Friday, 27 January 2017

Shakeyer Stupidity

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Sheikh is what passes for an intellectual in Saudi Arabia, and he holds the position of 'Grand Mufti'. I tell you all this, not because you care very much, but more as background and context.

This year he passed a fatwa i.e. He made a 'religious judgement' on something being permissible or not in Islam. Nothing new there, he will have passed hundreds if not thousands of these judgements over the decades .... anything from death sentences, to restrictions in the marital home or advice on prayers.

Chess Games Can Be A Matter Of Life And Death .....

Contagious Madness

PC Madness is a contagion .... as discussed in an earlier post this madness has infected Liberal educational establishments in the US, to the point that they discriminate against anyone who is not infected with the same madness as them.

(Ex) Professor Michael Rectenwald

This was highlighted when an un-tenured assistant professor at New York University, the liberal studies professor Michael Rectenwald, was removed from teaching classes by a 12-person committee calling itself the 'Liberal Studies Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group', who don't actually agree with diversity of opinion, equality of views, or inclusion of all .... preferring to brand and exclude all those who don't agree with their Neo-Fascist liberal values.

Chinese Cuisine Corruption

Fancy a trip to china? Visiting the Great Wall of China …………… the restaurant maybe?

The Great Wall Of China .... Worth A Visit?

Well, be careful what you eat over there …. they have recently uncovered yet another massive food scandal. This time its with illegal products and ingredients being passed off as kosher (well not kosher, but you know what I mean). This time it’s condiments and seasoning's. The very staples of Chinese cuisine and effecting both domestic (Totole and Donggu), and international brand names (including such luminaries as Maggi, Knorr, and Nestle).

The Rocky Road To Separatism

Scotland's eventual break away from the rest of the UK is probably inevitable, but there are still the same flies in the ointment as last time (lots of awkward questions). For instance, if as the Scots keep expecting, they are allowed into the EU without having to go through the formal application process of 5 years or so, then of course it also opens up the path for other separatist groups such as the Basque region in Spain/France, and even Corsica in France, and Crete in Greece, to go down the same path.

Picture Of A Corps Of Cretan Gendarmes In Thessaloniki, 1912-1913

By the way I can vouch for the Cretan one, having once spent a trip from the airport to the resort being lectured to by a driver who believed it should be a nation of its own. I was informed in no uncertain terms and " 'facts' my friend, facts' ", that Crete actually was a late unionist with Greece, only throwing off the rule of the Ottoman Turks in 1913 after a series of rebellions against their empire (the Greek state had been established in 1830). They saw themselves as Greek back then, and repeatedly (and mistakenly according to the taxi driver), rejected the autonomy that the then Great Powers of Europe were pressing as an alternative to union ... this may have been a reaction to the fact that the perfidious British, French and Russians had actually stopped Greek troops from helping the Cretan's achieve their freedom in 1897. Their battle cry was “Union or Death” ..... but times have changed. There is now a “Cretan State” movement, and in 2012 the treaty that bound Crete with Greece ended, and some thought there would be a referendum ... sadly not. That was a long trip I can tell you ....

Friday, 20 January 2017

CIA Conspiracy Alert

The CIA have, through a mixture of pressure and circumstance released 13 million formerly classified documents. They are feely available on the CREST archive held on the CIA Library website.

CIA Declassified

Amongst these are going to be snippets of gold for politicos and nerds alike, because as well as such content as the papers of Henry Kissinger (former Secretary of State under Presidents Nixon and Ford) are intelligence briefings, research papers, UFO sightings and psychic experiments (such as investigating Uri Geller).

Wild Wild East

We have discussed before the growing influence of the Russian Orthodox church in both the running of the state, and the private lives of ordinary Russians. This influence is not necessarily benign, and in point of fact, is more often than not very reactionary - in much the same way as the Wahhabi mullahs control much of the social discourse in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Muslim world.

Unholy Alliance ......

They seem to have adopted the idea that there is in fact a Czar (Tzar?) of 'All the Russia's' back in power again, this time in the form of President/Premier (take your pick .. power is retained whatever role he takes), Putin, and that their holy mission is therefore to support his government, and direct the lives of the ordinary 'peasants' (perhaps 'serfs' is the correct term in this case?).

Rotherham - Another Hidden Scandal?

The scandal of the Labour Rotherham councils blindness towards Muslim men systematically grooming and raping non-Muslim, mainly white girls, who were often under their care or supervision should have resulted in criminal proceedings for some of the officials of that town (Both council workers and police), but instead it was largely brushed under the carpet. I am not even sure if anyone lost their jobs.

Rotherham Scandal Coverage As Press Moved On ....

Scots Dominate UK

Scotland was always going to have another 'independence' referendum, as the Pandora's box that is devolution, was always going to be opened one day. So with talk of a second referendum in the air again, it might as well be now, as later ... we can't keep having this gun held to our heads. If they do leave the UK, and successfully get into the EU straight away, then they will be one of two small English speaking nations in the EU ... that should go well for them.

Flying The Flag For English ....

Of course the fact that they want to vote for 'independence from Westminster', only to then immediately hand over sovereign control to the EU commission, may seem somewhat paradoxical ... but I guess you have to have the mind-set of a Scottish Nationalist in order to untangle the logical flaws.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Right Royally Drunk

Its no secret that in Europe in the Dark and Middle ages, people could rarely if ever, drink the local water .... and live.

Things Might Have Gone More Soberly If Another Beverage Had Been Available
So in general our leaders were at least mildly drunk most of the time, as they drank what is sometimes called 'small beer', which is a brewed (boiled) beer or ale that contained a lower alcohol level than the more standard beer. It was sometimes left unfiltered, and therefore porridge-like, so also had some food value as well. 

Views From A Modern Hospital Stay.

Firstly; Let me say that the reported NHS Accident and Emergency crisis is real, and not some politicking by left-wing unions. After I arrived for my day operation I was told that all the 'day patients' I had been sat with, had all been sent home, because Accident and Emergency had gone mental, and no beds or operating times were available for them ... I had been listed as a bed patient for some reason so luckily didn't get sent home with them.

As Has Been Pointed Out Before The US Health System Is The Most Expensive In World

I might add that this crisis of funding and spiralling cost of health care is a worldwide phenomena, with a simple search uncovering problems around the globe, from 'Obama care' funding and overpriced drugs in the USA, to crises in the Irish, and Australian health models.

Occult World War II

I always find it odd how people (well men really), react to mentions of the Nazi's Waffen SS .... on one hand they are considered murdering swine, but others praise their 'fighting skills', whilst always adding that 'of course they went over the top with some of their methods .... but still you can't deny they could fight'. However there is an aspect of their military order that is often just ignored by these commentators ..... the fact is that many of the very senior SS leaders were quite simply barking mad.

If proof of this was ever needed, then the recent news that the SS secret occult book collection had been discovered in the Czech National library (well in an old depot where books were stored).  Apparently the books in the collection had lain there since the 1950's .... its whereabouts between 1945, and its arrival at the depot was not known.

Wewelsburg Castle - Himmler's Nazi Shrine ....

Real Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is a common problem …. well according to the ‘wimmin of the left’ in the West. However they largely focus on the fact that if a woman takes career time off to have children, she sometimes doesn’t get promoted as fast as a male colleague when she eventually returns to the workforce. A fallacious argument at best, but one that has traction with women writers in the media and especially in the BBC.

However, there is in fact a form of gender inequality that is practised worldwide, outside of the West, which is birth selection. This has been exacerbated by the ability of doctors to tell prospective parents the likely sex of their next child in the womb ….. so in many cultures, if it’s a girl child, the child is aborted or killed. If you work with Asians at work gently ask around, you will be surprised how many of them have a first born son … far more in fact than the laws of chance would seem to predict.

This Is Not Necessarily An Innocent Scene ....

An example of this kind of mindset was seen recently in Pakistan, where a man called Umar Zaib, threw his one-and-a-half years old daughter into the river Ravi to drown ... when his wife tried to save the child, he beat her back with his fists. The wife later told the police and reporters that "Since our first daughter has born, he wasn't happy, he wanted a son. He said if I had another daughter, he'd kill our first child, Zainab. When, eight weeks ago, I did have another girl, he kept threatening more and more, then he did it."

Friday, 6 January 2017

Batman In Bromley

Batman is a busy man these days, what with fighting Superman et al.

Bromley Was Never The Same After Batman Started Roosting ......

However who would have thought that he had time to appear in Bromley, South London. Apparently he has been there, and has been rather busy by all accounts. Of course being a true hero, he doesn't always wear the full superhero regalia, but sometimes acts undercover so to speak. In this case he has been dressing in a mask, but otherwise in 'civvies', as he rescued people across the borough.

Blue Horizons, Blue Seas

I noticed an article the other day that said that Blackpool had finally got a 'Blue Flag' for its south beach. Meaning that the water was finally clean enough to bathe in after a couple of decades of clean up actions.

Principally that involved expanding the sewer spillage outlets further into the Irish Sea, from their previous end points within the Morecambe bay area, so its now among 68 beaches in England to have secured the Blue Flag status this year. This brings the total achieving the award in Britain to 169.

Blackpool - Blue Flag Beach

Paper Warriors

This story from the USA reminds me of the Ray Bradbury book, 'Fahrenheit 451' where all books are "outlawed" and "firemen" burn any that are found, while brave citizens try to save some. Books being saved against a tide of a civilisation that no longer values them. Sound familiar? …. how much more noble can you get?

Book Burning Comes And Goes In Fashion ......

In the East Lake County library system in Florida, books not taken out enough (as deemed by a computer algorithm), are destroyed …. So a brave band of brothers (and sisters one assumes), determined to save them by reading them regularly.

A Social Policy Failure

I have recently had cause to to be in three British town or cities recently for shopping purposes ... one was quite small, one medium sized, and the last was a major city. One thing struck me about all of them.

Empty Shops ... A Feature Of many High Street These Days.

The high streets were all squalid depressing affairs. I don't mean so much the architecture, although they all looked a bit run down. Many of the shops in the smallest high street were closed, or charity shops, but it wasn't that which struck me the most. No, it was the numbers of apparently aimless, and I assume unemployed, younger men and women to be seen in every one of them.


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