Friday, 24 March 2017

Scottish Blackmail Artists

Scotland, or rather the Scottish National Party, have adopted the ludicrous view that their devolved regional government of around 5 million British citizens, has the same powers and rights as the UK government of over 60 million citizens .... that in fact a small Scotland, has the same political weight inside the United Kingdom as England, in what they persist in calling 'a partnership of equals'.

The Gun Is Always Against Our Heads

This idea is as ludicrous as for example, the Orkney's telling the Scottish devolved government that it needs to consult with the old Kirkwall government of the Norse rule (which was ended after 600 years in 1468 AD). Actually the Orkney's do want want a self-rule deal, one to mimic the self-rule deal struck by the Faroe Islands with Denmark in 1948, but that's another story. You can just guess how much abuse the Orkney Islanders would get from the wild and hairies of the SNP, if they took that line too often.

So now, it appears that the Scots are going to hold the independence referendum gun against the British governments head every time they sense an opportunity ....  the last vote on the subject was only September 2014, but here we are again, with demands for yet another vote on the subject, to be held before Brexit completes in 2019.

Its about time a British Prime Minister stopped pandering to Nicola Sturgeons demands, and told her in no uncertain terms that 'No', you cant have a referendum before Brexit, and that the next vote will be the last for at least 20 years. Blackmail is blackmail, and we cant have this nonsense every 4 years or so.

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