnings as on many posts .... we reap what we sow by allowing any version of Islam to flourish unrestricted in the UK.

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