Saturday, 25 April 2009

More US Women Arrested

Last week I blogged about North American women journalists who display a certain naivety (or stupidity), about owning a western passport and who appear to believe to that this makes them safe no matter what they do.

And now, a week later, there are headlines about two US women 'facing North Korea trial' for allegedly illegally crossed the North Korean border from China.

I am wondering if some of these 'westernised' women are too stupid to be allowed into dangerous jobs?

How many male journalists, would think that their passport offered anything more than a fig leaf of protection against the regimes and terror groups operating around the world? I venture to say none.

Who in their right mind would cross the North Korean borders? No one truly sane.

Get a grip ladies, or we will have to hand you your bras back.

Oh, and the US Iranian is now apparently on hunger strike.

Worlds Rivers Drying Up

As any reader of my Blog knows, I am fairly convinced that the world is heading for destruction this century .... I have pinpointed 2050 as the moment when the shit hits the fan .... so the news that many of the worlds major rivers water levels have declined significantly over the past 50 years is no great surprise.

The only area with a significant increase in water flows was the Arctic and Himalayas, due to a greater amount of snow and ice melting, and that's a disaster as well, because once the glacial ice has gone, its gone, and India and China will lose 30% of their fresh water supplies.

From the Yellow river in northern China, to the Ganges in India, to the Colorado river in the United States - US scientists say that the major sources of fresh water for much of the world's population are in decline.

We laughed at those 'Survivalists' but they may be the last ones standing.

Argy Bargy in South Atlantic

Even though Argentina are now a democracy and you would expect that they would act like that in respect to others, they continue to harbour ambitions over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands.

This has been shown once by what can only be described as an aggressive claim to the UN to ownership of all the territorial waters on the continental shelf (including those around the Falklands). The 1,700,000 sq km (650,000 sq miles) claimed includes the Falkland Islands and South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands.

This follows increasingly bellicose talk from Buenos Aires about "Colonial Wars" and continuing claims on the Islands.

As usual, the wishes of the wholly British inhabitants don't enter into the considerations of the Argentines, who see no irony in trying to colonise English speaking islands, whilst claiming Britain is a colonial power.

As expected, our spineless UK government has apparently done nothing to counter this claim, and we await the inevitable last minute scramble as the Brown government realises that the UN is biased against us, and that the UK population won't stand for letting Argentina take the islands by stealth.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Rift Tearing Pakistan Apart

A lazyman blog entry here .... I was directed to this article by Don Belt of National Geographic Magazine, via a comment on another blog.

It's a link to a long, but very interesting article, which is now a few years old, and written when Pakistans President was Pervez Musharraf, who has since gone, but it explains the reasons why Pakistan is sliding into oblivion. It should be noted that the situation is now worse than ever.

I reproduce the opening paragraph as a taster to entice you to go to the National Geographic site to read the rest of it.

"If there is an address, an exact location for the rift tearing Pakistan apart, and possibly the world, it is a spot 17 miles (28 kilometers) west of Islamabad called the Margalla Pass.

Here, at a limestone cliff in the middle of Pakistan, the mountainous west meets the Indus River Valley, and two ancient, and very different, civilizations collide. To the southeast, unfurled to the horizon, lie the fertile lowlands of the Indian subcontinent, realm of peasant farmers on steamy plots of land, bright with colors and the splash of serendipitous gods.

To the west and north stretch the harsh, windswept mountains of Central Asia, land of herders and raiders on horseback, where man fears one God and takes no prisoners."

Iranian Justice, Trial and Sentence First, Defence Afterwards

In a case that's eerily reminiscent of the arrest, torture and eventual murder, of the half Canadian journalist Zahra Kazemi, by the Iranian police, another "Journalist", half American Zahra Baniyaghoub, has been arrested and then given a one day "secret trial", and then sentenced to eight years for "Spying".

Oddly, only after the trial and conviction, did anyone suggest that she might have any form of legal defence afforded to her, when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, sent a letter from his office to Tehran's prosecutor, which suggested she must have her legal right to defend herself if she appeals.

The mother of the Ms Baniyaghoub, has said that her daughters health is "fragile", which may be a coded suggestion that torture has been used and which may also explain why the trial was held in secret.

It appears that there is a certain naivety, in these "Iranian" women 'journalists' who hold North American passports, and who appear to believe to that this makes them safe from the attentions of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, but sadly this is a very misplaced belief.

UN Racism Forum Is Racist

Once again the United Nations demonstrates that its thoroughly demeaned as an organisation to police mankind.

Anti-Racisms Often Aggressive Imagery

UN human rights commissioner Navi Pillay has organised an "Anti-Racism" forum and was then "shocked", when a lot of Western nations pulled out. They said there was no point in going, because it was just an excuse for Islamic countries to attack rich Non Muslim countries (as it had been the last time one of these forums had been held), especially as the prime speaker was to be President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran.

Death To USA and Israel .... A Popular Refrain.

It should also be noted that these attacks, are usually against the "white colonialists" i.e. those who give three quarters of world aid, but get abused for not doing even more, or "The Zionists" as Israel is called by Muslims. It appears that in some minds, only Whites and Jews are 'racists', and things like the Indian "caste system", or the world wide eradication of 'Christians' (or 'crusaders' as the local mob will call them), from Muslim lands etc, are not racist.

Black Rioting And Looting Is Described As An 'Uprising' Against Racism...

Finally, someone in the West has woken up to attempts in the UN to allow anyone who criticises Islam to be arrested, and to exempt these arrests from being attacks on "Free Speech", because this forum, at the request of middle eastern nations, still contains a clause in the declaration, about the incitement of religious hatred (i.e. criticising Islam).

Many Western countries see this as a curtailment of free speech, and cite this as another reason not to attend (although the UK seems not to be one of them, as we are sending a delegation).

Monday, 13 April 2009

FBI - Highway Serial Killings Initiative

Surprisingly, no one in the US ever tied all the roads and the dumped bodies found off them to the trucker community. Maybe it was because of movies like "smokey and the bandit", which portrayed the truckers as "good ole boys" ..... modern cowhands if you like, but finally the FBI made the connection and launched the Highway Serial Killings Initiative.

This map shows the more than 500 cases in the Highway Serial Killings Initiative database; the red dots mark where bodies or remains have been found along highways over the past 30 years. It's believed by many that this map content, may still be actually under reporting the murders by as much as a factor of ten, but so many of these cases were dealt with 'locally' that the true figure may never be known.

The victims in these cases are primarily women who are living high-risk, transient lifestyles, often involving substance abuse and prostitution. They’re frequently picked up at truck stops or service stations and sexually assaulted, murdered, and dumped along a highway.

Already this initiative has led to the identification of serial killers such as Bruce Mendenhall, and John Williams and an examination of many "cold cases" by the FBI has led to claims that the current trucker community includes around two hundred serial killers.

Lest we forget, we have had at least two trucking serial killers in the UK, Peter Sutcliffe ("The Yorkshire Ripper") and Robert Black (Child Murderer) and its likely that across Europe there are many serial killers driving the roads.

Russia for instance, has had a proliferation of serial killers since the collapse of the Soviet Union, its believed that for propaganda reasons the Soviets were unable to admit to serial killings, so they often went uninvestigated. Many of them were related to the thousands of miles of roads across Russia.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Public Floggings

"Heres Anwar!!"

Yes girls, coming soon to a town near you .... rapes, public floggings and forced marriages... lets do things the M way......

You have all been warned, but everyone seems reluctant to do or say anything.

The Taliban flogged and filmed a girl, and Muslim Khan, the spokesman for Mullah Fazlullah (who ordered the floggings), said that had Qazi (Sharia) courts been functioning in Swat at the time, the woman would have been stoned to death.

Then told everyone it never happened....... they must think we are all stupid.

The story has several versions

  1. A man visited the house, was accused of being alone with the girl and was flogged .... she was flogged as well, and they were forced into marriage.
  2. The man was an electrician, who called to the house, and then the family accused him of something, they were both beaten, then forced to get married (because the girl wasn't wanted by anyone).
  3. The man was an electrician who called to the house and then the family accused him of rape, they were both beaten then forced to get married.
  4. The man was an electrician, who called to the house and then raped the girl, they were both beaten then forced to get married.

None of them make good reading ....

Free Speech Under Attack

In the UK we are living in very dangerous times for ‘free speech’ …. One of the risks of having an unwritten constitution with assumptions of ‘rights is that those ‘assumptions’, are often open to ‘reinterpretation' by any Government that wishes to do so, often with very little public scrutiny.

In general the left wing has always been anti libertarian in nature, with a vaguely Stalinist desire for information on its subjects, and a strong desire to control through legislation. The communist regimes from the USSR, through to China and North Korea, have tried to control information, and the means of its distribution.

In the UK this has manifested itself through banning type legislation on such subjects as Cigarettes, Alcohol, Maternity/Paternity laws and countless other laws. As well as negative acts such as the refusal to offer a referendum on Europe, open immigration policies, which allow uneducated immigrants to enter the UK (even Ministers boyfriends), and attempts to protect Islam from criticism.

But we in the West, have always prided ourselves that we have kept the state from having such control, that it would know what we thought, or who we associated with, but it maybe that the new ‘Spy’ legislation, that forces ISP to store information for at least 12 months, has ended that proud boast. The legislation comes at the behest of the EU, but as usual, this UK government has taken a chance to extend it further, and make it potentially the most totally intrusive peacetime piece of legislation in UK history.

The data stored, does not include the actual content of e-mails or actual recordings of net phone calls, or the content of the web pages visited (storage details are of e-mail addresses, website URLS visited and net phone call numbers), but is used to determine connections between individuals. Other Authorities can get access to the stored records with a warrant…. and on the flimsiest of grounds (Fly tipping gangs are one of the suggested uses!)

The Government says that, “adequate safeguards exist and that Access to communications data is governed by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (Ripa) which ensures that effective safeguards are in place and that the data can only be accessed when it is necessary and proportionate to do so."

But liberty campaigners suggest that this is the thin edge of a very long wedge, and that we are already in a police state, with better surveillance of its subjects than that of the STASI, NKVD or KGB, because we also have more surveillance cameras as well as ‘wire taps’ than any other industrialised state.

There are also grave doubts, that the proclaimed cause of all this loss of freedom “Anti Terrorism”, won’t actually be aided by this ‘data mining’, as the inferences to be drawn by the ‘connections’ can be wrong. After all we are all allegedly only 6 acquaintances away from anyone in the world (a much exaggerated urban myth, but you get my point) including presumably terrorists.

As Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group points out “People who really do want to do obnoxious things will simply hide themselves away - using encryption techniques and anonymisers. It will make it harder for the security services that actually monitor the people they think are a risk." . I for one would now consider using encryption software on a few secure folders to stop government snoops opening my files, but for the fact that in the UK, the authorities can use the Regulation of the Investigatory Powers Act (Ripa) to try to force people to hand over the 'keys' which lock and unlock encrypted data.

I repeat, we are at the cross roads as a nation with freedom of speech, thought, and conscience, and may even have tipped over the edge. We may have to rely on legal challenges that are underway in Sweden and Germany, to restore a balance to British freedoms that this government keeps attempting to curb.

However, plans to introduce the proposed ‘centralised’ database into legislation (which could cost millions), have continued to be put on the back burner, after it failed to appear in the draft Communications Data Bill. It follows the comments of the UK's Information Commissioner Richard Thomas, who called it a "step too far for the British way of life".

But whenever you give up a hard earned inch of your rights, you never get them back, and we are still creeping towards the day when your every moment will be monitored.

PC Protection

The rate of Malware infection around the globe is frightening and seems to show no sign of abating. Recent reports suggest that 97% of all emails are now SPAM.

An interesting point on this map is that Ethiopia, Mongolia and Burma have virtually no Internet coverage so little malware detected, AND Japan is so savvy and up to date on its security, that it is virtually immune.

The rest of us fall somwhere in between. So get your Windows Automatic Updates and Firewall set up, download Spybot and Adaware and make sure you have an antivirus package (free) working folks, cos its dangerous out there!

Dhimmitude creeps ever closer

The eventual Islamification of the UK desired by many UK Muslims crept a little closer this week.

First, a Muslim 'cleric' Anjem Choudary posted on his web site that Easter is Evil and that "Ishtar (a pagan festival named after the ancient Assyrian goddess) which is pronounced Easter is a day that commemorated the resurrection of one of the pagan gods that was called Tammuz, who was believed to be the only begotten son of the moon-goddess and the sun-god. "

Mr Choudary has previously stood outside Westminster Cathedral in central London to call for the execution of the Pope as punishment for 'insulting Islam'. He railed against Pope Benedict XVl, and added that: "Whoever insults the message of Mohammed is going to be subject to capital punishment."

He has also vowed to carry on insulting Brit soldiers, suggested homosexuals be killed and repeated the call for Muslim Sharia law to be introduced into the UK, and even suggested Brits who didn’t like it should leave the country.

Imagine if any Christian cleric came out and declared Islam evil or heathen, suggested Muslims leave the country, or called for Mr Choudhary's life to be taken? They would risk being attacked, both physically and verbally, and they would certainly be hounded into submission. But then as we are increasingly seeing there are already two sets of laws in the UK and its the majority who face arrest.

He seems to have forgotten (or maybe he doesn't claim to be a 'scholar' like most clerics) that there was a strong Moon God cult in Babylon and Persia, and pot shards show there were temples to him in Arabia (including Mecca), so it seems likely he was just one of many heathen gods worshipped in Mecca then.

This Moon God of Saudi Arabia link shows 4 views of the idol, which whether its a god, a king, or a priest, still shows the crescent moon on his chest and which is obviously echoed by the crescent moon of some religions today.... oddly because of these heathen connotations, some Muslims no longer accept the crescent as a valid symbol.

But tacked onto this story was a far more disturbing tale about Muslim-led Tower Hamlets Council in east London, who allowed Muslim extremist Anwar al-Awlaki, who has alleged links to Al Qaeda, to broadcast a series of secret video messages on Saturday night, to an Islamic student conference at the Brady arts centre, Whitechapel, which is a publicly owned building.

Muslim students stood 'guard' on the steps and banned all cameras and recording equipment. They refused entry to the general public (i.e. Non Asians), saying the entire building had been reserved for 'Islamic' students. This is illegal in a public building, but where were the police enforcing the law?

Of course, Mr Choudhary and his family are on state benefits ...... its a full time job preaching hate. The day when we are told to bow our necks to the Mr Choudary's of this world just got a little closer.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Earth Over Populated

I have been blogging on 2050 AD, and the forthcoming Apocalypse, but for some reason scientists keep trying to bring the date forward!

The latest report is that the Earth's population 'exceeds its limits'. Dr Nina Fedoroff said that humans had exceeded the Earth's "limits of sustainability".

The current most populated countries are:
  • China - 1.33bn
  • India - 1.16bn
  • USA - 306m
  • Indonesia - 230m
  • Brazil - 191m

But right behind them are a lot of countries, whose excessive birth rates are causing them to burst at the seams such as Egypt with 76,030,000 people, but who had only 10 million in 1900 and 20 million in 1950. At current rates of growth, its expected to be about 117 million by 2050 AD, which is unsustainable and means that Egypt has to take over other lands (probably in Sudan or Libya).

There is a group called the "Optimum Population Trust" which features population growth chart and is now endorsed by Sir David Attenborough. The Trust, which accuses governments and green groups of observing a taboo on the topic of world overpopulation accuses policy makers and environmentalists of conspiring in a "silent lie" that human numbers can grow forever with no ill-effects.

They want the UK (non immigrants only of course) to adopt a two child policy because the UK, population is officially projected to rise from 60.6 million (mid-2006) to 77 million in 2050, but thats almost entirely drive by mass immigration from Africa and the Sub continent. Stop the immigration and the UK population is stable, but we are not allowed to say that!

.... more importantly for those of you planning to live for many more decades, there are various world population clocks like this one which show the world counting down the destruction.

This one is from but there are others.

The reason for this growth, is that we in the West have provided medical knowledge and aid, to stop famines and plagues keeping population growth in check in the third world. It may seem like a humane idea to let populations grow like this in order to salve western TV consciences, but we will reap the consequences in the next few decades.

The Arab World Ignores International Criminal Court

Omar al-Bashir the Sudanese President, has visited five Arab countries since the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an international warrant for his arrest. The court indicted Mr Bashir of orchestrating genocidal atrocities against Muslim civilians in Darfur, where his Arab-led government has been battling black African Muslim rebels since 2003.

The Arab League, many African states, and Sudan's key ally China, have called for the ICC proceedings to be suspended, and indeed Pres. Omar al-Bashir has just attended an Arab League summit in Qatar, where he received strong support from Arab leaders all of whom are signatories to the ICC.

Contrast this with former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic who was hunted across the Balkans, and was a pariah until arrested. In the West we respect the law, whereas in the Arab and African world, "the strong man" is above the law, and that is why we live in civilised democracies, and why the Arab world has not one practising democracy, and Africa is a basket case.

Hanging Wouldn't Be Enough

A story came out this week, that just about sums up UK 'Justice' to a T under a Government that claims its "Tough on Crime, Tough on the causes of Crime" ....... Official figures showed more than 200 paedophiles (Child Molestors) who admitted having sexual activity with children, some aged under 13, were only cautioned by the police.

The excuse for this disgraceful fact is that its "not always appropriate to make young victims go through the "trauma" of a trial " or maybe its the fact that no Government Minister has had their child molested.

It almost beggars belief, that anyone can really believe that a man who rapes a child, should be able to walk away without even being taken to court.


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