Friday, 10 March 2017

Killer Clown Bricked It

The recent clown scare, which has swept the western world, has a well founded basis for the fear its generated amongst some of the 'victims', in some cases.

Killer Clown Unmasked ... Not So Scary?

But as was going to inevitably happen, some of its fans have gone too far ....

18 year old Michael March of South Shields UK, apparently joined this so-called "killer clown" craze and took to banging the axe he carried on the floor, to scare people he jumped out on. This included a couple walking past him in the car park of the Sand Dancer pub in Sea Road, South Shields, at 9.10pm on the night before Halloween in 2016.

March, then aged 17, was arrested after the police were called and used CCTV footage to track him - he and his unnamed accomplice had run off, and he was found to be still in possession of the axe and had the mask in his backpack. He told police: "I'm sorry, I was not going to hurt her." ... In court his defence council said that it was all meant to be just a joke that went badly wrong.

The Judge didn't see the joke, and Judge Jamie Hill QC said: "Brandishing an axe and threatening people in the street is serious whatever the context." .... he then jailed him for 6 months.

What made me laugh was the female victim, who happened to be 22 weeks pregnant, and who did not give a court statement as "she did not want the stress of court to affect her any further", reacted on the night, as I might have guessed for a girl from that area. She told police that "she had been chased by a male wearing a clown mask, brandishing an axe" .... But then being a Geordie girl (in a generic sense of the term), she picked up a brick and threw it at him .... and thus caused her attacker to brick it, and run away.

If everyone did this, the whole craze would have ended with a lot of dead clowns ....


  1. Do you think a pot of dead clown heads stuck on park railings would have sparked a new urban myth about a latter day Vlad The Impaler operating?

    1. Is there a name for a collection of clown heads? probably not, but a thought. thanks for the comment.

  2. One-armed 'clown' brandishing a machete arrested in Maine

    1. Yep they are still around. Thanks for the comment.


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