Friday, 24 March 2017

Oh, Another Terrorist Attack?

Well its happened again, but this time in London time, who can guess?

Khalid Masood - Home Grown Terrorist .... One Of Many More To Come?

.... cue more vigils, more 'I Am London' hash-tags, more politicians claiming that Islam is not to blame, more religious leaders standing together with the Muslim representative and calling for unity ~ and the Imam, Mullah or whatever they are, claiming that its not Islamic to murder in cold (or hot) blood. This despite all the evidence we see in the daily news, that currently it is in fact very Islamic to murder people on a vast scale around the globe, every day, every week, and all year round.

The claims that this terrorism is all going to go away someday, are at best naive, and at worst deliberate lies. Islam has only been peaceful in the 150 years when it was being dominated by European colonial powers, Christian Russia, France, and Britain as well as Muslim Turkey. A political situation that will never occur again.

This, coupled with fact that Islam, through a combination of a high birthrate and mass emigration into non Muslim lands, is on course to be the biggest religion in the world by 2070 AD, means that not only is the problem never going to go away, but is probably going to get much, much, worse in the coming decades ...... lets not fool ourselves any more about this, and just hope our politicians come clean on the subject and tackle it head on.

Otherwise, we will just see more and more of these random acts of extreme violence from the extremists now living amongst us.


  1. His wife says it's nothing to do with her and she's sorry he did it. A former colleague claims he was really a peaceful middle class man. The very antithesis of violence.

    So once again we are given the same whitewashed bullshit as on every other occasion.

    Who says you can't paint a turd?

    1. I'm not convinced that this is whitewashed bs - I also heard of his violent streak from people who knew him. It just goes to prove that people capable of this sort of action do not stand out from the crowd.
      Calling this a terrorist incident gives it and the terrorists too much credence. It was a sad person attaching his pain to something which happens to resemble what he felt like doing.

    2. The police are calling it a terrorist incident inspired by an interest in doing Jihad, even if not by a particular brand of IS or Al-Qaeda ideology. Whatever the name you give it, its happening increasingly across Europe and will most certainly increase in frequency as IS adherents return after defeat in Iraq and Syria.

      Thanks to both of you for the comments.

    3. It matters what name we give it - if we give it an aggrandizing, ideological name, the crazies will be attracted to the bandwagon. If however, we play it down and accept that the act had more to do with mental illness and social care failures and give it less media coverage, throwing one's life away like that will seem less appealing.

    4. Can't go along with you here ... once they start down the Jihad route I don't think that they care what name we give it, as we are just infidel liars, and would say that wouldn't we? I think trying to downplay terrorism as just a sign of mental illness, is doing the victims no justice, and makes little difference to those attracted to jihad.

    5. I wasn't suggesting that we downplay Terrorism but these incidents by unstable people who try to attach their self destructive behaviour to something bigger. I agree that a dedicated Jihadist won't be deterred, but a disturbed loner, on the edge, might think again if they see their act of desperation lost on the fourth page of a local newspaper.

    6. Well I think you have the answer to your question in Stockholm. It makes little difference to the victims what the terrorists motivations are. However its clear that the attacker is also not deterred from carrying out the attack, whether they are a disturbed loner, on the edge, or not. We are not the audience they are playing to.

  2. Now Germany? It looks like this madness is now a permanent state of low level war between the Muslims in Europe and the rest of us. We are to stupid to do what logic says is the only way to make Europe safe again.

    So get used to it folks.

    1. It certainly looks like it was another Islamic attack, but it could also be a far left group. Thanks for the comment.

    2. Turns out to the first market trader bomber in history. Apparently he was hoping to make money by placing a put on the club shares in the hope that they would fall. Ironically he made better more sophisticated bombs than the Jihadi idiots have managed to make.

    3. Its certainly a strange reason to become a terrorist. Thanks for the comment stroke update.

    4. Two more attacks in France. One thwarted last week and another killing and wounding two policemen.

      Over 250 deaths in France alone since 2015. This will be worse after the hundreds of IS supporters fyom France return later this year or early next year from Syria and Iraq.

    5. A problem many European countries are going to have to face. Thanks for the comment.


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