Friday, 24 March 2017

Romanian Runners

We have all heard of at least one acquaintance, or even a friend, who has been involved in what is colloquially known as 'doing a runner' .... which is when people run out of a restaurant without paying for the meal or alcohol that has been consumed.

Doing A Runner Is Usually A Male Only Activity ....

Normally this would be at most a party of four males, and usually less than that, but never more than a party of maybe ten people (usually a stag party in a curry house). The plan to do the runner is rarely determined beforehand, and usually arises only after a large amount of alcohol has been consumed, and thus beer bravery heightened.

So the idea of a mass runner by an entire organised party in a restaurant, is just unheard of ..... but then we don't have the chutzpah of the Romanian gypsy, where the old adage of 'if something is worth doing, then that something should not be done by half's', still holds true.   

This is nicely illustrated by the fact recently, in the El Carmen restaurant in the north-eastern Spanish town of Bembibre, a party of 120 diners were celebrating a baptism. Nothing unusual about that, except that it was a good chance for a profit for the restaurant in a deflated Spanish economy.

The El Carmen Restaurant .... Scene Of An Epic 'Runner' ....

The diners were all from Romania, and had paid a deposit of €900 ($950; £770), but as dessert was due to be served they all got up and fled the restaurant without paying. According to the owner, "It happened in the space of a minute. It was something they had planned and they left in a stampede."

The diners still owed €2,000 after they had consumed starters, a main course and 30 bottles of various alcoholic drinks, and although the police took the details of the party, the owner said he held out little hope of being repaid.

Police told the El Pais newspaper they had not yet been able to contact any of the diners .... maybe if they looked for a convoy of caravans weaving down the motorway, there would be a good clue as to where they are.


I was wrong, the Spanish eventually did catch up with gang ....  well the two alleged ringleaders, after it turned that the gang had done it before, just six miles (10km) away at another restaurant, El Rincon de Pepin.

2pec's or 2braincells?

In Australia a self-styled rapper called 2pec (aka Terry lyle Peck) did a runner from a Queenland restaurant after racking up a A$600 (£360, $450) bill on drinks and sea food. Chased into the sea by police on jet ski's, when caught, the tuneful tit claimed that he was going to help an unnamed friend who was 'giving birth on the beach', he later changed this to a claim that 'the lobster was overcooked'.

2pec More Like 2braincells Caught In The Sea.

His unreleased songs include 'Ozi, Ozi, Ozi,Oy, Oy, Oy', which some might recognise as similar to the British sports chant 'Oggy, Oggy, Oggy, Oi, Oi, Oi' ... so a real genius as well. You perhaps won't be surprised to learn that Peck was on parole already, after he had been released from prison in February 2017.

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